Make ANY Version of Windows Genuine!

OLD METHOD NO LONGER WORKS! DOWNLOAD http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y1NJ3GRS
This is from a 100% trusted source, never had a problem with my sources. Its 100% clean, check here if you don't believe me http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/95e0231c1383f1f8575407e2f9e35fb8

1. Run .exe file
2. Try to update! Should work fine

What is this doing?
Its patching the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) to trick it into thinking you have a genuine Windows when you don't.

*****Works for 200, XP, Vista, and Windows 7*******

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Автор Fintan Woods (4 года)
I Pray to fuck this works

Автор slayer10ful (4 года)
u r so shitty in wont fucken work on WINDOWS 7 NOOOOOB

Автор antionibaros (4 года)
its work on windows vista ultimate sp1..ty

Автор rikidigmon (3 года)
I had to suck it up and actually buy the fucking thing. I've tried every
single motherfucking method on the internet, countless days and hours of
researching, and trust me - I'm an EXPERT using these things- I'll tell you
right now NONE of them work. NONE! Buy it.

Автор HackandJack (4 года)
watch?v=je3tsFOQsLY this keygen works great if you need

Автор shyko95 (3 года)
Fuck SOPA.

Автор seen65 (4 года)
@chrisalv14 THEY FOR SELL OR FREE?

Автор kamilek7174 (4 года)
i need to copy from annotations! PLS HELP ME!

Автор Ben Dover (3 года)
@SilentAero7 wow... i havent heard worm used as a computer term in years

Автор Aftershave3000 (2 года)
seems legit

Автор Tomoyo Sakagami (3 года)
I found this out by thinking outside the box. when the "you may have been a
victim of illegalized software" bullshit pops up. open the task manager.
and go to the apps tab. find that window right click then go to processes.
you'll see Slui.exe highlighted. right click then go to properties. then
highlight and copy the location of that file. Then paste it in the search
programs bar in the start menu. when you see the file with the keys next to
it right click, open file location, Delete It :)

Автор Daniel Revay (3 года)
@KellyEUTAH X out of the bubble then.

Автор xXCoDwGoDXx (3 года)
DAMN! Now i have to find KellyEUTAH's comment

Автор Angela Schenk (3 года)
it worked for me 11-23-2011 thx a bunch !!!

Автор herrmitkrab (4 года)
@KellyEUTAH how, smart@#$

Автор ohyouaresocoolio (4 года)

Автор attk master (3 года)
judging by the code this won't work for windows 7

Автор SADBOY805CALI (3 года)
help i need a activation key

Автор attk master (3 года)
you are liable, unless you release the source

Автор Aesire7 (4 года)
will this work after 30days

Автор yung hulius (3 года)
Thumbs up if you muted

Автор dan1986ist (4 года)
thanks, it worked!

Автор john marcus (4 года)
some one plisss tell me what song is that.. and which band

Автор jasonkrewson (3 года)
@SilentAero7 a lot of times cracks will pull up as a worm on ur virus scan,
so its always a chance either way if it is or not

Автор Simply Put (4 года)
just use 7loader for windows 7.... its so easy.. and works perfect....
idiots.. >.<

Автор nessnes64 (4 года)
FUCK YOU MAN it worked!!!

Автор TheMythOfMIKE (3 года)
@rudeboydeano and you were still able to comment? Impressive.

Автор african legend (4 года)
thanks man afta spending about six hours on youtube you this video finally
fixed my problem.

Автор dblockya (4 года)
go fuck youself and your whitesmoke bullshit

Автор djrhythmguitar (4 года)
what about the 30 day activation? what happens to that?

Автор lancersdad (4 года)
@Vit254 Hey genius... activation sucks.... because the oob file gets
obliterated in an update.... or when the machine gets shut off without
allowing it to shut down and save data.... all these guys will eventually
get it after re installing the op system for like the 5th time... but it
works for awhile.... this genius Vit254 thinks micosoft is supporting or
selling this product still... wake up brainless.... there is no support,,,,
no more NEW KEYS... its open season on XP

Автор Shoaib Khan (4 года)
Thanx for helping peoples

Автор DJCheezy (4 года)
You people are stupid! AVG Sucks major ass. Any anti virus program will
pretty much tell you that cracks,keygens, etc, found in most common
torrents are viruses. (Even though they are not!) Hence why I do not use
anti virus programs. Just be careful what you download though!

Автор attk master (3 года)
@SilentAero7 all cracks are malicious, even the good ones, they seem like
they intend to do harm (kuz they go into the registry and change things
there, which is considered malicious) they really aren't malicious in any
way, unless intended to do so by the programmer, if it is you'll know.

Автор shyko95 (2 года)
@hahaOSAMAhaha ... Did you read my comment correctly? It said: "Fuck SOPA."
Stop contradicting yourself.

Автор Mifu (4 года)
For all those people who found this video useless, watch my video on how to
activate all version of windows 7!

Автор vjb1994 (4 года)
same thing happened to me. the last update i did messed it up. i had
windows 7 ultimate and i made it genuine now its fucked.

Автор Rajkamal Thanikachalam (4 года)
it's not working with my windows7-ultimate plz reply me

Автор domintor3 (4 года)
hey uploader, i noticed a LOT of spambots and desprate losers trying to
post videos to activate windows in your comment section here, you know in
your account you can set this video so comments will only appear with your
approval? that way you dont get flooded with spam bots and desprate losers
looking to scam someone.

Автор Ahmad Itani (4 года)
@KellyEUTAH you can download it and watch it normally on realplayer if you
have it .

Автор Richy Gardner (4 года)
get rid of the box carnt see

Автор mrmoley67 (3 года)
SHUT DOWN - Don't bother

Автор Eric Prince (4 года)
Ok heres the REAL virus total results: courtesy of kyric (.) net 9/ 42
found suspicious files AVG Crack.X
CAT-QuickHeal(11.00) Trojan.Agent.IRC Emsisoft (
Riskware.Hacktool.Patch.vista!I eSafe( Win32.VB.bho
Ikarus(T3. not-a-virus.Hacktool.Patch.vista Jiangmin(13.0.900)
Trojan/Delf.dkm PCTools ( Trojan.AddUser!ct Sophos (4.56.0)
Troj/Mdrop-BXH ViRobot (2010.8.24.4005) Trojan.Win32.Downloader.297102

Автор rmxgang (4 года)
sounds good!

Автор Brody Peacock (4 года)
@lilwarthog look shit up before u say it. u can edit any text type file
with notepad, and guess what! dll files are a type of text file! and
second, u said it cannot hold a virus so it must be a virus. that doesnt
make sense

Автор VideoGameResearcher (3 года)
@IFixPCs2000 I don't know.....I never had anything bad happen to me because
of pirated software....

Автор Ƹòƾ DŽ (3 года)
when i run "oobe/msoobe /a" it's says it's aleardy activated, BUT when I
try to download a software like "windows defender" it's tell me to validate

Автор clifford5200 (4 года)
its cant update... is just a lie.....

Автор Randall H (3 года)
Works Thx !

Автор TFOX9 (3 года)
this dost work Thanks so Much That's All Thanks Again From Tom_Fox
Server_Owner Of Tom's Games Servers

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