GTA 4 Sex with prostitute

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Длительность: 4:9
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Автор William Strahan ( назад)

Автор Kira Berrios ( назад)
Gta 4 is still better than the 5th

Автор Monica Sanchez ( назад)
how do you get to have sex in gta 4

Автор Dipper Pines ( назад)
In the Start is the music of Saints Row 3

Автор mostfa shash ( назад)
what is the name a car draiving

Автор Gamer95 ( назад)
Last song in awesome :D fits the sex

Автор Smecherul89 ( назад)
nice move :)) 1:48-1:50

Автор Andreea Ramona ( назад)
ce faci amanto

Автор Shen ( назад)

Автор TheGamingSeal 17 ( назад)
****FAP ******FAP ******FAP*******

Автор Kryptik Hardstyle Reaktorzz ( назад)
whats the song on the first one on ur house

Автор 24superstef ( назад)
man gta

Автор Harpreet-Singh Ghotra ( назад)
i kill prostitute after doing that to get me monwy back hheheehe

Автор OfficialGeekSquared ( назад)
When is dusk?

Автор Fuechee Vang ( назад)
always do that, that fun to do

Автор Reagle Hawk ( назад)
WTF is the prostitute tying at the end of the video. She's wearing "FUCKING
BOOTS" that go up half up her thighs.

Автор Edin Osmani ( назад)
Grab my Tites you ,,,,,,,

Автор Splazh- ( назад)
Yup that's what I was gonna say.

Автор rockkong1 ( назад)
You forgot the last step, kill her and take the money back.

Автор OmeletduFromage ( назад)
not killing her afterwards seems strangely creepy

Автор Hari OFO ( назад)
2:04 you are welcome

Автор sheila elmore ( назад)
Me and my girlfriend watched the video and had sex after (with blowjob!)

Автор иван ларкин ( назад)
good music

Автор DardanMedia ( назад)
thank ya bro

Автор André Castellar ( назад)
wait at dusk is the time that prostitutes appear ... stop the car in a spot
of prostitution, beep, wait she negotiate, she'll get in the car ... take
her to a deserted place, where he does not have people around (some alley,
abandoned warehouse) ready .. have fun with girl

Автор DardanMedia ( назад)
how to take a prostitute on car?

Автор JoseRocker35 ( назад)

Автор André Castellar ( назад)

Автор MrElfuerte22 ( назад)
una pregunta eso es en computadora

Автор Benjamin Queen ( назад)
Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City Stories

Автор Tulanir1 ( назад)
Can't you seriousley tell the difference between saint's row and GTA? this
is the TBOGT expansion

Автор Evandro Paul (224 года назад)
Question: why in some cars are there some sparks on the motor hole some

Автор BeefDipBoy ( назад)
thats saints row...

Автор Nickie Joansie ( назад)
Now kill the bitch and get your money back.

Автор Ninjafoot Tutorials ( назад)
u pro bitch how u got the car and the new player

Автор VIDSNCRAPProductions ( назад)
4:01 QUICK! Run her over while shes distracted >:3

Автор Juniper Piper ( назад)
lol i remember in the first GTA you had to honk for a good 10 minutes
before she got in. shed just get in and your cash would start going down,
then youd kick her out beat her ass and only get like half back xD

Автор TheTPMusicChannel ( назад)
I like how she tied her boots that don't even have laces :D

Автор New Channel is Rlvntsmind ( назад)
how do u drive so well i suck at driving

Автор Robert Palmer ( назад)
Damn. Talk about a quickie XD

Автор Avery Quillin ( назад)

Автор niani cordova ( назад)
yea u nasty fucker! lol

Автор iPC Gaming Productions ( назад)
this game is the the best xD... im so dirty minded

Автор facunseries ( назад)
### ºUº

Автор facunseries ( назад)

Автор SporeMK ( назад)
lol so messed up....

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