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Автор II Legend II ( назад)
4 minutes of failing....couldn't even kill ONE human :/

Автор Epicnyancatz ( назад)
Dude ur video is cool 

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
Thank you sir.

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
Good job ^^

Автор Damien Friel ( назад)

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
I am glad it entertains you :)

Автор Ichori Katori Tatsuko ( назад)
haha FAILURE !!!!!!

Автор Mason Herenendent ( назад)

Автор Lunar-Chan ( назад)
i did now...

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
Have you tried to reinstall Gmod?

Автор Lunar-Chan ( назад)
i need help...when ever i tried to download a dedicated server it ruined
all hl2 sounds...now i can't hear anything except my addons

Автор XxNoahRxX ( назад)
at 3 min. instead of casing a guy around you fuck around with a cinder
block..fuckin noob..

Автор Jacob ( назад)
so u agree??? 

Автор norskedrit ( назад)

Автор Jacob ( назад)

Автор FluffyJay1 ( назад)
I just realized... fuck i don't want April 23 to happen.

Автор FluffyJay1 ( назад)
0:12 Surprise buttsex :D

Автор tricky2k11 ( назад)
@norskedrit ur not that bad

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@Me3Al no shit sherlock :D

Автор bone gamer ( назад)
WOW that screaming sounds like what i did to ur mom last night!!! ;lol

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@justinvenzor Mr green zombie survival, go on google and search for it,
click on the first link on the top. There you go.

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@vincethescout it's just a mod where you got points for each kill which you
could trade for a hat or some kind of "skill".

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@ZGANGZable Mr green zombie survival, go on google and search for it, click
on the first link on the top. There you go.

Автор Me3Al ( назад)
dude u suck 

Автор Vince Victoria ( назад)
um why is the barney guy wearing a bucket on his head?

Автор Mighty Bananas ( назад)
wat is this called online!?!?!?!?

Автор Spiff “SpiffRomney” Romney ( назад)
@norskedrit you should! ur awesome!

Автор Neelon ( назад)
@norskedrit I think it is not absolute sure

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
Damn, I love raping the props <3

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@Reaper6010 It's still up and running? haven't played on it for a while, So
i don't know myself.

Автор Neelon ( назад)
Love that server <3 haters gonna hate

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@MrAwesomecar123 nice, only 1 problem. Haven't made any videos for a while
now. But I might later some time.

Автор Spiff “SpiffRomney” Romney ( назад)
friken awesome i subbed 

Автор fiqx87 ( назад)
fuck boring shit game

Автор SoulWolf2852 ( назад)
@norskedrit Well, I have an old Windows XP. It's from like from 2006, or
sooner. Idk. My driver is up to date, but it still lags when alot of things
come on screen at once, like models or explosions, etc. I want a desktop,
not a laptop. If you need to know anymore, just let me know. Hopes this

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@SoulWolf2852 First thing, tell me your PC's specifications. Then I'll see
if I can suggest a pc for you. Second thing, is it a laptop or a desktop
you want to buy?

Автор SoulWolf2852 ( назад)
Nice Gameplay. I guess. Lol. BTW, what computer is good to play Garry's
Mod? Where is doesn't lag as much, like your gameplay in the video. I want
to change my PC.

Автор SoulWolf2852 ( назад)
@sparkks10 Go on steam, get an account, and buy Garry's Mod. It's 10

Автор Hugo Ortiz ( назад)
where do you get gmod??

Автор sparkks10 ( назад)
how do u get garrys mod

Автор fluffysquishball ( назад)

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@lucien19781 Garrys Mod. 

Автор CatalinaTamiko ( назад)
@iguess1339 How well can you play?

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@lucien19781 You should have known when you saw the title. Garry's Mod is
the game, and this zombie survival is a mod some guys have added to this

Автор lucien19781 ( назад)
what game is this can anyone tell me 

Автор Christian Clay ( назад)
can you please make a part 3? ur video is so cool!

Автор Bruce Lee ( назад)
@iguess1339 LOL your right 

Автор Gamasix ( назад)
@braveryhawk Yes it does, there is about 5 server that i know of that are
fun. Noxious...not my favorite, but still have lots of players. Terminal
shell server, my personal favorite. potato something, dont remember the
name. Mr.green server, not bad, but id rater still go to my favorite first.
There is 1 server which handle NPC zombies aswell as human controlled one,
but you can redeem to turn back into a human by the press of a button. Its
easy to find all the ZS servers. aphabetic order Z mod.

Автор JellyGamer ( назад)
@norskedrit where can i get this mod please pm me telling

Автор JellyGamer ( назад)
@norskedrit where can i get this mod please pm me telling

Автор Yoloswag ( назад)
Hamachi ForUsToPlay network ID:ForUsToPlay pass:FUTP ID:ForUsToPlay123
pass:123 ID:ForUsToPlayZERO pass:ZERO ID:ForUsToPlayHEROES pass:HEROES

Автор Jack Frost (878 лет назад)
dude i played that server and i must say that its the best zombie survival
i played plus the NEW NEW version has barley any people playing it anymore

Автор Eric Monge ( назад)
Click ( X )

Автор blackgrill033 ( назад)
Now a days the zombie survival servers will give zombie players more health
depending on the amount of players on each team

Автор bromanjoni ( назад)
lol 0:29 HAX!

Автор Kyle Texeira ( назад)
how do u play garrys mod??? 

Автор travelsonic ( назад)
@norskedrit Well to be fair, sometimes humans can be way overpowered in
these ZS things - the imblance in the server I play on can sometimes be
quite painful. 

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@iguess1339 So you spent 4 minutes and 23 seconds to notice that I suck.
How amusing.

Автор Link ( назад)
Wow this guy sux

Автор Steven S ( назад)
someday i dream about cheese lol

Автор nick46907 ( назад)
evreyone killed you with like one shot lol

Автор Compedy ( назад)

Автор BamanBoi ( назад)
@Robin1890ful hva faen er det du snakker om?

Автор Sharc Blazer ( назад)
Poor little zombie, all he wanted wuz Brrraaieeeennnnnzzzz....

Автор Commu7 ( назад)
just dying and dying and dying and dying and dying and dying and dying and
dying and dying...

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@Robin1890ful Hvor har du hørt dette da? :P

Автор mrhjh56 ( назад)
@rhysyboy56 nope but it kanda looks like l4d2

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@Robin1890ful Så klart. Siden navnet mitt er norskedrit, så er jeg
sannsynligvis norsk. Så, ja. :P

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@Cs908 I am sorry, but I don't know it anymore. Probably because I haven't
played it for a while.

Автор bees32189v2 ( назад)
@momomo544 he then tried to rape the combine officer with the bucket on his
head (managed to do that in part 2! XD )

Автор rhysyboy56 ( назад)
left 4 dead? 

Автор Hitman41165 ( назад)
YABBA GOT YOUR ICING?CALL THE ZOMBIE COPS! *calls them*hello!yabba got a
zombie's icing!

Автор killroy870 ( назад)
Meh, just go play zombie panic! if you have half life 2

Автор Lady Bug Jones ( назад)
@norskedrit zombie: YABBA MY ICING GOG HELP GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!

Автор thomasl4d ( назад)
@norskedrit lol

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@norskedrit Noob around*

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@jpc1918 Nay, I'll rather be the zombie because then I can noob with the
moaning which is just pure awesomity. Merry Christmas and a happy new year
to you.

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@beaverbelievers 1. The bucket on his head is a hat, which he bought with
"green coins" which you obtain by getting kills as human and zombie. 2.
Yes, I am the zombie. 3. I hope other people will read this comment instead
of asking stupid questions.

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@MSReaperProductions May I ask who this "Sgt. Tibbles" is?

Автор Creepy Lil' Llama ( назад)
I'm watching this and EXACTLY 35,035 views.

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@darkscreamxx Both :P

Автор Bloodisfun145 ( назад)
what do you need to play gmod zombie survival...hl2 or css

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@WeerdPurson2 Oh really? You deserve a cookie for noticing that :D and some
cake too :D

Автор HostileEnvironment ( назад)
@darkkillerlol u either start off as the zombie or when a zombie kills u
then you become a zombie 

Автор Mathias Aase ( назад)
@norskedrit hei er du norsk? siden du heter norskedrit

Автор SpeedyDemonHD ( назад)
what website is steam?

Автор Berta 833 ( назад)

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@maxryan47 Thats good. You deserve a cookie.

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@xxliljohn52 This is Garrys mod which you can buy on steam. You need any
game with a SOURCE ENGINE to play gmod. You can find the zombie survival
mods as a server on gmod, just search for random zombie survival servers
there or search on GOOGLE.

Автор TuckingFypos101 ( назад)

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@darkkillerlol wasd, mouse, primary mouse click: punch, secondary mouse
click: moan, space: jump, shift: nightvision or whatever, kill humans,
redeem, kill zombies, die, kill more humans, redeem, kill more zombies,
die, kill more and more humans, redeem, kill more and more zombies, die die
die and then WIN/LOSE.

Автор Donker Meme ( назад)
how to play as a Zombie? O.O

Автор FurrySnakevenom Bro (FurrSnakevenom) ( назад)
what map?

Автор Lord of Stuff ( назад)
Bucket Combine?0:33

Автор Darkus ( назад)
@jackster676 wow!!! FAIL QUESTION!!! U SUCK!

Автор Darkus ( назад)
lol 2 zombs......

Автор norskedrit ( назад)

Автор Midnight7716 ( назад)
LOL! That guy has a bucket on his head!!! XD

Автор norskedrit ( назад)
@jackster676 Check steam. Don't ask me. You are asking me why. And I
answer: Because I am tired of people who always have to ask me about which
game they need to play GMOD.

Автор CutieCalliope ( назад)
@norskedrit same. I dont even have gmod anymore cuz it killed mt computer 4
times most resent: wiped the memory off my computer i would still be good
at it though since ive been playin for years :P

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