Ryan Cayabyab - Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika

this song for me is very nice and good to listen to. It's very Pinoy and true to the culture and the meaning in the lyrics is very beautifu
all rights and honors go to their respective artist
This song is wonderfully done I find Ryan Cayabyab one of the best Pinoy singer out there.
All Vocals and Arrangements by Ryan Cayabyab.

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Автор TheRobbymartin09 (3 года)
woooooooooooo this give chills!!!

Автор smagisa (1 год)
Thank you Benjamin B. Magisa jr. as (Benjie or Jun) for composing this song
in side the bathroom ,but because we don't appreciate him for singing again
& again inside the bathroom we try to stop him . He soled it to Mr.Ryan
Cayabya paid for P2,000.

Автор re5249 (2 года)
nag ganda mo

Автор zamparco (3 года)

Автор Charles TheRam (5 лет)
kailangan namin sa music namin to pinagalitan kami kanina

Автор ShangoJamal (4 года)
I absolutely love this recording. To think that it is almost 30 years old.
I wish someone would upload his version of SAAN KA MAN NAROROON to Youtube.
That is my absolute favorite.

Автор re5249 (2 года)

Автор kuya nonoy Kevs Morillo (2 года)
Grrr! Tumamatayo ang lahat ng mga balahibo ko habang nakikinig! Ang ganda
ng ating musika! Proud to be Pinoy! :D

Автор clarence malik (2 года)
thank you for your music sir ryan cayabyab

Автор ckbryant003 (5 лет)

Автор patrick bueno (1 год)
nakakapanindig balahibo

Автор Marion Serrano (3 года)
pang songfest mgnda kaya to?

Автор preii0026 (4 года)

Автор Hannah Jean Atienza (1 год)
Nobody does an a capella recording than Mestro Ryan. Pure talent. Music
genius. The CompanY does vocal harmony effortlessly. Tux should also be
mentioned. In short we have lots of talented groups and singers. KAY GANDA
NG ATING MUSIKA. Pag Pinoy laging kumakanta, kapag may talent sa events and
gatherings kapag wala naman eh sa videoke o kaya under the shower. Kung may
SINGING lang sa Olympics we already have compiled a respectable number of
Gold medals all these years. Pinoys love to sing!

Автор smagisa (1 год)
Sayang utol sumikat ito sayang.....

Автор MrGbaries (2 года)
soo cool....

Автор Boots Babushka (5 лет)
this is for Ryan Cayabyab: Kay ganda talaga ng Mga Musika Mo....''CIP''

Автор Josh Lansigan (3 года)
Ang gandaaa! :">

Автор Feared Au gamer (24 дня)
hahahha ganda acapella 

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