APPLE CAMPUS 2: September 2016 Construction Update

Filmed using the DJI Inspire 1 Pro, this spectacular aerial-only video is meant to provide you with the most up to date information on construction of THE LARGEST OFFICE BUILDING IN THE WORLD... APPLE CAMPUS 2!
Location: Cupertino, California, USA

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Автор Golden Castle ( назад)
very nice

Автор Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera ( назад)
It is not 4K unless you have 4K screen. LOL :D

Автор Plus+One ( назад)
Honestly it's an amazing

Автор Bert M ( назад)
..ja-vohl! ...conform..one day Apple will rule the world!....or maybe...already does!....

Автор Cóndor Azul ( назад)
Wow... Es Realmente Alucinante, Mil Aplausos a los equipos de Especialidades.

Автор Ben Springer ( назад)
Nice to see Steve's dream coming true :')

Автор badreaxion ( назад)
Now that's what I'm talking about. Best one yet Duncan!!!

Автор Billy Bob ( назад)
Welcome back to uploading full videos!! Thanks

Автор Feel Happy ( назад)
I wish to work for this building

Автор whiteflag ( назад)
Why did they not just make it an apple logo shape?

Автор Mark Biallas ( назад)
I always look forward to your updates of the Apple Campus 2. Thanks for sharing!

Автор doomtomb3 ( назад)
Kinda a bummer their stock hasn't recovered yet

Автор Sag Ichnicht ( назад)
So where is the public transportation concept for a massive office complex as this new HQ? I must have missed it so far.

Meanwhile Apple's competitor Samsung built a brand new HQ in the Bay Area as well, smaller but nonetheless located right next to two light rail lines, with the building not secluded and far away from the road but with an urban front. From an innovative company at the edge of modern developments one could have expected Apple to come up with something similar.

Автор Sparky UK ( назад)
What a building! Such a shame Steve Jobs isn't around to see it. :(

Автор PuzzlePlayer ( назад)
Looks like a lemon

Автор Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant ( назад)
The editing, music, and cinematography were all on point. A job well done by you, and your crew Duncan. My thanks.

Автор Overcomer153 ( назад)
How can their product possibly justify that kind of square footage. They don't manufacture their stuff here - it's all just ideas. iPhone and iMac and their OSs. Period. But when you have a lot of cash...

Автор Sam Kellman ( назад)
cool vid man

Автор shavedape777 ( назад)
This looks awesome. When the company runs into difficulty, as many do, it will look like hubris.

Автор Flysledder ( назад)
Looks awesome, but I can't help but to think of the hassle it must be if someone on one side of the ring has to go see someone on the whole other side of the ring. I mean you could walk outside and back in, but if the weather is bad that wouldn't be a good option.

Автор DuhAverageJoe ( назад)
That's some sexy architecture!

Автор memberofthetribe1 ( назад)
Can you imagine the nightmare of being the project manager for a development like this? It would add 20 years to your life. I have a friend that is a project manager of builder and i see the insane amount of bullshit that he has to tolerate just to build 12 custom homes. He's 40, and looks like he's 52.

Автор David Loeser ( назад)
5 years it will be a car dealership

Автор Young Savie ( назад)
I'm guessing it's not a sports college

Автор Shane Denney ( назад)
This reminds me of Parks and Rec...

Автор Gold586 ( назад)
this is like Disney world and all the tunnels underneath and the exhibits.

Автор Noel Ohashi ( назад)
Is that where SIRI lives too? :)

Автор Spawn ( назад)
Where is the apple car test area? Hum? Maybe the car would be flycar :D

Автор Phonh ITX ( назад)
Love to see space ship at night time!! Look nice thanks for update

Автор Marc LaFoy ( назад)
Solar on the big O is just starting, not "nearing completion".

Автор Temotey 11 ( назад)
they should have made it in the shape of the apple logo

Автор Science and Truth 2 Rock ( назад)
Apple has billions upon billions of dollars stashed in the bank, and people have been talking about them going under for as long as they have been talking about a Jesus coming back.

Neither is going to happen.

Автор Moboooop ( назад)
If you are going to do this can you make better and not over priced products?

Автор DJ GMONEY ( назад)
Chinese Labor?

Автор Restless Nomad ( назад)
where is Apple's play on mixed reality?

Автор YourMom dotcom34 ( назад)
Like apple pie or…

Автор Scott Cornelius ( назад)
Anyone noticed the "Universal Studios"-type tram going into the tunnel at 2:32?  Are they giving tours of the Campus before its official opening?

Автор Grape ( назад)
The music sucks

Автор Dh nlghtnd 1 ( назад)
You can always tell the peak of a company when they start building new and exorbitant headquarters. This marks the beginning of the end for Apple.

Автор Sabishī [TAverageG] ( назад)
Fuck, that's a nice ass building.

Автор Yvan Herrera ( назад)
who has more money? apple or google?

Автор Clinton Grubb ( назад)
Skynet's so cute :3

Автор Odiyn ( назад)
What is this building going to be used for

Автор DrDavenstein ( назад)
Apple will be bankrupt again and this building will be abandoned by 2026.

Автор Nexcyus ( назад)
this building costs more than most of us combined will ever earn

Автор Demosthenes Locke ( назад)
1 infinity loop  ; - }    too slow, far east would have built it in 3 weeks (no joke)

Автор Diego Pedrajas ( назад)
Well i know where I am going to college in 2 years

Автор Philly Cheesesteak ( назад)
would be a nice zombie apocalypse fortress.

Автор AllStarsatEverything ( назад)
its crazy that this business started with 2 people in a garage and now this

Автор 29 ( назад)

Автор chelique ( назад)
nice shots flying by Windows™

Автор BEN SAEED ( назад)
abandoned in 10 / 15 years

Автор TheJ602 ( назад)
Apple has that "too big to fail" mentality.

Автор savedfaves ( назад)
Solar on roof "has begun", not "nears completion". The video itself is very good though, thanks.

Автор Draco 10 ( назад)
Fantastic. Hope they don't go bankrupt before finishing it ;-)
Wonder if it's visible from space. Be nice to have a finished shot from the ISS.

Автор zzMikaelKalelzz ( назад)
The Progressive gets owned, he deletes his thread. Learn basic tax etiquette liberals before you start blah blahing and sounding completely childish.

Автор Particle Ice ( назад)
Trump wants to become president to stop rich exploiting and attacking rich republicans to pay higher taxes. Musk did the same. He took rich people's tax dollar to create tesla which isn't bad thing. Obama and Clinton support this type stuff.

These are not covered by low income taxes. It's too little to cover. Higher Taxes on rich class can pay off like that.

Автор Table Salt ( назад)
i was here before the fire nation attacked

Автор Chartz ( назад)
If I could, I would turn the ring into the a Maze Runner maze irl.

Автор inYourFace ( назад)
wait for the Samsung camp. you saw it here first

Автор shmiggz ( назад)
wonder what this will be used for when apple goes under?

Автор Matt Lawson ( назад)
This is why the United States is the number one economy.

Автор OGpandas ( назад)
I used to live in the apartments right next to the apple campus!

Автор Phoenix TUT ( назад)
Can you remove the drone noise thx

Автор DigitalAlex ( назад)
Nice coverage Duncan. Do you work for Apple? Or was this a side project of yours.

Автор T Pfaff ( назад)
Maybe then they can actually make some innovation! Haven't seen some for about 5 years so.... Until then we'll all stick with android.

Автор Thomas Anderson ( назад)
This is what you can build when you evade paying 13 billion dollars in taxes. Tim Cook, pay your fucking taxes, you scumbag.

Автор MrKossportapro ( назад)
I bet that cost 10 million dollars

Автор aviduser1961 ( назад)
Duncan, I have really enjoyed your drone footage documenting AC2 construction. Great work! This is Steve Job's last project and it has been fascinating to watch come into being. I think of the lesson Paul Jobs taught his son about painting the backside of a fence and why that is important. This building is that and other values evolved. Stunning.

Автор Amjid Khan ( назад)
Great footage. Thanks Duncan 👍🏼

Автор Patrick Bodayle ( назад)
Well, all the venues are coming along nicely for when Apple hosts the 2020 Olympics.

Автор Fratti ( назад)
That's a nice place to hide tax money in.

Автор Carlos Burgos ( назад)
Great work, Duncan!

Автор Chris K ( назад)
2:45 minecraft

Автор TheDigitalOrchard ( назад)
Thanks for the video. Note - white text on a light/white background does not work. Sometimes "clean" can be taken too far.

Автор Christian Kramp ( назад)
Apple should show your videos on the Keynote next week. It's really nice, harmonic, majestic. :)

Автор 171evans ( назад)
Amazing progress in such a short period of time!

Автор XBOYS ( назад)

Автор Above it all Drones ( назад)
Boy you sure scared every drone pilot who flys around ac2 with your rant about ac2 drone security disabling your drone. Anyway Well done!

Автор steevee1945 ( назад)
What is the music - nice.

Автор введите бросок ( назад)
nice shots flying by windows

Автор Mark folkestone ( назад)
great work thank you.

Автор happytodd ( назад)
It's so close to completion, I'm so excited. I just want to see it in person!

Автор Geoff Garvis ( назад)
Thanks. Looks good.

Автор CLASSJACKS ( назад)
Love that night shot

Автор Carsten Andersen ( назад)
Beautiful video overview of Apple Campus 2. Thank you fir your work

Автор exmpletree ( назад)
Incredible. Thanks for the update!

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