How to cut The Tupac juice fade

Created on January 31, 2012 using FlipShare.

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Автор James Hawthorne ( назад)
This guy has got a beautiful technique ,super economical super clean!

Автор andre rodriguez ( назад)
all i got to say {it look dope}

Автор Donte Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Kevin Stanley ( назад)
I never bothered getting designs in my head. My hair grows so fast within 3
days it'll be gone

Автор Darius Brigham ( назад)
Dude cold!

Автор Dajwon Hurd ( назад)
what is the name of the song? its very classy does anyone know?

Автор mani le ( назад)
what dye brand is it

Автор Alejandro velázquez ( назад)

Автор Doctor Ny ( назад)
sims 2 build mode music....... nice

Автор Stephen Charles ( назад)
dats wassup

Автор Odell Beckham Jr. #Odeezy #13Hunnit #OdellBlock ( назад)

Автор mat taylor ( назад)

Автор NSLBC (475 лет назад)

Автор Jason Sherrill ( назад)
Can you cut my hair

Автор Quarius Dix ( назад)
I have the juice fade and the only thing I have problem with is the hair
growing back on my edge up 

Автор YOHAN HENRY MUSiQ ( назад)
Hey, I noticed u did a little of it, but do ppl normally fade the front of
the hairline, right behind the shape up on an afro, so that the hair
doesn't look so unkempt/nappy? I've seen it before but I'm not sure how to
acheive it safely without spoiling the haircut, lol... +mika Million 

Автор Stephen Higgins ( назад)
I am a up and comming barber what brands of clippers you using for this cut
to level it down and to fade it out... 

Автор Eadey adeye ( назад)
what dye is that

Автор Jason Jones ( назад)

Автор Kellissa Usher ( назад)
Nice cut bro

Автор Maria Deanda ( назад)
what melody is that?

Автор Selena Miller ( назад)
Cool man!

Автор merrell edwards ( назад)
Where are u located

Автор Gewel Milburn ( назад)
good job

Автор Chuck Diesel ( назад)
Nice work. The video is much appreciated. Wish u the best in ur career! 

Автор Hamir Johnson ( назад)
Great Job on this haircut. Music is A+. Where are you located and how long
have you been cutting. I'm an up and coming barber that's trying to learn
the art.

Автор kuba prawica ( назад)
could you get this with curly hair

Автор 2LIJIT2QUIT786 ( назад)
I always go to black barbers they seriously know how to blend on point
awesome cut

Автор B Brown ( назад)
tuff money


Автор Andy Vegan ( назад)
Great job!!

Автор WhatChaMaCalln ( назад)
I will cut it off though.

Автор WhatChaMaCalln ( назад)
I have this but my hair is more taller

Автор Superman Prime One Million ( назад)

Автор DaNewBishop ( назад)
I used 2 have this haircut

Автор Hollywood Hulk Hogan ( назад)
Wow! Amazing! Exactly how long did this cut take?

Автор VeRnSquad5611 ( назад)
It's called a high right low left, it was around long before soulja boy
brought it back

Автор jocquill Sims ( назад)
I'm a really feminine female but I love to be different and u swear I'm
really considering getting this cut wish he was located in Atlanta

Автор MostEnigmatic ( назад)
it's curly hair, that's all

Автор maltagoya2 ( назад)
Clean cut clean part..butta man...I got a client asking for this cut..I'll
draw some inspiration from here man

Автор Darui seven ( назад)
Good job .

Автор Mj Gabriel ( назад)
I want this

Автор Jack Mihoff ( назад)
Dus is better than pacs fade by far

Автор Governor Brown ( назад)
tupacs started on the left side and went all the way to the right side of
the crown of his head

Автор Brandon Gutierrez ( назад)
Thats a icy ass cut

Автор P03ticJustice ( назад)
Dat lil nigga clean

Автор Brandon Harvey ( назад)
this is better than tupacs cut, seearch tupacs juice cut n it aint as good
as this cats

Автор IntelligentBystander ( назад)
man it would be so good having african hair, totally dont need hair product

Автор smiley maye ( назад)
DOPE!! 100

Автор jared rodgers ( назад)
i would like to think its hair

Автор زين العابدين نعمان ( назад)
Awesome cut.

Автор Nettie McFly ( назад)

Автор Oliver Green ( назад)
Jit edge icy af

Автор doquiseknight ( назад)
And I see dumb comments like this man did bad there's nothing wrong with
the cut and everybody's hair isn't the same so you can't go by what angle
and what was he suppose to do you can't even do what he did the fuck give
the man credit bet money you got no video on your channel doin this work of
art lol hating for no reason

Автор doquiseknight ( назад)
What dis nigga below me talkin bout lmao !?

Автор Everything4405 ( назад)
i bet in school they be like shut yo sponge head ass up

Автор Everything4405 ( назад)
tupac had hair on the sides..

Автор Gavin Quinain ( назад)

Автор latrell martin ( назад)
its apperantly hair

Автор i am ( назад)
makes me glad I found my barber.

Автор drakkarnoir91 ( назад)

Автор toyota allday ( назад)
Fuckin g

Автор Einsam Wolf ( назад)
yo man fuck you

Автор swissbeats2k ( назад)
If you disliked this video kill ya self

Автор babyjjnels ( назад)
That was ill to watch. Ill never beable to get it so I admire the artwork
and skills this took!

Автор TheYanicca ( назад)

Автор Jesse Clifton ( назад)
did he just put fucking paint on his hairline?

Автор 5u54 ( назад)
Wasn't bishop part starting in the middle of his head?

Автор ColoSon ( назад)
all you young idiots should do some research before you go full retarded on
the internet.

Автор 45driver45 ( назад)
He gettin all da babes with that fade yessir (NH)

Автор John Payne ( назад)
barber got style

Автор John Payne ( назад)
im getting that next

Автор Oscar Poythress ( назад)
Bob Arci - Sleep Away

What is the name of the song?

Автор BenjJr Graham ( назад)
lord have mercy that is a beautiful hair cut. it gave me chills watching

Автор sergio diaz ( назад)

Автор khalil jihène ( назад)
mahich 3adia

Автор The Spot Barbershop ( назад)
check out our channel and instagram and subscribe

Автор Loskino13 ( назад)
One of the best jobs I've seen on YouTube yet

Автор Retrosigns1 ( назад)
We called that a step fade in the 90s....glad to see it come back! Nice job

Автор DeAndre DeAngelo ( назад)
Definitely fresh

Автор Brenda E ( назад)
The music though...

Автор Giovani Jaimes ( назад)
He need to learn how to fade

Автор MayaAngela ( назад)
This is dope! Are you located in Philly?

Автор Jefferi Adams ( назад)
dope transition mad skillz

Автор bobby johnson ( назад)
Fucking Awesome .....I give it a 10...sitting here soaking up knowledge

Автор Lubens Besse ( назад)
Now you got the juice, lil man.

Автор Wade Canton ( назад)
dope barber

Автор DemocracyOfHypocrisy ( назад)
Shit it don't look bad at all, we don't see that in the Midwest though. I
wouldn't mind seeing the 90's brought back a little bit. Its sure as hell
better than that fucking skinny jeans look. Boys pants be tighter than
their girlfriends...smh

Автор DemocracyOfHypocrisy ( назад)
"Nigga hair"

Автор ✯DopeVisions✯ ( назад)
I realy think people bringing this hairstyle back i live in philly and i
see this all the time

Автор DemocracyOfHypocrisy ( назад)
Whas it 90's week at his school or something?

Автор Butcher89 ( назад)
is that hair or sponge?

Автор Soulastic. ( назад)
To me it still looks like a juice fade and is very sharp, I'll love to be
able to cut like this barber. I think haircuts deserve room for

Автор Karma Msanders ( назад)
That's not the real bishop hair cut . Google it . But that cut go tho. WOOP

Автор draconian45 ( назад)
Wow you did a great job.

Автор Damian Bunting ( назад)
Packed that hair down like a sand castle lol...my hair wont work with me
like that lol

Автор Jerry Blue ( назад)
LMFAO am I the only one to notice that brown patch??

Автор Xavier Atualevao ( назад)

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