Joe Rogan Experience #891 - Zach Leary

Zach Leary is a blogger/writer, a futurist, spiritualist, digital branding specialist and self proclaimed social theorist. He also is the host of the “It’s All Happening” podcast available on iTunes & at http://zachleary.com/

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Автор Martin Sheills ( назад)
Anyone noticed how Joe always looks to the right when he makes a little joke?

Автор Otie Jason ( назад)
Again, there's a difference here. The average person that drinks only has a few a week for celebratory purposes and to relax. The average pot smoker does it multiple times every day and it becomes a crutch that they rely on to get through the day. Yes, there are alcoholics but it's not as common as people addicted to weed in my opinion. Then the next argument is that weed isn't dangerous for your health. Well, neither is alcohol if you are fucking smart about it. And weed is literally a depressant. Anyone I've ever met that can't get weed for an extended period of time gets stressed and agitated and is rude as fuck. Plus, weed speeds up your heart like cocaine does so I do think there are health implications that haven't been discovered yet.

Автор Otie Jason ( назад)
Joe, weed also has the benefit (or should I say detractor) of making you selfish and a douche if you can't get anymore after you are addicted to it. I know because all of my friends growing up were like that after they got into it.

Автор CAMYtheCOCONUT ( назад)
Both candidates were trash you numbskulls

Автор Stephen Kane ( назад)
Inter gram XD

Автор jelkel25 ( назад)
Yeah, it's all well and good having high ideals until you're the person who has to raise a family among the sort of people who kick women down stairs. What is right to them is what they can get away with and they love people like Zach Leary because their wet collective whining means scumbags can get away with more shit and whiny wet liberals don't fight back when they're mugged or even report it, easy meat. If they're so into showing their love to these people why don't they live among them and give their houses in the nice areas to hardworking families who deserve much more consideration in society than scumbags.

Автор mermaniel ( назад)
This guy is a hippie fag.

Автор 92Iowa Country ( назад)
A lot of what Zach said about loving people is probably a good idea. It would be nice if we modeled our correction facilities off of this more european, progressive mantra.

Автор David Boughton ( назад)
Zach knows, Sam is smart but he's a snake and many others have debunked his ideas and his claims about his own knowledge. Zach also realizes something important, if you could educate these crazy Islamic terrorists that their religion is all b.s and life is about more than dying then they'd be more likely to have a higher regard for life. Also, Joe you KNOW that people in general are not competent enough to responsibly carry guns. If they were we'd all have guns and ONLY the bad guys would get shot. But that doesn't happen.

Автор aysikl ( назад)
watching JRE with ppl u dont know or when u think "ths gonna be wack episode"..

its like doing shrooms.. ur a little anxy, then annoyed nothing yet, as you're about to dial out and do something else you hear maybe a quick thing that makes you stay, still nthing really, but you listen and forget for a secnd.. then the next moment where u remember...

shit's alive. :O :D

Автор aysikl ( назад)
wait a minute! wait a minute!. .. .. if you don't like what's going on, please leave now.

.. ok so if I start something and u dont like it, I can just ask you to leave?

brb world domination plans just popped up top of my to-do list...

dumb shit ppl say tho lol

Автор aysikl ( назад)
I have a theory but before anything n stuff.. can we make the dude bite the head off a bat?

Автор gothmoth64 ( назад)
The inuits actually had amanita muscaria shrooms. Every ancient culture indeed had psychedelics :)

Автор Paradigm Shift ( назад)
"You're just an old baby!" - Joe Rogan Best Quote

Автор Orion Feldspar ( назад)
Sheltered first worlder who doesn't understand reality yet has the audacity to fancy himself the explorer of another. There's a reason no one interviews Terence Mckenna's kids, Joe. Timothy Leary is kind of entry level, boomer-tier psychonaut anyway. yawn.

Автор Purple Peopleeater ( назад)
this guy is a true liberal fucking retard. one hour in and i delete this shit.

there many, many gun owners who train by simply going to the range, takeing tactical classes or even competition as stated. Just because someone shoots 3 gun doesnt necessarily put you in some elite sniper class of shooter either. CCW holders are more law abiding than cops, proven statistic. which is saying a lot since cops get away with fucking everything. try taking our guns away and you will have a damn war on your hands, move to France with the other pussys you piece of shit!

Автор Renny ( назад)
Probably my favorite podcast..

Автор Eric D ( назад)

Автор Zach Gomez ( назад)

Автор peter ( назад)
too bad hes a cuck

Автор Darken Rynesun ( назад)
Had to stop the podcast after the 1 hour mark, Zach leary is out of touch with reality if he doesnt thing the ideology of islam is a problem. Stick your head in the sand dude.

Автор doug godly ( назад)
This guy is a stupid douchebag . Just automatically hates on trump because it's popular basically .

Автор kyle solis ( назад)
the top comments (and it's children comments) are severely disappointing. I should have 1.) no expectations or 2.) significantly lower expectations so I won't be disappointed in the future.

Автор Erik Kuhlemeyer ( назад)
This guys opinion of guns and the world I vastly naive.

Your backing up your argument by saying there must be hundreds of case study's where conceal carry has gone completely wrong.

There has yet to be a single legally carrying citizen that has killed someone or even hurt someone by accident.

I'm tired of these flower growers having these altruistic views of the world where they think love is the cure to all evil.

No some times it takes some necessary evil to keep peace.

Thanks Joe for at least trying to get this guy to think outside his very protected bubble.

Автор christopher crowson ( назад)
23:48 - It's already legal to patent oranges and "nature" in this crazy society we've built!

Автор Praise be to Kek! ( назад)
wow someone who distrusts government and is against firearms /facepalm

im english and i understand the reason for the 2nd amendment better then him

Автор Mellowcanuck33 ( назад)
You don't need Ketamine when your nightly show is the Northern Lights.

Автор Henry G ( назад)
Joe, since the topic came up, the "Make America Great Again" slogan was stolen from Reagan's "Let's Make America Great Again" who in turn ripped it off from Margaret Thatcher's speech from 1950 stating "....because it is our earnest desire to make Great Britain great again" This is the only context where it makes sense. Great Britain had been getting, well, less great, in terms of size, influence, national issues, etc. So to make Britain Great Again is a profound statement.

Автор vito mirr ( назад)
fucking hell joe. you are like a thousand self help book condensed into one effortless stream of stoned consciousness. making us feel all cerebral/violent/crazy/ disciplined outcasts like we are not alone. thanks man, i hope you get this and realize the impact you have on very random people living across the globe. like me, a peruvian like valentina shevchenko (is she even peruvian?) living in Australia.

Автор KingDevilsEye ( назад)
This fucking clown is the EXACT type of delusional mental degenerate that is making people flock to the actual goose-stepping "Uncle Hitler" folks that are coming out of the goddamn woodwork.

Автор Domzdream ( назад)
Just because you're seeing blue floating dudes playing a flute, you silly person, doesn't mean they're real.

Автор budget61 ( назад)
this dude is an idiot!!!

Автор Swimming in the Dark ( назад)
@1:08:44 Joe talks about old 1800s urban development plans to incorporate agrarian production into the initial city plan. I don't know if he will get to it but in case he doesn't, the modern equivalent is the "Greenbelt Movement" or "Greenbelts" as a concept in general, if anyone is interested. The idea is to prevent reckless sprawl and provide for the food production and nature exposure needs of the citizens by preserving a contiguous belt of land around the city for food production and wildlife habitat.There are a number of large and modern cities that have been trying to incorporate this more and more (or actually have true greenbelts) I want to help this happen to some of the smaller cities in my state before its too late.

Автор Bryce Melanson ( назад)
Just like me I was a massive pothead for a good 5 years at least now I haven't smoked in 9 months because of lack of confidence and anxiety

Автор josh643 ( назад)
We can all grow tomatoes, but we don't. Most people prefer to just buy them at the store. That's what people will do/are doing with cannabis, cbd oil, etc.

Автор phuse99 ( назад)
hopeless liberals

Автор tuck234 ( назад)
I hope, if Colion Noir has time, he goes on Joe's podcast. Would love the discussion they'll have.

Автор Cameron McMillen ( назад)
Damn I thought I had to work hard to make rent and not be homeless. I didn't know i could just get loaded and go in a sensory tank and be fine.

Автор RyanJL337 ( назад)
Damn I was not impressed with this guy. Never thought Timothy Leary's son could possibly be sort of close minded or a square. Guy doesn't even smoke weed cause it makes him paranoid and lowers his confidence. NEWSFLASH BUDDY! That means you need to work on some areas of yourself and your life!

Автор joey faoro ( назад)
Now look I know most if not all comment sections of YouTube no matter the channel.... are filled with nothing but cunts.... but IV NEVER seen more cunti-ness in any comment section than here on the Joe rogan podcast. I thought this guy had some interesting insight on some scenarios and found the podcast interesting. What's the point of just commenting negative shit? I guess if that's your own thoughts than that's what the comment sections are there for, to share what you think. And I guess I could ask myself the same thing with writing this.... but come on people if you like it, great. If you don't, that's fine too but talking shit behind a computer screen is and always will be lame so put a cock in your mouth/Anus and please stop

Автор John P ( назад)
I knew that I didn't like this guy when he said that he likes to hang out in airports.

Автор Your Friend ( назад)
Joe is such a fraud drug user. He knows nothing but what he reads. And to start at 30 just shows it even more. True people who are willing to experiment will do so early. I won't fault someone for having no means to get psychedelics, but someone like Joe could. And hearing him act like he know anything about K is just sad

Автор RuneChaosMarine ( назад)
oh well ok why dont you pull those beets out of the ground, well if you put these on head phones you can hear the beets scream, for their parents.

Автор RuneChaosMarine ( назад)
except for the escimos, cus they couldnt grow shit.

Автор skizzae ( назад)
the comfort zone is beautiful but there is one thing that grows in there.... beards haha

Автор BombasticWang ( назад)
BLM is also racist

Автор MrVideoyoulike ( назад)
i did not know joe was into all that passing out participation trophy crap because there are not winners.

Автор Rick Talbert ( назад)
This guy, wtf. Joe

Автор Ryan Maille ( назад)
I just found out that 1:30 hours away they have a sensory deprivation tank. I'm so fucking doing it.

Автор TheBajamin ( назад)
Just FYI, the crack vs powder cocaine isn't just racist whitey!!! It stems from the BLACK LEADERS in BLACK communities pushing for harsher sentences because of what the drug was doing to their cities.

Автор hanoibomb ( назад)
Fuck this hippie.

Автор julianofsatown ( назад)
I don't understand why you wouldn't want a gun. Yea there is a gun problem and as long as there is, you need to defend yourself against people using them for evil!

Автор Lom Tac ( назад)
Ugh oh 5 secs in and my cuck sensor is going off

Автор Doglyvich ( назад)
alot of fertilzer is made from seaweed, not animals.

Автор Bryce Thibodeaux ( назад)
Cool podcast.

Автор FullFrontal Zealotry ( назад)
Was Timothy Leary an intolerant foolish retard?
If so, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
This guy pretends at wisdom, whilst practising hate.

Автор Joseph Marquez ( назад)
Leary has a nice turn of phrase and makes some reasonable points. Obviously people aren't going to agree with everything he says but I don't see why he's getting all the hate.

Автор Jenniffer Melchiade ( назад)
Anyone with a little common sense or horticultural background can tell you that the soil is made of hummus, and the Earth itself, is not vegan. I like to eat vegan almost everyday, which I think is just a cultural understanding that you do not eat meat. That is not to say, you do not eat any trace of our animal kingdom because the soil feeds on the life of all beings...

Автор yan676 ( назад)
this is the worst guest EVER. pseudo intellectual garbage...

Автор Jeremy Stocker ( назад)
There are better podcasts to spend 2 hours of your life listening too. Zach Leary put some energy into your voice/conversation - dame hippies.

Автор SBR Grim ( назад)
Loved Rogan in this one, outstanding patience and always entertaining and well spoken :) Good job Joe, get Chapelle on the show!

Автор jifffy ( назад)
He's not a real man. Lets drop his ass off in 3rd world country and he wouldn't last 5 minutes.

Автор Roy Munson ( назад)
I honestly think Joe Voted Trump...

Автор Rambo Ando ( назад)
1.21.40 - Dude we all love and appreciate it I wish i could be blazed as fuck and just take this awesome world in but please tell me how I earn enough money to actually survive and buy a home, travel the world without climbing the corporate ladder? Rogan man do you not think we would all live a simple, humble, pure life if we weren't chasing money to stay alive?

Автор Kyle Jennings ( назад)
Thaksin Shinawatra did the exact same thing in Thailand as Duterte. Supported by Obama and thrown out of office for being criminal and a "foreign puppet". California.......

Автор Julio Gomez ( назад)
this guy is the dumbest hippie ever, he just riding on his dad's cock!

Автор Hskaug ( назад)
ya sure give the woman kicking asshole a hug and tell him not to do that anymore. Man can you get more out of touch with reality.

Автор pagancelt ( назад)
Fuckin' nerd. This is the type of "guy" who thinks "if you kill your enemies, they win." Trudeau-level beta cuck.

Автор Psycho Unicorn ( назад)
fucking idiot

Автор A. S ( назад)
When exactly did the Rogan audience become so hateful?

Автор AnonymousNI ( назад)
Interesting dude. Though being Tim Leary's son would make anybody an interesting dude. Shame you Americans in the comments can't see past a few political comments but meh, nobody expects your majority to be intelligent.

Автор FimmyV ( назад)
Just some cookie-cutter liberal douchebag. Might as well be Dennis Leary's son.

Автор dubtat ( назад)
Has this guy ever had an original thought in his life? All he does is repeat things he read.

Автор Backwards ( назад)
This guy is _way_ too into politics for how smart he thinks he is.

Автор franky ( назад)
Muh spirituality and such.
btw Trump is literally Hitler, im so enlightened.

Автор Derek Martin ( назад)
What a douchebag. For such an "enlightened" guy he goes right to the narrative every time. The real world is more complex than what happens in your echo chamber.

Автор It's Matt ( назад)
Totally fucking boring talk with what could (should) have been a fascinating guest. Too bad. Drugs (like your Aunt Maud's ingrown toenail is fascinating to her) are only fascinating to those who are doing them.

Автор DarkGalintor ( назад)
boring guest with no real insight on anything.. wtf joe

Автор Matt Connell ( назад)
Big leaps, like assassins creed style, in logic from joe today

Автор Matt Connell ( назад)
Great guest. Super intelligent and interesting, makes awesome points.

Автор Sunyata ( назад)
Time for the world to retire the term "cuck"
It's just the term for the Trump folks to vent frustration at anyone who critiques the guy.

Автор MetalGearMk3 ( назад)
I want to hear from Zach Leary how Hillary is the lesser of 2 evil, when in fact Hillary has more blood on her hands than Trump does.

Автор captain black ( назад)
leary is a zionist supporter?

red wrist band

Автор JojoTheMongol ( назад)
Literally this guy: I don't know the statistics, but I'm going to say some statistics.

Автор Erdos2m ( назад)
This guy is such a cuck

Автор John Wiggwag ( назад)
"duuuuude, I'm like, so enlightened with my drugs and tanks

guns should be banned and trump is evil, along with his supporters." what a leftist retard. go back to your tank and hide from the world.

Автор civilian ( назад)
dosing yourself to escape, and attempt to better understand your reality is a great thing. Dosing yourself to the point where you completely deny reality... not so much.

Автор Marko Manojlovic ( назад)
more trump hating

Автор John Barwick ( назад)
He may be boring at times but what a great radio voice

Автор Kris Schaefer ( назад)
this guy should try acid

Автор Tam Mcrosin ( назад)
bhahg is a popular Indian cannabis infused milk based drink !

Автор dr penfold ( назад)
what a vacuous, narcissistic, cunt.

Автор NelsonBass ( назад)
The thing is.. people somewhere on this rock called earth would kill for one old package of beef sitting on a shelf somewhere. You stop gmos and industrial farming you'll starve the poor first, either physically or economically.

Автор David B ( назад)
So boring, NPR voice with Draconian views, also looks like that kid from Hot Tub Time Machine..... zzzzzzz

Автор ChrisMisc1 ( назад)

Автор THE Caballo ( назад)
your usual closed minded liberal , can't say a good thing about Trump , not able even if Rogan makes makes him say it, but once he realizes he just found a compliment for Trump, takes it back . Seriously this is rule #1 of how to DEbate like an adult , which he obviously not doing. Adults are able to say good things about Hilary, Trump, Castro, tsé-toung etc. while totally despising the person. he obviously can'T. In that case , just talk about your emotion rich kid white problems and let the adult speak about Politics.

Автор Eric Olsen ( назад)
this guy should do some more k and crawl back into his safe place

Автор Cisco Cabs ( назад)
opening question, I`m like who the fuck is tim leary?

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