THIS IS MY FAVOURITE COUNTRY I HAVE EVER TRAVELED! You simply must put the Philippines on your bucket list. The most beautiful landscapes and the most incredible people.

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Автор Black Lives Travel ( назад)
Good stuff.. love the channel. Trying to get on your level one day or
close. Cheers!!

Автор john demers ( назад)
what happens or what is the proceger i have to do if i want to stay longer
than 21 days i was planning on going for 30 days ??

Автор MacroWarrior ( назад)
Hello! First of all, congratz for the channel. Huge fan and you have great
video editing skills, and love to see your vlogs!

Have a question: When renting bikes/scooters, do you have to return them in
the same place you take them? And what is the cheapest way to get from the
airports to the hotels and whatever?

Автор Rocie Recapinte ( назад)

Автор Andrea Antonio ( назад)
Hey do u know bratayley from YouTube because I think they are related to
you because their last name is LeBlanc to

Автор Pemchhiri Sherpa ( назад)
I hate my country , i wish i was a filopino

Автор macks chaser ( назад)
Aeyyy... Im from dumaguete...!!

Автор JerpaulGaming ( назад)
why did you not go in the bantayan island

Автор Styles40 ( назад)
was there anything deadly to worry about when you where swimming there? Im
talking deadly swimming things.

Автор Styles40 ( назад)
Christian i hope this is spelled correctly but i wanted to ask how much
does it take to get there initially? I hear you stating that its cheap
there but the price point to get there must be large, no?

Автор LADY LASSEN ( назад)
Haha, "may as well be called peer pressure beach because everyone ends up
jumping at the end of the day". Holy crap, I'm so excited to go here this
year!! Thanks for showing us all the gems here!

Автор Christel Workers ( назад)
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related to hacking, knowing when your house spouse is cheating on you,
remove your name from criminal record and programming message us through
Instagram @software_programmer12 and we would be at your service. Thank you

Автор enigmatic _011 ( назад)
which month of the year was this trip ???

Автор Andre Dman ( назад)
Good choice in skipping Manila.

Автор Baby Ally ( назад)
you should've went to Puerto Princesa Underground River

Автор Baby Ally ( назад)
The places I went to in Philippines are:
1: Manila (I'm over here!)
2: Bohol
3: Cebu
4: Bacolod
5: Baguio
6: Ilocos
7: Antipolo (I'm here! again!)
8: Palawan (Coming 2017)

Автор Baby Ally ( назад)
I love Manila because Modern Crap Here!

Автор Selina Linde Jensen ( назад)
This really inspired me to save money so i can travel <3 Ive been to India,
Thailand and Malaysia in Asia with my family, and now i really wanna go to
the Philippines with a friend when I turn 18 next month! I just have to
make sure i have enough money first! <3

Автор tetersdf ( назад)
Hi Christian, what was the name of your Hotel in Mactan?
Thanks in advance!

Автор aicel ampalid ( назад)
I love your videos they are freaking awesome and I appreciate that you like
our dear country but please Mindanao is not a dangerous place some part of
it yes but not in general. One of your mate (His from Canada as well) Kylie
Jennerman is actually living there and exploring most of the places and
amazed by its own beauty so please come and see it for yourself before
saying it's dangerous. Just saying 😊😊
P.s I was born and raised there

Автор Raz46 ( назад)
What time of year did you go here?

Автор kakashi ken ( назад)
mindanao is big!
there are some place that you can explore, research first!

Автор Charitie Palangan ( назад)
unfair 😭😭😭 Mindanao is safe also 😢😢😢 try to go there

Автор Sandy Pabilonia ( назад)
Do you know you can you can already stay in the Philippines using AirBnb?
www.airbnb.com/c/sandyp70 stay with the locals.

Автор John Caangay ( назад)
how much money did you spend from the time you touchdown from manila to
cebu and vise versa

thank you for the amazing vlog ! so helpful

I'm wanting to travel to cebu with my partner and do similar things that
you have done there

I'm gonna give palawan a miss until next time I come come back !

Автор PEZ ( назад)
Just waiting to travel there!
Can I ask you one question? Did you need a special permission to use the
drone in Philippines?
Thank you in advance!

Автор JOHNYX ( назад)
How much will it cost the scuba diving in El Nido??

Автор Mark Thomson ( назад)
Actually it's visa free for 30 days Aust, Canada and USA

Автор ᅚᅚᅚ ( назад)
I Live In PH City: Cebu :D

Автор Jay Siao ( назад)
this inspires me to push through with palawan trip or cebu this year!

Автор Burrell95 ( назад)

Автор Richard Segovia ( назад)
I live in Cebu 😊 Sadly to know that the perfect hill of the Chocolate
hills had been slightly damage due to the earthquake But still it is
wonderful to visit there.

Автор Lost LeBlanc ( назад)
Hope you found this helpful!
Make sure to join the mailing list to be the first to get the travel guide
I'm making
And don't forget to check out TOP 10 OF THE PHILIPPINES:
+ Since you're here, Subscribe :)

Автор RSelk Photography ( назад)
I lived in the Philippines for 15 years..I've never been where you've been.
Good for you guys!

Автор Danrald Trimp ( назад)

Автор Sanya Lovers ( назад)
proud to be a filipino

Автор jj ss ( назад)
Avoid Manila, Check! Avoid Mindanao?? Big No no. It's gorge there!

Автор Max Sta ( назад)
Going to Boracay in March. So much looking forward

Автор ToxicBreath Msp ( назад)
omg like if you realised LeBlanc is BRATAYLE LAST NAME! THEIR RELATED!

Автор Eugene Arabit ( назад)
beautiful blog! Amazing!!

Автор Jay Pahamotang ( назад)
damn. you spent soo much.

Автор Lizzie Suico ( назад)
Im Filipino

Автор Noel Pastor ( назад)
Hey Christian..i love this kind of video!👍👍 thumbs up! But im kinda
disapprove on you about not to travel down South of the Philippines..i grew
up literally down South Philippines. You need to see and explore
Mindanao..go to Davao City (safest city in the Philippines), Siargao Island
in Surigao, Mati in Davao Oriental, Bukidnon, Camiguin Island, Bukidnon
Province, Eden Nature Park in Davao, Samal Island, etc.
im originally from Davao but living and working here in BC, Canada!

Автор ben 255 ( назад)
im pilipino ang you love my country thank you sow much tanks

Автор darwin romero ( назад)

Автор music lover ( назад)

Автор Jerry Woodward ( назад)
I was there this year or 2016 and was on the south Island but stayed in
CDO, Cebu and Minila, never got to see any good beaches but I did stay
there 30 days not 21.

Автор Mary Grace “Gracie” Rinkle ( назад)
visit the island of Mindanao, Philippines.

Автор MJ RO ( назад)
Try to visit next time Mindanao. We have a lot of beautiful places to
offer. Just do a research which part of Mindanao you need to avoid . Don't
generalize that the entire Mindanao are not safe because that is not true.

Автор darwin romero ( назад)
i live in the philipines u guy should go to boracay its amazing!

Автор Talitha Bassi ( назад)
yeah Philippines is the best!!!!!!!😀

Автор Lost Potato ( назад)
Not the whole Mindanao is unsafe, only certain part of it. Some of the best
place in the Philippines are in Mindanao so if you aren't planning on going
there, you're going to miss out a lot. I recon travel with a local to feel
safe since they know which places to avoid. Looking forward to see you back
here again, Christian! I love your videos, great work.

Автор Jesza Mangubat ( назад)
Not all places in Mindanao aren't safe. You can visit parts of Mindanao,
too! They have a lot more to offer that will make you love traveling to the
Philippines even more! You said in the video that most Filipinos are very
kind - which is true - and Mindanaoans are kinder. Try Siargao to start off
- and then you can take it from there. :)
I'm from Cebu so this is not a biased opinion. Enjoy! :))

Автор Pablo Palacios ( назад)

Автор John Yamas ( назад)
Try to search Sugar beach we have been there before and it is an amazing
place. On the Island of Negroes. You need to take a boat to get there and
there are a few simple places to stay.

Автор TheLast Gamer ( назад)
I'm From Philippines yeah! You're right

Автор Coni A. ( назад)
Include these places on your next visit. Don't just stick with Palawan and
Cebu. 1. Hundred Island, 2. Cagayan de Ora, 3. Sagada, 4. Mt. Ulap (sea of
clouds), 5. Bicol, 6. Surigao (enchanted river), 7. Batanes (Highly
recommended) 8. Vigan, 9. Boracay, 10. Cagayan (Whitewater Rafting)

Автор emma ( назад)
I'm only 15 but you are such a good youtuber and i aspire to be just like
you. you're honestly living the dream. i want to get cool footage just like
you but i live in a rural area of chicago. you and sam kolder are my
inspirations. i know you probably won't read this but if u ever do i want
to tell u that i honestly look up to you and i like how you give advice on
traveling and just living life !!! love u so much !!!!

Автор Khyle Redillas ( назад)
I live in Mindanoa in Dipolog. Now I live in America.

Автор mrPhotohare ( назад)
basically this movie helped me to plan my trip ... THANK YOU !!!

Автор Kiala Francisco ( назад)
I always watched your videos... :) Thank you for giving me an idea... I
will visit coron palawan this may. :) God bless!

Автор Best Gamer ( назад)
pilipino akoo

Автор Erwin Francis ( назад)
I've just uploaded a vlog of my travel to Philippines for my summer ! Would
really appreciate it if you gave it a watch , a like and a share too thank
you !! 💓

Автор lane freddy ( назад)
the philippines is beautifull but ther's alot of mythical creatures their
so i will tell you
and that's it thers total 8 myhtical creatures in the philipphines

Автор ThisChris ( назад)
Philippines is awesome! Been there many times and there is always some
place new and exciting to visit. You need to work on some of that Tagalog
pronunciation my friend. :)

Автор Bobuffet Vader ( назад)
It's actually Bo-hol

Автор jaren #s ( назад)
I love my country

Автор Ballars Life ( назад)
is that the Philippines racist? do they worship whites or do they view
everyone has human beings

Автор Almie Dela Cruz ( назад)
i live in the philliphines

Автор Ma Lü ( назад)
Hey! How long do u stay on Philippines?
Very Nice Clip!

Автор Daniella Sims ( назад)
I live in dumagete!!🙋🏻😂

Автор Jenny Foggs ( назад)
Who wants to travel here with me? Lol

Автор Jenny Foggs ( назад)
How do you find all this out? I just don't ever have the time 😔

Автор Darla Wave ( назад)
Permission to Post po.
Check this Website http://www.grabtravel.ph/interesting-facts.html
Like their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ExploreDreamVacationsForFree/

Автор James Sr Fehr ( назад)
Just watched your awesome blog which is extremely well presented.
Thank-you! Do you have a blog about Vietnam?

Автор Orestis Papapetrou ( назад)
Excellent explanation. Excellent experience indeed. Thanks for this dude.

Автор Jace Castillo ( назад)
Hey, how much did you spend on your whole trip in the Philippines?

Автор Believers Travel ( назад)
We really like how your vlog is fun and informational. Thanks for sharing

Автор Marvelous Marvin Swaggla ( назад)

Автор Alberto Guinchoma ( назад)

Автор Alberto Guinchoma ( назад)
mindanao has a lot to offer. it's as safe as cebu and palawan with majestic
beaches, waterfalls, rivers, mountains. you'll miss so much in your
philippine vacation if you havent visited mindanao too

Автор Nici ( назад)
10:34 isn't that Japan/Miyajima?

Автор purplehearted 18 ( назад)
im from philippines. ive been already in surigao manila and of course davao
cuz thats where i live

Автор susie ( назад)
this video made me love my country even more 💖

Автор Merabel Angalan ( назад)
I'm from mindanao, and for me, it's safe, especially in davao city, davao
city ranked as one of the safest city in the world. specifically, just
avoid those most muslim people area in mindanao.

Автор yunna dyquiangco ( назад)
hello to my Filipinos out there

Автор Photravel by Vlasov Andrey ( назад)
Good vlog!

Автор Chris Banez ( назад)
I'm a Filipino and yes I agree, if you come to the Philippines, DO NOT STAY
LONG IN MANILA, it's embarrassing but it's a fact, Manila may be the
capital of the country but it's the biggest slum in the world, thanks to
the undisciplined people who made Manila the slum it is today. You go
either to the North or South, but try to avoid Mindanao, sorry to my people
there but we cannot deny the fact that it's really unsafe in most areas of
Mindanao. Thanks Lost LeBlanc for visiting my country!!! Hope you can come

Автор Mc-gamer ( назад)
Dude u should have travelled 2 boracay it will be ur nr.2 best beach in the
world u can go and get coconut trees there everywhere its like infinite
coconut and u can fish its no shark in the water and its very face. U
should visit manila if u like shopping i recomend going to levis its cheap
and if u like to know about our spanish king and a legendary hero lap lapu
u should visit the rizal park in manila and lapu lapu. ITS MORE FUN IN THE

Автор Mc-gamer ( назад)
Kick none muslim filipino but filipino muslim is ok

Автор gemwil mendoza ( назад)
You need not avoid Mindanao.. there are beautiful places in Mindanao too.
Yes, there are some places you need to be more careful with but not the
entire island of Mindanao.

Автор Mike Chonburi ( назад)
Great video. Are you saying that buying a round trip plane ticket for not
more than a 21 day trip would take care of the Visa?

Автор HamsterGirl HamHam ( назад)
I've been to the Philippines and I went to some of the same places as you

Автор PETER IS PETER ( назад)
is cool

Автор PETER IS PETER ( назад)
que chulo

Автор SiMangoPie ( назад)
okay see why avoid us in Mindanao like i hate it its safe here apart from
the very south south of it and its amazing here better than Visayas.

Автор SiMangoPie ( назад)
and Philippines has a bad reputation on electricity like yes Luzon has
better electricity and Visayas has okay but the worst of all is Mindanao
during summer season that is going to be the worst months of your entire
life its frikin hot!

Автор SiMangoPie ( назад)
they should have visited Iligan City because we have tons and tons of
waterfalls and a pool resort where they use the water from the waterfalls
and it is the best pool resort in the world i think because its fresh cold
and fucking flowing water from the waterfalls

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