Bricks Offroad Park 6-8-13

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Автор UltraLaserBlast “UltraLaserBlast” ( назад)
jeep cheroke was most impressive to me.lol as it seamlesssly modestly
cruzed along. lol. like an old sewing machine.

Автор Poodie Pimp ( назад)
If i am black can i attend these functions,,

Автор Lemonade ( назад)
Wtf why'd they have confederate flags

Автор Keith Nagel ( назад)
fuel injection!!!!

Автор Arthur Costa ( назад)
almost like our brasilian roads... our roads have more holes and mud...

Автор Aj Piro ( назад)
they are all petrol where the diesels know wonder there stop lol

Автор master aripuya aka wickedmaster ( назад)
rednecks can't afford a hummer?

Автор encognito 21 ( назад)
07:50 Like a muthafuken boss!

Автор ‫هادي السبيعي‬‎ ( назад)

Автор team jeml ( назад)
this is some old sail footage he goes way higher now lol

Автор Luis Arturo Alatriste ( назад)
Aquí en México DF se inunda así o un poco más en épocas de lluvia saludos

Автор chase gibbins ( назад)
lmao! 3 feet. bam. dead, every fucking time!!

Автор joseph m ( назад)
someone actually took a late madel and lifted it?!?!?! I've seen it all

Автор ramairgto72 ( назад)
lol whats up with the empties getting tossed in the bed?!

Автор M. akhdan yafi ( назад)

Автор Ninjaraku Pwnz ( назад)
the near-stock jeeps schooled the shit out of you lifted chevy's lmao

Автор ‫عبد الله البشري‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Chris Johnson ( назад)
It's about rednecks and there Chevys 

Автор Dulich Songhuong ( назад)
Mấy thằng điên!

Автор Skyler Park ( назад)
All but one Chevy dies another chevy gets stuck two fords go through no
problem looks like fords the better truck here

Автор Ratrod O311 ( назад)
Where's all the mud?

Автор Khoir Aja ( назад)
U ki fffdeafjn t

Автор Canadian Redneck ( назад)
7:52 was bad ass 

Автор Zoran Petrovic ( назад)
Americans are so stupid... especially the southern ones

Автор trenton kruse ( назад)
they should all get a ford

Автор Danil Minecrafter ( назад)

Автор justin wright ( назад)
looks like the fords went there it just fine!!!!!

Автор mathieu5113 ( назад)
I could pass here with my tree weelers without stalling hhaha

Автор FEGTTTSDH ( назад)
2:46 more ridiculous than a ricer civic and 4:03 too. The stock trucks and
4x4 do MUCH better job
The last is the exeption lol

Автор James Erickson ( назад)
to much water...need more mud and less hydrolock!

Автор royalbraindamage ( назад)
Hmmm, that's not soft mucky sand like here in Florida. If a 2 wheel drive
can make it trough.... Where's the challenge?

Автор bunder012 ( назад)
Why do the engines keep stalling? If they're so powerful shouldn't they
make it all the way across?

Автор Jeff White ( назад)
2:59. Should have 2" less taller tires and invested in $850.00 in fuel
injection. Doh!

Автор russ carney ( назад)
that sucked big N 's

Автор Aleeeex1055 ( назад)
4:02 I think his beer cans fell out.

Автор Doncrawla ( назад)
second chevy bites the dust

Автор CoconutGreaseBMX ( назад)
zThis is the reason you get a Dodge instead of a POS Chevy

Автор Ismael Ravenlock ( назад)
bwahahahahahahaahah that chevy 

Автор Only1English ( назад)
The mechanics in this area must suck. Well at least he ones who built these
massive chevy and gmc trucks.. All turbs dying out--lol

Автор Soob4ME ( назад)
Jeez that guy in the green truck at 5:55 is freaking TINY.

Автор CobNasties ( назад)
7:50 That's how you do that.

Автор maggie curl ( назад)
I gonna take my four wheeler out there and have me some fun!

Автор the1nonlypatlo ( назад)
it look s like a lot of water and not much mud.

Автор Kur Norock ( назад)
From what I can tell, there are only two rules to this event:
1. At least one bumper per vehicle MUST be crooked.
2. Your engine MUST die at least one time per run.

Автор tim libby ( назад)
what the fuck you hollering for its 10 inches of mud

Автор johnsonmpd ( назад)
looks like a bunch of junky ass trucks to me. Hell, they cant even stay

Автор Hong Solo ( назад)
This is fun

Автор drprzulj ( назад)
Biggest bunch of idiots I've ever seen 

Автор Денис Антонов ( назад)
Последний это было очень круто!

Автор MiPiKeTe392 ( назад)
8:17 you can hear a man say "That was amazing" lol 

Автор Егор Кондратьев ( назад)
Я там на автобусе проеду)))) 

Автор jethro1177 ( назад)
Looks like a big water hole where a bunch of inbreed with p.o.s trucks
going through 

Автор jethro1177 ( назад)
All these trucks are pieces of shit, 

Автор Josh Cundiff ( назад)
Funny when you think any standard land rover defender would stroll straight
through it 

Автор masonb89 ( назад)
Why do all these trucks run like complete crap

Автор Chris Burkhart ( назад)
To save yourself time go to the 8th minute to watch

Автор melinda1970s ( назад)

Автор i3loody Moon ( назад)
the last run of the video was fucking sick! that run had me rooting out
loud for the guy and such an impressive run. 

Автор myvidss ( назад)
geez,spend some money and waterproof the mill already,sputtering and
stalling is so boring to watch

Автор HotRod Paul ( назад)

Автор jesse zinck (redneck chester) ( назад)
all the trucks r shit there all chveys the need to b ford

Автор Leonardo Gašparić ( назад)
7:52 - 8:08 Best part..;D

Автор Marcus Guldseth ( назад)

Автор Mike More ( назад)
This is braindead but they seem to have a lot of fun. We have demolition
derby here once 2 years and it's fun just to watch and drink beer. 

Автор Timothy Newburry ( назад)
Ha get that 4weeler out of here....

Автор chala391 ( назад)
7:51 GMC

Автор isaac meredith-elali ( назад)

Автор Ian B ( назад)
2:50 junky piece of shit

Автор GrilledCheezeSammich ( назад)
I wonder what the collective IQ of this crowd is.

Автор Maggie Stiles ( назад)
It was alright the end was the good part of it

Автор phatjohnny carter ( назад)
Wtf is the point this is the biggest waist of time I've ever seen fuckin

Автор sharetime1 ( назад)
Last 30 seconds is the best!

Автор Arlene Martinez ( назад)

Автор Dirili77 ( назад)
ok the last one was pretty nice 

Автор Dirili77 ( назад)
they think they're superheros just because they made their fingertipps
little muddy. Beer bend reality^^

Автор Dirili77 ( назад)
carwash baby

Автор Dirili77 ( назад)
tuning redneck style, mess ur motor up until it won't run well anymore

Автор aldoavak9 ( назад)
this looks like the redneck version of special Olympics!

Автор vbna187 ( назад)
Half of these trucks broke down before they even got stuck😂

Автор MinecraftBuilder Pro ( назад)

Автор 최하림 ( назад)

Автор Felipe Díaz ( назад)

Автор Jintana Janprom ( назад)

Автор TheRealDealJuggalo ( назад)
hahaha who the fuck cares about a seal? if you were fucking bleeding out
and DYING next to a seal, it would probably just eat your fuckin ass FUCK
THE SEALS i wanna go seal clubbin one day and put the vid on youtube before
we cook n eat the seal while i throw up my middle fingers,FUCK SEALS and

Автор Raul Abreu ( назад)
Puerto Rico like off road

Автор osp80 ( назад)
a dirt track car body.

Автор Kawasakimoon88 ( назад)
Not a shit was given that day haha

Автор Noel Laflamme (fishfinder401) ( назад)
gotta love 8:00

Автор OrangeSVTguy ( назад)
4:02 that's one way to clean out all the empty beer cans for your truck.

Автор Костя Лакоцін ( назад)
кто руской ставте лайк

Автор allan p ( назад)
last one.. you rock!!!

Автор The.Real.Effect :IG ( назад)
6:45 Wtf is that shit

Автор Jordan Campbell ( назад)
Loved watching that ole ford runnin

Автор JJ McVicker ( назад)
This is not stupid it's not gay it's just good ol American fun with big
trucks and engines

Автор Lovejeet Nanua ( назад)

Автор temartem1 ( назад)
what happened to the chevy

Автор Ika Jei ( назад)
last one like a boss )))))

Автор Bryan Patterson ( назад)
The only truck that ran good had a edelbrock on it all the others had
holleys LOL

Автор fullthrottledrc ( назад)
theres not much left that's stock on that...

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