Piano Cutting Contest ( Billy Dee William, Clifton Davis, Eubie Blake, and Art Carney )

This footage of the piano battle is from the Scott Joplin movie featuring the following cast: Billy Dee William, Clifton Davis, Eubie Blake, and Art Carney ).

Great Scene and Performance.

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Автор Life is bright ( назад)
so louis got all the credit?

Автор Mama San ( назад)
WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!

Автор Ákos Bálint ( назад)
I like Scott Joplin's musics,because are originals.What is the score of 3:21
to 3:36 music?It's very good.Would you answer,please?Thanks in advance.

Автор J.G. Bloodworth ( назад)
Ragtime is not coon music. It's music never heard before fighting to be

Автор bobbyjordan 37 ( назад)
i Discovered this pianist Scott Joplin and the movie dedicated to him
It is simply SUBLIME
This Dueling Piano Competition extract movie is a real piece of anthology
T he scene or children between dancing is great cinema

Автор Classic Gameplay ( назад)
ok, how exactly this competition goes ? I can't understand it.

Автор CJ Maniago (KungfuMonkey) ( назад)
Does anyone know where I can watch the full movie

Автор Courier 6 ( назад)
Was the song that the one handed man play a real song? If so, could you let
me know

Автор Law Dizzy ( назад)
not helping

Автор dovbearbarleib ( назад)
Lando Calrissian morphs into Scott Joplin. And Ed Norton morphs into Scott"
Joplin's music agent, John Stark. That is versatility!.

Автор Law Dizzy ( назад)
what did hey play at 9:28?

Автор William Gabriel ( назад)
never can say goodbye ...

Автор stischer47 ( назад)
Growing up in the 50s my grandmother would play "Maple Leaf Rag" on our
upright when she'd come to visit. For the longest time I had no idea where
and when it came from. It wasn't until well after she died that I realized
it was her "pop music" when she was a teen and just as denigrated as rock
and roll was when I was a teen.

Автор Kedisha R ( назад)
sum fine looking men

Автор julian clove ( назад)
I love every bit of this

Автор Jay Leslie ( назад)
I want to go back their to that time and see it live and than buy. up all
those buildings and keep them forever as it was!

Автор Zulya Bayramzade ( назад)

Автор Jacob Huber ( назад)
As far as I know, the song that "Mr. Joplin" plays at 5:28, is a mashup
between three songs. Joe Sullivan's Little rock Getaway, James P. Johnson's
Carolina shout, and the Poet and Peasant overture (It's a really long song,
I hear some resemblance in this video at about 4:40:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaYzWL1UWOo Your welcome.

Автор ValmisFilm ( назад)
finally found this movie gain... .but what is its name?

Автор pepijn1231 ( назад)
Does anyone know the song at 5:28?

Автор Jassie J ( назад)
clif and billie.....mmmm too much sexy for one screen!

Автор superbadmofo1 ( назад)
I love that Loui played scotts tune. The look on scott's face as he sees
how the crowd reacts to his music is priceless..

Автор Eallenmusic Social ( назад)
why am i shedding to this.... :)

Автор Jae Lee ( назад)
Does someone know the name of the tune Scott Joplin played at 5:29? Thanks!

Автор noon3freak ( назад)
loving it

Автор Trudi Goodman ( назад)
Thanks for posting this. BTW: in a cutting contest the music is supposed to
be played as fast and as intricately as possible. The film as far as I
know, is accurate about this. T

Автор MrSkokiaan ( назад)
Playing it way too fast! 

Автор Gregory May ( назад)
Great scene!

Автор Chaoky837 ( назад)
@LeavesLullaby Poet and Peasant Overture

Автор 04sj09 ( назад)
This is just great

Автор Giovanni Jaime ( назад)
Show de bola!!!!

Автор Geniusub ( назад)
Scott Joplin looks like Mos Def.

Автор 澤田秀人 ( назад)

Автор MooPotPie ( назад)
A musical breakthrough! (poor guy . . .)

Автор LeavesLullaby ( назад)
Does anyone know the song starting from till' maple leaf? From let's say

Автор Thrawn6211 ( назад)
That guy in the grey and top hat who glissandos the piano and sits on it is
a giant douche.

Автор Squarerig ( назад)
I hope the local fire brigade was on call for these pianos are in danger of
exploding!Terrific stuff.

Автор pat7893 ( назад)
In real life, Joplin DID NOT allow Chauvin play his own piece. That was
just the way this television movie was written. Chauvin's music was very
melancholy; Joplin helped him write them down.

Автор MooPotPie ( назад)
Well … he can do a good pantomime at least. Dick Hyman is actually the
pianist you hear in this film.

Автор Karel Jõeleht ( назад)
Where i can dowload or get this movie ? :P But really nice video, good

Автор LBonthrone95 (1096 лет назад)
@TheJMusicNow If they worked together: Joplin wrote the music, and the
other guy played it (he is better than Joplin) - way for them to make
money! :)

Автор Zaratai ( назад)
any1 knows where can i dowload this movie?

Автор Great Pianists ( назад)
@mic283 Eubie Blake is the older gentleman who plays the contest judge. He
can be seen from 3:14 to 3:19 turning over the glass (meaning the man at
the piano has lost and must relinquish the stool), from 4:18 to 4:42
talking to "Joplin", turning the glass again from 5:06 to 5:14, approving
of "Joplin's" performance to "John Stark" from 5:51 to 5:53, turning the
glass again from 6:18 to 6:31, near "Stark" from 7:15 to 7:19 and from 8:00
to 8:01, 8:38 to 8:40, and 8:49 to 8:50.

Автор Great Pianists ( назад)
Although I'm a little skeptical of the part at the beginning where Louis
Chauvin meets Scott Joplin (although I suppose it *could* have happened
that way), I'm much less skeptical of the look "Joplin" (Billy Dee
Williams) gives the two cutting-contest participants at 3:05... he
obviously can't stand the kind of "music" they're making!!! Brilliant!

Автор Jacob Britton ( назад)
I'm confused. Why did Joplin let his partner win with his own piece?

Автор pianiplunker ( назад)
Lando Calrissian can play a mean piani.

Автор redblueredblue100 ( назад)
The win-win situation further strengthens the friendship between the both
of them and leaves our present with a beautiful musical piece we know as
"Heliotrope Bouquet" written and completed by Joplin after Chauvin's death.

Автор redblueredblue100 ( назад)
To clarify for those who dont know play by ear means to play from memory
from just hearing the piece once a very rare talent, that the greatest
performers have. You have to realize that they are two of a different kind
Joplin is someone who creates ragtime classics, while Chauvin is a master
pianist who was unrivalled during his age.

Автор redblueredblue100 ( назад)
The guy with the Hat is Chauvin and the guy from Starwars is Joplin. Joplin
just wanted to enter the competition to introduce his music the Maple Leaf
Rag to the Publisher (the guy who looks like Colonel Sandros), while
Chauvin just wants to join the competition to win as a performer. However,
at the competition the competition judge (Eubie) asks Joplin to perform an
overture, shutting his chance to audition in front of the Publisher, but
Chauvin can play by ear and saves the day for both.

Автор Doug19752533 ( назад)
@TheKris192 yeah thats a cool transition although the line the guy says
"hey thats some new kind of music!" is wrong, ragtime had been in full
swing for several years by the time Maple Leaf was written in 1897

Автор Doug19752533 ( назад)
@mic283 Eubie Blake was the old man running the competition

Автор Doug19752533 ( назад)
@policerip Joplin is the Sam Jackson look alike (lol its Billy D WIlliams
aka Lando Calrissian), and the one in the hat is Louis Chauvin (1881 -
1908). Chauvin was regarded by all of the ragtime pianists and composers to
be the best pianist - he could play anything back on one hearing and was a
prolific composer, however he left only 3 published works, including
"Heliotrope Bouquet" which he wrote with Joplin 2 years before his death at
age 27 from multiple sclerosis. 

Автор Jerry garcia ( назад)
@policerip haha its the one how looks like samuel l jackson nice comarison

Автор Daisuke the Ninja ( назад)
which one is joplin? the guy with the hat, or the guy who looks like samuel
l jackson?

Автор Rmasai ( назад)
"Poet and Peasant" overture

Автор Music Producer Sali McFly98 ( назад)
found it again:D thx ...so cool the man with one arm :D:D

Автор Rickey Lynn ( назад)
I love this move way better then amadeus

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