Runescape Help Guide Solving Rune Sudoku

heres is a helpful guide on how to solve rune sudoku
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Автор EliteDerpCrafter ( назад)
nice bot

Автор Storme Porter ( назад)
That speed is similiar to a bots speed :p

Автор The Mr. Wafflefox! ( назад)
It is only for p2p. Sorry.

Автор mj23bulls7 (615 лет назад)
@YAYDUTCH You may have found out already, but no

Автор YAYDUTCH ( назад)
is this for f2p please awnser

Автор xXToxicRogueXx ( назад)
Try RsBuddy you get to pick your own scripts and it has legend sudoku! :D

Автор C Hill ( назад)
powerbot.org , life=sorted.

Автор rsca is god ( назад)
how about botting it, :D

Автор jeremy brooks ( назад)
Gay music

Автор hhs1401 ( назад)
@rune7tom77 you have to talk to him about selling runes...then head to
varrock and talk to the guy in rune shop about him and bring the package u
are given back to him Then you may start

Автор gary smith ( назад)
need help i cant even get on to this they guys keeps on trying to sell me
stuff and ive done the quest called the fued plz help

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