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Автор Gail Doy (1 месяц)
To overcome and to learn from that and to share his gift~

Автор Marcos Aguiar (2 месяца)
Love and respect from a huichol native love your music 

Автор IAMGiftbearer (6 месяцев)
consciousmedianetwork redirects to Giaamtv. Where is the current website

Автор Cynthia Bergsbaken (5 месяцев)
Posted on G+ by Psychic Medium Freddie Rivera
For more ariticles and video's on the Paranormal, please visit my G+ page.

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Автор Jerry Pope (1 год)
Good morning relatives! Native Wisdom/ healing

Автор Tony Redhouse (1 год)
Hello my friends,
I can be reached with my name on: gmail, on my website or on face book. I
look forward to connecting with each of you. Bless you all with Fulfillment
and Peace. Tony Redhouse. 

Автор EMM MOO (1 год)
Hi very interested, am looking into native american spirituality however
surprising most of internet covers mainly 'history' of folk rather than the
defining concepts around your spirituality. I watched a useful interview on
Gayokla Nichi, who provided some of his interesting insights into how
spirit world plays upon or effects human spirit in this world. Would love
to get some more info from your take on this ie more on native american
understanding of the paranormal, hopefully I will get a reply, thank you!

Автор Tony Redhouse (1 год)
Hello my friends,
I am scheduled to share a Native American spiritual teachings on an episode
with "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" TV show on Season 9, Episode 8
(3/9/14). Also, my personal interview and ceremony with a Hospice patient
is included in the Chopra Foundation's film documentary,"Death Makes Life
Possible". Thank you for your appreciation of my work! I will be touring
Red Deer AB, Canada in July 2014 and Australia in 2015! Sincerely, Tony

Автор A. LakotaBlueStarSpirit (1 год)
Tony Redhouse has taken on the Native American ways of healing, with
natural music and ceremony.

Tony has served as a traditional Native American practitioner & consultant
to Native American communities and behavioral health organizations for many
years. He is a visual artist, Grammy nominated recording artist,
inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, hoop and eagle dancer and uses
Native American art, dance and music to inspire and heal lives.

Tony discusses his lineage, his own path to healing and what he does for
his clients.

Автор Tony Redhouse (1 год)
Thank you Hilary, The beauty within our soul is manifested in the outward
expression of our humanity. Personally we experience healing when we are
united within ourself,-mind, body and soul, and then we can help create
Harmony in the Universe when we find our own uniquely privileged role in
the Universe with all other Life forms. All is ONE: Spiritual is Physical,
Heaven on Earth, Dreams and Conscious thought. See me on FB or on my web
site under my name. Blessings of Peace to ALL.

Автор MrIringItom (1 год)

Автор LetArtsLive (4 года)
even though the sound is offset the message is Chrystal clear and a great
onewe all could learn from this..i wish i had the humility he does.I do
believe music can heal art also.

Автор Aaron Jacobs (4 года)
It does seem like a simpler life would be a better life.

Автор hvngfunnn (2 года)
The most profound and wise is very simple in its parts....

Автор Hilarygirl93 (1 год)
Wow he's hot!! ;-D

Автор Tony Redhouse (1 год)
Hello my fellow seekers of Truth, I apologize for not being available to
respond to your nice thoughts, but my schedule and work can be intense.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to the little bit of wisdom that I
have learned in this human adventure. Please find me on FB and on my
website to learn more about my work with drug addiction recovery centers,
cancer patients, Hospice and upcoming Meditation music CDs and events.
Bless your path ahead with simplicity and clarity. Tony Redhouse.

Автор Mariette Durand (4 года)
audio does not match what's so ever

Автор Shewolfen (5 лет)
its a shame the audio is off

Автор spareaxe (3 года)
@AegeanProphet Your right it can't but, it's our best scientific
explanation we have. Science doesn't make claims to know and explain
everything in our universe. However, you would have to offer some proof and
evidence that a god created our universe. Until then, anyone can make
claims for gods being responsible. That is not knowledge, that's just
another argument from ignorance.

Автор Sabina A (2 года)
How can i get ahold of this man?

Автор tonyballan (3 года)
i aggree

Автор hvngfunnn (2 года)
One thing we tend to forget too is that through our weaknesses and mistakes
we can help each other to grow if we let go of the hurt and pain and ask
our creator what is being said to me through this person or situation. The
creator loves to teach us so that we grow more in his likeness so that love
will grow stronger. If we are impatient with each other through our
weaknesses and mistakes then the growing gets stifled.

Автор tonyballan (3 года)
were did the so called big bang come from

Автор sabrecat smiladon (1 год)
Although I have chosen a Caucasian body for this lifetime, I have been "of
the people" in several past lives. Just found this and my soul is loving
this message as I agree 100%. We're all family but yet each is different.
Celebrate the unique as we would all the different foods because oatmeal
every day gets old fast. (grins) (coyote is grinning at me right now) Love
Earth Mother !!

Автор CMO999 (2 года)
I love you

Автор Geraldine Wade (5 лет)
The audio is a little off but it is still very good thank you Aho!

Автор spareaxe (3 года)
You can't be serious? Go to the library and read a science book on the
subject. Then get back to me.

Автор Raven Whitewing (2 года)
The interviewer talks ways too much, says many ten dollar words and doesn't
say anything. She must be a white woman.

Автор DancingRaven (2 года)
Harmony and Balance are all achieved by being One with the Earth. We are
all Unique making up the wholeness of ONE. Osiyo Tony and Aloha Nui,
Mahalo. DancingRaven

Автор Hilarygirl93 (1 год)
I'm checking your FB now, see ya there! :-)

Автор spareaxe (4 года)
Once again, more supernatural beliefs. Not knowing how our world came to be
in this day and age is plain ignorant. Dude, read some science books and if
you can't figure it out don't call it some sort of great spirit.

Автор Asena Bozkurt (1 год)
tarite soyu karışmamış türklere benziyorsun

Автор Reason1717 (5 лет)
Great Questions and superb answers. In Seneca we say "Nya Weh." Thank you.

Автор Tony Redhouse (1 год)
Hello Sabina Aliyeva, I can be found on my website with my name and you can
see my calendar 2013 for my events/travels. Also on FB I have 2 pages.
Thank you. Bless you.

Автор Asena Bozkurt (1 год)
eski dönemlerde tarih kitaplarında soyu karışmamış türklere benziyorsun

Автор Aegean Prophet (3 года)
@spareaxe Reason and observation cannot alone explain our universe. Our
whole understanding of the creation of earth could be completely wrong.
What if a God, or the Great Spirit went and created the earth and the
universe in a way that leads us to believe that there was possibly
something before it was created. Because we have no memory of what happened
leaves the history of the universe open to many possibilities other than
the generally accepted scientific theories.

Автор Capitano Bruce (2 года)
It does not matter. The message comes across anyway. Thanks for posting it.

Автор 72Moochung (1 год)
I hope one day you come to Australia to teach,talk. :-)

Автор kwel189 (5 лет)
I'm sorry, I tired to fix this,but it 's not working correctly.

Автор josebelikewater (3 года)
I like the idea of everyone's uniqueness, and the balancing out of our
strengths and weaknesses with each other. It seems all indigenous tribes
know how to live in harmony with nature, and seem much happier for it.

Автор Jacob Reny (2 года)
I may not be Native American, but I LOVE learning about their culture and
different cultures for that matter! great video, I'm excited to watch and
learn more :)

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