Battleship & ACDC - Thunderstruck

Movie: Battleship
Music: ACDC - Thunderstruck

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Длительность: 5:35
Комментарии: 829

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Автор Diego Encizo ( назад)

Автор cindy levent ( назад)

Автор Outsidervahine Sada ( назад)
youhouhou trop cool !!!!

Автор Stink Pigg ( назад)
You Suck

Автор Luxury Auto's ( назад)
fuck yeah USA NAVY IT'S THE BEST ON THE WORLD at least for me

Автор Thys Walters ( назад)
Yeash you guys are a bunch of arseholes enjoy the movie for being a movie.
90% of you in anyway no clue what you talking about. And now people see all
the arguments going to start now. IT IS A FUCKING MOVIE,

Автор Rebecca Ivey ( назад)
Funny, a movie named battleship and there is only one in the whole movie

Автор T R77 ( назад)
Fear's gonna getcha...

Автор Sand Man ( назад)
I'd say Mighty Mo' was my favourite scene in the movie

Автор Darius GG ( назад)
Every one comment , but he/she don't make a rock music!!!

Автор Lima Mapper ( назад)
ah ah ah thunder ah ah ah thunder ah ah ah thunder ah ah ah thunder

Автор Nba Highlights ( назад)
yeah USS Missouri

Автор WhiteCreeperMC ( назад)
Look it's those spike balls of death from call of duty bo3

Автор Camiila Maguu ( назад)

Автор Day Holden ( назад)
only part i hated i this movie was the battleship doing a hand break turn

Автор Josua Perez ( назад)
Es el mejor vídeo de Internet un ura por el misouri

Автор Dave A ( назад)
very nice well done

Автор 54emilian ( назад)
Господи помилуй!.....Началото на края!................

Автор Laurent- Michèle JULIEN ( назад)
ton montage est d'la balle mec. J'adore

Автор perla de Dios ( назад)
fuck the movie thunderstruck

Автор Scott Purdy ( назад)

Автор Sally R Harvey ( назад)
oh ya excellent. kick ass

Автор Charles Ferdinand ( назад)
Nice video but stop covering the whole fucking screen with your fucking
useless links, no one gives a flying fuck and no one is going to click them
you stupid fuck.

Автор Dragon Games ( назад)

Автор ted deweese ( назад)
ac/dc rocks it hell yeah

Автор Connor Battles ( назад)
hell yeah baby!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎 hell yeah!!!

Автор FULANODETAL ( назад)
So uss Missouri can hit at 35 km away so you need a point blank shooting?

Автор Édouard Farkik ( назад)
35 navires, 12 sous-marins, plus de 40000 hommes (33% de la flotte
internationale et 33% des animaux marins 💀 ) #15 minutes.

Автор FEAZY Wolf ( назад)
This WAS LIT AF!!!!!!!!

Автор Brian Landrigan ( назад)
us battleship for the win

Автор ворон ( назад)

Автор heil5373N ( назад)
I think Chris Pratt would have been a better lead in this movie. He has the
comedic chops, bad-ass facade and charming boyish looks rolled into one
awesone actor that people loves. The movie would not have sucked if the
producers choose Chris Pratt.

Автор ca roule jerome ( назад)
Please GOD : let s have a better nice "rencontre" with Alliens.

Автор gary s ( назад)
This was batter than the movie and included most of the interesting parts.

Автор bjsdemon ( назад)
While Japan drifts cars, America drifts ships

Автор nicola facciolini ( назад)
Kalibr !!!

Автор David Heitman ( назад)
i wanna save the world!

Автор Abc123Loading. ( назад)
best scene the movie

Автор Michael Galeshoff ( назад)

Автор TheNytdj ( назад)

Автор Mr Melon33 ( назад)

Автор CARLOS Bautista ( назад)

Автор Levi Ackerman ( назад)
"this is some of the finest military porn I've ever seen"

- CinemaSins

Автор TK G ( назад)
This video is better than the actual movie.

Автор harley pellegrin ( назад)
best song ever

Автор Hornet Magtf ( назад)
I wonder what they'll do for a sequel.

Автор Honkinator 22 ( назад)
the video is so glitchy, it make´s no fun to watch

Автор kajani ( назад)
at 3:46 starts the "kitchen sink episode" because I'm looking for a
Culinary Specialist Rating (ship's cook) throwing that in along with the
rest of the ordinance.

Автор Alejandro Escobedo ( назад)
That scene with the dreadnought was awesome

Автор Star Builder2 ( назад)
Epic song

Автор Felecia carstensFelecia ( назад)
My favorite movie of all time, and I am almost 60....seeing the greatest
ship the Navy ever had coming out to one more battle, and kicking ass doing
it, always brings tears to my eyes....and this version is incredible. The
clarity of the music, the lyrics that AC/DC lay down, and the amazing
action-editing makes it watchable again and again. Now I gotta get my
hankie, lol.....good job, Bazanov !!!

Автор Voss2120 ( назад)
This movie was horrible and cool at the same time.

Автор carlos pacheco ( назад)
thats the MISSOURI

Автор carlos pacheco ( назад)
yeah yeah thunderstruck

Автор CRISTIAN MORAGA ( назад)
Cooollllllll ¡

Автор BBCHEVY4X4 ( назад)
IN GOD WE TRUST all others will be tracked!!! ;)

Автор Siroga Artuschkevich ( назад)
америкосы трусливые лохи и пидоры

Автор Dragon Warhammer ( назад)
thinking about it where the aliens actually attacking us? they tried not to
harm us onlynfighting back when they were attacked all they were trying to
do was send a signal back home. food for thought

Автор Александр Глюдзик ( назад)
This is edition is much more better than official trailer! keep rock it!

Автор iliqn iliev ( назад)
great movie great song and well made video :)

Автор Fabia Maria ( назад)
Wow!!!! excelente!!!

Автор NXM ( назад)
Is anyone else in our God Damn country as angry as I am with the lack of
respect that Russia, Saudia Arabia, Britain and North Korea has thrown in
front of our Navy and Air Force in the last 12 months??

Автор doonder100 ( назад)
bay ?

Автор SpamMail6942 ( назад)
This would of been allot better if you didn't speed up the video

Автор Yvette Masaniai ( назад)
I didn't really liked this movie because all the places you See are real
the Freeway scene,the h2 Freeway. The base kaneohe airbase. I got chills
when I saw it destroyed

Автор вячеслав горлов ( назад)
звено СУ24 примерно тоже самое сделает с эскадрой янки))))

Автор Oscar Pina ( назад)
This movie is bad ass...I love it shows the world the power off the usa
navy ....good fucking jam

Автор Juan Escobar ( назад)
name the movie??

Автор Luciferdesrea ( назад)
I heard it was a terrible move, but I need to see it. I just need to.

Автор NYPD #1 ( назад)

Автор Connor Battles ( назад)
thunderstuck all the way Babby!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Автор Ares Sword ( назад)
memories of our fathers

Автор Kenneth Brady ( назад)
Think this is cool google "The Gustav Gun." World's Biggest gun, WWII gun
Germany had. wt 1344 tons, served a 500 man crew. WOW

Автор Arevalo Pivernatt ( назад)
la reacción de tte de navío(capitán) mala conducta que por su pericia y
astucia salvo al mundo

Автор T R77 (551 год назад)
Good movie?... no brainer!

Автор Amazing Gamer93 ( назад)
this song.... it motivates me.

Автор Lucas Villalba (562 года назад)
yeah thunderstruck

Автор Top5 ( назад)
very nice

Автор Remington Sig ( назад)
agreed, definitely an awesome edition

Автор Anthony Ruiz ( назад)
admit it at 4:30 that was your favorite scene

Автор Watt Will SST DUDEN ( назад)
I like it :)

Автор grace perfect chanel ( назад)
you are good xxxx😘😚😙😋💖💗💘💝💞💟💓💜💛💚💙❤

Автор Kiko Jones Aitor Tilla ( назад)
Es una gran estupidez"jubilar"un magnifico barco que aun funciona

Автор God (Satan) ( назад)
Ah, nothing like military porn with good music.

Автор Jose Delapaz ( назад)
5 fact 1 its the. jone paul jones
2 its sank
three one said they didnt singed for this bullshit
4 its dope 5 best movie i ever seen

Автор Illuminarty ( назад)
Kinetic weapons motherfucker.

Автор Buzz Music ( назад)
"Battleship & ACDC - Thunderstruck" aka "The whole movie in 5:34 min" xD

Автор Chris Payne ( назад)
James Bond would be proud

Автор ginzistore ( назад)

Автор ginzistore ( назад)

Автор wadems ( назад)
AC/DC can make even a lousy movie awesome.

Автор the forgotten (410 лет назад)
I wonder if people played black ops three and then watched this movie for
the first time. probably screamed out R.A.P.S.

Автор Stormy Davis ( назад)
I don't care if he doesn't have any legs, DON'T F*CK WITH A US MARINE!!!

Автор jojo1234 ( назад)
I have to admit, the action was awsome, but: Hawaii doesn't have that many
tsunami bojies placed in absolut perfect squares.
And how the f*ck did they got an old battelship like this running that fast
(That engine started faster than a car!) and where did they got the ammo
from? The shells on display did not have any explosives in it!

Автор Larry Reuter (1316 лет назад)

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
now I want to join navy because of that..

Автор Ryan Beers ( назад)

Автор Toilopince Izam ( назад)
This Music Will and when i mean will Means it will Increase Your Morale And
Give you a Boost

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