Prague Metro * Pražské metro - Line C interior

Line C (red) - from station I. P. Pavlova direction Haje (via Vysehrad, Budejovicka, Kacerov, Chodov)

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Автор DonWaters ( назад)
I would translate it as "Stop getting in and out, please..."

Автор 1979SanRemo1 ( назад)
Amazing I love this message, my 1st time in Prague I thought this is an accident urgent message...:-))))

Автор redpola ( назад)
@kokpit Amazing how as a non-Czech-speaker I can say that phrase perfectly. :)

Автор PAVLYSHKA ( назад)
I learned by heart the phrase "Ukončete prosím výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají." I Love Prague, greeting from Russia)))

Автор kokpit ( назад)
Ukončete prosím výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají.

Автор takkcertu ( назад)
Thank you very much for this nice words.

Автор janb17 ( назад)
he says " příští stanice Vyšehrad" = the next station is Vyšehrad

Автор happymaster23 ( назад)
But heavily modernized...

Автор dslthl ( назад)
What does the announcement say after the doors close, and it announces the next stop (and can you translate it!)? Thanks...this has been driving me crazy since my visit!

Автор Victor Cristales ( назад)
Oh my gosh this brings back the most amazing memories of my life! I spent 4 days in Prague and they were absolutely perfect, and hearing the sound of the metro makes me want to cry it's so awesome!!!

Автор aviator147 ( назад)
ja miluju ten zvuk-

i love the sound it makes when the doors close

Автор nvm0 ( назад)
yeah yeah i know i know

Автор EinkOLED ( назад)
The russian built Budapest trains are a little harsh but well built considering its age.
The doors slam pretty firmly after a very funny hungarian warning. The brakes also seem to cause a little vibration.
The trams are modern however, and also love the dinky smaller tube line that runs beneath the bridge, full of character.
Prague stays closer to my heart however.

Автор EinkOLED ( назад)
You've got to love the language.
I've been to prague 3 times and I never get bored of it, love the people, the culture and the architecture.

Автор nvm0 ( назад)
I was on this train about 4 times. It rocks! It"s comfortable,beautiful. The best train I was ever on. The Foldalatti line trains in Budapest are a big piece of garbage compared to this beautiful train.

Автор WebStroir Media ( назад)
Everytime that I haer this little thing It's make me smile, it was a little part of my life when i was a teenager in Prague:))

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