Carrie Underwood - George Michael's "Praying for Time" (live @ Idols Give Back 2008)

I prefer this live performance over the Original. Love the new arrangement & Carrie's voice is just gorgeous and perfectly fits the ingenious lyric (hat off to George Michael's writing skill)

All Credit goes to Vinman Media

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Автор André van Kampen ( назад)
A masterpiece destroyed.

Автор Ivo Lazdins ( назад)

Автор Joe L ( назад)
Okay so can I just say to the overly critical people, this is probably the
first and only time she ever performed this song to an audience. Not too
shabby at all, none of you critics could have done it any better and I'd
like to see someone even try and come close. Not to mention, Carrie has
been a George Michael fan forever, way before it was cool a week ago when
he died and when all these negative comments were written. The purpose of
this performance was an idol gives back track to try and raise money for
good causes, not to try and out sing the writer and original singer of the

Автор John Hayes ( назад)
She's singing it too fast.. Maybe TV has her doing it that way

Автор Hanzaa ( назад)
This is one emotional song from George, and I'm a HUGE George fan. Carrie
did an admirable job but I dont get the goosebumps that I get from George.
RIP dear George!

Автор Carlos Ramirez ( назад)
Sorry, Carrie. No. George all day.

Автор mladi 72 ( назад)
ouch.. that aren't the right nuances. didn't worked out well. rip..

Автор Ainsley Moore ( назад)
This song is a quiet song - a quiet prayer. It isn't meant to be belted out
like this.

Автор linda stewart ( назад)
I'm a George Michael die hard and I think this version of my favourite song
is amazing...well done Carrie Underwood xx

Автор Jacob Martinez ( назад)
This song needs to sung gradually and softly..do not like this version..i
love carrie but this isn't my favorite of hers. i think it is her voice
doesn't fit this song it's not her fault...but of course no one can top

Автор Benjaminr77880@Gmail.comre ( назад)
George could sing any song not his and knock it out of the park. cant say
the same for her

Автор Wael Binali ( назад)
Beautiful Rendition from Carrie Underwood singing my favorite song from the
late and great George Michael. So devastated that we just lost him. RIP

Автор yoge C B ( назад)
The real version from George Michael is absolute Psychedelic.

Автор kev marks ( назад)
what a crap version this is really not a shouting song

Автор hutch ( назад)
Unlike the naysayers, I'm liking this version. Of course it's not going to
match the original, but this is her interpretation on it. And it's
beautiful. It's also nice to see the younger pop stars pay homage to their
predecessors. Nice job.

Автор Triunp ( назад)
White people please!....you'll never be black. (I'm white by the way)

Автор christy brltb ( назад)
I agree with everyone here...NOT SOLID COVER AT ALL

Автор rosirene647 ( назад)
I fully agree with Gianmaria, it was beautiful but only George Michael has
the sensitivity to sing and play this song, it's a different emotion.

Автор David Alvarez ( назад)

Автор Mania28 ( назад)
I get the same feeling listening to this as I would if I were to file my
teeth down with sandpaper.

Автор Marcos Alexandre ( назад)
My God!!! Essa música também ficou linda na voz dela.

Автор Brian L ( назад)
Way to ruin that song.... Awful.

Автор herbie kritzer ( назад)
She started blasting before the second verse. Ouch. I/d leave this one to

Автор muscarine2000 ( назад)
did she have to shout???

Автор Bassotronics ( назад)
I don't like how her singing is a step after the music. But nonetheless,
great performance.

Автор Barbara jost kosir ( назад)
no, no, no...only George can sing this

Автор Gianmaria Framarin ( назад)
Beautiful voice indeed, but I'm sorry, this song can only be sung by George
Michael, he's got the feeling for it, he can sound as desperate as no-one
else would. Carrie Underwood can do good r'n'b stuff, but this one's not

Автор Elisa Alcántar Cereceda ( назад)
dios, que inexpresividad!, es una canción potente y preciosa hay que
sentirla en el alma , esta niña debe trabajar para lograr una mejor
interpretación , su voz es hermosa pero no llega al corazón :(

Автор B B ( назад)
It's hard to cover a GM song because his voice is so special and unique,
others really shouldn't bother. But, she did a good job.

Автор rolybling ( назад)
To add to the screeching vocals she also fucked up the lyrics on the second

Автор blastman8888 ( назад)
She has a nice voice but nothing like George when he sings it.

Автор grabba73 ( назад)
dam she is good, she did soooo awesome and I am old school so if ANY one
says crap about it, it is the meaning about the song not comparison about
George being better. LISTEN to it. I cried again, its dam good.

Автор CurumoTheGreat ( назад)
There are some songs that should never be sung by some artists... it's like
they were not meant to sing them. I mean, Carry is great and all but... I
just didn't feel anything with this rendition, which is a shame because
this is such a powerful and sad song.

Автор Lyndale Oliver-Musto ( назад)
This is not a terrible performance. If you hadn't heard George's version
first, you might really like this. She IS having to push a bit to hard on
the power notes but she dropped the early key change which would have made
it SO much easier for her. I still prefer his version though. I don't feel
sung AT like some people said but I feel sung TO. When George Michael sings
it, I feel like I am having some sort of out-of-body experience where I am
watching a man trying to sort out the jumble that's in his head about a
world he is helpless to change. Just my opinion though. I couldn't sing it
better than her and I'd never hope to be even half the artist he is so,
hey, just enjoy the music and be grateful we can hear it.

Автор thomas schmitz ( назад)
NOTE TO carrie underwood, but no one can touch the original.. she (like way
too many female and male singers today!) sings loud and then louder...
singing, great fantastic singing is NOT ABOUT HOW LOUD ONE CAN SING, VOCAL
GYMNASTICS, ETCETERA IT'S about telling the story of the song with your
voice! and she can't do this.. GEORGE MICHAEL HAD THE RIGHT EMOTION AND
VOICE TO SING THIS SONG AND TELL IT'S STORY!.. underwood unfortunately is
singing AT the audience NOT TO the audience, THERE'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE!,...
it's NOT about her and her voice, it's about the song and it's meaning..
this song and it's lyrics are PROFOUND AND POWERFUL and the way she sings
it with her voice the song's meaning gets UTTERLY blurred.. the listener
can't tell the difference of this meaningful song from any other!..
underwood let's face it is/was helped by the fact she is pretty and blonde,
a younger faith hill, and media publicity push.. i've never thought her
voice was anything unique or special myself....

Автор wayne hydes ( назад)
George Michael owns this song..she has a good voice, but george michael has
a very special voice...

Автор Vanessa Sudhaus ( назад)
I agree, this is George Michaels song.....his version still gives me goose

Автор John Banter ( назад)
While Carrie is extrmely talented, I'm sure she would completely agree not
to judge her against someone to the likes of George Michael. Maybe in
another 30 years, but I'm sorry her voice does not (YET) hold a candle to
the character of George's voice. 

Автор Steve Carver ( назад)
This was the best American Idol episode. Carry gave me goose bumps with
this song , and Ann Lennox song was awesome to this night.

Автор Bryan Garten ( назад)
I love that cute little face... and that voice! My God that voice! lol I

Автор debphs5270 ( назад)
Love Carrie and her voice!

Автор Krishnan Chatterjee ( назад)
Actually I must agree with the nay sayers. This is a song where the singer
says "look at me, I'm crying" - not "look at me, I'm singing".

Автор Melia Lee ( назад)

Автор kellyclarksonismygod ( назад)
This is so beautiful...

Автор Chris201076 ( назад)
How can people call this screaming?! Her voice is resonant. Resonance is
the holy grail of singing. Stupid ears.

Автор rolybling ( назад)

Автор snidelywhiplash ( назад)
I love the original, but I love this too. Different takes on the same song
can be equally good, and they're both powerful in their own ways. 

Автор 55cabgirl ( назад)
She sound good not everybody can sing this ol Georgie kills this song!

Автор Gianmaria Framarin ( назад)
Piano and strings make this song sound so much like Led Zeppelin's "The
Rain Song", a thing I had always thought about "Praying for Time", and now
I can appreciate live. .-)

Автор WickedBlue77 ( назад)
Please,beyond anything else,her beauty or anything else, Listen to her.
Listen to her words that were said before. We need them more than ever

Автор jimmy bond ( назад)
her voice is controlled refined and powerful screaming not a hint of it at
all this song is well within her range .This version isnt mellow its in
your face listen to the words and understand the message in the song .Best
version of 1 of Georges greatest songs does the justice without a doubt

Автор jimmy bond ( назад)
im 52 a huge George Michael fan .Somebody must be hearing things Carrie
Underwood is not trying to sound like him shes putting her own personality
and voice into the song .Thats an insult to both of them trying to sound
like no way .Obviously person not a huge fan or understands George Michaels
vocals.I give this version 10 out of 10 immitating him never in a million
years listen to original and this version no similarities at all 

Автор TheJkill69 ( назад)
shes trying so hard to sound like gm, not quite ther but good effort for
even trying to sing his song

Автор DarkGabriel3 ( назад)
I think that Carrie Underwood does a beautiful rendition of this song. That
being said, while I find her voice sometimes raw with emotion in this song,
tenderly almost breaking at certain parts, 'angry' does not fit any part of
her singing in this tune. George Michael has a live version of this song
that is far more angry, and even then 'anguished' would likely even fit his
singing of it better. PS - 'Judith' by A Perfect Circle is a good example
of screaming - this song has none.

Автор imaginator ( назад)
this is nothing. you should hear GM's original version from 1990. 

Автор TheDeborahfan ( назад)
Carrie & George Michael (GM) could do a duet on this. After all Carrie is s
huge fan of GM. 

Автор FacheChanteDeux ( назад)
I don't love country music but I really like Carrie, she is a great singer.
She does lots of amazing covers but in this case I think she really missed
the boat. She rushed the song way too much and she did not not
differentiate enough in her phrasing of various parts of the song. It
killed the impact of the song. She only got it right at the end. Besides
that George Michael is technically one of the best singers that will ever
be and is nearly imposible to cover correctly.

Автор imcarin ( назад)
It's not called screaming, it's called Projecting & she is one of the best
out there at projecting...to hear her live is the ultimate

Автор Bale Underwood ( назад)
Whatever people say something negative about my lady, Carrie, but the fact
is, she's the most successful Idol in history of American Idol. She's funny
and her music always sounded great.

Автор Alyssa Ellis ( назад)
@Yorgos72 GO LOOK AT HOW GREAT THOU ART! She is flawless. She can sing
notes better than anybody in the industry! If you want to talk crap... do
it about someone else. Carrie fans wont tolerate it about her. #CarrieArmy.

Автор santiago muntaner ( назад)

Автор skyechas ( назад)
Good performance. Still, I'd go with George Michael.

Автор Liz de carlo ( назад)
Carrie vocals are pure perfection. 

Автор ssaawwqq ( назад)
@Yorgos72 FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. No one talks about carrie that way. No one
should ever after hearing how great thou art on girls night out. Look it up
you will change your mind.

Автор carriefan0001 ( назад)
carries version of this song is beautiful!!! nobody else can sing like that
live and sound incredible!!! :))) <3

Автор danielle day (1140 лет назад)
@Yorgos72 FUCK YOU!!! dont you dare ever say that again about her!!! she is
the most beautiful woman, and has an incredible voice. she CAN hold a note
for much longer for 3 seconds...you have NO idea what you are talking about
so just shut the hell up

Автор RainHNg ( назад)
There's different between screaming and singing and this is definitely not
screaming. Also, there are bunch of clips about her live performance out
there that prove you're wrong about the 3 secs thing, if you care to find
out (search or in the column right here --->) I prefer this over the
original because her raw and angry voice in this song is much better
reflecting the serious, bitter & ingenious lyric (an angel, smooth, soft
voice doesn't match this song's content at all, IMO)

Автор RainHNg ( назад)
@ ClaudiaMoedersheim I did :) , still, I prefer Carrie version I guess we
have to agree to disagree...

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