WE CAUGHT SANTA!! My New Prank! Behind the Scenes

Yesterdays Vlog - https://youtu.be/Xs3Y5--2Twk

After Months and Months of not uploading on my main dusty channel this will be my attempt to dust it off. Not 100% sure where I'll upload it yet. It will be up very soon. Thank you so very much for all the support this year. We will see you soon :)

PLEASE Go check out my brothers Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyz_Aw4eC20qn3wXX43dn5w

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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Автор Rich Money Swann ( назад)
Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Автор katrina drayton ( назад)
what. did. you do with. Santa

Автор Jared Salazar ( назад)
Hey random person scrolling here at the comment section I just want to say
that I hope you a GREAT day

Автор DONT HATE M8 ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻ ( назад)
3:50 420 Yea

Автор Moises Cruz ( назад)
you are so cute

Автор Alexandrea Vega ( назад)
yiy wud you do this

Автор Achille Broche ( назад)
Le LOL bj Ier netch bouw

Автор Erick Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Peyton and Abigail ( назад)
what was in the huge box???

Автор Junior Maldonado ( назад)
he looked like misha in the picture

Автор Ashley Heinrich ( назад)

Автор TheGoldenMates ( назад)
Kane probably haven't even flew his drone lol

Автор Simon Due ( назад)

Автор Muirclan ( назад)
opening gifts at Christmas EVE?

Автор Cammy Smith ( назад)
i love you so much and i love your new video

Автор LloydyG Graham ( назад)

Автор Kimberly Stover ( назад)

Автор Botgamer Teambot ( назад)
Howw! Why Santa! Dosent give me gifts! In in good list

Автор Felix romero ( назад)
Roman can you buy a. AK 47

Автор Kidd fromtheblock ( назад)
Congrats on 11 million

Автор DTK ( назад)
i legit got nothing for christmas

Автор Jage A ( назад)
can you pleaseeee link me the book lisning thing cause I have a story to
read for school for tomorrow I didn't read it yet

Автор מתן רוזן ( назад)
what's in the giant box

Автор Sophie Lockett ( назад)
Man utd

Автор tyler moon ( назад)
it is 4 20 am xD

Автор Ali Jones ( назад)
omg I have the same drone

Автор Ernesto John Butawan ( назад)

Автор Andrew 473 ( назад)
Merry Christmas

Автор Queenie Nadine ( назад)
is this real

Автор TGelite YT ( назад)
I went asleep at 6am Santa did not come it was my dad

Автор Neika Charles ( назад)
I never sleep

Автор The Retro Gamer ( назад)
my whole family on christmas day got less than what they got only on
christmas eve. They are so lucky and well off :(

Автор Sumer Rules ( назад)

Автор Deathpeeps ( назад)
I got a lego set like Kane's

Автор Putra Mayson ( назад)

Автор kyran carrier ( назад)
4020 lol

Автор connor fitzgerald ( назад)
No point in buying pink bullets of the shells will fly out the chamber
after 1 shor

Автор Connor dice Nelson ( назад)
I fot santa was really

Автор Yuvraj Daumoo ( назад)
Happy new year 2017 to all your family Roman

Автор TiggerDaMudkip ( назад)
why is it that bright out at 4:00am

Автор Julio Medellin ( назад)
I subscribe

Автор Reganne Elliott ( назад)
This was the most confusing vlog ever 😂😂😂😂

Автор Josie Brackman ( назад)
My little sister LOVES paw patrol. She's like OBSESSED

Автор Catalina Alday ( назад)

Автор Mesmerizing TV ( назад)
Roman ur the best

Автор Isaac Villasenor ( назад)
Was that santa real

Автор Kyle Mose-Baker ( назад)
I want to see Noah do some jumps on his dirt bike

Автор Edna De leon ( назад)
A also had one like Kane's drone

Автор Wendy Hara ( назад)

Автор Tristan Hudson ( назад)
Weird!!!😹😹😹😹LOL LOL

Автор Вадим Гаєнко ( назад)
придурок ето день а не ноч

Автор Jenn Perez ( назад)
wear did you find Santa

Автор fuck you ( назад)
I'm just going to take a guess what Roman got it's a pinball machine

Автор Jenn Perez ( назад)
Merry Christmas

Автор Jeremy Gamer ( назад)
who is Santa

Автор Mab Zy ( назад)
You want to know who's awesome look at the first word and a an amazing day

Автор Thomas Froelich ( назад)

Автор Amber Ellison ( назад)
Call me

Автор Bmxthugs Aunt ( назад)
No such thing as santa 🎅🏿💯

Автор joseph dunn ( назад)
Put the limo back in the tabletop jump

Автор stuntboy 200 ( назад)
that's insane

Автор T.v Gaming ( назад)
why hi you me i

Автор Тологон Темирбеков ( назад)
ни понемаю

Автор Тологон Темирбеков ( назад)
орусча еле жазгылачы

Автор Тологон Темирбеков ( назад)

Автор wwe purifier ( назад)
comment done

Автор Ramon Mendoza ( назад)
Roman how did you find Santa

Автор Pineapple Dude ( назад)
He should totally do a collab with Nigahiga

Автор REAl REAction ( назад)
What the heck/

Автор Justin Scoggins ( назад)
can you come to my house

Автор Aniya Jones ( назад)
My favorite thing I got for Christmas was a trip to Atlanta

Автор Insider ( назад)
I thought you caught satan

Автор Legend_The_Gamer 123 ( назад)
You ruined Christmas for everyone who believed in Santa

Автор NathanXBoss ( назад)
Lol it seems like they had 2 christmas's

Автор Jenny Sandoval ( назад)
oh my goodness brit is glowing !!

Автор Isabella xx ( назад)
Where on earth did u find someone to dress up as santa for u at 1 in the

Автор tanja savic ( назад)

Автор Baby Chim Chim ( назад)
momma! lol idk how to spell.

i love her ahha

Автор Holly Liechty ( назад)
Keep it up I love your vids and you're awesome and I've been smiling since
you started please reply 😃😄😀😊☺️😄😄😀😃😊☺️😋😜😝😛😋😄😋

Автор Blake Craig ( назад)
nice one

Автор How's That Thing ( назад)
Anyone want to support each other's videos by subscribing and commenting?

Автор Captain Parker ( назад)
Roman Atwood, you and your family are beautiful. Thank you for uploading
and being so influential in so many lives. You guys deserve the world.

Автор Angel Vis ( назад)
Love you guys, you absolutely make my day. I watch u guys every day and
sometimes several times a day. I am going to try and like as many
videos as I can as I am super slack at signing in :)

Автор Samuel Gomez ( назад)
Christmas is not about santa it is about Christ

Автор Nathan White ( назад)
you ain't getting shit for Christmas

Автор jeremiah9561 ( назад)
Fuck you

Автор TheJulieAndDavidShow ( назад)
Im supposed to be playing minecraft but this one creeper keeps kicking my

Автор Alazander Buffington ( назад)

Автор Basel Jalamdeh ( назад)
I could not look at Roman without laughing when he had the mask on

Автор Vane Ortiz ( назад)
Lol at 3:00am all the Mexican families were still up partying

Автор Adrianny Dominguez ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Goober and Buddy ( назад)
Steam giftcard! :) I'd like one of those!

Автор Jennifer Woodward ( назад)
was that santa real or his helper

Автор The minecraft man / kian lennon ( назад)
omg santa

Автор Kendall Moreno ( назад)
war was santa

Автор Nebee ( назад)
Guys I got a new camera for christmas! What did you get? If your itrested
in seeing the camera you can check it out on my channel!

Автор Kawaii Kitties ( назад)

Автор Ajay Dola ( назад)
happy new year. Roman

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