How to Butcher a Pig: Leg

In this three-part "in the Kitchen" special, Camas Davis, founder of the Portland Meat Collective and former food journalist, demonstrates how to butcher a pig. Divided into three primary sections of the pig— in this video, Davis shows how to butcher the leg of the pig.

Series Playlist link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL69C2B028F82492F4

How to Butcher a Pig: Midsection-Part 1

How to Butcher a Pig:: Shoulder- Part 2

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 14:57
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Автор David Pearce (7 месяцев)
lady you should be wearing a rubber glove, to cover that finger...

Автор NASACrooks (15 дней)
She doesn't hold the knife properly, like a cook. She is handling the
knife like a psychopath killer who is in a hurry to chop the body and shove
it down the toilet because the police are already knocking at the door.

Автор jksatte (6 месяцев)
Thanks for the video. It is obvious you know what you are doing. Very

Автор Jordy Lacko (3 месяца)
you look like you know what your doing but you should always cut away from
your self. I had to get 5 stitches because my very sharp global went
through the skin lol

Автор LloydieP (4 месяца)
Hey dickheads,i can still pick my bum when wearing a rubber glove.. How
often do you bleach you're chopping boards? EVERY time you use it? Didn't
think so, ya filthy sloths... This lady's twice the foodie you rubber glove
fanatics'll ever be.. 

Автор Darryl Sawyer (4 месяца)
Just roast the whole thing why don't ya? lol

Автор Francisco Zahradnik (4 месяца)
Very sexy butcher.
I dont know what her husband says.
Whit that knife..
She`'s gorgoues
She really knows what she is doing.
I admire her.

Автор Regina Freitag (2 месяца)
It's murder to butcher a pig, you arseholes! Would you murder a human being
too? Please don't answer, you might go to jail for it.

Автор JegorJefimov (5 месяцев)
This is a very informative video.... If you decide to leave the city and
live in the forest.

Автор Onesimo Guerrero (7 месяцев)
Thinking in all the possibilities to cook that pig leg.... LOL

Автор John Parinello Jr. (4 месяца)
Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Very informal glad to
have seen it. 

Автор loveninao lucas (6 месяцев)
i love how she handle knight .

Автор Sandra Z. (2 месяца)
these were a very informative set of videos. thanks.

Автор Prasit Totrakoon (5 месяцев)
poor finger....

Автор Jerrod Hipkin (8 месяцев)
Great video very informative also made me hungry, thanks.

Автор George Dvorjacques (2 месяца)
Thank you.

Thank you very much for this fine presentation dear lady.
It was articulately informative, captivating to the eye and
skillfuly executed from start to finish- or is it top to bottom? I am in
the process of learning the fine arts of butchering myself. It's a
respectful craft, as to the artist as to the food, and a perfect
pre-medical practice. And I'll tell you an ironic secret as well.
That when I finally find a woman I like enough to take her as my own, I
wish she'll have the same skilled pair of choppers as your own madame.

I wish you many fruitful feasts and hope none of your days are
burdened by the plight of vegetarianism,

Автор Erdem ünlü (5 месяцев)
you know what you are doing but u are bad at knife skills

Автор Los Brown (5 месяцев)
Nice work

Автор steinderbush (6 месяцев)
I loved your video!! You know your trade Lady!!

Автор Chris Villarruel (7 месяцев)
Thanks for posting. I got lost on the very last cut between the two long
roasts. The angle was not quite there for me to see what seam you found. I
would love to see your brining recipes 

Автор kostas Ligoudis (5 месяцев)
first rule we wear gloves for our health and the heath of others that are
going to eat the leg you just butcered. Clean the bones from the meat you
leave a lot of meat on the bones and last if you know the drill you dont
have to use saw to cut the bones. cut in the joints. It is easier, cleaner
and you dont leave bone dust

Автор NYGUY123 (1 месяц)
That is a ton of meat left on the bottom bone. Imagine if you had someone
like that deboning hams all day how many tons of waste you would have year
after year.

Автор HamodiBlackOps (3 месяца)
pig is disgusting 

Автор Los Brown (2 месяца)
Nice work

Автор Ben Hart (5 месяцев)
Thank you for your video. I am just learning the art of slaughter,
butchery, and charcuterie. We raised 7 pigs this year on pasture and the
butchery side of things was probably the most mystifying. This series has
been a real nice resource for me. Keep 'em coming!

Автор Trent Smith (3 месяца)
I think I'm in love....

Автор Mark Hammill (8 месяцев)
Very unclean butchery, too much meat left on the bone.

Автор MegaHorselover16 (1 месяц)
You make me sick. Bitch.

Автор lordhoho1 (7 месяцев)
wear metal glove

Автор sajal sajalta (2 месяца)

Автор dynaJoe2002 (2 месяца)
regina Freitag is a CUNT...!!! This woman is a real Lady and ur a Cunt
She is doing the job God has given her to do Help her husband ...!!! Your a
dumb Bithch...!!!

Автор BarnabasHooper (5 месяцев)
she butchers like a retard

Автор Gameing Tinly (5 месяцев)
one you never pull the knife twords you.

Автор dynaJoe2002 (2 месяца)
This woman knows her shit...thx for the info ur Husband is a lucky
man..!! thankyou

Автор Frank West (7 месяцев)
i think its hard to cut it ninja style way, i think you should be using a
bigger and sharper knife and hold the knife pointing forward.

Автор Jesse R (4 месяца)
What is it with all of the people picking about her covered wound? She's
not working in a restaurant from what I can see. This is an instructional
video. It's not like this food won't be cooked. Cooking kills all germs.

Автор takaditakadang (6 месяцев)
95 faggot vegetarians

Автор gladeye2 (7 месяцев)
Thank you for the videos, I just had a thought, I could make meat packs for
Christmas presents next year :)

Автор Alan Horton (2 года)
I notice that in stead of trying to refute anything I've said, you resort
to empty, infantile ad-hominem, signifying that you lost the argument.
Thank you come again.

Автор serchingthetruth (2 года)
I could get in to lengthy explanation, but you why waste my time? Doesn't
matter what I say, you don't believe me. That's why I told you to watch
that video. You still don't believe it. Watch the movie "Earthlings" and if
it still doesn't push your buttons, you're not just a dumb ass, but a
heartless lowlife. Have a nice life!

Автор Alan Horton (1 год)
To be self righteous and smug.

Автор Bobert Ohulahan (1 год)
more plz on beef and maybe rabbits and chickens

Автор Alan Horton (2 года)
Meat eaters want to eat food that is nourishing and healthy. Meat is part
of a balanced diet. In terms of foods that are bad for you, what is really
bad is carbohydrates. That shit will kill you. It's a cheap, inefficient
source of energy that leads to obesity and diabetes.

Автор Alan Horton (2 года)
Humans have always been carnivores. It's our instinct, not some prurient
interest. Nice persecution complex by the way.

Автор amandaGALAXY1111 (2 года)
anti-murder & torture of all sentient beings. pro- love&light4all.

Автор serchingthetruth (2 года)
Please watch this, it's only 10 minutes: freefromharm (dot)

Автор amandaGALAXY1111 (2 года)
look, its not about 'blame' its about 'change'. open your heart. feel for
the being. if u were the animal, wouldnt you have a different opinion?

Автор crittergitter01 (2 года)
Are you Tracy by any chance??? You talk just like this stupid chick I

Автор vwbussesareforever (2 года)
you really dont know how to shut the fuck up do you? why do you have to be
right? why do you have to win the arguement? and no, Im sick of hearing
your dumb ass blab away.

Автор greyspot00 (2 года)
1. No, I am not kidding. 2. I simply disagree. The use of materials from
farm animals has made life better for everyone, yourself included, whether
you like it or not. I think the enormous population growth would also
disagree with you if they are being "destroyed."

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