Kellyanne Conway on how Trump plans to pay for Mexico border wall

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, joins "CBS This Morning" from the White House to discuss how the Trump administration will pay for the U.S.-Mexico border wall, and how his Supreme Court justice nominee will be pro-life.

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Автор Excalibur Excalibur ( назад)
Trump is going to take taxpayers money and rip off all the Americans and build the wall. What about a wall between Canada and the U.S.?

Автор D Storm ( назад)
The host needs to learn how to pronounce buffet'

Автор joe 90 ( назад)
Total Propaganda lies against the President Republicans and the American People.should be shut down for Treason against the United States......Free Belarus

Автор Quick Sipper ( назад)
is my cum a baby? if so I've killed thousands xD

Автор John Wierzbicki ( назад)
Why don't we work out a Deal with Mexico like they pay for the wall and we give them back California! That way we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Автор Raymond Batman ( назад)
exactly! trump's wall getting me sick

Автор Johanna Martinez ( назад)
fuck the news and im Puerto Rican

Автор Johanna Martinez ( назад)
we need Obama back

Автор Johanna Martinez ( назад)
when he was fucking a horse

Автор Johanna Martinez ( назад)
I fucked hid hoes

Автор Johanna Martinez ( назад)
fuck trump what a bitch and you to bitch with the pink white hoe

Автор User3456938894 ( назад)
Yet another dumb beach blonde out of her depth. Should have worked at Fox instead.

Автор weeziewazoo ( назад)
And all you idiots thought Trump was going to cut your taxes. If you think a trade war with Mexico and China is going to work I challenge you to goto Target and buy something that isn't made there. Enjoy your bill for the wall.

Автор c g ( назад)

Автор Luis Dagoberto Serrano ( назад)
Under the Trump logic, fair is the same as equal. The U.S. trade deficit with Mexico is $60 billion or 20% more than what the U.S sells to Mexico. Too much! Right?
…Not exactly the U.S. economy is 10 times bigger than the U.S. Income per person in Mexico (GDP per capita) is less than 1/3 the U.S.
Expecting trade deals to have a net balance of zero is unrealistic, especially between countries with such a big gap between their economies.

Автор upuntil6 ( назад)
Dear media, do your fucking job! Why doesn't anyone force Kelly Ann Conjob to answer the fucking questions?

Автор jeremyv11000 ( назад)
For all of you who don't understand the tax proposal on Mexico it's very simple. It's a strategy. Mexican goods cannot enter the country with out the tax being paid. Then when the item gets to the shelves at the stores for example. Consumers obviously won't buy the product that's now increased in price, they will buy a cheaper alternative from a different country which will earn our business. Or our home products will be cheaper boosting local businesses. And the Mexicans will lose on paying taxes and not being able to sell their goods.

Автор Nick meisner ( назад)
tell us the truth you mummy!

Автор pukirocks ( назад)
méxico doesn't even have the money to pay for this, so...

Автор Kerry Milanovic-King ( назад)
she is one stupid bitch!

Автор StalinTheMan0fSteel ( назад)
LOL This comment section is filled with lettuce pickers, dish washers and motel room cleaners. LOL

Автор General Grievous ( назад)
Conservatives pride themselves with people like Lincoln and Reagan, but Reagan broke down walls and built bridges, and Trump is building walls and burning bridges, smh.

Автор B.J. Blazkowicz ( назад)
I'm kind of surprised by that Chapo question, like are we supposed to be grateful that a notorious drug lord and crime kingpin was allowed to exist right outside our doorstep and then permitted to be smuggled into our borders by the very country that allowed him to reign over its criminal underground? Wtf. When did being a criminal, especially an infamously murderous one at that, become something that was tolerated or even cool?

Автор Dankest-Ali ( назад)
This is so humiliating that it's hard to watch

Автор Nikolaj Hansen-Turton ( назад)
You're pro-life but support the death penalty as punishment, taking food stamps from the hungry and healthcare from the sick. -Christopher Zullo (context: regarding the Pro Life Walk)

Автор DennisIsAMenace ( назад)
Let's try to fix Flint, Michigan first?

Автор Ivonne Barrientos ( назад)
Ha! Alternate facts.

Автор Purple Oak ( назад)
I mean we might as well get my channel to 1,000..then we can talk about this goofy wall lol

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
She hasn't realized Russia has invited Mexico to uhmm uhmmmm I can't recall the name.

Автор Adam David ( назад)
She's a stupid whore like the orange cunt Trump!

Автор usfdave10 ( назад)
Your not pro-life. Do not associate yourselves with us. Your pro-fetus or rather anti-choice.
Wish the media would correct them every time they mis-use that statement and lie.

Автор o3BYKo ( назад)
That sounds like an alternative fact.

Автор usfdave10 ( назад)
No talk or stats on how Mexicans are illegally getting in. Would this bigger wall that bush started and trump redoes even matter? Like are they getting in legally with visa and staying past their stay (wall won't matter).
Are they sneaking in through the front door (wall won't matter)?

Автор M N ( назад)
Don't forget to build a wall along the Canadian border and slap shingles roof....let the assholes in middle rotten to hell!

Автор MrCarter'sRods ( назад)
Trump is going to pay for the wall by putting a 50% tax on things that Alex Jones of InfoWars told him was real.... like unicorn horns, and newly released Smashmouth albums that go triple platinum.
He will also put a 120% tax on things that he considers myths like... the female orgasm, and Magnum condoms.

Автор JOE513E ( назад)
They want to stop unwanted people to stop coming into America, but also wants to stop abortion?

Автор Ivan Sanchez ( назад)
her argument is as off as her left eyebrow

Автор Joshua B ( назад)
While I don't particularily like Trump nor his idea of 'building a wall', at least he is the only politician capable of admitting we DO have a gigantic fault in our immigration policy...

Автор Jose botello ( назад)
I wanna know the sources of her statistics, just because you use the word doesn't make it true

Автор Giovanni Naranjo ( назад)
This is an embarrassment to conservatism feel so sorry that the Republican Party are represented by this administration

Автор Average User ( назад)
Illegals cost the US 160 billion a year. The wall will cost 10 billion. That is one hell of a saving morons.

Автор CAT ( назад)
"Trade deficit:
the amount by which the cost of a country's imports exceeds the value of its exports."

How will making Mexican products more expensive solve that anyway?

Автор Patrick ( назад)
not this bitch again

Автор Robert N. ( назад)
thank you Kelly for getting the best President since Regan elected, God bless You and our Savior TRUMP!!!!

Автор Nolan Leonard ( назад)
A lot of triggered liberals who's only source is comedians- the comments section

Автор Maria A. ( назад)
Who would let these idiots run the country?

Автор DeadlyDanDaMan ( назад)
The wall isn't happening. The Mexican people won't pay for it, and the American people won't pay for it. Go ahead and try to build your fucking wall. I'll be right there with all the other thousands upon thousands of people to tear it the fuck down. We shouldn't be building walls, we should be "building bridges". If we had 100% free travel between America and Mexico, NONE OF THIS would be an issue. Just treat Mexico like it is another part of the United States. Problem solved.

Автор Tigran King ( назад)
Still can't seem to understand why a positive relationship between the US and Russia is looked down upon by some people.

Автор Marwan Bayoumi ( назад)
fuck this video is like watching a baby seal being clubbed to death a retarded baby seal.

Автор mackalver ( назад)

Автор Archangel9106 Rivers ( назад)
She is so full of Sh_t.

Автор Anila T Hafeez ( назад)
good job you dumbass morons who voted for him. hes ruining everyones lives

Автор MARIO ( назад)
That WALL just got 10 feet taller!

Автор rmcbeigh ( назад)
if you want leaders talking to each other and have better communication around the globe then TELL US WHO MADE THE CALL !

Автор RJ King ( назад)
Mexico should also pay $20,000 a year for each illegal we have housed and fed and given healthcare to. Kellyanne is a great asset to America.

Автор Mr.Clean ( назад)
Conway needs to go back to school to not sound and be retarded.

Автор Mr.Clean ( назад)
Conway needs to go back to school to not sound and be retarded.

Автор Fjhjjhjkjjkk ( назад)
Oh you political mongrels so unintelligent, so incapable guys sit back and watch this shit show. I know I am

Автор justin mccaffery ( назад)
I like how they show polls even after the election like come on guys

Автор brad pipos ( назад)
book religion used by business games lier drama and book talk about love without peace when love lose end family crash half  to be business in court that easy if you understand life no fallow family stupid drunk smoke naked life smoke love shit without peace book truth god its islam if your not want hear stuck your butt in the chair don't care go down steer drunk beer if you fear when you life lock top you will be fktop

Автор brad pipos ( назад)
she talk about drugs why you not stop alcohol and drugs sale by law in America  more people accident by alcohol why family in America divorce and crash family or your book fake religion ask about book islam to learn how protected family truth stop drama lier games deep and keep steps

Автор brad pipos ( назад)
its easy charge people America pay for that its easy riches bitches taking money from people poor and close the door its easy jobs blow money sucks lucks only all America used that

Автор chrstian min ( назад)
Dumb ass brunette

Автор thecool24681 ( назад)
What I want to know is if the dislikes are this bad to trumps white house video, Rudy guiliani fox video, and this video. How did trump win the election if he can't even win a thumbs up on youtube? And he's telling me 3 to 5 million voted illegally!? The dude is fucking mental. He needs an examination.

Автор Mr. Lion ( назад)
this will actually be one of our worst presidents ever....ahahahah why can't this slow-minded moron just enforce stricter immigration laws that greatly hinder the chances of terrorists or potential criminals from coming in? you need to put in better immigration staffs and border police if you are concerned about the borders. we understand how necessary a border is but building a wall simply doesn't come off as such an easy task as he thinks. the 20 billion dollars we could have used to fund education or healthcare is spent on a wall. why are republicans so bad at critical thinking?

Автор Mr. Poopybutthole ( назад)
She a robot yo

Автор skullbuster44 ( назад)
omg she is so stupid

Автор N M ( назад)
Fuck this administration.

Автор kiwin111 ( назад)
This comment section is full of triggered lefties.

Автор MeshMN ( назад)
Taking names of EVERY Republican that supports using TAXPAYER dollars to pay for the fantastic colossal waste of time and money ...

Автор Josh Cliff ( назад)
wow they are not doing anything against drugs....my ass mexico does fight back againts drugs most your drugs come from south america ans other countries not just mexico.........the trump administration is a joke....and i dont give two shits what anyone else has to say

Автор Megan Figueroa ( назад)
Whose consuming those drugs?

Автор Sammy Arroyo ( назад)
shes kinda smart

Автор Greg Raines ( назад)
He is making America pay for it. You idiots were all duped by a con man. We tried to warn you, but your blind hatred for the "other" and your avoidance of facts got in the way.

Автор Cindy Love ( назад)
She's a role model for all women and whoever doesn't agree must be sexist racist bigot.

Автор Meme Machine ( назад)
I love learning alternative facts!!!!

Автор the last free american town ( назад)
Fernell, your comments are so typical when your position is weak. Your type will always disclose their frustration by dirt language. You're welcome.

Автор Tyler Billideau ( назад)
Anyone else hate the way she's so defensively condescending to anyone that interviews her? It's what bullies sound like in the 5th grade...

Автор bitchgvng Memorial service ( назад)
How does such an ignorant human being make it so high up in the government.

Автор Titus0215 ( назад)
Does Trump have anyone competent on his team?

Автор Liam McEvoy ( назад)
I hate her more than trump.

Автор Hasham Raja ( назад)
Basically trump is going to pay with alternative American taxpayer dollars.

Автор Santiago Broncano ( назад)
most Trump supporters are drug addicts.

and 80% of drug mules are US citizens.
here: https://www.wired.com/2013/03/citizen-smugglers/

Автор prashant raghu ( назад)
so basically mexico will export more drugs and guns into US to cope up with the price of the wall... as a result US will be one fucked up nation

Автор Nu Sigma ( назад)

Автор Santiago Broncano ( назад)
Murica will LOSE any trade war.

a lot of industries depend on foreign products.

Автор Socal Mexicana ( назад)
Mexico government is not poor greedy as fuck. They work with the cartels. They use NAFTA to live of American jobs. And all the illegal Mexicans in America sending money to there families. Mexico has alot of money coming in. President Peña Nieto knows how to pucket money. America has been abused for so long from foreign country's. America is first again!!

Автор Bri Ng ( назад)
The wall will take forever to build because of many reasons

Автор Raymond Torres ( назад)
She looks like the female gremlin Greta.

Автор Llama Glama ( назад)
dose she know what she is talking about. She is a dumass

Автор Edde Garcia Ramos ( назад)
this bitch is speaking out her ass

Автор AMP Tech ( назад)
What is wrong with you people? These are all valid points!! We're already buying products from China and Mexico. Drug infested and communistic countries. He who has the most wealth controls the world. Do we really want a corrupt or a communistic country taking over the world? When we buy in the US, were redistributing within our borders, strengthening our nation

Автор Golden God ( назад)
i hate this cunt

Автор MobileDecay ( назад)
In the end the wall will be on the tax payers or there will be no wall. This lady should be included in the dictionary next to the word tool!

Автор Obi Wan ( назад)
You Trump supporters will never get why everyone is laughing at you. Putin, Bannon and whatever disgusting piece of garbage hiding in the shadows are also laughing -- how easy it is to make the average idiot follow their every whim with falsehoods.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Fucking con artist

Автор Mudig ( назад)
I wanna fuck her so bad. I don't know why...I just do.

Автор Abe Garcia ( назад)
Hahah shes mentally ill look at her eyes hahahahah dumb white bitch youe ppl is paying stop lyng to the idiot whites

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