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Автор How To Cake It ( назад)
WooHoo! It’s the FIRST cake of 2017! It’s getting colder here in Canada, and my inner island girl is just DREAMING of traveling to any sunny tropical destination. Where’s the best place you’ve ever traveled?

Автор Kyle Williams ( назад)
I love this video because the case looked like a real suitcase and i love how blue and the copper color go together

Автор OnceUponATime ( назад)
All I can think of is how to make this into a "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them"-cake

Автор Kitty Rose ( назад)
#FanLoveFeb I absolute adore your videos and you've actually been my inspiration to start using fondant! You saw the cake I made on Twitter earlier with all the flowers! Thank you so much for replying to me! Meant the world☺ all the love from the UK x

Автор Sienna Stebbins ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB DEAR Yolanda Your my fav YOUTUBER I absolutely love u I try copy u and have succeeded I thank u deeply ( although I'm not as good as u)

Автор Shi Najad ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB !! My favorite cake.

Автор Shi Najad ( назад)
Luv this #fanlovefeb

Автор Makaya Mashburn ( назад)
#fanlovefeb I love this rustic classic but looks like a million dollar bag so much

Автор Diana C ( назад)
I love this cake! I love to travel and this luggage is adorable 😊 of course if you can't travel...just eat cake!! complete escape from reality as you indulge your taste buds! 😁 thank you for being an inspiration and always giving us a good laugh 💕 #FANLOVEFEB

Автор Cooking with mouse ( назад)

Автор Nememma Agu ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB this video is my favorite because of all the amazing details. it's so amazing I don't think I could eat it , I'll just keep looking at it in awe

Автор Abeeha Ali ( назад)
by far i find this the best HTCI video, mostly bcuz of its intricacy and complex details. Whenever i do some art work, it takes much effort to remain patient with the details and all. but in this video im inspired by how patiently you manage all the details beautifully and pull them off perfectly. plus it looks very yummyyy (i love cake) #FANLOVEFEB

Автор dimitra pez ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB i love your cakes.greetings from GREECE💓💓💓

Автор Andris Ivanovs ( назад)
I like your videos so much! I watches almost all your new videos! #FANLOVEFEB

Автор IKcakes ( назад)
What do you do with all the cake scraps

Автор Kesenya Pallard ( назад)
I wonder if the sand at the end is real or just gram cracker crumbs???

Автор dramasbomin ( назад)
I think luggage is two or more suitcases. It's like the plural or something

Автор Rachel Small ( назад)
#fanlovefeb This is my HTCI video because of the immense detail and effort that you manage to get on it. The way that you can just turn anything into cake is just amazoing, and you are a constant inspiration to me. I have watched all of your videos and you are my idol. I have introduced you and your channel to all my friends. I love you so much xxxxxxxx

Автор Olivia Wright ( назад)

Автор marim0y ( назад)
I love all your vids but is your video on a slight delay to the audio? It's the only channel I seem to notice this on... Keep up the amazing work!

Автор Isabella Frost ( назад)
Hi Yolanda, I love this cake video because 1. I have serious OCD and this cake is just so perfect. 2. I love travelling around the world and experiencing new and exciting things. 3. I love cakeand I love travelling so this cake vid is two of my favourite things in one! Yo, I love your vids and YOU!! You may remember me from instagram my name on there is _jellyishfish_ and you liked my comment on one of your posts! I was sooooo happy when you did that! #FanloveFeb I really hope you give me a shout out because it would make my day! Thanks so much for your excellent content on YouTube!
Izzy Frost (_jellyishfish_) xxxxx

Автор Ayesha Ijaz ( назад)
i love this video because of all of the the small details. It's such a beautiful cake 😍❤😊

Автор Dancer Gymnast ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB I love this cake me an my dad love to travel a lot we are going to Ireland this summer so it reminds me of the time I get to spend with my dad

Автор Kara W ( назад)
Hey Yo, this cake was my favorite because you made something that you would see everyday and turned it into a cake! At first i thought it was an actual suitcase. You are so creative and pretty and i love baking and I hope to be as good as you. You have inspired me and so many other people! Keep doing what you are doing! ❤️

Автор Senuri Mankdiwela ( назад)
This is my favourite cake. Mainly because as soon as i heard luggage and i saw the thumbnail i thought fantastic beasts and where to find them. Except for the fact that the colours were different. #FANLOVEFEB

Автор Jenna Anderson ( назад)
#fanlovefeb this is my favourite video because you put so much detail into it however when you explain it you make it sound really easy an fit looks beautiful. Well done!

Автор aleem mohammad ( назад)
Fanlovefan ❤️❤️❤️

Автор Andy985 Antao ( назад)
#funlovefab I love this cake as it is realistic and has amazing details. I would love to win the giveaway ( I know it's gotta be baking accessories ) I need it as I do not have them and use alternative things like the side of my plastic mould as my bench scraper to get proper edges, etc please choose me, please

Автор Jasmin Sanchez ( назад)
Make the mystery machine from scooby doo 🎂

Автор Jossie Lyn Glz. ( назад)
Hi Yolanda,

I love your cakes, your videos, your channel and how perfectionist you are! Im a self taught baker my self and I enjoy watching your videos. I use them as a guide to learn how to decorate better. This is one of my favorite cakes of you because I love to travel and also because it reminds me of Newt Scamander's case of Fantastic Beasts. Also I love your channel because I found it funny that the person who helps me by eating my cakes is my mom (Which is called Yolanda) and Im called Joselyn.

Love from the Caribbean


Автор Vanessa Jones ( назад)
#fanlovefeb I love this video because I just came from holiday so it was perfect

Автор Quinn Struthers ( назад)
this is my fav video because it reminds me of summer and i love the details and Yolanda makes me smile every time i watch her also it's the first cake of 2017 #FANLOVEFEB

Автор Aislynn Butler ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB this is my fav video, because I love to travel, I love making cakes, and I want to open my own bakery! but it was pretty hard to decide, since ALL of your cakes are amazing and complicated and I want to be as good as you! love you yo!

Автор Ericka Bonham ( назад)
This is definitely my favorite cake! It was the first video of yours I ever saw and I was blown away by how amazing and pretty it is. It definitely made me subscribe! #fanlovefeb (:

Автор Janzen Starr ( назад)
#FanloveFeb I love this cake because its reminds me of traveling, and traveling is a big goal for me. i would love to travel around the world for the summer or when im older. I would even love to come to Canada and visit you!! Definitely on my bucket list at number 1.

Автор DerPy cHipMunK ( назад)
#fanlovefeb I love this crack because it is really creative and realistic and all in one you are inspiring and I just love all you videos please don't stop making videos any time soon🎂🎂

Автор Chocolate Marshmallows ( назад)
#fan love feb (2017) I love this video because you were very creative and I just loved how funny you were:)

Автор Lucia Garcia ( назад)
#FanLoveFeb I love this cake because it looks vintage and also because I love blue against brown

Автор Maya Baca ( назад)
Love this cake very realistic and gorgeous great job love you n your work #fanlovefeb

Автор Duchess O'Tators ( назад)
I actually used to own a red suitcase like this one but it broke!!!! so being able to make a cake like it is fantastic!!!! #fanlovefeb

Автор Victoria Rich ( назад)
I thought when you chilled cakes with fondant on it made the cake sweat once you took it out of the fridge? Is this not the case? :)

Автор This Panda Travels ( назад)
Your channel is just the best! I love this cake because I love to travel! Keep on caking! #FanLoveFeb

Автор Kristin Brighton ( назад)
#fanlovefeb this video is awesome because I love traveling and this cake looks incredibly real I love vintage luggage so this video has everything I love in it!!!!

Автор Autumn Sheftic ( назад)
#FanLoveFeb you did an amazing job words cannot describe how fantastic you are at making cakes this cake is beautiful you do such an amazing job.

Автор AAC TV ( назад)
i love travelling and this makes me feel normal #fanlovefeb

Автор Carmen Rodriguez ( назад)
#Fan Love Feb I love this one because it is the beginning of 2017 and I love how you design it all!!!!! Honestly I would not have the patience's for it and that is why I LOVE YOUR HOW TO CAKE IT videos

Автор YAY DONUTS ( назад)
I love all your videos and this is my favorite one because I watched this one right before I was goin on a big trip HOPE U HAVE A GREAT DAY

Автор Kiera Brown ( назад)
you r soo good at making cakes. can u plz make a cake that looks like a volcano with liquid inside?

Автор Let's do some crazy stuff crazy m Crazy ( назад)
It is so choclaty and I made the cake

Автор Calyn Thomas ( назад)
#fanlovefab# I like this one because it reminds me of the first time I rode a plane.

Автор Hannah Manes ( назад)
I love this cake because I travel all the time and I also love to bake so when I got back from Spain in January I made this for my family and they loved it!!! Thank you❤️❤️

Автор Lauren Jackson ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB I absolutely ADORE this cake because it has a total vintage vibe! There's something about old style luggage that makes me happy! I plan to recreate this in the future but instead making Newt Scamander's case from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!!!

Автор Grace Lee ( назад)
#fanlovefeb I love this video because I travel a lot and I love traveling in airplanes

Автор Sophy Kaplan ( назад)
This is my favorite cake because it combines the 2 things that I love, cake and traveling!!! #fanlovefeb (Chocolate is also my favorite cake flavor!)

Автор Shivani Jain ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB...I love this cake since it is so realistic and cool...it is a very unique idea to start 2017...🤗🤗🤗

Автор Phil's Eyelash ( назад)
I love this cake because it's so detailed and perfect. the effort going into the was just marvelous. I wish I can come to your house and just take pictures endlessly. #FanLoveFeb

Автор Sarah Drueke ( назад)
do a Hamilton cake

Автор Basima Jawaid ( назад)
#fanlovefeb yolanda please make a video of bed cake because when I was sleeping i thought that why not yolanda make a bed cake it would be awesome if u will make it i will be very thankful to u Thak u if u did it

Автор Luna kane ( назад)

Автор Luna kane ( назад)
the fondant color is not navy blue it's Newt Scamander blue. Jeeze

Автор Alana Waller ( назад)
I love this cake because I would love to have a suitcase just like it and it's my favourite flavour! #FANLOVEFEB

Автор It's Madz ( назад)
I love how savage Yolanda is. She truly has a gift.

Автор Shila Rana ( назад)
Could you cake a game board

Автор Janney Fatai ( назад)
yolanda should have filled the cake with candy and cut the front of the luggage so the cake looked like the luggage was filled with candy

Автор Amelia B ( назад)
I wonder why the crum coat has to be white it should match the cake. in this case blue

Автор Sylvester vitali ( назад)
fanlovefeb I love your shows

Автор kha Lou ( назад)
my birthday is next Tuesday in I want to now how to make a ice cream cake

Автор Raymie Toller ( назад)
Make a nerds cake

Автор CarleeJo Klutts ( назад)
#fanlovefeb this is my favorite because it reminds me of vacationing and summer

Автор sonyalasanga 1234 ( назад)
It's not luggage it's a sweetcase or suitcake

Автор Saskia Alyafarah ( назад)
and make cake

Автор Saskia Alyafarah ( назад)
i like cake

Автор Darla Kaiser ( назад)
what do you do with all the left over cake after shooting?

Автор Oanh Thai ( назад)
#FanLoveFeb I want to have a shoutout because I love your channel I am 10 yrs old and I can't bake or cook which I want but I will learn one day. I have always watched baking videos just so I can practice when I grow up and when I'm able to bake/cook so that's why I want to have a shoutout. Thank you Yolanda

Автор Jennifer Baldacchino ( назад)
#fanlovefeb I did this contest last week, too! My mom and I love this cake. You are so talented!💜

Автор Finlay Drucquer ( назад)

Автор Silje Midtgaard ( назад)

Автор Oreo Cookie ( назад)
hiii Im one of your loving fan :) I was just curious, why don't you use a cake leveler? (I know ur already skilled even without one :D) love your videos :) they make me very happy :)))♡ thankssssss

Автор Kenyotta Jeffries ( назад)
could you make me a cake you make the best cakes ever i love you so much

Автор moon light ( назад)
make a segway hoverboard cake

Автор Erandir Maciel ( назад)

Автор Zendie Jitotowani ( назад)
i am your namber one fand i am just a kid but i love your vidios i watch them every day wen i came fram school my name is Kate Jitotowani i am only 9 yers old ilove your cakes oow my gosh!!!!!!!

Автор kitty mitty1234 ( назад)
I just got back from Cuba and wish I could have taken this as my luggage instead of my clothes
would have tasted better
Love you and all your videos

Автор Janine Macalawa ( назад)
hi yolanda this is my most favorite cake to all your amazing goody and fantastic work of baking..!!this is very unique and hardwork to do but you did it!!your the best yolanda!!😍😍 #FANLOVEFEB

Автор alexis taylor ( назад)
Yolanda you are very inspiring. At first you started off small doing small things, then a few months later you started making bigger things and started to come out with more bigger things so I thought ok this proves if anyone has small ideas they can make them come to life and make it bigger than before. Your measurements are always straight, you don't rush you take your time and you have patience. You make me laugh in every video you make. Every time I watch one of your videos it makes me want to work more with fondant and cake. I never knew someone could be this talented with food. You always have discover different tools to use to make very detailed on the luggage come to life which is amazing.Maybe in the future you could teach a class in your kitchen and expand.#fanlovefeb

Автор Emma lees ( назад)

Автор ASHLEY ROTH ( назад)
I am so sorry My Street Cat...       I say  it Is a suit case How To Cake It   #FanLoveFeb!!!

Автор ASHLEY ROTH ( назад)
Don't stop making these videos!!!!!!!  How To Cake It

Автор Kelsey Jessee ( назад)
This is my favorite cake! The detail is insane! <3 #fanlovefeb

Автор Sisi somwaru ( назад)
#FanLoveFeb @HowToCakeIt to Yolanda I absolutely love this episode because first it is very interesting and epic and second I love all the episodes but this one is one I love particular because it is AWESOME!! Please pick me for next video I love how this is soooo entertaining and cool thank you Sienna.

Автор Christina Bjorn ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB You are amazing and so very talented that it was so hard to pick which HTCI video was my favorite so I went with the one that first led me to your channel. Thank you for the tips and advice as a baker I am always inspired by you! Monday Feb 20th is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! so please pick me for your Tuesday shout out on the 21st it would be such a great bday gift! Thanks

Автор Doroti Csenki ( назад)
this ia marzipan

Автор Alivia Barros ( назад)
Hi Yolanda this cake is amazing! It looks so cool!! and it's my favorite cake.... it's my favorite cake because one it looks real and two it's looks yummy!! I also wanted to tell u that ur an amazing person and keep doing what ur doing. Don't let people change who u r! I ❤ u Yolanda....keep on baking #FANLOVEFEB

Автор Erin Connolly ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB I love this video because I love travel. I enjoy your videos very much and it is very fun to watch you making cakes! Your cakes are beautiful and I hope I can get a shoutout. Your videos make me smile and have a great day Yolanda! ILY!!❤happy valintines day!

Автор Mikinna King ( назад)
#fanlovefeb This is my favorite How To Cake It video because I love the idea to travel and maybe one day I will be able to travel often. I think you did an amazing job on this cake and I love it so much!! P.S I love u and Happy Valentines Day!!❤️

Автор Devin Vancil ( назад)

Автор Hope Jackson ( назад)
#FANLOVEFEB i like this cake because it looks so realistic!

Автор Jorge Ugarte ( назад)
This reminded me so much of Padington. #FANLOVEFEB

Автор Lar Lar Lawhon ( назад)

Автор Ishy Atkins ( назад)

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