Kim Burrell Bashes Homosexuals | Implies They Will Die In 2017

Kim Burrell comes under fire after giving a sermon where she bashed homosexuals and suggests that they will all die in 2017. What are your thoughts on her views? https://twitter.com/trueexclusives

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Автор R. Jerome Harris (e-prophetic) ( назад)
This is what I know: The one the world knows as the Messiah NEVER condemned
anyone. He did not condemn the adulterous woman who was sentenced to death
by stoning. In fact, he said to her, "... neither do I condemn thee." He
did not condemn the criminals who was on each side of him. He even promised
the one who was speaking with him, paradise. That man was not one of his
followers. He even asked that Father to forgive those who persecuted him
and put him to death because, "They know not what they do." So what is
wrong with those of you who claim to follow him? Are you following his
example or someone else's? This type of "preaching" is what the White man
has taught us. This is not from Christ. God commanded that we listen to his
Son (Luke 9:35) Yet, it is men and women that are being listened to. This
stuff is angry and condemnatory. It is not our place to condemn anyone.
This is a road we need not be on.

Автор Kent Jackson ( назад)
Why is a woman that is relishing in one of the deadly sins (gluttony)
protesting about something that truly excludes her.

Автор randy mckennon ( назад)
it is a fact that homosexuality is a sin. but to say that homosexuals are
gonna die, in my opinion is wrong. i believe that what pastor Burrell
should have said was-'' in 2017 the spirit of homosexuality that have been
on a rampage will be taken out and those under its subjection will be freed
by god's grace''.

luke 15:4 “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of
them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the
one that is lost, until he finds it?''-every soul matter in god's eyes. our
enemy is not our brothers or sisters, its the devil. if one is to study the
word of god they should do so diligently and thoroughly because there will
always be division. wisdom comes from god and not man. just a slight
diversion in the law can cause one to fall and be misled.

Автор MusicGurlDez ( назад)
I meant free.

Автор MusicGurlDez ( назад)
y'all really have to read the word and know God for yourself! All sin is
not pleasing to God and homosexuality is a abomination in God's sight.
Because he made men for women and meant for it to be that way. However,
having sex out of marriage and the list goes on is sinful too. She has to
preach the word of God, he loves us, but hates our sin... Honestly, I feel
like this gay ppl have to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin.
Stop trying to adjust the Bible for your benefit. If you feel so guilty
then something is really up...Ppl don't have to accept you they have to
respect you. If you're gay be happy then own it, but don't shove it down
ppls throat. Realize ppl will disagree, but that doesn't mean gay ppl
should be mistreated I totally, don't tolerate that... Kills me how ppl say
Come as you are and the Bible says love everybody, but y'all don't know the
10 commandments. Stop picking and pulling what you want from the word of
God. if you want to do you then do you stop looking for approval from ppl,
but don't act like ppl can't disagree with your lifestyle. You can disagree
with mine I don't care as long as I'm respected as a human being... She
didn't mean any harm in that way and no I'm not a Kim Burrell fan. I've
never been a huge fan of hers, but I know the truth will make you feee.
Accept it or not, but don't sit here and mistreat her y'all being just as
hateful as y'all claimed her to be. Sabotaging her career trying too, but
the Bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. The Bible
also, says you reap what you sow, but ppl who don't read their Bible's and
don't go to church guess you only know the parts of the Bible that you like
and what your flesh likes...

Автор Bruh ( назад)
Why is there so much hate against Christians in this comment section?
People preach accepting and not judge if all but unless their Christian
then you can go ahead and hate on them and mock and make fun of them. Makes
me sad but I'll never give up on Jesus

Автор crushinthedevil ( назад)
she said if u n the church & still committing homosexual acts, u gone die n
2017..Eddie Long dead💀💀

Автор crushinthedevil ( назад)
ain't nobody mad but the devil😈

Автор Rosa Carroll ( назад)
Sin is sin trying to make it acceptable doesn't change what the Bible says
about it.

Автор Jadon Gauthier ( назад)
Where does she imply they will die? Can someone share the timecode?

Автор bornjust2003 ( назад)
I don't understand why people are mad at what she is preaching, she's a
christian who believes in the bible, and the bible condemns homosexuality.

Автор Wallace Bennett ( назад)
I would like for everyone who can read to get some understanding and go to
1st Corinthians 2:6 chapter 9 through 11 I want you to take your time and
read it real good in the Bible says in all your getting get an
understanding Pastor Kim Burrell is only the messenger she's only speaking
what God says about it in the Bible if you have a problem with Pastor Kim
Burrell that means you have a problem with the word of God she actually
told the truth there's no alibis in this sermon she's playing the role of a
fireman she's trying to keep you out of hell her job is to go in the house
and pull out the victim where the house is on fire we all think God for her
if we were not in send in the word of God would not have to convictus so
the bottom line is if you're living this lifestyle sure you'll be offended
as an apostle my job is to be compassionate without compromise so Jesus
talked about it even more worse than she did so take it up in the word and
not with Pastor Kim Burrell love all of you if you have any questions text
me back would love to talk to you maybe I can help you out be blessed

Автор daniel kinney ( назад)
Jonathon & David stripped Naked before one another and said I LOVE YOU MORE
THAN THE LOVE OF A WOMAN. That to me is as plain as DAY. They had a
bromance. Go back and search the true HEBREW & GREEK SCRIPTURES the words
HOMOSEXUAL are no where in the bible. And why would GOD make animals and
sea creatures GAY or have sex towards or with the same sex? there are 2400
known species of male on male sexual relations. Why does the SEAHORSE MALE
give birth and not the FEMALE?????????

Автор SpiritJourney ( назад)

Автор Evander Mcguill ( назад)
I feel like they should just have respect and ask if there anybody that's
gay or apart of the lgbtq and ask them to leave until there done talking
about that topic and so everyone can be happy period...

Автор myluvmb ( назад)
People are retarded... I'm not even Christian and have seen preachers speak
with this same tone and passion about other topics--- no one said they were
preaching hatred. Lmao. Unfortunately for gays the Bible doesn't support
that lifestyle. That's not anything new lol. Like why are people mad about
this??? People acting like this is the only thing she ever preached
about.... I'm sure other sins (according to the Bible) have been a topic

Автор Cowgirl ( назад)
If religious people think God "planned everything" and God created
everything, and God created everything perfectly, then you must agree that
homosexuality is what God planned, and it's perfect. You can't cherry pick
what is right and what is wrong. God and Jesus both have/had the resources
to write their own bible. They didn't. So, either they don't exist, or they
are made up of LOVE and if you don't love, then you are against them. So
just "Love one another."

Автор Byron B ( назад)
Kim Burrell and Sexual Chocolate! Sexual Chocolate!!!!

Автор Smoky Station ( назад)
Can someone let me know what she says in the beginning? Its hard to hear.

Автор Neshelle P ( назад)
Annnnnd? That's her opinion. Do people still live their lives according to
what others think about them? Hmmm weak minded people. I can see if she
incited hate violence by encouraging folks to go to hate rallys, lynching,
stoning, etc that's not the case. Someone else's opinion doesn't dictate
how I live and love my life. I thought that's how the

Автор slowpoke96z28 ( назад)
so where is the homosexual bashing bashing part? I heard her give
homosexuality a good thrashing, but what did she say bad about homosexuals

Автор Josh O ( назад)
Funny how a lot of black people are against homosexuality and claiming that
the bible is against it yet forget that slavery was condoned. Any minority
being judgmental against another minority is plain stupid, ignorant, and
hypocritical. The irony of these people. The nerve of black people being
against homosexuality... thought they had much more humility considering
the dark past they have.

Автор Rayvelynn Lee ( назад)
So.... Kim Burrell prophesied Bishop Eddie Longs death. And a month later
he's dead. Wow 😮 if that's not a wake up call for homosexuals in the
church. I don't know what is.

Автор deanplayer69 metalplayer ( назад)
You got to be one dumb stupid retarded bitch if you really believe there's
a invisible man in the sky judging homosexuals!! Fucking morons!

Автор Milly Rock ( назад)
Regardless of whether or not she, or anyone believes homosexuality is sin,
this sermon should have never happened. When are people going to understand
that everyone is imperfect? When are people going to understand the phrase
"He who is without sin, cast the first stone"? When are people going to
"love thy neighbor" and stop judging others for what they do? As long as
the person's ideals aren't harming others, then it shouldn't be a topic of
discussion. Every Christian has access to the word; read it, and interpret
it as you may. However, understand that GOD, and only GOD can judge you and
everyone around you. I spread the word of God through love and forgiveness.
Preaching damnation only makes people shy away from church. God is love,
and he loves all of us, no matter how imperfect we are. God also forgives.
I wish she opted to preach about that instead of telling people they're
going to die. Furthermore, she straddling the fence. How are you going to
speak against homosexuality, yet make a song with an openly gay singer, and
agree to appear on the show of an openly gay host?

Автор audioman205 ( назад)
Ah, a fat person bashing homosexuals. I guess she just skips over the
(many) verses that condemn obesity...

Автор Njoykds ( назад)
WOW. God's Word said it, and you courageously spoke it Ms. Burell. If
anybody wants to get mad, then get mad at God. Take your opinions about
what Ms. Burrell repeated, to Him. READ THE BIBLE YOURSELF PEOPLE,and stop
listening to social media and the opinions of offended people. Keep
ignoring God, because you don't like what it says. You can't claim
ignorance, because His word IS AVAILABLE.

Автор UK DQ ديفينيكوين ( назад)

Автор Rachel Remy ( назад)
I find it ironic how the Church discusses homosexuality every chance they
get. Yetsay NOTHING when it comes to sexual abuse. I've lost count on how
many men/women have come forward about sexual abuse from prominent members
of the church. And no one has anything to say about

Автор victoria marshall ( назад)
die like your career SMH

Автор Kini Universoul ( назад)
well RIP eddie long. she wasnt that far off. it 2017 only 15 days in.

Автор JESUS! LOVER ( назад)
Right❤Go Kim

Автор Happily Agnostic-Theist ( назад)
glad im not a christian

Автор Rah Rah ( назад)
You platform is DESTROYED KIM BURRELL. All you had to do was sing. That was
our assignment. But you have been arrogant and messy and bitter and angry
and un Christ-like for a long time, and all of us around you and the
industry know it. God gave you a chance on your on unknown Gospel show
SUNDAY MATTERS when he sent that little boy to tell you on LIVE TV about
yourself and your arrogance shined through and you still continued. So your
husband left you for another man, attack HIM not ALL the gay people in the

church and you really WISH you could be RB star and NOW YOUR HELL ON EARTH
IS you will be forever tied to church only. They are the only ones (with
their sick selves) that will let you come and preach and sing now. John
Hagge Im sure will be glad to have you. You have destroyed your witness for
life. Join Jim Baker, Swaagart, Long for you will fall into obscurity and
irrelevance. How Ironic that it was one of the GAYS THAT RECORDED YOU. Be
careful the grave you dig for me just might be for you.....and it was.

Автор Joshua James Smith ( назад)
The hell did they film it with the first iphone

Автор Clova Smith ( назад)
the wages of sin is death. that's what the scripture says. she never said
anyone was going to die in 2017. people are Miss representing words. she
said if you don't get it together in 2017 or youre going to die. again
meaning the wages of sin is death... so according to the scripture you
won't have eternal life. she's also not bashing anyone. she's preaching
what the word of God says in her church to her people

Автор David Daniel ( назад)
I supported her in her moments gluttony, moments in which she put her faith
in carbs ahead of Christ. Our thoughts and prayers are with her bowels.
Bowels that with the blessings and favor of the Lord, will expel all
wickedness through and through. I believe he will do it. I do.

Автор donnell outlaw ( назад)
0:14- 0:21 "Beg God for freedom ANd pray in 2017 you'll die from it. And
pray from 2017 you'll die from it." .. :30-:38" That sin nature...that
perverted homosexual spirit is a spirit of delusion and confusion that has
deceived many men and women; that cause a stain (or strain) on the Body of
Christ. 00:43 And those homosexual spirits that be angry and say you got to
love everybody; (She exclaims something) you serpent!

Point is, she calls the homosexual lifestyle a 'spirit' not an actual
person but, an entity and/or possible agent separate from the human body.

This is only offensive if you think that the homosexual lifestyle is innate
in a person; like their skin color. With this, lets be consistent.

People do indeed have sexual orientations that range from a plethora of
things; like: heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, pansexual, zoosexual,
objectosexuality, ; and even pedo-sexual; Yes, I said it because it exist;
regardless if it is illegal in the U.S.

I don't agree with pedosexuality; in addition to other sexualities but,
pedo-sexuality indeed exists but is illegal in the U.S. Disagreements must
be held with the same scrutiny as the other sexuality; but also, it must be
seen as something innate as other sexuality; if such a statement is true.
This is mere observation and the logic of coherence at work here and not
all sexuality are actualized in the same way but, they exist and should be
acknowledged according to observation; not, our preference if we suggest
that sexuality is innate and that it cannot be changed.

I believe the rest of the orientations are rather personal preferences but,
that's not up for discussion. What is; is, if we accept these orientations;
and I'm sure we accept some and not others; and Ms. Burrell's convictions
regarding her rejection of these orientations; preferably the homosexual
kind, then our acknowledgement is that she does not agree with the
orientation homosexuality.

Thankfully this is America fortunately; where people are free to express
their opinions; whether they be popular or not. She doesn't agree, Ellen
who didn't agree w/ Ms. Burrell's stance on orientation made the personal
decision based off her personal convictions. Ironically, the known Bakery
expressed their opinion and they were punished for it; despite the
homosexual couple's previous affiliation with the owners of the bakery.

Still, this is America and she's entitled to her opinion and people should
be entitled to do with what they want with their property; that includes

This is America, not our preference. We are a free people, not the thought
police. We should respect the person's opinion despite their agreement or
disagreement on people's lifestyle. People will do what they want anyways.


Автор Carlos Toney ( назад)

Автор Yea No ( назад)
We all sin differently nobodies sins are bigger or smaller than another.
Gays cannot be judged by their wants and needs. And "sin" is not a word I
would use to discribe Gays

Автор Joshua Bare ( назад)
It's easy to judge someone when you haven't been in his/her shoes. This is
why I don't go to church much anymore. It's about having a close
relationship with Jesus Christ, not condemning everyone like it's a party.
I have condemned people before too, we all have, but we must learn and act
wiser. This video should be a lesson.

Автор Joshua Bare ( назад)
Having strong homosexual feelings are natural for all gay people, just as
they are for straight people. I choose to not act on them and pray a lot
and research more (all of my research for years leads to homosexual
activity being a sin, whether you love someone or not it doesn't matter --
woman was made for man). Only God can remove it, pray more earnestly.

Автор Joshua Bare ( назад)
I am gay. I agree that it is wrong and perverted to act on gay feelings.
I'm a Christian and I'm not offended by this. I'm not liking guys as much
as I used to, thank God. I've been praying earnestly about it for a long
time. In time it seems that God will remove it, do not fear. I thank her
for telling the truth. I'm going to get baptized soon (I don't remember if
I have been or not) to see if that helps too. I'm more of celibate now.
From gay to mostly celibate.

Автор Joshua Bare ( назад)
Who will free you? Being baptized?

Автор stephanie white ( назад)
That's right Kim spread the gospel..These days are wicked.

Автор Channah Racham ( назад)
How dare Kim Burrell quote the bible, what was she thinking?

Автор Farrad West ( назад)
Jesus himself didn't write the bible though, right? I mean if Judas could
turn on Jesus like that whose to say that one of the other disciplines
didn't filter in his own perspective into what Jesus said. Idk. I don't
much care about it being a sin the thing that bothers me is with this sense
of Pride running around about whose the bigger sinner, how are we ever
going to start rebuilding communities to make them more fundamental for
everyone. I am well aware that not everyone is going to like you and I
don't mind that but when do we ALL start putting the collective before the
self. How can we ever build stable communities without that.....Anyways it
was just a thought. Peace and Love to anyone who sees this.

Автор Kerri Eisnor ( назад)
She is the one who is full of delusion and confusion!

Автор Walk That Walk 4 Jesus ( назад)
Because the same God that love you is the same God that curse You if you
don't obey him read Deuteronomy 28 in Jesus name

Автор Walk That Walk 4 Jesus ( назад)
Can I get the whole sermon and not just two minutes please!!!!!!

Автор BlackVeilHarle ( назад)
This is why I don't go to church. This is nothing but ignorance and idiocy
and the way my patience is set up, I would be swinging on somebody.

Автор _______ _________ ( назад)
So in other words, all the homosexuals in the church are gonna die but all
the other sinners aren't? Let's not pick one sin to be the dominate sin
among all sins, ok? ok. besides, they ain't gonna die in 2017, cause one of
the biggest homosexuals in the gospel is still alive until this day, Bobby
Jones. Also, you can't be filled with sin yourself and preach on what GOD
is saying... so tight clothes on a fat body lets me know that there is
still some stuff about her spirit that is not all the way right! and when
some of the church people got on Kim Burrell about the clothes she been
wearing, they got called out at the time, my my but look how the tables
turn, but GOD! How about we watch the full sermon if it's available so that
we can put it in context and not just take one excerpt of it?

Автор D Elm ( назад)
She spoke her real truth. Truth does hurt at times.

Автор Sista Souljah ( назад)
She said everybody in this House!!!! Not outside!!! What she preaching to
the gay community for?! Why worry about a group of folks that the devil
already have? The devil himself ain't even stun you when he got you! You're
not a threat to him!!!! Preach Kim!!! It is perverted!!! Walk with that

Автор TaRon Thomas ( назад)
Someone should burn them boots she wearing. Chileee cheese. As if
heterosexual women and men aren't walking around with Aids. Girl bye LMAO

Автор Presley Smith ( назад)
Solid word Pastor Burrell... you keep on preaching

Автор prettypepsterful ( назад)
She DID NOT SAY ALL GAYS ARE GOING TO DIE. She said those who are messing
with homosexuality IN THE CHURCH are "going to die." Idk if she means it
physically or spiritually or she's using death as a synonym for judgement.
I'm not defending her because of who she is, I'm defending what she said.
People only hear what they want to hear. She was speaking to the hypocrites
in the Church. She wasn't talking about those outside the church. Either
way, we ALL need to get ourselves together before it's too late.

Автор Adrianaaa Trejo ( назад)
Homosexuality is not a choice and certainly not a mistake. Why would any
human being want to be prejudiced against?

Автор Victoria Kline ( назад)
Preaching hate disguised as love. Christ was about tolerance. He didn't
call those outcasts "perverted." He loved them.

Автор delroy dixon ( назад)
A deeper look at Christmas origins
Man, Myth & Magic is a useful encyclopedia on mythology and religion. This
multi-volume work uncovers the origins of major Western religious holidays,
exploring the history of each. It offers further details on the origins of

“Christmas has its origin in two ancient pagan festivals, the great
Yule-feast of the Norsemen and the Roman Saturnalia… It was close enough to
the winter solstice to acquire many of the associations of the Norse
ceremony: the Yule-log, the evergreen decorations in houses and churches,
even the Christmas feast itself. These elements were combined with the
Saturnalia of the Romans to provide the basis for the early Christian

“During the Saturnalia, gifts were made by the wealthy to the poor in
honour of the golden age of liberty when Saturn ruled the known world, and
slaves were allowed to change places and clothing with their masters. They
even elected their own mock king who, for the period of the festival, ruled
as a despot. The Saturnalia involved the wildest debauchery, and was a
festival worthy of [the god] Pan himself.

“Naturally it came under heavy censure from the early Church and despite
the fact that Jesus Christ and the saints gradually replaced the pagan
deities it was long considered completely out of character with the
Christian ideal. However, the festival was far too strongly entrenched in
popular favour to be abolished, and the [Catholic] Church finally granted
the necessary recognition, believing that if Christmas could not be
suppressed it should be preserved in honour of the Christian God” ( Man,
Myth & Magic , Richard Cavendish, ed., 1995, Vol. 3, p. 418).
Christmas gains acceptance
The strange story of Christmas continued after the ancient celebrations
were adopted by the Catholic Church. The church does not deny it.

The New Catholic Encyclopedia states: “Christmas originated at a time when
the cult of the sun was particularly strong at Rome. This theory finds
support in some of the Church Fathers contrasting the birth of Christ and
the winter solstice. Though the substitution of Christmas for the pagan
festival cannot be proved with certainty, it remains the most plausible
explanation for the dating of Christmas” (1967, Vol. 3, p. 656).

Man, Myth & Magic explains when Christmas gained official recognition and
when the name was substituted for the ancient heathen midwinter festival.
“Once given a Christian basis the festival became fully established in
Europe with many of its pagan elements undisturbed. It was only in the 4th
century that 25 December was officially decreed to be the birthday of
Christ, and it was another 500 years [the ninth century] before the term
Midwinter Feast was abandoned in favour of the word Christmas” (Cavendish,
p. 480).

James Hastings, Bible scholar, writer and editor of The Encyclopedia of
Religion and Ethics, confirms that the church absorbed and tolerated
heathen customs: “Most of the Christmas customs now prevailing in Europe,
or recorded from former times, are not genuine Christian customs, but
heathen customs which have been absorbed or tolerated by the Church” (1910,
Vol. 3, p. 608).

Elements of the observance of Christmas were criticized and even forbidden
in later centuries. “The undisguised pagan element in Christmas had often
provoked criticism from extreme Protestants but the festival was not really
affected by their beliefs until the Puritans came to power in the 17th

“[At that time] Christmas was attacked as ‘the old heathens’ feasting day
to Saturn their God’ and carols were forbidden. Finally, 25 December was
proclaimed a fast day [a time of abstaining from food and festivity to
focus on religious devotion] in 1644. The new rule was enforced by the
army, which spent much of its time pulling down the greenery that festive
‘pagans’ had attached to their doors.

“In Scotland the prohibition was enforced with great rigour. This
anti-Christmas attitude spread to Puritan territories in America. The
Church established special services for Christmas in Boston during the
1690s, but many civil authorities strongly opposed this move. And it was
not until some 150 years later that Christmas first became a legal holiday
in the United States, in Alabama in 1836” ( Man, Myth & Magic , Cavendish,
pp. 480-481).
Why Dec. 25 as the date for Christmas?
Sir James Frazer wrote at length on the roots of modern Christian holidays.
And here’s what he had to say about why Christmas began as it did:

“What considerations led the ecclesiastical authorities to institute the
festival of Christmas? It was a custom of the heathen to celebrate on the
same twenty-fifth of December the birthday of the Sun, at which they
kindled lights in token of festivity.

“In these solemnities and festivities the Christians also took part.
Accordingly when the doctors [theologians] of the Church perceived that the
Christians had a leaning to this festival, they took counsel and resolved
that the true Nativity should be solemnised on that day and the festival of
the Epiphany on the sixth of January …

“The heathen origin of Christmas is plainly hinted at, if not tacitly
admitted, by Augustine [the fifth-century Catholic theologian] when he
exhorts his Christian brethren not to celebrate that solemn day like the
heathen on account of the sun, but on account of him who made the sun. In
like manner [Pope] Leo the Great rebuked the pestilent belief that
Christmas was solemnized because of the birth of the new sun, as it was
called, and not because of the nativity of Christ.

“Thus it appears that the Christian Church chose to celebrate the birthday
of its Founder on the twenty-fifth of December in order to transfer the
devotion of the heathen from the Sun to him who was called the Sun of
Righteousness” (pp. 358-359).
This was despite God’s direct warning against adopting pagan worship
customs to honor Him (Deuteronomy 12:29-32).

Does Christ approve of Christmas?
Having considered mainstream church teaching and practice on this subject,
we also need to ask: What did Christ Himself teach about Christmas?

The fact is, Jesus neither observed Christmas nor taught others to observe
it. It did not originate with Him. But He did speak out strongly against
the traditions of men: “And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines
the commandments of men” (Mark 7:7).

Indeed, Jesus taught that Scripture cannot be broken (John 10:35), and it
explicitly warned against adopting pagan worship customs to honor the true
God (Deuteronomy 12:29-32).

Furthermore, God inspired Daniel to prophesy several centuries before
Christ that religious men would attempt to change “times and law,”
including God’s festival seasons (see Daniel 7:25; compare Leviticus 23
with Matthew 5:17-19).

After Jesus Christ returns to earth, during His reign over the nations He
will see to it that all of God’s annual festivals are observed by all
peoples. The book of Zechariah reveals that it will take a few years before
at least a few nations learn to accept Christ’s teachings. The autumn Feast
of Tabernacles is a case in point.

Zechariah 14 addresses the second coming of Christ, concluding with one
particularly revealing insight into what will come next: “And it shall come
to pass that everyone who is left of all the nations which came against
Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King [Jesus Christ],
the Lord of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles” (Zechariah 14:16).

Then the account continues by describing appropriate corrective punishments
for those nations that do not comply (Zechariah 14:17-19).

Christ’s true disciples today observe His Holy Days
The big question is, are you ready to begin following the real Christ? In
times past God overlooked the ignorance of men, but today He commands all
men and women to repent of ungodly activities, including observing manmade
religious holidays (Acts 17:30).

If you are coming to understand that Christmas does not represent Christ,
then you should take a stand and avoid its observance (Matthew 7:21; Luke
6:46). Why stumble between the truth and error? Why not start following the
true Christ and His biblical teachings? (John 8:32; John 17:17).

The Bible clearly reveals our Creator’s requirement to observe His annual
festivals and Holy Days—the Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread,
Pentecost, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of
Tabernacles and the Eighth Day. They disclose God’s wondrous plan and
purpose for humankind.

The Bible shows that the true followers of God observed these festivals in
both the Old and New Testaments. True Christians still observe them today.
God has not changed

We should not be exchanging gifts...Gold for his Kingship, Frankincense and
Myrrh for his death and burial.....The gifts represented his birth and
death....Take that gift money and buy food and clothes and take it to the
homeless in the metro stations and pass them out...

Автор Riqster729 ( назад)
Fuck you kim

Автор Regina Denise Clarke ( назад)

Автор Kailee Brooke ( назад)
It's refreshing to see a true Christian stand up for the Word of God! Go
Kim Burrell.

Автор Benjamin Christensen ( назад)
America: Wants an insecure angry child as President and believes in
invisible beings who wants to torture people.. Is this really 2017?

Автор jelless ( назад)
Amen Sister!! Your right!

Автор REA 727 ( назад)
Kim was/is speaking the truth. Homosexuality is unnatural and in some cases
a sexual perversion.

Автор David Chall ( назад)
Homosexual sin! ......says the overweight glutton

Автор HELENE MAKUISSU ( назад)
Christ said in the bible to us that when the world rejects and hates us for
following we need to remember that the world hated him before, so as a
christ follower you will face rejection, you will be in a lonely place but
remember that He has conquered all this things through his blood. Do not
follow christ and try to please the world, it will not work. I do not if i
do not get the world's approval or they do not buy my cds or rate me low
because am in Christ and preaches what the word says. I stand with the WORD
OF GOD which is the WORD OF LIFE. Please lgbt i love who you guys are as
God's creation, but i worship and respect the creator and his word. In
Jesus mighty name forgive Mrs Kim if she hurt your feelings but focus on
the word of the maker the Word of life.

Автор Faith Branch ( назад)
She speaking the truth

Автор Chiamaka Oladipo ( назад)
I don't know what all the backlash is about. Homosexuality is a sin. It is
a perversion. It is unnatural. God outrightly condemned it in the Bible.
And yes! IT IS DEMONIC! Just like those who fornicate are not under the
control of the Holy Spirit, homosexuals are not. This is not a hate speech.
This is the truth. The world may deride Kim and make her a pariah, but
there's a standing ovation in heaven for her for speaking the truth in a
world blinded by lies.

Автор Innercourt Music and Events ( назад)
do you know how God dealt with Sodom and Gomorrah. it is an abomination.
God has the right to determine what is right and rewardable or wrong and
punishable if done without remorse. Sin is sin, yes...
but not all sins are called abominations nor did God reign hailstone and
fire or turned persons into a pillar of salt for all sins. So we must
understand that some things are more destructive than others and hence
requires greater measures to deal with. You can't question how God does
what he does without having a serious connection and relationship with him.

Автор Innercourt Music and Events ( назад)
preach it!

Автор MsHoodFigga ( назад)
damn i wish the black church talked about sexual assult like this..rape and
abuse. thats the real danger

Автор Monique Geddis ( назад)
Look up Reprobate! Once The Creator give you over to a reprobated mindset,
who can help you? Denying Truth cost EVERYTHING. Only time will tell. And
time will surly tell what's really UNSEEMLY AND ABOMINATED! Time will surly

Автор Vellumination VII ( назад)
Church should have never allowed it to begin with.

Автор Delores Jones ( назад)
If the bible forbidden this practice and it does and label it as sin which
there are passages that does speak about this Lev.20:13/Lev.18:22/Rom.1:27
how are they going to hear this if no one allow to even debate this point
this is one religious subject society don't won't to debate only reject
never discussing the bible passages. This is the most protected and guarded
sin practice in our society not challenging any change or escape there is a
very good reason to leave them unevangelized and corrected you must be
ready to die socially your advancement die reputation die same thing they
did to Jesus for what He spoke. Those that practice this sin make sure they
get into high places to use power, position and money to punish it's
opposers.I love them and feel sorry for them my heart breaks who can even
speak to them if this is a practice God doesn't except their inescapably
doom to where God's plans are for those who practice this sin. How will
their soul ever be save if they are going to hell for these practices and
no one is allow to speak on this subject a lot of people will be going to
hell unstopped if this is satan plan it's a good plan to get a lot of

Автор Shakayla Jackson ( назад)
They got a Pagan christmas tree in the background😒...ok...

Автор Dwight Miles ( назад)
tell me why he destroyed Sodom and gamorah

Автор melissa richards ( назад)
I pray and I hope that the love of God find its way to all hearts and we
can stop being of the flesh and more of the spirit and that is whats
hindering us from truly accepting and believing in God and His word. You
(general term you) may say God is not real but I know and I can testify
that He is because He lives within my heart. He guides my path, He walks
with me and He talks with me. Experience God, give Him a try, For Jeremiah
chapter 11 states, "For I know the thoughts I have for you, thoughts of
good and not of evil" trust me children of the Most High the Lord words
will not return to Him void. Believe and you will receive. Okay I am done
now lol…but seriously try Him out. Peace, Love and Happiness to all! xoxox

Автор Rose S ( назад)
I know gays don't want to hear this but homosexuality is a sin and God will
have the last word on your judgement day. If Kim is in her church why
wouldn't she preach what God is against? Don't go to church if you don't
want to be saved.

Автор OddOnesOut ( назад)
Well I for one am a proud girl with a beautiful girlfriend and you can talk
shit about me and my people but just know that you are not affecting me and
that I will stand strong with my fellow LGBTQ+ community and I am proud of
who I am and who I love so take that.

Автор Edj Manning ( назад)
Where the lie at?

Автор Tristyy Holness-Sinclair ( назад)
This shit here is the NUMBER 1 reason I don't do church, It's hypocritical
as fuck! As a gospel singer to talk down on homosexuality is not only
reckless, immoral & insulting to fans; its career suicide! Background to
choir directors, publicists fans & everything in between you have no clue
who or how many ppl you just alienated. Secondly the unmitigated gaul you
have to have to stand there in a public forum & talk about someone's
private life wether it's true or not. Along with your career being over I
hope that man sues you for every penny you have & ever will make.

Автор Carolyn Walker ( назад)
By the way, God can forgive those who sin. That's why he sent Jesus to
die on the cross to pay the price for our sin. The bible says that we
have all come short of the glory of God. That means whether I lie or
steal, or whatever, I have sinned and am not perfect. I'm glad that
Jesus saved me from my sins inspite of myself. Homosexuality is a sin
that can be forgiven. With God all things are possible.

Автор Carolyn Walker ( назад)
I think she was talking about dying to sin. Not that all homosexuals will
die in 2017.

Автор Carolyn Walker ( назад)
Do you know the gospel singer Kim Burrell? Please pray for her. She
apparently told the truth about what God says about homosexuality
(Leviticus 18:22) and now a lot of people are coming against her.
Homosexuality is a sin just like pre-marital sex is a sin. Kim doesn't
hate gay people. She hates the sin. As a preacher, she should preach
about this subject as well as other subjects. Sometimes you have to
stand up for God no matter what people may say. Some people won't like
this post. Okay. Still, the truth is the truth. Anyone with a problem
with it, take it up with God.

Автор Carlos LaBoy ( назад)
Beware of those Christians who's faith is based on their own ideas and
feelings, and what they think is right, and not on God's word.

Автор Brianna Patton ( назад)
Why in interviews does she keep saying that she never said LGBT she said
SIN but she clearly said homosexual so I'm confused as to why she doesn't
think she said anything wrong that was condemning gay people.

Автор Brneton Thompson ( назад)
Black people are so hypocritical. They hate racism but are ok with

Автор Dwight Miles ( назад)
Know you people don't want the truth God says he will destroy every un holy
thing not just homosexuals but every unholy and unclean thing

Автор IamDee ( назад)
lmfao she defending what she done said
but the proof Is here ..
I guess I have perverted spirit 👬💁

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