Jokes About ISIS Aren't Funny

Arguer: Angry Twitter Users
Argument: ISIS is not a fit subject for humor.
Counter-Argument: Humor is relative.
Arguers' Fault: Failing to value free expression.

Good Morning America Report: https://youtu.be/yWcNcK6_ZWI

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Автор BodziekJajko Kanał Ogólny ( назад)
Do you even dank memes bruv

Автор rageface memeaholic ( назад)
I didn't know about the girls but that skit was funny. "Take care of her" "Death to America" *screams incoherently*

Автор SangoProductions213 ( назад)
Wow...I found that funny. Fuck off.

Автор put-put ( назад)
with the current Pewdiepie situation, this is strikingly relevant again in the media.

Автор Bushy JJ ( назад)
The skit is funny. Anyone who doesn't think it's funny is ether a uneducated dumbass or is just a fucking isis member themselves or is just a salty prick.

Автор Adriell Ramos ( назад)
Look, some people got fucked up humor. Like me, I find this shit hilarious

Автор Sam Geuvenen ( назад)
As George Carlin said about rape once, "People will say 'you can talk about it, but you can't joke about it. It just isn't funny.' To them I say 'Fuck you, I think it's hilarious, how do you like that?'" Same principle here.

Автор Steve Gregory ( назад)
Shut the fuck up already, you SJW fucking douchebags. Fuck you I don't give a fuck what you think, & I will say it directly to your motherfucking faces, you fucking Cultural Marxist brainwashed fucking pussies. Go crawl back to your safe spaces & leave us grown folks alone already.

Автор daniel enderle ( назад)
These guys should check out pink season

they'd hate it to death

Автор BurningSpirit ( назад)
Offensive jokes are still just jokes and it's hilarious when it is bounded in truth. So yeah, I agree, I laugh at them, even if they are directed to me with intent of satire.

Автор Brett the Hitman ( назад)
Voltaire: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise

Автор Ghaaz B ( назад)
Christ that was a funny skit at the beginning 😂

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
Does anyone remember when Isis was the name of an Egyptian goddess?

Автор cam cap kreyl ( назад)
I thought it was hilarious

Автор Taxtro ( назад)
What these people are saying is really: "wäh! wäh!" and "look how good I am for condemning jokes!".

Автор Bad End Happy ( назад)
ISIS jokes can be funny. i.e. as that "ISIS Eats Dicks" fake ISIS flag.

Автор Sean Britton ( назад)
I got the joke, just didnt find it funny, but dont tell others they shouldnt laugh...

Автор Angel33Demon666 ( назад)
I don't thing satire was on isis, but on millitary enlistment…

Автор Double A ( назад)
Hmm what happened to your video on Islamophobia?

Автор Mother Greece ( назад)
I think the ISIS joke and such is for those with a sense of dark humour, in my opinion.

Автор Luciana Delgado-Vega ( назад)
I guess to others it's funny, to me it's just depressing.
But let's be truthful, SNL hasn't been funny in a long time.

Автор Terny Ferther ( назад)
I mean... I laughed...

Автор Jcbm Abaincia ( назад)
it was funny

Автор InsaneBassNinja ( назад)
I found the skit to be morbid but hilarious also

Автор Zachary Livingstone ( назад)
They aren't just funny they are halarios

Автор Thomas McCauley ( назад)

Автор ARC ( назад)
I really hate the way that people have to explain the joke just for haters to understand it

Автор hatsjer ( назад)
When I saw that sketch, was I laughing my ass off.
I got a very very dark humor. :D
(I have yet to watch the entire video)

Автор Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside ( назад)
0:31*winks and says wana have sex*

Автор Party Pete ( назад)
that was the funnyiest thing ive seen in a long time xD

Автор Adrian Iwański ( назад)
You can joke about everything or nothing, take your pick. Just because someones humour doesn't match yours it doesn't make it unfunny for everyone but most people don't realise that.
For me you can joke about rape, women, blacks, asians, islam, isis, death, drugs and its perfectly fine with me. It all depends on how you construct the joke.
If someone tries to control the boundries of comedy but doesn't mind societies of whores who expose their bodies like its a pussy market then I laugh at their twisted pseudo-morality and tell them to go and rape half black half asian muslim woman who is a member of isis and drugged af and then kill either her or yourself.

Автор vleesevlons ( назад)
allahu akbar

Автор GO EVIL ( назад)
why where all but 3 people women complaining about this 😲

Автор ShawnsEPIC ( назад)
this channel is fantastic, it's nice to find original content.

Автор biker ( назад)
I thought it was fucking funny !

Автор Nick Sav ( назад)
What's funny is a matter of opinion simple as that

Автор conrad artchannel ( назад)
You know what else is funny? Aids.

Автор Sam, Dean, Sheldon and Moriarty in a TARDIS ( назад)
I thought it was funny...

Автор Will Regan ( назад)
I didn't find the skit funny or anything but I get the point of it. snl has lost it's taste in general though

Автор Drunk EsCool ( назад)
We are living in the Oversensitive Era.

Автор Michael Show ( назад)
That was the funniest video ever

Автор Kilo Gram ( назад)
Do these people not understand that ISIS has a stupid amount of Toyota trucks to the point that there is an investigation into Toyota. That's the joke.

Автор One Opinionated Libertarian ( назад)
Jokes about Islam in general are hilarious.

Автор Zamkill ( назад)
That skit was hilarious!

Автор Mr Mwombeezee ( назад)

Автор MrLoomis42 ( назад)
Nice background music.

Автор Michael Grayson ( назад)
Actually 'I have an opinion' is a fact not an opinion. The opinion is the opinion :P

Автор Vaping Factor CK ( назад)
Isis skit is funny to Americans etc. Ask citizens of countries that are affected by ISIS if they find that skit funny. I bet Americans would stop laughing too when ISIS would start posing a direct threat to America... Yes, you laugh that children are being prostituted by ISIS but would you still laugh if your kids were affected too? But you know your children are safe from a joke such as ISIS, right? So who cares? Let us laugh about that shit. Stupid children - they deserve to be ignored cuz they were born in the wrong country and under wrong circumstances. Why not to make a satire about them? It's definitely not smth we should exclude as an extreme, right???

Автор God ( назад)
Allahu akbhar

Автор Douglas Barnes ( назад)
The skit on its own was pretty funny, but the really funny part was the people who got hot and bothered by it. There's something really hilarious about outraged, self-righteous people.

Автор Digital Ghost ( назад)
You're right, they're hilarious.

Автор Kuroro Luxifer ( назад)
Wow , almost 7 minutes spent trying to justify something that not only isn't funny , but shouldn't have even been filmed in the first place.
Satire shouldn't apply to things that involve death of innocent people.
Do you think siblings of those people who died because of Isis's attacks would find the "joke" funny ? or the parents of those people who got destroyed by that truck (many of which were just childs),which left an horror scene on the road , with dismembered people , blood and internal organs all over the place ?

But hey , there are also people who find jokes about jews burned in ovens funny , and I find it really bad-tasting even as a catholic , can't even imagine how a jew would feel about it (pretty sure he wouldn't be laughing , since the chance that one of his siblings actually ended that way is kinda high).
Or people who joke about cancer or wish for people to die of painful and slow cancer over a discussion on a game or a fantasy forum (or even here on youtube..) , when there are plenty of people of any age who suffered the loss of a sibling or a friend because of it.

What people don't seem to care about when going out with a bad-tasting joke , is how people who had suffered for what the joke is about could feel.

So no...some things are not "relatively" funny...some things are funny only for those who lack respect and can't even think about others and how could they feel.

Автор Eric McDowell ( назад)
Treat your neighbor as you want them to teat you.

Автор Dave Cochrane ( назад)
For me there are no boundaries to comedy; it just has to do one thing: be funny.
This sketch is not funny on any level. The audience is either canned or on drugs.

Автор joe rohling ( назад)
I can't say I was offended I thought the skit had a serious twist at the end, and I never saw it coming. The unusual twist is what makes a joke, most of the time. I can say this about it, It just wasn't very funny, actually it seemed kind of stupid.

Автор Brian Curran ( назад)
"There are no jokes in Islam." Ayatollah Khomeini

Автор Brian Curran ( назад)
It is funny. Should do more Pythonesque Islam

Автор Scott Johnston ( назад)
I'm Scottish and think the clip is hilarious! some folk have no sense of humour.

Автор Brian Williams ( назад)
Don't make fun of ISIS!!!! Don't call them terrorist!!!!! They may get upset!!!!! I'm going to hide under my bed and speak to Neville Chamberlain for guidance on peace through cowardly appeasement.

I am a coward. I am a Democrat. I am a faggot. I wet my pants. I am useless. I need to die.

Автор gerald cragg ( назад)
turn that frown upside down...!!!

Автор Riri Corp ( назад)

Автор Amrik Singh ( назад)
this bich have to pakistani or somali dum bich

Автор mohammad was evil ( назад)
I found it pretty funny

Автор woooudo ( назад)
Those girls who went off to join isis were world class mentally challenged retards who when they finally realized what theyd just walked into BEGGGGED the free western world to take them back.. only few people gave a shit about these traitors. they deserve to be laughed at for what they did, not so much their nightmarish situations they now must live and most likely die from. enjoy being an inbred breeder, ladies! : p

Автор Kilian Muster ( назад)
Hilarious. Americans are pussies. They should re-air the Monty Python TV series over there and all SJWs would instantly die over there… And if that's not enough a bit of Fry and Laurie will do the rest…

Автор da.neon.pony1 ǷƱɮʂɫƩρ ( назад)
bruh I'm dead! that's the funniest skit I've ever seen! XD

Автор Ashtray ( назад)
i live for your videos, so good.

Автор VinoV N. ( назад)
We and the Muricans are arming them so its our best right to make fun of them lol

Автор Reid Burk ( назад)

Автор Spσσkwαgєns Cαrtσσn Cσusín ( назад)
I loved that shit

Автор MihailProg ( назад)
I liked that joke.

Автор Captain Dandal ( назад)
The ISIS flag reads in Arabic: The only thing we need is brain, I love kittens! it's funny because it's written very similarly to the original text: No god but Allah, with some play on words, so what they really mean: No god but our mind. I like this!

Автор The Pretender ( назад)
I think that the reaction to criticism of humor in bad taste is that it is, in some way, censorship. While this is certainly true for the authoritative minority, when TJ of the Amazing Atheist makes a joke about how people having to be removed with a toothpick from the tire of a monstertruck after an accident that he's talking about, I have to be able to say,

"Woah, that was a fucking disgusting joke, TJ, and you really should fucking be ashamed of thinking that was funny enough to upload that to YouTube. The fuck is wrong with you."

Because, that too, is free expression. Ironically, I think that a lot of self-proclaimed comedians are absurdly sensitive to criticism and automatically blow up criticism to a Fox News-like level of being offended at something.

I think that the danger of the current century is a debate of which the end conclusion has, apparently, become "humor is immune from criticism". Which it isn't, and everyone knows that it isn't. But there seems to be no possibility of having a thoughtful argument or reconciliation after a joke is made that was either offensive to one person who'd like to talk about it or a joke that was in bad taste and everyone who critiques it is accused of censorship.

The reason of that is, of course, yes, that a significant portion of the population seems to have convinced itself there is some imaginary line over which comedians are not allowed to cross and they genuinely believe that the comedians should be censored. And the difficulty of the reacting to that is, of course, that you can't just take that laying down. You have to call out that kind of censorship. But I think that, rather than doing so thoughtfully, a culture has been created where all criticism is now being called out rather than the people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about.

Автор Taylor Abdon ( назад)
Hey, it's Less Than Jake!

Автор GuessWho ( назад)
One additional thing to place in the description of your videos.........original upload date. Since these are reuploads.

Автор R Littlefield ( назад)
I am guessing that people at Saturday Night are unaware that some very beautiful young girls did this and were turned into rape slaves and killed.

Автор Kalendas Graecas ( назад)
Funny ISIS joke: "ISIS wasn't even on my radar." -- worthless bush president Barack, who was told about ISIS every day from the start but doesn't think he needs to listen to better people because........."Don't you know who I am?" It isn't funny, because that laughably egomaniacal fool is still dangerous.

Автор Metiri Personal ( назад)
This is a re-up right?

Автор Tammy 2trueblue ( назад)
poor taste, now if they had American's swooping in and getting them, would be better, and why does the girl join ISIS? I liked that movie when those 2 guys were selling weapons overseas and drove through a really dangerous area, got chased by ISIS, but then Americans swooped in and totally destroyed them. That I though was funny, this one wasn't funny

Автор Mathieu Leader ( назад)
this joke maybe highbrow but I for one find it amusing that an islamic terrorism coalition of terrorists and politicans have chosen ISIS for its name as Isis in of itself whom was the wife of the ancient Egyptian lord of the Underworld and the messenger between the worlds of the living and the unliving

Автор Suspicious Salmon ( назад)
I found it funny but it's still wrong and offensive

Автор n00dle ( назад)
I think that ISIS of all people deserves to be made fun of, laughed at, and satirized.

Автор brendan95delany ( назад)
Here's one that might be controversial... Can you do a video about rape jokes? (Or how about just extremely "offensive" humor in general?)

Автор codediporpal ( назад)
I pity people that have no sense of ironic humor.

Автор Tank Dempsey ( назад)
I know it was satire, but I was somewhat morally disturbed, I've had family die in army because of isis

Автор Matt ( назад)
waoh...that's fucked

Автор Richard David ( назад)
And there is the connection between ISIS and Toyota pick up trucks! lol

Автор Cave Lion ( назад)
don't mock their goddess Isis

Автор Adam tsie ( назад)

Автор GlossyCandle ( назад)
I just realized that all of your video lengths are exactly in multiples of one minute.

Автор Absolutum Dominium ( назад)
Laugh at everything or laugh at nothing.

Автор Roi Deming ( назад)
I think it`s f$#@king funny as hell

Автор SirRyanOfGuilford ( назад)
Jokes about ISIS are almost as funny as seeing them dead.

Автор PTrailblazer57 ( назад)
i loved the joke from that skit! and i was in the US military!

Автор bob james ( назад)
We need more jokes about isis. It's a war of ideology, discrediting their ideology by making fun of them will make less people take them seriously and joining.

Автор Anarchy RogueTM ( назад)
didn't they make this vid already?? I watched this weeks ago

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