How to cut The Tupac juice fade

Created on January 31, 2012 using FlipShare.

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Автор gummieboy16 (21 день)
lmfao at 2:32 you grabed his head to hard and he mean mugged you.

Автор Ron Lowe (1 месяц)
Mad Skillz

Автор Bboy Frantic (2 месяца)
I have the juice but not the tupac juice more like niño brown but this is
🔥🔥 nice 

Автор Al Lugo (11 дней)
I know this barber had to be doing these same cuts since the 80's. Cant get
no cleaner.

Автор jroc4949 (2 дня)
clean that's all I can say

Автор Eliseo Murillo (25 дней)
i wish i had that type of hair not this thick mexican booboo.

Автор Y'shua Obadiah (20 дней)
That cut was fire fam! Excellent job!

Автор Gabo Ramos (3 месяца)
bro that cut is legit.

Автор justin brooks (1 месяц)
All hair styles not for everyone

Автор Noel Granados (3 месяца)
If I may, love the music in the background. Keep it classy. People should
quit blasting that new age rap nonsense behind their cut videos. Also this
cut was very well cut. Keep it up!

Автор queensizzdiva (1 месяц)

Автор simon mayingi (2 месяца)
I want this hair style how can I get this i don't trust no other barber to
try this but this guy 

Автор TheAdmiralthrawn116 (2 месяца)
Now you got the juice

Автор Joseph Bamiduro (2 месяца)
best $15 that kid ever spent

Автор MrKingOthman (2 месяца)
That's a fresh cut little man.

Автор MAtthew Veliz (2 месяца)
I don't understand why people hide using Beijing or black ice

Автор Prisco PriscoLievins (3 месяца)
when your hair all grows youll be looking like some crooked u shaped valley

Автор Curese Lawson (3 месяца)
Great vid. But cut the hairline before you cut the part. So you know were
to start it

Автор Alexandre Augusto (3 месяца)
Tendencia para 2015 no Brasil...Coroinha estilo Ostentação , Show de Bola

Автор shawn barrett (3 месяца)
the music got to go

Автор UselessChestMuscle (4 месяца)

Автор Angle Killas (4 месяца)
I bet lil nigga had all the pussy next day hahaha

Автор William Egers (4 месяца)
Great cut all around the board.

Автор Laura Butzlaff (4 месяца)
like trimming a hedge =]

Автор Ahmaad Sutton (4 месяца)
Sir, is that like spray dye or spray paint?

Автор Edy Lobo (5 месяцев)
smooth.. respect

Автор Romeo Barrera (5 месяцев)
Nice cut RIP tupac

Автор danny ontoua (5 месяцев)
cute little boy

Автор Elfen TawnyHembry (5 месяцев)
Brings back memories!! lol So dope

Автор Angle Killas (4 месяца)
I bet lil nigga had all the pussy next day hahaha

Автор Quanterra Miller (5 месяцев)
He a beast

Автор D Prowell (6 месяцев)
Casket fresh lil homie

Автор Willy G (6 месяцев)
Fresh :3

Автор Don't Doubt Thomas (6 месяцев)
This is the best cut like this I've seen on YouTube. All the other vids
have the part looking stupid. I want my shit cut JUST like this... Dye and

Автор Cuba DaBarber (6 месяцев)
A true artist Bravo!

Автор anton evans (5 месяцев)

Автор 14zoneroama (5 месяцев)
Datz a clean ass cut

Автор natty oh so natty (6 месяцев)
Never been a fan of the juice don't get the big ass split in the head looks
dumb to me

Автор JerryPurp (9 месяцев)
lil homie cut is on point.

Автор IronGaz (9 месяцев)
Like an artist working on a master piece.

Автор Damien Roberts (6 месяцев)
tht shit good asl

Автор Dylan White (6 месяцев)
Damn his cut is clean as hell.

Автор Cuba DaBarber (6 месяцев)
A true artist Bravo!

Автор Mister Miggs (7 месяцев)

Автор Jade Munroe (6 месяцев)
That was amazing!

Автор Rad Bro (7 месяцев)
i'd have this if I didnt have dreads best haircut for black men

Автор Peter Johansen (7 месяцев)
wow that haircutter could cut my hair anything fucking time welldone!

Автор Bob EsponjaTutoriales (7 месяцев)
wow ;)

Автор Lil' Robert D. (2 месяца)
Fresh af

Автор hov ford (7 месяцев)

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