chainsaw bike

This is my Hm chainsaw bike
40cc engine from husqvarna
with 2 Hp

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Автор redstone aus ( назад)
All good man I a cat lover to

Автор Mulletman Survival ( назад)
The way you have that built you are suffering a lot of power loss if you
where to weld the sketch and gear sifting set from the pedals you could
probably catwalk on low gear a and get way more speed and you would also be
able to shift witch would be perfect

Автор james jackson ( назад)
and splat the red car wins

Автор Ian Shaw ( назад)

Автор Jeffrey Adkins ( назад)
That's bad ass

Автор arman rgun ( назад)
hey buddy you'd have to wear something on your head !
it's called ear defenders ^^

Автор Csongor Somogyi ( назад)
Run Cat..RUN! :D

Автор Niels Put world of tilia fan ( назад)
Wat zit er in die fles wat zo groen is !?

Автор Thomas L ( назад)
A total waste of a chainsaw.

Автор Niels Rossing ( назад)
1. buy i cheap small bike
2.buy a husqvarna or dolmar or style chainsaw
3.remove the blade with the chain
4weld a

Автор Niels Rossing ( назад)
1. buy i cheap small bike
2.buy a husqvarna or dolmar or style chainsaw
3.remove the blade with the chain
4weld a

Автор MrMovieMan941 ( назад)
Chainsaw bike without chain!!! COME ON!!!!

Автор neil phillips ( назад)
Could do with a tune up on the carb.

Автор Shawn P ( назад)
in the red car hit him so hard it stood His hair up

Автор The Pyongnam Catfish Farm ( назад)
I have the exact same chainsaw and want to do this, is that wheel on the
chainsaw there normally or did you add it? And would it be possible to
connect the bike chain instead of the chainsaw chain if that makes sense?

Автор daikonbacon (1910 лет назад)
Nice bike, I like the simpleness of the design! I built one of these last
weekend and recently posted a video and was wondering if anybody could give
me any ideas on how to make it better. Thanks for the inspiration +Michael
De Beir

Автор raxeon86 ( назад)
I've heard that filling gas on a soda bottle like that is not safe. It can
cause static electricity and ignite the gas... :o

Автор Flakey ( назад)
En waar is het verzekeringsplaatje, mijnheer?

Oh wacht, dit is niet straatwaardig en hoort dus niet thuis op de openbare

Автор Gribbo9999 ( назад)
Think I'd get myself a helmet - but yeah whatever...

Автор n04n1m0u5 ( назад)
Next project: Motorcycle with a tractor engine:D

Автор Vindi Divin ( назад)
Goed gedaan

Автор David Davidovich ( назад)
A very nice job indeed :)

Автор Eric Schreier ( назад)
Dude you should have the chainsaw motor sit above the back tire and mount
chain guides to to the side of the bike and connect the chain from the
back tire to the chainsaw so you don't weir out the back tire.

Автор Barneyboscoe .O'toole ( назад)
I bet the neighbours love him.

Автор nickman 154 ( назад)

Автор Chu Zhe Fui ( назад)
The cat is like what is that?Oh Shit!

Автор Nam Bach ( назад)
0:29 the cat is like " ah hell no fuck that shit !"

Автор Ninjaskill93 ( назад)
Can you tell me how you did this please. I would like to create my bike
like yours so I could get to work faster.

Автор DJ FlutterZ ( назад)
Lol the guy going past on the bike is like "what the fuck is that?!"

Автор Enrique Morao ( назад)
you are more alone than the number 1 jajajaaja nobodis record you

Автор leon daniels ( назад)
I can't believe it i finaly found a place to get all my questions answerd.
this is good SIZNAX. 2uALL thank you

Автор adikrul ( назад)

Автор padwtf ( назад)
Send me the steps too I'm going to do one with my grandma when she gets out
of federal prison for mass murder, so u have a few hundred years no rush

Автор Anthony Chasteen ( назад)
could you send me the steps on how you made it i am going to-do a project
with my uncle when he gets out of jail.

Автор mustak adam ( назад)
how fast does it go ?

Автор meecowhy83 ( назад)
that's some good speed

Автор Hassan ( назад)
somebody will steal your camera u dumass english

Автор albin myhrberg ( назад)
poor cat

Автор 22 Film Productions ( назад)
seriously thought that red car at the beginning was gonna hit you lol

Автор Neil brown ( назад)
the TYRE hasnt melted.

Автор 脳内アルゴリズム 解析器 ( назад)

Автор Hermin Garcia ( назад)
good job dude, its always nice to use one's own hands and ingenuity to
create things even if the rest of the world doesn't care of appreciate
it,go on dude,

Автор Артем Слабчуков ( назад)

Автор DaPulsar007 ( назад)
ill pay 200$

Автор dragon bhalls ( назад)
at 1:23 he gets run over.

Автор flash_man ( назад)
Superb. I want 1 of that :)

Автор xayyam vahidov ( назад)

Автор eimantuks6 ( назад)
55-60 kmh

Автор Braapoleon ! ( назад)
how fast ???

Автор fets100 ( назад)
Rust da wieltje van u ketting zaag volledig op u band van u fiets ?

Автор madassgamer08 ( назад)
1:08 i was just waiting for *SMACK*... i didn't happen :(

Автор dillon stanley ( назад)
Nice but the clutch and tire idea is pretty bad if you were someone that it
picky about tires get worn out pretty fast. I think it because you need a
little spindle that mounts on the engine all across the tire and it wont
get worn as out fast. But cool it very nice I like it :)

Автор Daryl McCaslin ( назад)
Waterbottle gas tank... FUCKING BOSS

Автор Ratty kaas ( назад)
hoe maak je dat ?

Автор flanksteak2 (533 года назад)
Ok, I didn't expect you to haul that much ass with that little cog. Good
clean simple fun!

Автор henryjunior38 ( назад)
cant u just pedal are u that lazy, weak?

Автор skul255 ( назад)
You need a much wider roller ,...your wearing your tire badly...

Автор voy ( назад)
poor little pussycat ! you scared him !! lolll

Автор trucknut324 ( назад)
great bike but its seems like a shame to use a nice husky head on a bike

Автор cseagmo ( назад)
where´s youre helmet lol

Автор SuperBmxbadass ( назад)
custom water bottle gas tank i like it

Автор Tokes .McGoats ( назад)
god that is just terrible

Автор Tyler taylor-smith ( назад)

Автор pyroman675 ( назад)
is the clutch just rubbing on the tire and no spindal

Автор seasonedtoker ( назад)
@Moe7133 anyway it's a waste. those clutches are a bit sharp, you need a
reduction of some sort if you want to run it directly on the wheel.

Автор DCoDeR9 ( назад)
Use the Chainsaw as your can opener its easier that way

Автор tbirdpimp07 ( назад)
id put a bicycle peg or a peice of pipe on the clutch thats way to small to
really help

Автор Clay Mead ( назад)
@Moe7133 well it is friction drive

Автор Niek Aarnink ( назад)
@dennisdeslager0 dat ligt er aan hoe zware motorzag je hebt, mijn pa heeft
een 74cc dus ja 40cc kan wel

Автор intentx ( назад)
doesent this slip with a friction drive?.. check out the video of the one
im building if u get a chance

Автор jarod briggs ( назад)
lmao i love the cat in the backround

Автор fvn00b ( назад)
Best part 1:37 - 1:44 :D

Автор homo1225 ( назад)
its just you

Автор Callum Johnson ( назад)
how is the engine fixed to the platform?

Автор sehmujovic ( назад)

Автор MASTAX1234 ( назад)
whats the top speed?

Автор vassu94 ( назад)
if u think of this is a beautiful idea copy paste

Автор zelos77 ( назад)

Автор chickenpoper ( назад)
:D but you should make a protective cover plate sorrounding where the
engine wheel thing + part of the wheel so it would be safer and you
wouldn't lose a hand and you could make it removable so you could chang the
wheel or engine parts

Автор claudemoi ( назад)
lose the clutch bud takes horse power away its noisy and you cant peddle
start the bike that way way better at stop lights no motos running take my
advise my bike goes 85km and has three gears three sockets welded together
small to big there three gears just need to slide the engine back and forth
now your talkin

Автор Moe7133 ( назад)
Why does it looks darker on the other side of the bike wheel where the
chainsaw clutch system is touching?

Автор Michael De Beir ( назад)
the tired isnt melted..

Автор Moe7133 ( назад)
Is it me or does the tired look like it's melted.

Автор Michael De Beir ( назад)
ja wrm niet?

Автор Patrick Bateman ( назад)
is het normaal voor een kettingzaag dat ie 40cc heeft?

Автор richard calvert ( назад)
love the gas tank

Автор GSRGOPEDRIDER247 ( назад)
good idea, but you shouldhave used a spindle like i did, or a socket.

Автор sandokanSK ( назад)
Neder's much tire? is not a wheel on the engine hotter?

Автор potts123ish ( назад)
wow u did double speed

Автор Benisasome ( назад)
ok im makeing 1 just like that and its a 46cc...every time i put the metal
peice on the tire it shred it.. how did ustop that?

Автор Michael De Beir ( назад)
i build that just from my own and youtube

Автор Ty Christopher ( назад)
can u give me a link of where u learned to build this?

Автор Michael De Beir ( назад)
check my other videos you will see my english is too bad to explain:D

Автор Michael De Beir ( назад)
0.25 liters = 20 km

Автор Scott Ontrop ( назад)
Is it illegal?

Автор robinhooodvsyou ( назад)
How much torque does it have ?

Автор Michael De Beir ( назад)
Yes, and it works great!

Автор ramstaaa ( назад)
hey is the clutch still on that ???

Автор Mark Leiterman ( назад)
Nice Job.

Автор March23boyz ( назад)
ahahaha i luv how the cat jumped when he started the engine lol

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