Glow Stick Men Dance

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Автор Flippygamer 123 ( назад)

Автор Trash ( назад)
I was a glow stick girl for halloween

Автор maubrick khian ( назад)
i hate the first who performed

Автор Camila Lopez ( назад)
How did I get from 8 mile to this???

Автор rocco Vermijs ( назад)
how did they do that? Anybody knows????

Автор roses4emz ( назад)
pang good vibes :)

Автор Lianne Siu ( назад)
They suck

Автор Deja Barkley ( назад)
How'd u do the music

Автор Jenna Caruso ( назад)
that is coolest thing I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gonna do it for the talent show!

Автор Avery Jones ( назад)
love it sooo much think i'm going to use this idea in a talent show i'm

Автор Dan Mely ( назад)

Автор Neko Tyan ( назад)
Чё все визжат как придурки?
Было бы интереснее если бы танец нормальный придумали и все танцевали
складно,а не прыгали по сцене как козы.

Автор Johanne Schneckemberg ( назад)
háháhá muito bom. wonderfull, happy.

Автор Sarah Peppers ( назад)

Автор GEVForest ( назад)

Автор Itz Faidz ( назад)

Автор Decent Humans ( назад)
Why is this so awesome?!

Автор Taniyah Jones ( назад)

Автор Sharlan Cináed ( назад)
i accidentally laughed...

Автор Teddy Bean ( назад)
I laughed

Автор conatcha ( назад)

Автор Juxtaposed Gallery ( назад)
Skinny dancers promoting the 2finger diet? ;) Nice idea.! Needs polishing

Автор Artem Litvinenko ( назад)
полная ЧУШЬ

Автор TheFrankrogers ( назад)
I dont have any volume I'm so I guess I'll just have to use my imagination

Автор FG The Bro ( назад)
0:59 what the fahk

Автор MrNinja050 ( назад)
I accidentally liked it

Автор Kyaw Lay ( назад)
thats cool 

Автор Maddie Richards ( назад)
No twerking? :(

Автор M1NDCR4WL3R ( назад)
lol, the kids had a good time :) 

Автор Otavio Poncione ( назад)
Good idea but a bad dance ! 

Автор Melissa DeSantos ( назад)
Hate it

Автор Abby Jackson ( назад)

Автор Michael Mangabay ( назад)
Please stop kids stop talking

Автор rneerkat s ( назад)
really funny dance

Автор greenpunkergirl ( назад)
Are people really fighting on a comment board to a kid's talent show video?
Lolz. Very cute, the Wrecking Ball Crew of the playground.

Автор Marian Hawke ( назад)

Автор Nivek ( назад)
You don't need to be telling who's butt hurt, brah.

Автор Marian Hawke ( назад)
Don't need to be butt hurt, brah.

Автор lzycatfish3113 ( назад)
that was awesome!!!!! 

Автор Nivek ( назад)
Yes, but on the internet it truly doesn't matter? Did you understand his
sentence? Did you have a hard time reading it? No? Then no, it doesn't

Автор Fr0zenNightmare ( назад)
Now that you mention it with my sign ... Yupp, I failed. But yes, it does
matter. I see it nearly everyday in german (I'm from Germany) - a lot of
people here don't know the difference between "seit" and "seid" - and they
write it EVERYWHERE wrong, not just in Emails or other internet-stuff

Автор Nivek ( назад)
*sign* .... It is *sigh.* This is the internet. It doesn't matter.

Автор Fr0zenNightmare ( назад)
"there" age ... *sign* ... It is "their"

Автор rage101 ( назад)

Автор Jason Barnett ( назад)
OMG when all the kids sing that dam song drop it to the floor kids bop

Автор Jonathan Rodriguez ( назад)
At the end one of their glowsticks got untaped or w.e and was just dangling
there haha x)

Автор Ja Va ( назад)
what the cry

Автор Cyndaquil Akachan ( назад)

Автор Julia Romualdo ( назад)
burn them with fire!

Автор L1mb3r7 ( назад)
this is so cute :D haha

Автор Mee Mo ( назад)

Автор LemonScissors ( назад)
Aahhah i loved the macarena dance ahaha. That's good for a group of kids ^^

Автор osbaldo fabian ( назад)
this had boring music

Автор Treble Hook ( назад)
Tjat ess solo vespor

Автор Myczii ( назад)
Lool :D Awesome joke!

Автор TheInfinity43 ( назад)
That audience...my god.

Автор TheInfinity43 ( назад)
That audience...my god.

Автор Ryan McCartney ( назад)
I know these people they used to be my neighbor friends :0

Автор MAntiSystem ( назад)

Автор Charitypage123 ( назад)
Are they in middle school or something the audience sounds like sixth

Автор Ruby Lopez ( назад)
How cute :D

Автор skittlesforyou1 ( назад)

Автор Lalkaxo ( назад)
thats my school!

Автор autumn ondo ( назад)
thier people you can see 

Автор Tori Hambrick ( назад)
thats cool

Автор Silver Fox ( назад)
i wish my school let us do cool things like that!!

Автор Dean Lee ( назад)
Its Cute xD

Автор Shadoul magic ( назад)
que aburrido 

Автор vitoria rocha ( назад)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ki tri vei

Автор EUROPOWER2000 ( назад)

Автор Willia Keith ( назад)

Автор Алекс Велико ( назад)
Гавно для Пиндостанцев

Автор SlizzardHDx ( назад)
dance shit kids shouting like stupid animals shit

Автор IMakeRandom ( назад)
i feel ya man xD

Автор TDangerw84 ( назад)
smoke a bowl, this shit is hilarious 

Автор diane9247 ( назад)
How cute! Very inventive kids!

Автор Inuyashalover920 ( назад)
lol that was pretty cool. 

Автор kEQUEISSO ( назад)
americans idiots

Автор Renea Quail ( назад)

Автор MrChrisSmook ( назад)
say what you want, this is original

Автор E.T.Ricky ( назад)
Hahaha lmfaooooo so cheap but they tried

Автор Reãuvi M. ( назад)

Автор AsylumSaint ( назад)
The music selection seems appropriate. It really is all about how low you
can grind your ass to the floor when you're 10 years old.

Автор PC Expert ( назад)
Yah how dare those school children yell like school children!

Автор douchebag transvestite ( назад)
they look physically creepy and now I am haunted

Автор Natalia Espinoza ( назад)
Need more practice

Автор Xt0tallyXr0cknX ( назад)
This is so cute! 

Автор Annika Block ( назад)
how did you make the costumes?

Автор Zentai-Zentai ( назад)
The costumes are so cool

Автор TryHardDev :D ( назад)

Автор DigitalSkaterDude ( назад)
IKR KINSLY!!! (its miles btw) im psyched!!

Автор DigitalSkaterDude ( назад)
thanks for the comment but were all 14 now ;)

Автор MahFujiwara ( назад)
Haho so cute :3

Автор willy wonk wonka ( назад)
not gonna lie that was really good for there age

Автор Lusca ( назад)
Wow srsly guys? You all seem to be so freaking butthurt when theres a few
kids on stage having fun..

Автор tadarian richardson ( назад)
this shit is lame but....funny 

Автор tylerdlg ( назад)
Wow... The human race is at an all time cold heartless low insulting
children on the Internet I'm glad that something as useless as religion can
serve some sort of a purpose with the word hel

Автор suisunflower ( назад)

Автор Oliver Karlin ( назад)
I thoudht that only russian children`re very loud... oO 

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