Megalodon Attack caught on tape


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Автор CGossRunnn ( назад)
This is based on a book 

Автор jakob maust ( назад)
that's a movie

Автор IsaiahCraft ( назад)

Автор Jesus Cervantes ( назад)
Is this movie out yet

Автор Raven Blackwood (13th Grave) ( назад)
Nah megaladon wouldn't eat us for one reason and one reason only IF WE
DON'T RUN WE'RE FINE excuse my other side but like I was saying is we'd be
a skittle to that thing and they're related to great whites and great.
Whites hate our taste

Автор Raven Blackwood (13th Grave) ( назад)
@austin tow Lol

Автор hardestnamever ( назад)
me too but they are like far away from me :)

Автор MegaShadowtail ( назад)
nope predator X or lypurladon a extinct marine reptile

Автор jaijai1468 ( назад)
plus a megalodon wouldn't just pass people it would break the glass and eat
the people

Автор jaijai1468 ( назад)
this has to be fake cuz beneath the greasiest depths it's so dark that the
only animals that live are ones that can see in the dark or that is blind
and a megalodon is like a great white except it's bigger than any dinosaur
in fact a megaldon can rip a dinosaur's head off like a gummy bear so this
is clearly fake duh

Автор Ashley Lopez ( назад)
This is a movie o.o

Автор missy28996 ( назад)
Im 14 and I want to be a marine biologist too sharks are awesome! :-)

Автор Siiah Evanger ( назад)
Oh this is a movie. It had me there for a moment

Автор Julia Michele ( назад)
I know right!!!! Same here. Im 11 too and I wanna be one. But of course Im

Автор Eva Hughes (1973 года назад)
i'm 11 and i want to be a marin bioligest when i grow up and i am SCARED of

Автор J3NNYVO ( назад)
true that actually it couldn't because it didn't say what time is going to
be on the movie's 

Автор grace vickers ( назад)
the megalodon could be out there cuz we've only discovered 1/3 of our ocean
and recently found 2 new species of whale we never knew existed so i bet it
rly is out there...... wow thats the smartest thing ive probably ever said!

Автор chayse morales ( назад)
only 1/3 parts of the ocean have been explored so i am trying to find proof
that the meaglodon is still out there. p.s. i sound smart x3

Автор chayse morales ( назад)

Автор sonic63649 ( назад)
I think this is real

Автор Chris Sikes (Brilliantfire7) ( назад)
i hope he has a pee filter 

Автор 123jonkey ( назад)
that does look like meg from family guy

Автор mamodeification ( назад)
what the fuck is rong with u 

Автор erinbananabutter ( назад)
i think i missed the part where there was aSHARK ATTACK CAUGHT ON TAPE

Автор austin tow ( назад)
Chuck norris want his goldfish back

Автор MrCrow42 ( назад)
wish this was movie 

Автор xModz4Youx ( назад)
@KittyLoveSkittles bro only like 10% has been discovered do i would almost
garantee that they are downthere somewhere

Автор animagamer2 ( назад)
@ZaidKash1 it is quite possible it looks like a pokemon,though I'm quite
shure all of this was fake..

Автор EmberAndAsh ( назад)
who knows only 95% of the sea has been explored, who says there extinct?!?

Автор Celina Sandnes ( назад)
it is sooo coool, i love megalodon <3

Автор Leo Raña (1151 год назад)
Sea monsters are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Randomnarwhal Lucas ( назад)
it would be so cool if there was a giant orca and they fought to the death

Автор Beni Lazar ( назад)
@ZaidKash1 its kyogre. who the fuck doesn't know him? 

Автор Danny Cashman ( назад)
bigger jaws. family guy fans will understand

Автор P0k3m0nl0 ( назад)
it will be awesome to make a movie about it.

Автор stupidvampiretwat ( назад)
@redcarnotaurus Yea.. I couldn't be bothered to look up the Liopleurodon..
It conjures up Candy Mountain Bad times, man, bad times

Автор th3airsofttitan ( назад)
0:22 is xyphactinus 0:56 is megaladon 0:20 AND 0:50 thats a liopluerdon.
most of the video is from bbc's Chased by Sea Monsters. 

Автор stupidvampiretwat ( назад)
@Astrithor I wanna slap you in the face for that. There's a huge difference
between merely the LOOK of the two. It's far more akin to the Kronosaur,
though the headshape looks a bit too smooth compared to what I remember of
it. I'd say it's a Mososaur.

Автор omegaxisable ( назад)
0:50 looked like a pokemon named Wailord.

Автор omegaxisable ( назад)
the 3 dislikers are probably the ones who got forced to catch violent

Автор Astrithor ( назад)
@ZaidKash1 i THINK its liopleurodon, but it may be a kronosaur

Автор Astrithor ( назад)
@GunSlinger314 freakin awesome book, man. The entire series is wicked,
especially if ur into marine science.

Автор settawut leenavong ( назад)
smaller than my dik

Автор MegaShadowtail ( назад)
@ZaidKash1 no its predator x

Автор Matt Hettinger ( назад)
@ZaidKash1 I went to the Sandi Ago Zoo and I saw some gigantic Birds that
looked like Pokemon. 

Автор Fizzleclaw ( назад)
plz let it make a movie

Автор Fizzleclaw ( назад)
@ZaidKash1 no idiot it's a predator x learn something about dinosaurs

Автор Kyle Coward ( назад)
damn! i was thinking plz be a movie plz be a movie plz be a- DAMN ANOTHER
FUCKIN BOOK! and y would somone spend all tht money on animition
advertising a book/ 

Автор Zack Stuart Bray ( назад)
They need to make a Hell's Aquarium in real life. I'm not kidding, they do!
capture all of these EPIC creatures and put them here? AWESOME!!!

Автор DBZfreakMBB ( назад)
its a book trailer it would make a good Movie

Автор ZaidKash1 ( назад)
What the fuck is that at 0:49 a Pokemon?!

Автор Chris Biersteker ( назад)
hell's aquarium trailer lol

Автор suddenBURST100 ( назад)
@dimbobscout duh 

Автор MrH8DIS ( назад)
@xDisturbedDemon yupp

Автор xDisturbedDemon ( назад)
@dimbobscout o rly?

Автор MrH8DIS ( назад)
u would be surprised what is real or not this is a shark that was seen in
2007 in some sea by china. im not messing with anyone ill never go deep in
the ocean because of these monsters 

Автор LolZakJoost11 ( назад)
dude, sum of the tapes are from the sea monsters series you bitch! how can
u fake that!

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