Jon Jones gives tour of Jackson Wink gym / dorms

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The Jackson Wink gym is still busy during the holiday season with fighters such as Holly Holm training for upcoming fights. Not only is the Albuquerque, New Mexico team one of the most talent rich MMA gyms in the world, but is also one of the most rich in diversity of athletes, who are descendants from all over the globe; many of them live in the dorms, which one of the staff members notes costs around $750 a month, to train in the pursuit of becoming an MMA champion.
UFC light-heavyweight Jon Jones is arguably the team's biggest star, and on his Instagram account gave a tour inside the gym.

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Автор Dex Veney ( назад)
Jeez, Jones has a shit load of Russian fans.

Автор RiverNickels ( назад)
guy punchin the dummy; puttin in that work or really had a bad day?

Автор Logjam5 ( назад)
Nice work JJ.

Автор Floyd Wilson ( назад)
Jon Jones is hilarious

Автор Mizell Mirza ( назад)
How much would it cost to have a own room in these kind of gym? I want to
move to america lol

Автор Daniel Calabretta ( назад)
Looks high as a kite to me.

Автор BendItLikeBendtnar ( назад)
that gym looks awesome

Автор Ramy chk ( назад)
6:06 loooool haahhahaa un français ça fait plaisir! Thibault said "having
sex? yes, but not with you"

Автор JustLouIt ( назад)
Where's the ring that Bones hid under when the drug testers came????

Автор k g ( назад)
got to love the goat. nobody can sabotage their own career like him

Автор radioclash84 ( назад)
Jon you forgot to show underneath the ring I heard its very comfy there
some people have spent hours there ☺

Автор 7Ahilles ( назад)
нахуй идите со своим дагестаном ))

Автор Ryan Vo ( назад)
7:33 Holly seemed like she was a bit high

Автор Homer Simpson ( назад)
How can these guys get some girls in there?


Автор M. a ( назад)
jbj arguably the biggest star in wink... arguably.. hes the f GOAT

Автор Ubercubertuber ( назад)
Looks like an ISIS facility.

Автор Herb Eaversmells ( назад)

Автор Greg Campbell ( назад)
That was cool....a real look into a world class gym. John seemed pretty
real also. Thanks for the tour.

Автор musicPMA ( назад)
that was funny, Jons face after seeing that lighter weight ground and pound
soft and slowly...

Автор Alex Sanchez ( назад)
what are those lmaoooo

Автор The Well Spoken Bogan ( назад)
Jon asking that guy from NZ to speak in his 'native language' was soo fkn
dumb. Thats like someone asking Jon to speak in the Cherokee language lol.

Автор enednas801 ( назад)
"u think imma ust gonnasit here while u film me beating my meat jon????

Автор NYDA ( назад)
"put any dick powder in my water?"

Автор Solomon Grundy ( назад)
jones never combs his beard. i know he came from training but damn thats a

Автор Daniel G ( назад)
why does Jones suddenly appear in the passenger seat? is he not allowed to

Автор Ty Mc ( назад)
Side note I'd give Holly Holm all of my love

Автор Won'tRespond ( назад)

Автор ROFL cast ( назад)
JJ didnt know they spoke english in New Zealand? Cmon man.

Автор roknkawk ( назад)
Jon n holly gotta b bangin

Автор Shawn Le ( назад)
"that dude was deff beating his meat" XD bruhh

Автор UltimateBattleRap ( назад)
why are bones and Holm not a couple?

Автор Xe M ( назад)
That place must stink real shit.

Автор Screeach ( назад)
hahaha, the fuck :)) Imagine waking up with Jones filming u :)) twisted :))

Автор AFR - AllFightRelated ( назад)
Holly is fine as hell.

Автор oboyy ( назад)
Shakes jizz hand, applies jizz to beard

Автор hassan Waleed ( назад)
holly looks desperate, got ass whooped twice, now gonna fight a bum for new

Автор hassan Waleed ( назад)
Nice to see Jones speaking the language of Islam

Автор FxckCensors ( назад)
750 a month for a roof over your head is a good deal

Автор Christof Big ( назад)
The goat

Автор Joao Paulo Souza ( назад)
Jon Jones is a dick! hahaha

Автор Dzemal Selimovic ( назад)
Alejkumu selam

Автор Petrica Stoica ( назад)
What are those??? 5:10

Автор YahushaGloryKing ( назад)
a lot of broke bitter youtube commentary - by " MMA fans"
#p4p king of the ring #JonJones1 #blackthebest😎

Автор I Tink, Derefore I Am ( назад)
"I have a big cock, Joe" - Denis Siver

Автор Shade 45 ( назад)
Jon 'CokeHead' Jones Doesn't know Kiwi ppl speaks English ? what a dumbass

Автор Garrett Stombaugh ( назад)
You're crazy if you think Jon and Holly haven't boinked each other at least
once thus far.

Автор dat boi ( назад)
is that dude actually masturbating in his locker room? what a shit human we
live on earth, such shameful.. I never watch porn or masturbate

Автор camillako ( назад)
these guys are frikkin motivated. fight game 24/7

Автор Linda Mvungi ( назад)
Damn! Why rent an apartment while i could just pay to be in the gym and get
a privilege of getting my ass kicked daily for the better. Indeed US is the
land of opportunity!

Автор Clementine ( назад)
I know Holly gets banged. Nothing her cuck husband can do about it.

Автор Phil MacMillan ( назад)
"Holly" Jolly Christmas, mofucks!!

Автор JsOnMyFeet23 ( назад)
Holly Holm would have hoped of a thick BBC nuts out from Jones but the
disappointment led in the losing streak

Автор BoxyTheSpaceDog ( назад)
Holm seems high,lol.

Автор haru glory ( назад)
i believe the guys are watching porn and fapping in the dorm room..what a
jerk jon jones disturbing them

Автор Audiotv ( назад)
Jon prolly comes around makes fun of everybody and goes home lol

Автор Amuado Luis ( назад)
07:00min " the one and only "
"The next Conor Mcgregor right there"

Автор D Walton ( назад)
Come Back Jon Jones!! #1 P4P

Автор calholli ( назад)
at least fix y0ur fucking ceiling if y0u're g0nna charge that much m0ney...

Автор csortitoutseul ( назад)
hahaha he said he wasn't even drag racing lul

Автор Dan Houde ( назад)
Jon Jones being a dick to people

Автор Jackboy773 ( назад)
why is Dana sucking Conor's dick so much. had the nerve to say he the p4p.
Jones is the p4p hands down. he's undefeated in the UFC. anyone who counts
the hamill fight is more retarded than him. conor hasn't beaten a quarter
of the competition Jon has. Jones has beaten all the mma greats and many
future legends. hell he dominates all his competition. Cormier, machida,
shogun, rashad, rampage, the list goes on. Jones will go down in history as
the greatest EVER! anyone who puts conor in that category obviously is a
band wagon casual faggot watcher of mma. khabib will put the hype to rest
in Russia and will retire mcgaygor!

Автор Russ Singh ( назад)
He straight up threw that guy's shoes in the trash bin lmao

Автор 37OHSSV O773H ( назад)
Holly would jump bones 4 shizzle

Автор pberardi ( назад)
jon jones will never fight in the ufc again

Автор The4GBeast ( назад)
You're videos never show up in my sub Box weird

Автор Osbourne Rich ( назад)

Автор Tony Alvarez ( назад)
Barricks clean up !!

Автор Dubsy ( назад)
its like a really filthy military barracks :D

Автор Brandon Ferguson ( назад)
opens the door *
" Hey you still here pussies ?"

Автор alexander simon ( назад)
Holly <3

Автор Moon Kelp ( назад)
I want a HOLLY jolly Christmas

Автор Sound Logic ( назад)
If I was Jon I'd be trying to get Holly coked up so I could smash with my
dick pills.

Автор Moon Kelp ( назад)
We're is the dick pill cabinet

Автор DarkSagan ( назад)
That was actually pretty cool.

Автор SWAGGERwrestling ( назад)
Post a video of Chael and Tito Ortizs college wrestling match!!!

Автор Petri Randi ( назад)
Where do they keep dick pills?

Автор Brady Thomason ( назад)
Ok first of all he wasnt beating his meat. I was trying to keep the light
out of my eyes.

I mean.. uh..

Автор Dar Foggy ( назад)
He should have showed were he was hiding under the ring when USADA came

Автор Angry Johnny P4P#1 REAL NIGGA ( назад)

Автор AletheAce ( назад)
Jon Jones is kind of a dick, but also funny

Автор cluTch0 ( назад)
is that a gym or a fucking hotel? im confused

Автор Julian Deane ( назад)
whos the trainer at 9:20 ?

Автор Ray Herrera ( назад)
Jones acts like some overgrown teenager

Автор Ozzy _ ( назад)
Jon Jones Saying Salaam and Alhamdulilah. I got to rate that. I am
seriously a fan because of that now.

Автор goodvibrations6 ( назад)
ohol si tu bradu

Автор haku22222 ( назад)
Is he turning into a Muslim with the beard Muslim greetings? Lol

Автор Colby King ( назад)
What the fuck is leap frog is gonna help in a fight

Автор Sea Level Cain ( назад)

Автор Major LeeStoned ( назад)
and this is where I hide from USADA

Автор Truman Show ( назад)
does he have to blow into a ignition interlock at the end of the vid?

Автор geggs1 ( назад)
I think Jon might have knocked the backend out of holly ya know... I bet
she sucks a mean dick...

Автор Bad Hombre ( назад)
Is it me or is Holly incredibly sexy and seductive ?

Автор David Itlas ( назад)
i wanna move there

Автор Robb OB ( назад)
he should have shown the USADA hide spots under the mat

Автор mosshark ( назад)
H'ok, Jon Jones..

Автор johan eugen ( назад)
mmadigest is the best. balls deep into da MMA

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