Blake Lively Is Tortured by Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Sex Montages

Blake Lively talks to Jimmy about being away from her husband Ryan Reynolds on Father's Day but seeing him everywhere thanks to Deadpool.

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Blake Lively Is Tortured by Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Sex Montages

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Автор sinneruki ( назад)
they are perfect for each other T.T

Автор Daniel Rich ( назад)
she's hott and very open, haha seems cool

Автор Maggie the crackpot ( назад)
I love both of them <3

Автор Dale Cooper ( назад)
Could you cut all Fallon parts from every interview videos ?

Автор ibrahim tabuk ( назад)
A classy women 👌

Автор Wonderation ( назад)
I get that Ryan named his daughter James after his father, but he knows he
couldve named her Jamie right? lol

I mean either way its still kind of cool that Blake and her daughter both
share unusual girl given names.

Автор Regan MacNeil ( назад)
Stfu up Fallon and let people speak! How the hell is this guy still doing
this job?

Автор Bat Man ( назад)
It it it it it its

Автор Cadence Hiddleston ( назад)
Blake Lively puts up with watching her husband in sex scenes and is okay
with it, yet most girls think it's the end of the world when they're
boyfriend/girlfriend comments on someone else's Instagram selfie.

Автор L0r3n2 ( назад)
Jimmy is so fake ughhh 😷

Автор Blossom antonio ammo ( назад)
Hey Serena 😏

Автор BatmanFANizationReborn ( назад)
the only good thing that came out of green lantern

Автор bellajuventina ( назад)
Did she got nose surgery? Again

Автор Rob Ardell ( назад)
Top That

Автор AvenueOfSlay ( назад)
ryan made her cooler, and funnier..kudos to him

Автор albukairi ( назад)
' daddy's gettin' it "

Автор Joyce Gibbs ( назад)
lovely couple but who calls their daughter James, that's RIDICULOUS.

Автор Achilles Zalman ( назад)
As a man,
you know you have truly made it when you can make a woman like Blake Lively
jealous with your own sex montages with another woman

Автор Nico Di Angelo ( назад)
That fake laugh of Jimmy is the best

Автор Ninja NikNik ( назад)
Lively, when you get stranded on a rock in the ocean, Reynolds isn't gonna
wait. :P

Автор Batman ( назад)
Wait, what part is the mashed potatoes scene?

Автор Lydia Royal ( назад)
blake is so wonderful

Автор Klee Klee ( назад)
She seems annoying

Автор Ajin Wycliff ( назад)
I like the way she says

Автор Jayla ( назад)
I love how more than half of these comments are about mashed potatoes up
Ryan Reynolds butt

Автор ChaosLegion ( назад)
dam he fucked her, NICE

Автор Howling Wolfman ( назад)
Wow yet another homogenous couple. Oh well then again it's a sin to date
outside your race.

Автор Tiziana Shea Manzo ( назад)
Where my gossip girl fans at?! XOXO 😘

Автор Marko Crush ( назад)
The feeling where you see this actress who you just wish was yours and you
know never will be. So all I can is Ryan, you better treat her well and
appreciate every moment!

Автор Zarkow ( назад)
Wait, did she think the pegging-clip was about mashed potatoes?

Автор soulfulfool ( назад)
damn shes so hot wife

Автор k9 aid ( назад)
14 hours on a plane

Автор victoria james ( назад)
she seems angry...you can tell her heart is racing...

Автор thanksfernuthin ( назад)
Her nose. What the hell?

Автор Jeff Araujo ( назад)
she's soo hot

Автор Dora Rahali ( назад)
Ohmygod she's so hot with this summer tan ! beautiful color! love

Автор ApocZak ( назад)
She's an amazing actress better than Ryan tho I like Ryan too :) But I see
Blake as a future award winner love her films.

Автор Smack Feedback ( назад)
Blake Lively Is Tortured by Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Sex Montages

Автор Mr89pyont ( назад)
Hey Lively, I am sure Morena Baccarin feels just as guilty as your husband
does. After all, Morena was pregnant with the GOTHAM's star and THE OC's
alum child.

Автор Paws67 ( назад)
Why is your kid watching Deadpool????

Автор Dil Howlter ( назад)
I can't imagine Serena as a mother tbh

Автор TheRealEzzy ( назад)
Who the fuck is this bitch

Автор ben quintanilla ( назад)
mash potatoes? the shitbiskit? did i miss that scene?

Автор Blake Houston ( назад)
Wait.. was there a mashed potato scene or did I just miss it from drinking
too much?

Автор Form of Therapy ( назад)
This made me genuinely snicker with the funnies. I loved Deadpool, but I
never considered how weird it must be for Blake and their daughter hahaha.

Автор Mona Z ( назад)
if they break up......... i will murder my roommate .......not really but
for real but not really but really but not really but really but not really
.. but really but not .....but really

Автор kill all niggers ( назад)
i fucked blake lively up the ass last week and she gave me AIDS.

Автор alexis stewart ( назад)
Is she pregnant?

Автор mateo reggi ( назад)
abc easy as 123

Автор Nessa nessa ( назад)
She is so beautiful

Автор Gabriella Allen ( назад)
Oh my god i forgot that they were married!! 😂

Автор brittany rietz ( назад)
666 people have disliked this video…why is Satan such a hater…damn

Автор Parris Figueiredo ( назад)
There are 666 dislikes

Автор Mounir Abbas ( назад)
Ryan is the most lucky guy i know! Pure Soul

Автор Luis Real ( назад)
Imagine if she was playing Deadpool's love interest instead of the other

Автор Doctor Idle ( назад)
Blake Lively to play Lady Death. Make it happen Fox!

Автор Eric Hwang ( назад)
Can't be true...they edit out the sex scene in the airplane version. I've
seen it on 3 different airlines :-)

Автор Lucy Vu ( назад)
She doesnt age like how

Автор Genevieve Theroux ( назад)
Morena Baccarin is gorgeous too. I'd be jealous as well lol.

Автор Flazé Da ( назад)
How many more fucking times did she have to slap her hands on her thighs

Автор WinterHalloweenRose ( назад)
She's speaking in this interview with the air of a woman who has Seen
Things and is Emotionally So Done with Everything

Автор Loes Jacobs ( назад)
Spotted, Serena talking about sex on national TV!

Автор worldwidehappiness ( назад)
Wow, she is nothing like her character in Gossip Girl. Shows talent given
that so many actors always play themselves.

Автор TheShonuff888 ( назад)
damn every man's dream wife.

Автор Clifton Spence ( назад)
Heya guys ! ! cost It looks for me pretty cool vldeo huge =]

Автор YanaFelani ( назад)
omg nobody give a fuck , I didnt even see the movie

Автор Surfer 1988 ( назад)
Mashed potatoes;) hahah can't even😂😂😂

Автор Justa G ( назад)
Disgusting that she let's her kid watch that, no matter the age.

Автор H.U.N.K ( назад)

Автор H3XDrinKERzz mustafa ( назад)
0:39 its its its its its its its its its

Автор Cookie Cream ( назад)
It's it's it's it's like this and like that and she is like that

She sounds nervous

Автор Romane Denis ( назад)
Hello guy .. Omgwtfbbq fat really looks like heavily bizaureRepublican :

Автор Vincent Man ( назад)
0:19 that smooth boob grab tho

Автор Bleach ( назад)
Bruh you need to make a whole episode made for Pokemon Go that's 1 mil
views right there

Автор Freedom VanPelt ( назад)

Автор dream land ( назад)

Автор Cris Vazquez ( назад)
It's cute her daughter's name is 'James' that is a very unique name plus
I'm glad I'm not the only one with a boys name 😌👌🏻

Автор Pixie_The_ Pirate ( назад)
I don't know how I keep ending up here.

Автор Mr. T ( назад)
Id eat mashed potatoes out of her buthole

Автор قل خيرا أو اصمت ( назад)
She's nice but she's not attractive as scarlett johansson

Автор taxicab ( назад)
I just want to see this go through.

Автор NINJANASTIC3 ( назад)

Автор Margo ( назад)
Take a shot every time she says "it's" 😂

Автор Artur Gaynullin ( назад)
wow! jimmy let her speak.....now thats....unusual....

Автор Joseph Fisher ( назад)
start i think actually arabesque vesult !run :d

Автор disha vasudeva ( назад)
i specifically watch deadpan on every plane ride.... its just amazing
entertainment and fun to the point that i am watching it without having
headphones on and still repeating the lines....

Автор strykerx24 ( назад)
okay seriously who among us look that up the moment she said that

Автор Veronica Andel ( назад)
I love her

Автор Maya Glynn ( назад)
Serena vanderwoodsen

Автор BuckNerds ( назад)
Question is does Ryan get off on his own Deadpool porn? Further does he
roleplay Deadpool in the bedroom? Could get dicey situation.

Автор Gaming And Tutorials WITH DAWOUD ZIADEH ( назад)
Please watch Dawoud ziadeh's YouTube videos thanks for your support

Автор Дарья dd ( назад)
she is amazing

Автор Max Pro ( назад)
Allie Haze, nice pick Ryan.

Автор Kyle Johnston ( назад)
deadpool was amazing!

Автор Sansa Stark ( назад)
it's it's it's it's...

Автор Carson Yoder ( назад)
the tonight show should have Brian Hull on. He does impressions on YouTube

Автор Bupe Milambo ( назад)
Blake Lively is such a cool wife 😂❤

Автор Icto Hak ( назад)
she has been fat

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