Garrys mod - Hoverboard

The addon to the game called Garrys mod, which is an modification for the famous game, Half-Life 2.


I am going to show you the addon called the Hoverboard, which is a board the hover over the ground.


Download the addon here:



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Автор nnewmy (4 года)
so u gotta float it then press E?

Автор skierplaterandy (4 года)

Автор Goobenator (4 года)
it also doesnt float...

Автор 360fuorteen (3 года)

Автор happyugly123 (4 года)

Автор Gryphon Man (4 года)
can you filp

Автор yieldmotherculture (4 года)
I thought this was Tony Hawk for a moment.

Автор MR-RANDOM (3 года)
thx man i searched long 4 dis

Автор yjoshez . (5 лет)
thats cool i want gmod so bad

Автор SolidSnake587 (3 года)
What mods do you need for this to work ?

Автор thenerdster96 (3 года)
hoverboard skatepark! pl0X?

Автор Alessio Macera (4 года)
Hmm a plank, hover ball, thrusters and follow beams. Am I missing anything?

Автор Znam11 (5 лет)
how i use turbo?

Автор WTFxxPRODUCTIONS (5 лет)
how do you get online if you used steam to get it? when i try and join/make
an online server it says i dont own the game

Автор FlameTheBlack (3 года)
@vuur150 I just put thrusters on mine lol

Автор 14Wildcat14 (4 года)
@rsbognot umm he does in the video

Автор Crazen (2 года)
@lineage415 ...and some serius injuries xD

Автор Weedle V (4 года)
@Twistedturtl3 garrys mod

Автор Steven Olinger (4 года)
ohk i got the hoverboard on the game but it wont let me get on it. what do
i do?

Автор EricKingProductions (4 года)
its one of the tools in the tool menu(the hoverboard in gmod) i had the
same problem for a while

Автор nonex359 (2 года)
3 years left ;)

Автор EricKingProductions (4 года)
it is the hoverboard tool

Автор Afentagen (4 года)
So basically, it's noclip in thirdperson that can't go through walls?

Автор RussianSteam (4 года)

Автор TheVasinaShow (4 года)
is that the unreal tournament 3 hoverboard?

Автор SatanOfTheAngels (5 лет)
Unreal Tournament 3.

Автор Sacri (4 года)
@massimobestpalylol Zomfg! What about a mount! Omfg what will we do without
a mount to get onto the plank, Noooo!

Автор Andrew Hapner (3 года)
I found a HoverSkate server that has people playing on it alot more than
most other servers. 100tick-EU-­0
66tick-EU- 100tick-US-­0
66tick-US- We have more servers too, and you get
special attributes and perks if you sign up for free at there site:
Asteriskgaming(dót)com But you also need to sync your account ingame with
your password and name from the forums.

Автор xlxUndeadBunniesxlx (4 года)
you can't flip? there's one hoverboard mod that you can it's called
"Hoverboard pack SummonerHell" on garrysmod[.]org without the quotes and
you extract it to addons and it's a stool and you can modify speed and how
well it turns and how well it flips and twists and how high it jumps and
you can change the trail, boost recover color

Автор timmymonsta (4 года)
ive looked every where for a server that uses this but i cant fins one.

Автор Navras Asato (3 года)
Teenager of the future, with the ghetto cloths and crowbar on a hoverboard.

Автор monkeynut000 (4 года)
i downloaded this addon its a tool u can select the speed jump hieght andd
more and select wat type u want

Автор Roy B (4 года)

Автор ToastyTerrorist (2 года)
I Downloaded it and put it in addons, And my player's feet was messed up
when i rode it. Help?

Автор 1august12 (4 года)
@Kesh789 Yes, you can.

Автор ZεTrollingGuyTнεσяч (3 года)
@jjboyo if u have gmod 11 they work

Автор theheadhuntershooter (2 года)
how do you do that

Автор MrGarrysmodmaker (4 года)
good review, this is coppy wright.

Автор aaronmattman (4 года)

Автор lebanon4eva82 (4 года)
@happyugly123 the song is going under- evanescence

Автор GameFreaks24 (4 года)
awesome man thats cool lol

Автор supaherobomb (4 года)

Автор Mota TAO (5 лет)
I dunno how to control them.. just to jump and duck :(

Автор gamerpro1223 (4 года)
ill take that down the twin towers

Автор alvariux1123 (4 года)
hey its like the one from back to the future!

Автор NYGiants5644 (3 года)
how do you slide???

Автор Aaron Callistini (4 года)
it always shows up as either a prop, a entity, or a tool, but the entity
just shows a shadow on the ground and the tool doesn't work. help?

Автор xyo991 (3 года)

Автор Rick Haderer (4 года)
I can't spawn mine:(

Автор keeligirl (5 лет)
what are the controls?

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