Garrys mod - Hoverboard

The addon to the game called Garrys mod, which is an modification for the famous game, Half-Life 2.


I am going to show you the addon called the Hoverboard, which is a board the hover over the ground.


Download the addon here:



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Автор callmeaSPACEMAN (397 лет назад)
3 years now :P

Автор Kyle Muir ( назад)

Автор nonex359 ( назад)
3 years left ;)

Автор ToastyTerrorist ( назад)
I Downloaded it and put it in addons, And my player's feet was messed up
when i rode it. Help? 

Автор ToastyTerrorist ( назад)

Автор Crazen ( назад)
@lineage415 ...and some serius injuries xD

Автор Lord of Spaghetti ( назад)
at first I was like "Oh well this is a pretty basic hoverboard" but then I
was all like "HOLY SHIT IT CAN TURN"

Автор The PeanutButterMan ( назад)
@GiorgosK97 sorry probably im a noob but me i cant accelerate i can just do
tricks and flips and jumps, but i cant drive it, how cand i drive a

Автор Volvo Man ( назад)
thx man i searched long 4 dis

Автор ZεTrollingGuyTнεσяч ( назад)
@jjboyo if u have gmod 11 they work

Автор Im Toxi ( назад)
wut about flips

Автор Word Shark ( назад)

Автор Andrew Hapner ( назад)
I found a HoverSkate server that has people playing on it alot more than
most other servers. 100tick-EU-­0
66tick-EU- 100tick-US-­0
66tick-US- We have more servers too, and you get
special attributes and perks if you sign up for free at there site:
Asteriskgaming(dót)com But you also need to sync your account ingame with
your password and name from the forums. 

Автор MPOTW ( назад)
hmm isnt there a thing called the "v" button?

Автор Canal Sem conteúdo ( назад)
@vernondewinnaarsta yeah trolling FAIL

Автор thenerdster96 ( назад)
hoverboard skatepark! pl0X?

Автор KingToncek ( назад)
@lineage415 did we get them? no :D

Автор lineage415 ( назад)
4 more years till we get these

Автор puggal ( назад)
how do u get it working 

Автор Zer0 ( назад)
@vuur150 I just put thrusters on mine lol

Автор juicymillipede ( назад)
weild dynamite to the bottom of it and when you jump use the dynamite! its
so cool!

Автор Vernon De Winnaar ( назад)

Автор Imperial Guard ( назад)
This is why Gary's mod Is better than life, 5/5. I got to get one of these!

Автор buttered_toast ( назад)
Bloom is for graphicsfags.

Автор Navras Asato ( назад)
Teenager of the future, with the ghetto cloths and crowbar on a hoverboard.

Автор Johnny Clast ( назад)
that from Unreal Tournament 3 lol

Автор epicguywins ( назад)
my hoverboard doesnt work :(

Автор spartenurmom ( назад)
do u need like half life 2 ep. 1/ep. 2/ hl2 deathmatch or just garrysmod?

Автор Weedle V ( назад)
@Twistedturtl3 garrys mod 

Автор pee ner ( назад)
what game is this? 

Автор Roy B ( назад)

Автор DandyArtist ( назад)
@XRunnerGuy it's spelled with an a not an e

Автор xaria347 ( назад)
i wish someone would model it so you looked your guy would "jump" with the
board rather than just stand there. 

Автор alvariux1123 ( назад)
hey its like the one from back to the future!

Автор KnightProphecy ( назад)
the sliding would be great if they incorproated it into a motocycle. u
could create a final fanatasy bike

Автор 1august12 ( назад)
@Kesh789 Yes, you can.

Автор 1august12 ( назад)
can anyone help me? i cant go foward

Автор A1EX ( назад)
:D you got my addon :D

Автор Rick Haderer ( назад)
I can't spawn mine:(

Автор Gryphon Man ( назад)
can you filp

Автор yieldmotherculture ( назад)
I thought this was Tony Hawk for a moment.

Автор Mike Vu ( назад)
guys can some 1 tell me whats diffrent between gmod 10 and 11???

Автор Braden Groves ( назад)
@castlefreak117 get steam.

Автор Corpseplower ( назад)
@MitsuLipton "...unless you got power!"

Автор Vinícius Negrão ( назад)
how to dou turn so fast??

Автор 14Wildcat14 ( назад)
@rsbognot umm he does in the video

Автор Jordan Zwicker ( назад)
it can...

Автор Aaron Callistini ( назад)
it always shows up as either a prop, a entity, or a tool, but the entity
just shows a shadow on the ground and the tool doesn't work. help?

Автор timmymonsta ( назад)
ive looked every where for a server that uses this but i cant fins one.

Автор Maxich24 ( назад)
@Dreamer51154 gmod 10

Автор Nathan Griffith ( назад)
There's a final version to this thing, but it's a tool, not an entity, you
can customize the speed and trail colors of you get the final versions, you
can even get different colored and shaped boards.

Автор Jordy Leathers ( назад)
Shenanigans... Hoverboards don't work on/in water. - Back to the Future.

Автор Alex Jacobson ( назад)
So basically, it's noclip in thirdperson that can't go through walls?

Автор Goobenator ( назад)
it also doesnt float...

Автор Goobenator ( назад)
ok so i downloaded it. but how do you get in it... i press "E" but it wont
get in.

Автор thenukeknowsall ( назад)
@harry1897 Put it in your addons folder. I recommend using winzip's

Автор Harry1897 ( назад)
i downloded it but i dont know how to install it can someone help me

Автор Will McLaughlin ( назад)
@monkeynut000, where did u download it from?

Автор monkeynut000 ( назад)
lol nice

Автор monkeynut000 ( назад)
i downloaded this addon its a tool u can select the speed jump hieght andd
more and select wat type u want

Автор Almac x ( назад)
@wulfblast I'm not trying to "nagg" anyone, just guessing the materials
used to make it...

Автор MEGAtoaster1 ( назад)
this song sounds emo

Автор Almac x ( назад)
Hmm a plank, hover ball, thrusters and follow beams. Am I missing anything?

Автор XRunnerGuy ( назад)
we teenagers call people noobs when they are enyoing bad or other negative
things in games

Автор GameFreaks24 ( назад)
awesome man thats cool lol

Автор xlxUndeadBunniesxlx ( назад)
you can't flip? there's one hoverboard mod that you can it's called
"Hoverboard pack SummonerHell" on garrysmod[.]org without the quotes and
you extract it to addons and it's a stool and you can modify speed and how
well it turns and how well it flips and twists and how high it jumps and
you can change the trail, boost recover color

Автор Steven Olinger ( назад)
ohk i got the hoverboard on the game but it wont let me get on it. what do
i do?

Автор Amateur ( назад)
how can you slide dude?

Автор phonesk8ter ( назад)

Автор Joe Uttley ( назад)
were do i put the file

Автор Newmz ( назад)
so u gotta float it then press E?

Автор hisanta32 ( назад)
Get a steam account. Don't worry steam is free. And buy the game for 10
dollars. You must have a source game with it also so when you get it buy
the Gmod and Counter Strike: Source package for 25 dollars. Gmod isn't sold
in stores so you have to get steam to buy it.

Автор Vv4rn0vV ( назад)
thx :)

Автор matt010195 ( назад)
Is this better than the hoverboard tool?

Автор bafmd ( назад)
Shitty, shit, mcshittle!!!!

Автор Mota TAO ( назад)
half the boards don't work like that :(

Автор Gravarty ( назад)
W A S D Can Help You

Автор Mota TAO ( назад)
I dunno how to control them.. just to jump and duck :(

Автор Propane TreeFiddy ( назад)
computer/program files(x86)/steam/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

Автор Vv4rn0vV ( назад)
can u pls help me how to install it? where must i put the "hoverboard"

Автор Kevlore ( назад)
thats cool i want gmod so bad

Автор justinxas ( назад)
press E on it......

Автор Manic B ( назад)
does anyone realize this wasn't just meant to be a hover board mod its the
same one from unreal tournament 3 so cont start saying it looks like shit
and they should get a new model because it was never meant to be just a
hover board (i also think that they should add some better physics to it
and also have more than just a static character)

Автор Deaven Excalaveer ( назад)
are you pushing the v button?

Автор bearwithhair ( назад)
This hover board sucks. Go to garrysmod . org and search for better ones.

Автор Srdjan M ( назад)
he is flying a duck....

Автор Penguinspark ( назад)
only spitd thing about hover bord is thing under bord looks kkinda ood wiht
it on

Автор DarthVirc ( назад)
what is boost

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
You buy it???? That sucks...

Автор Russell Cook ( назад)
is garrys mod illagal?

Автор SJGRGaming ( назад)
how do i spawn it i search for it everywhere but then no hover board icon
pls help me

Автор Sweetdaddyde ( назад)

Автор JimmyKicker ( назад)
put the hoverboard folder into the addon folder in program files> steam>
steamapps> *your name*> garrysmod> garrysmod>addons

Автор HALFLIFE3MAN ( назад)
This dl is PURE AWSOMENESS i jump off walls with it. Need any help with the
hoverboard reply to this post comment =)

Автор Amanda Love ( назад)
I downloaded it, but I don't know what folder to move it to.

Автор tarjeiT ( назад)
it do exist a map for hoverboards it is called skatepark

Автор Gerald Ozawagosh ( назад)
oh shit i check the models i am a dumbass it is from ut3 it says SRRY

Автор Gerald Ozawagosh ( назад)
no it isn't from unt3 its off portal

Автор Crash15 ( назад)
yep its the UT3

Автор Nowhereman Sr. ( назад)
Isn't that the hover board from Unreal Tournament III?

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