George Michael, Aretha Franklin - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

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Like a warrior that fights
And wins the battle
I know the taste of victory
Though I went through some nights
Consumed by shadows
I was crippled emotionally

Somehow I made it through the heartache
Yes I did. I escaped.
I found my way out of the darkness
I kept my faith (I know you did), kept my faith

When the river was deep I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me, no no
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

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Автор philip outteridge ( назад)

Автор yessica quijada ( назад)
Este es uno de los duetos más preciados por mi George <3

Автор Lorenzo Gattafoni ( назад)

Автор Charlie Magri ( назад)
"I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)"
(feat. Aretha Franklin)

Like a warrior that fights
And wins the battle
I know the taste of victory
Though I went through some nights
Consumed by shadows
I was crippled emotionally

Somehow I made it through the heartache
Yes I did. I escaped.
I found my way out of the darkness
I kept my faith (I know you did), kept my faith

When the river was deep I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me, no no
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

With an endless desire
I kept on searching
Sure in time our eyes would meet
Like the bridge is on fire
The hurt is over,
One touch and you set me free

No, I don't regret a single moment,
No, I don't (I know you don't) looking back
When I think of all those disappointments
I just laugh (I know you do), I just laugh

When the river was deep I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

So we were drawn together through destiny (oh, boy)
I know this love we shared was meant to be

I knew you were waiting,
Knew you were waiting
I knew you were waiting,
Knew you were waiting for me

I didn't falter
I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

I didn't falter
When the mountain was high I still believed
When the valley was low it didn't stop me
I knew you were waiting.
I knew you were waiting for me

Автор calam ( назад)
Aretha Franklin's voice...like a thunderstorm. Just blows you away.

Автор jeremiptak jeremi ( назад)
Can't believe he's gone ,,,,

Автор Sim Papel ( назад)
Hare Krishna!!!!

Автор Martin Lb ( назад)
amazing r.i.p George 🎸🎵🎼🎤

Автор Kasia&Kamil Szuba ( назад)
We will miss 4U George...R.I.P

Автор Deni Fuga ( назад)
Legend never die. George in paradise...

Автор granty01 ( назад)
I agree with you Lily

Автор Sisko Ahonpää ( назад)

Автор Michael Grima Seychell ( назад)
Love Aretha, a gr8 Lady & she recognizes talent when She saw it

Автор Freddy Pieters ( назад)

Автор Leonard Augustine ( назад)
he was the best at what he done such a mystery man

Автор Rico Uk ( назад)
💔 😢

Автор giusy moretti ( назад)
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥LOVE GEORGE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Автор Wallace Golden ( назад)
Umas das vozes mais linda que pude escutar, George Michael, ...

Автор Christian Rocamora ( назад)
Il nous manque déjà. .super chanson

Автор Hansu ( назад)
I am filled with sadness and pain. I remember when I was a kid my mom and I
loved this song and always watched the music video when it was on MTV or on
VH-1. I'm almost 35 years old now, I've loved George Michael since I first
heard him many years ago. I miss him so much and I wish he was still here.
R.I.P. dearest, and greatest vocalist ever.

Автор Sir George ( назад)
Epic ! Rest in love George, you have been loved.

Автор blue finger ( назад)

the Eighties was the golden age of music

Автор pogmai ( назад)
Hammer, Hammer, Hammer ...

Автор Davide M ( назад)
That is my George

Автор Leroy O Neill ( назад)
Kills me. What a fucking tune! RIP George. 😚

Автор helen Kadwm ( назад)
رووووووعه 🌺

Автор Robert Bailey ( назад)
I want this played at my funeral.
Yes Lord, I finished the race.
I knew you were waiting for me. :)

Автор giovanna di maria ( назад)

Автор Scotty Bucks ( назад)
If you ever need some inspiration on your way to work,
Listen to this gem.

Автор Steve Bagguley ( назад)
Absolutely epic,what a colaboration of talent these were. R.I.P George.
gone too soon

Автор bobthegrinch ( назад)
Here's what I've realised way too late right... George Michael was an
absolute fucking dude! Great writer, great singer and by all accounts a
great person. I've watched a few of his duets recently and can't help
notice what a generous performer he is, he was spot on at getting his
fellow acts to perform at their best.

I never realised how present his music was in my life until he passed and
now I regret not appreciating him as a musician earlier. I struggle to
think of anyone who could stand up with Aretha Franlin in a duet. She's an
all time great singer. His version of Somebody To Love with Queen is
astonishing. To be able to sing a Freddie Mercury song as well as he did
and get the crowd as invested as he does in that live version!?! Absolutely
one of the greats! I'm sorry for not appreciating him more when he was

Автор Sanja Lazarovska ( назад)

Автор Ziad Obaid ( назад)
Double toasted brought me here

Автор Francis Billiet ( назад)

Автор Amanda Shuenyane ( назад)
Maybe because he is passed, this is feeling more like gospel song (to

Автор Chris Jacklin ( назад)
still can't believe George Michael has gone R I P george

Автор Bevis Marriott ( назад)
I love you George Micheal ! An aretha franklin !!! Keep singing up there
I'm always listening to your songs George!!!

Автор Sabina D'Alfonso ( назад)

Автор janus2005hotmail ( назад)
thank you for your music George. rest in peace.

Автор Zivile Mat. ( назад)
I have no words to describe this. totally gorgeous! RIP George, you will
never be forgotten <3

Автор SouthPaw ( назад)
Wow!! R.I.P GM

Автор Steven Bromley ( назад)
People saying Aretha is racist are crazy! I've watched a documentary where
George says she was not used too doing duets and was just used too looking
forward at the camera! He said I was crapping myself but she treated me
with such respect! A guy who worked on the song video etc said she
absolutely adored George! I'm a huge George Michael fan for over 30 years
but what a honour it must of been for a 23 year old to sing with the best
female vocalist ever! And don't forget this was before faith respect!

Автор Raquel Fernandes ( назад)
George was very sexy and one of the most gorgeous singers.....some "womens"
(like me) always knews that he was gay...but the love is more than I can
explain...love for his voice...love for his romantic music...love for his
dance and movements ....rest in peace! Sorry for my english..

Автор Sabina D'Alfonso ( назад)
Ditemi che è un brutto sogno, che nn è vero, NN PUÒ ESSERE

Автор iwmadi090266 ( назад)
best duo won grammy awards in 1987....

Автор GC Slow ( назад)
Love the song, and I love the video bc it's like a parody of 80s-ness

Автор Ray Saunders ( назад)
Really, never knew George Micheal song this song with Aretha Franklin,
awesome. Rest in peace my brother.

Автор Marcela Heinze ( назад)
A tu música la amo con .toda mi alma cada vez que .la .escucho me enamora
más sos un .genio

Автор Ross_andrews88 ( назад)
I'm 13 and I even like this

Автор Nada Duhovic ( назад)
<3 ! Love you George! R.I.P.

Автор Keniata Bella ( назад)
Just Perfect. Period.

Автор odissefs grammatikopoulos ( назад)
RIP Michael.

Автор Abagail Stafford ( назад)
Aretha Franklin is a legend. Such a power house voice. The combination of
her and George Michael singing together is pure magic. They don't make them
like this anymore. You'll be sorely missed George.

Автор Candace Mills ( назад)
I think this was about 1987? I remember they used to play it on the radio
when i was having breakfast before heading off to school! George you were
the sound track of my childhood from the start...Careless Whisper I
remember and will never forget you.

Автор Ruth Fernandez ( назад)
Love you always George Michae!!!

Автор Lisa Ghahremani ( назад)
love you George Michael I'll never forget you xx wished it was an awful
dream that you died.still carnt get my head around it😭😢

Автор Roy Sage ( назад)
Oddly enough George Michael didn't like doing live performances. He did
them but he didn't enjoy doing them. Elton John told him to get over his
distaste of live performances because it's part of the pop music industry
and fans want to see you live and they will not just buy albums only.
George Michael was a very very private person and although he liked the
fame he found it hard to handle the constant adulation of fans.
Even the public toilet incident in L.A was out of character for him. He
said he knew that something was wrong and that the place had a bad feel to
it and that his inner voice was telling him not to go in but he ignored his
inner voice and went in anyway. We all know how that turned out with the
police using entrapment.
Aretha Franklin has a fear of flying that's why she doesn't do world tours
as flying is the only way of getting from one continent to another in the
quickest time and she flatly refuses to fly.

Автор Gary Killington ( назад)
Freddie mercury and George Michael had a amazing voice if they were both
alive today and performed at a concert together omg it would be one great

Автор Mer M ( назад)

Автор Jason Birch ( назад)

Автор Karen Michelle Evans ( назад)
WOW amazing together.

Автор Villa AfterpowerNeuronal ( назад)
Que estilo tenias mi niño
Siempre en mi corazón

Автор Donna drumm ( назад)
even still what a voice rip george micheal 😘😘😘

Автор RAFAŁ Uniat ( назад)
......cały świat..teraz jestem

Автор ЛЮБОВЬ ЛИНЬ ( назад)

Автор clint walker ( назад)
2 great artist's right there ^^^^^^

Автор andrea spotti ( назад)
king George....rip You’re the only one – my only one

Автор Eliud Felix ( назад)
una de tantas canciones que me encantan de George Michael mi ídolo dios te
tenga en su gloria descanse en paz. nos dejaste tu gran legado de la música

Автор Simona Amerighi ( назад)
belli esagerati <3

Автор Russell Jones ( назад)
God bless you George R I P mate.

Автор Diogo Rosário ( назад)

Автор Aneta Postek ( назад)
i like this song

Автор Aneta Postek ( назад)
i i wait what

Автор Zora Katy ( назад)
Superb voice and lovely man. RIP George :(

Автор Carole Bodart ( назад)
qu'est ce que je donnerais pour avoir la même veste. Tu me manques Georges
💔 je t'aimerai toujours !!!

Автор stellaashker1 ( назад)
It's just a hunch, but there are the old Motown singers in the background
(which is wonderful) and none of George's past recordings. I think that it
maybe testement to his kindness that he did that for AF. RIP George.

Автор Don H ( назад)
RiP George Michael, this song is one of your greats, the best one for me in
a lot of ways..for one it transports me straight back to when I was 10yrs
old or so, amazing! and Aretha is amazing, both of you so talented, I love
a great duet and this is one of the best! haere ra e hoa!

Автор da_hooliii ( назад)
I remember this song. It was a Top 5 Hit here in Germany in 1987.

Автор Samuel Bezerra ( назад)
❤️️❤️️ Extremely talented man...I love this song ❤️️ R.I.P. George

Автор Xahir Xahir ( назад)
did george write this song?

Автор sisiwasabi81 ( назад)

Автор Free Movies ( назад)
Great song reminding me the good old days ;-)

Автор Christmas1210 Maschmann ( назад)
I get tears in my eyes listening to this absolute Classic RIP GEORGE❤️

Автор Frances Busby ( назад)
I think the duo with Elton singing.. the sun..a brilliant performance by
George Michael.. would not b an easy song to sing..the tone of his voice.
just the whole performance... amazing...

Автор Barley Overton ( назад)
great song. two amazing voices.

Автор walter alves de barros ( назад)
RIPgeorge michel our miusec for forever

Автор Glenn Smith ( назад)
Aretha is a nasty poisonous racist bitch!

Автор antoanela ionescu ( назад)
I love you, George Michael

Автор Sandra Wilson ( назад)
Such a shame we will never hear good music like this never ever again.These
2 music icons went together like cheese on toast.They sounded pitch perfect
so so sad this will never happen again.

Автор Angelica Kitali ( назад)

Автор Nev Neville ( назад)
Gutted he's gone....proud he's British...

Автор Nicola Smyth ( назад)
george is amazing that the only way to describe him

Автор Dejan Vasiljević ( назад)
You will live forever through yours songs

Автор Vicky Tate ( назад)
the queen of soul and george so luv this

Автор Virginia Douglas ( назад)
best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор MATTA HARRY ( назад)

Автор hector manuel nova ( назад)
Amo este tema¡

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