How to Butcher a Pig: Leg

In this three-part "in the Kitchen" special, Camas Davis, founder of the Portland Meat Collective and former food journalist, demonstrates how to butcher a pig. Divided into three primary sections of the pig— in this video, Davis shows how to butcher the leg of the pig.

Series Playlist link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL69C2B028F82492F4

How to Butcher a Pig: Midsection-Part 1

How to Butcher a Pig:: Shoulder- Part 2

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Автор latte62 ( назад)
Do you boil the meat before cooking on the grill or oven to soften it up?

Автор imallearsru ( назад)
Another great video. But who doesn't like crackle (crispy skin) it's one of
the best parts of pork? The ears are tasty too when they're crispy, they're
like crackle sandwiches.

Автор Mark Turner ( назад)
Thankyou for the video. The three part series has been most helpful. They
are not the cuts Ill be doing but I now know where to start. Why do you
salt and sugar some of the cuts? Is this also called "pickled pork" in the
shops? kind regardsMark

Автор Remi Tomsa ( назад)
Hard to believe she is still slim and she eats pork .

Автор Vexform ( назад)
Price for 275 lb pig Leg price rear only 1

Автор Juliee Bella ( назад)

Автор S. Russell ( назад)
Very helpful video. Once again, I've got a large pork picnic shoulder roast
to take down. I've really been trying to hone my skills at this, so I watch
several videos before each attempt. I noticed that everyone has a few
personal and unique touches that I can relate to. That's why I keep
learning and adding to my knowledge banks. Thanks so much for posting this
video. I've got to go sharpen my boning knives now and have another go at a
pork picnic shoulder. Each time I do it gets better and better. You've been
very helpful. Sharon

Автор Vera Steury ( назад)
Thank you for taking the time to show how to do this. I just bought a whole
pig (I live in Kenya and it's cheaper to buy that way..) This is the third
time I've had you in my kitchen helping me! Thanks!!

Автор Not Even ( назад)
I have the weirdest boner right now.

Автор Chris Derfuss ( назад)
oh my god.she is doing a really bad jop.I do the same in 5 min.

Автор Biswajit Rajaguru ( назад)
because the pig is not cold enough, she is going to cut herself

Автор mikecat23 ( назад)
Scott Rea is all you need 

Автор Jose Benitez ( назад)
Not a good tutorial at all 

Автор Dean Tran ( назад)
you are good in what you are doing by looking you are not really meat eater

Автор mcpearce ( назад)
What a pro she is. I brought home a whole hog cut into quarters. I
followed her instructions for cutting up and deboning a ham. Super
helpful. Thanks

Автор Goran Stefanovski ( назад)
So evil and selfish 

Автор Linda King ( назад)
Thanks for the video. Husband just brought a wild hog home and I was
clueless about where to begin. Your step by step instructions will really
help us get this job done!!

Автор hydrogenprofessor ( назад)
i'm in love!!!! could be pig love???? prolly not.. but she kicks ass!!
(professional) instructional, OUTSTANDING! [no way i could even do that in
10 years!] .. bobby flay.. could learn somthing...

Автор 1impact ( назад)
Holiness shes beautiful baby id take you out to the moon and stars 

Автор kingskwerly ( назад)
why doesnt she use a smaller knife

Автор jowkazz ( назад)
jesus christ shes murdering that pig i almost die watching her cutting the
skin off. the way she holds that knife is scary maybe thats how she got
that finger cut.
she doesnt know how to cut she just know where to cut.

Автор Quake199 ( назад)
It's nice to see from time to time a woman in the kitchen. 

Автор klaus pedersen (39 лет назад)
A butcher would never do that

Автор klaus pedersen (161 год назад)
It is totally wrong what she does, You only hold the knife that way if you
butcher beef.

Автор Chimney Fish ( назад)
That band-aid..

Автор Gautier Carron ( назад)
how too ruin a leg...

Автор Bob Hayles ( назад)
One of thwe worst looking butchering jobs I've ever seen.

Автор Max Manpoints ( назад)
This really is a wonderful set of videos. Thank you so much!

Автор Gideon Carter ( назад)
Wow good thing she's not a butcher hate to see meat slashed and hacked

Автор ALEKSANDR ALIEV ( назад)

Автор NASACrooks ( назад)
She doesn't hold the knife properly, like a cook. She is handling the
knife like a psychopath killer who is in a hurry to chop the body and shove
it down the toilet because the police are already knocking at the door.

Автор NYGUY123 (1987 лет назад)
That is a ton of meat left on the bottom bone. Imagine if you had someone
like that deboning hams all day how many tons of waste you would have year
after year.

Автор MegaHorselover16 (634 года назад)
You make me sick. Bitch.

Автор sajal sajalta ( назад)

Автор dynaJoe2002 ( назад)
This woman knows her shit...thx for the info ur Husband is a lucky
man..!! thankyou

Автор dynaJoe2002 ( назад)
regina Freitag is a CUNT...!!! This woman is a real Lady and ur a Cunt
She is doing the job God has given her to do Help her husband ...!!! Your a
dumb Bithch...!!!

Автор Sandra Z. ( назад)
these were a very informative set of videos. thanks.

Автор Regina Freitag ( назад)
It's murder to butcher a pig, you arseholes! Would you murder a human being
too? Please don't answer, you might go to jail for it.

Автор Los Brown ( назад)
Nice work

Автор Yuri Dvorjacques ( назад)
Thank you.

Thank you very much for this fine presentation dear lady.
It was articulately informative, captivating to the eye and
skillfuly executed from start to finish- or is it top to bottom? I am in
the process of learning the fine arts of butchering myself. It's a
respectful craft, as to the artist as to the food, and a perfect
pre-medical practice. And I'll tell you an ironic secret as well.
That when I finally find a woman I like enough to take her as my own, I
wish she'll have the same skilled pair of choppers as your own madame.

I wish you many fruitful feasts and hope none of your days are
burdened by the plight of vegetarianism,

Автор Trent Smith ( назад)
I think I'm in love....

Автор HamodiBlackOps ( назад)
pig is disgusting 

Автор Jordy Castles ( назад)
you look like you know what your doing but you should always cut away from
your self. I had to get 5 stitches because my very sharp global went
through the skin lol

Автор Alex Pauls ( назад)
Где такую бабу взять?

Автор Francisco Zahradnik ( назад)
Very sexy butcher.
I dont know what her husband says.
Whit that knife..
She`'s gorgoues
She really knows what she is doing.
I admire her.

Автор Jesse R ( назад)
What is it with all of the people picking about her covered wound? She's
not working in a restaurant from what I can see. This is an instructional
video. It's not like this food won't be cooked. Cooking kills all germs.

Автор Darryl Sawyer ( назад)
Just roast the whole thing why don't ya? lol

Автор John Parinello Jr. ( назад)
Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Very informal glad to
have seen it. 

Автор LloydieP ( назад)
Hey dickheads,i can still pick my bum when wearing a rubber glove.. How
often do you bleach you're chopping boards? EVERY time you use it? Didn't
think so, ya filthy sloths... This lady's twice the foodie you rubber glove
fanatics'll ever be.. 

Автор BarnabasHooper ( назад)
she butchers like a retard

Автор kostas Ligoudis ( назад)
first rule we wear gloves for our health and the heath of others that are
going to eat the leg you just butcered. Clean the bones from the meat you
leave a lot of meat on the bones and last if you know the drill you dont
have to use saw to cut the bones. cut in the joints. It is easier, cleaner
and you dont leave bone dust

Автор Los Brown ( назад)
Nice work

Автор JegorJefimov ( назад)
This is a very informative video.... If you decide to leave the city and
live in the forest.

Автор Prasit Totrakoon ( назад)
poor finger....

Автор Erdem ünlü ( назад)
you know what you are doing but u are bad at knife skills

Автор Ben Hart ( назад)
Thank you for your video. I am just learning the art of slaughter,
butchery, and charcuterie. We raised 7 pigs this year on pasture and the
butchery side of things was probably the most mystifying. This series has
been a real nice resource for me. Keep 'em coming!

Автор Lully Bean ( назад)
one you never pull the knife twords you.

Автор Ezekiel Morris ( назад)
95 faggot vegetarians

Автор loveninao lucas ( назад)
i love how she handle knight .

Автор steinderbush ( назад)
I loved your video!! You know your trade Lady!!

Автор jksatte ( назад)
Thanks for the video. It is obvious you know what you are doing. Very

Автор Chris Villarruel ( назад)
Thanks for posting. I got lost on the very last cut between the two long
roasts. The angle was not quite there for me to see what seam you found. I
would love to see your brining recipes 

Автор gladeye2 ( назад)
Thank you for the videos, I just had a thought, I could make meat packs for
Christmas presents next year :)

Автор Frank West ( назад)
i think its hard to cut it ninja style way, i think you should be using a
bigger and sharper knife and hold the knife pointing forward.

Автор lordhoho1 ( назад)
wear metal glove

Автор Mark Hammill ( назад)
Very unclean butchery, too much meat left on the bone.

Автор Jerrod Hipkin ( назад)
Great video very informative also made me hungry, thanks.

Автор Ivona Humplot ( назад)
Yeah, I learned that. I have a Christian girlfriend that doesn't eat pig
meat and I'm getting sick of it. She said pig meat is some sort of dirty
meat. Her daughter wants to eat it with me and she doesn't let her. Fucking
God lovers. What a waste of life.

Автор Wolftracker ( назад)
Please learn how to read and comprehend.

Автор Wolftracker ( назад)
My God said it's cool.

Автор sobekflakmonkey ( назад)
fuckn vegetarians, get outta here, I hope you get viciously attacked by an

Автор Arwyroe ( назад)
I know this is a year old but... low vibration diet? should I be sitting in
front of a ultra violet light more?

Автор Amber ( назад)
Um, eating pork isn't forbidden to Christians. Its forbidden for those who
practise Judaism.

Автор j johns ( назад)
Thank you for putting in the effort to make a outstanding video.

Автор Kitty Mewz ( назад)
I loved this video ur awesome!

Автор Peter Lue ( назад)

Автор Maxwell Warawa ( назад)
Just watching this makes me do the Homer Simpson face :)

Автор Isaac S ( назад)
very interesting and I don't eat much pig. I would feel very comfortable
breaking down a pig after watching this. Thank you

Автор Michael Elwess ( назад)
I just saw Camas speak at TEDxSitka. Great speaker.

Автор pfefferdealer ( назад)
she`s really hot

Автор miggymitchell36 ( назад)
Very great knife skills. Very well trained. Your tools are very well
balanced and tuned. Nice to see tutorials for how-to-do on this. It makes
me curious about actually getting some good cuts and adding a freezer

Автор Mokhtar saleh ( назад)
God curse you , eating what God has prohibited , CURSED dirt!!!!!!!!!

Автор roland honeybun ( назад)
why not cut the hock through the joint and when through 45 % angle off,you
could use a steel to put through the hole in the aitch bone if you scoop
most of the meat from outside the aitchbone first ,theres a vien in that
topside u cud remove ,small toprump floating bone cut as a v ,when cured
after hanging its straight ,less waste ,better to seam that ss as there is
now gristle in it and a wedge of fat plus shin ,each to his own but not a
profitable way of production

Автор bullsnutsoz ( назад)
What a gal!

Автор Bobert Ohulahan ( назад)
more plz on beef and maybe rabbits and chickens

Автор Bobert Ohulahan ( назад)
8:38 did she just say fucky peice

Автор BACwGrl54 ( назад)
@Kaces43 - It's how butchers traditionally hold a knife.

Автор Food Farmer Earth ( назад)
good idea - I'll check into it. If not Camas, perhaps someone else.

Автор Marc Abelha ( назад)
I would like to actually see what Camas does with all those beautiful
pieces of meat, how she prepares pots, season, curing, etc, as a
continuation of "in the Kitchen" special.

Автор Christian Biker ( назад)
Where did you learn how to hold a knife?

Автор cougarhunter33 ( назад)
When your wife can joint a body in less than an hour, there's a lot of "yes
dear" said in the household.

Автор Randy J ( назад)
thanks for the nice pleasant low key tutorial and demonstration. can I buy
you a 4 dollar boning hook to save your fingers from needing more bandages?

Автор Illya O'Shea ( назад)
I don't need to learn this all my meat comes in a nice little packet from
the meat fairies, and no animals are harmed in its production!

Автор Corey Lamont ( назад)
i know her husband is well tookin care of

Автор 1Bonehed ( назад)
These "vegans" get all worked up watching vids they know are gonna upset
them. This lady knows exactly how she's gonna use every part, including the
scraps. These are farm animals bred for slaughter, otherwise they would
have never been born. This lady has loads of respect for the animal. True
respect for a farm animal is not letting any of it go to waste. Great vid

Автор Alan Horton ( назад)

Автор thedoghandler199 ( назад)
You never ever bone out but cutting lumps off you follow the bone and
remove keeping the leg as one, so it forms a natural cavity, also please
don't attempt to struggle when pulling the knife towards you i seen a lad
die in a slaughter house once making the mistake she did .... Be careful

Автор Francesco Fuoco ( назад)
when your de-boning, it helps, this way you have more control of your cuts

Автор Sam Mitchell ( назад)
i guess, but sometime you have to

Автор eatme Goog ( назад)
Im no expert but isnt slicing toward yourself a no no?

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