Harley Wheelies 10 - UNKNOWN Industries

Harley Wheelies 10 - UNKNOWN Industries

Watch the Harley Wheelies x UNKNOWN Industries - 13th Level - DVD Trailer featuring
Nick Leonetti and Buddy Suttle at http://youtu.be/XPn-pW9GPbc

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Длительность: 5:32
Комментарии: 177

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Автор Ca Lonny ( назад)
Can't get enough of that sound at 5:00..

Автор One strange one ( назад)
i prolly got a screw loose or two or maybe three or four of em some fell
out and hit the floor

Автор anthony knight ( назад)
great place to hon your skills you guy's are bad ass

Автор NATE THOR ( назад)
Wow very very good riding those bikes are heavy as fuck I don't know how
the fork seals take it especially the dude on that Road King or Dyno Glide?
Excellent skill better yet I dosent get any better I own dirt bikes and
have had liter bikes but to do this on big American twin well done a tear
came to my eye!

Автор Robert Nunziata ( назад)
Most of the bikes look like fxr for the guys asking.there are some dyna as

Автор ivlriswith027 ( назад)
For you guys in the video with the spokes... how often do you have to get
them adjusted? lol

Автор ivlriswith027 ( назад)
What models are these?

Автор John Jones ( назад)

Автор Arborist1959 ( назад)
Fucking unbelievable ,you guys make Harleys look exceptional and your skill
is phenomenal.I might try the burnouts but the wheelies that's a skill that
will always evade me.Born To Ride.

Автор Mark Smith (1110 лет назад)
O.k. I do not....DO NOT have the balls to try that on my Harley or my
Suzuki....but I salute those who have these skills. You guys should get
paid for that shit. Get There!!

Автор Attila .Godolley ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the track ?

Автор Ray Charles ( назад)
He's a who' gang o' dese badass mufuggas doin' wheelies and 'n' shee, on
dem holly dabisons.

Автор LAURENT GRADET ( назад)
c 'est excellent sauf que les bikers ecoute pas du rap.fuck off et vive le

Автор STEVEN rOBERTS ( назад)
this is sick i have been wanting to do those types of doughnuts with my
bike but not sure on how to do it would you be willing to share some
knowledge on how to do it so i can have some fun up here in the east thanks
if you can if not thanks anyways 

Автор Adrenaline Junkie ( назад)
sickest video out there!!

Автор STORM6490MT ( назад)
You guys are fucking nuts. My guess is that you grew up in the saddle bags
of a hog! Fucking nuts!

Автор 1% Percent . ( назад)
dyna All??

Автор Tobias Ezequiel D'Agustini ( назад)
the name of the song?? please

Автор Sergey Solorzano ( назад)
What alterations do you guys do to the front end?

Автор ChaseeeeeeeeeHD ( назад)
What kind of bikes do y'all ride?

Автор brandon55702 ( назад)
alright cool thanks man

Автор oldpieceoflooseass ( назад)
thought i fart but i shit...be back in 10

Автор asaaqas ( назад)
for some reason this is more badass to me then street bikes doing this same
stuff....love it

Автор DickchaudTF2 ( назад)
this is sick, i love the sportster harleys

Автор Alex Protopapas ( назад)
imagine what they can do on a sport bike..

Автор Twintone2007 ( назад)
FXR or die

Автор oldpieceoflooseass ( назад)
hammer time my bike for wheelies i cant control

Автор Awildgoon ( назад)
Just sitting here as the guy pulls of down the road thinking naaaah
nothings gonna happen........* front end comes up * instant reaction "WHAT

Автор Fool Pity ( назад)
that said. If you can't work on your own shit. get a new dyna if you have
the money with a factory warranty. I have an 89 "Sport Glide" It has a
fixed fairing...great on the road/highway. I ride ALWAYS...unless snow and
ice. thing is...an older bike you have to get the book and learn to work on
it and MAINTAIN it. unless you have the money to blow at the dealership.
there are alot of great bikes out there. but if it has to be a harley. the
best with minor mods is the FXR. what they ride

Автор Fool Pity ( назад)
It Is. better than a sportster. FXR rules if you change the "cleveblocks"
in the swing-arm to spherical bearings, Custom Cycle Engineering kit is
what I have....handles like a heavy crotch rocket. In my honest opinion.
Fuck Dynas. Fuck Sportsters. Fuck Softails. Sportsters are top heavy
shitheaps and they are not a big twin. FXR is a touring bike chassis with
FX forks. BEST of Harley. ever. period. First bike though? R75/5 BMW would
be a great choice. bulletproof. work on it urself.

Автор daddyoca69 ( назад)
is this going to towards livermore?

Автор daddyoca69 ( назад)
Dyna is cool but I would also say sportster... people under rate them but
they a nimble and easy to ride.. also cheap for Harley... you can get a
good used for 3 to 6k for like a 98+ Then when you got it down pass the
torch and get a dyna.. if you like the west coast look then even a stock
nightsister is pretty sic..

Автор oldpieceoflooseass ( назад)
too much for u kid...u need sportster maybe a superglide

Автор oldpieceoflooseass ( назад)
i love video mad props u guys dont suck dick

Автор poquanti ( назад)
great stuff very impressed with the riding..could of done without the music
though..well the rap

Автор elemsit ( назад)
Thats Cypress Hill u fag eat a cockwich

Автор terry smith ( назад)
fucking shit rap music , lose it mug

Автор joegsharp ( назад)
any suggestion for upgraded cam shafts?

Автор oldpieceoflooseass ( назад)
i want a godddam shirt

Автор brandon55702 ( назад)
is a Dyna a good beginner bike?

Автор danny mathey ( назад)
good ol FXRS......We don't need to stinking 6th gear.....

Автор copewilliam quick ( назад)
3:11 dude has a fuckin air fresh thing on his bike

Автор Shane Flowers ( назад)
That guy at the light think he's on a fxr man you a badass bro Ive been
riddin for years and you just mad a ass out me

Автор gottaloveit66 ( назад)
Killer vid mate! Respect from Western Australia bro!

Автор buffyporson1 ( назад)
I thought it was only fat old men riding at 45mph that rode Hardleys.
You've opened my eyes bro.

Автор 666KaLaaSH ( назад)
Ой если он упадёт на нём, больно будет)

Автор Eye Ball ( назад)
that was awesome ..i give it up to yall ..yall got guts n talent

Автор mky75 ( назад)
I believe he said North California, not Carolina.

Автор Justin Lee ( назад)
are you guys running belts or chains? and what sprockets?

Автор Byron C. ( назад)
tree at 3:10 yeah.

Автор xxmaster707xx ( назад)
looks like peteluma

Автор sanshou sampaio ( назад)
Vcs são os verdaderios dicipulos do motoqueio Fantasma !!! Show de bola !

Автор Admiral Nimitz ( назад)

Автор b moto ( назад)
who the fuck disliked this?

Автор Misha7472279 ( назад)
очень круто!

Автор Mick Smith ( назад)
Awesome video and sound track. I borrowed my daughters Beats Headphones to
watch and the sound of the engines with the music make it special. I
recommend it... Keep it up chaps...

Автор MrAgove ( назад)
Where y'all at in nc? I live in sc and would love to ride up one weekend to
watch you guys. shits sick

Автор michael lewis ( назад)

Автор michael lewis ( назад)
looks like hwy 88 in some parts of it.???? you guys need a friend of mine
up there on his bike,he's from norcal.donnie ( the golden boy)

Автор crashedupderby ( назад)
do higher bars make it easier to hit the sweet spot in a wheelie? or is
that just how you like to run them?

Автор Charles Lance ( назад)
Looks like D St outside of Petaluma... but look like Bikes from Richmond.

Автор 1highplains ( назад)
i never thought it was possible to get the front wheel up on such heavy
bikes!! so are you telling me with some practice i could do that on my 2000
wide glide? it weighs about 700 something pounds!! anyway thats some great
riding guys thanks for the upload!!!

Автор smitty595 ( назад)
like to know secrets on how to wheelie my harley....????

Автор Jody ( назад)
The rolling burnouts is bad as too...You just dumping the clutch and
holding the front brake? How many time you wreck befor you mastered it?

Автор Jody ( назад)
straight bad ass! PERIOD!

Автор Doedikkehansworst ( назад)
Showin some class.....

Автор DobermansRock ( назад)
Fuck rice FXD for life.

Автор LiamMcLaughlinNorris ( назад)
what type of bike is at 2:05?

Автор MisfitMafiaPB ( назад)
lol he had an alpine on his bike

Автор dsjkak1 ( назад)
A road glide wtf! That's a 900 lb wheelie with an empty tank.

Автор matttatts ( назад)
Wheelies......the only reason to borrow your wifes sportster

Автор ryu wa ( назад)

Автор samurai1833 ( назад)

Автор josh clark ( назад)
shits sweet yo

Автор SOCALROBOTS ( назад)
All those Harleys are heavy- very impressive! Bikes look great.

Автор Unknown Industries ( назад)
north california

Автор Hiristis ( назад)
Great video man,no way to do these things with my Dyna.

Автор KrumKrum ( назад)
yeah im curious what kinda mods are on these bikes.

Автор mikecampbell57 ( назад)
fuck I want a dyna,, sick bikes! RIDE HARD AND STAY FREE!

Автор hahtsauce ( назад)
nothing like the sound of thunderheaders.... mmmmm

Автор hdevo80 ( назад)
hi the video so cool I would like to know the brand of the parts please let
me know

Автор Iconic Hajjaj ( назад)
Dear can you advice with the bike up grade? thanks in advance

Автор droppinmanysuckas ( назад)
Fuckin bad ass!

Автор pinkyparker3 (1207 лет назад)
this is kick ass!!! love watching it! ;)

Автор 6whte6ghost6 ( назад)
Ride them mofo's !! Nice vid ,made my day.Ain't no starbuck's in this
picture.Ride on my brother's...........RIDE HARD AND DIE FREE!

Автор Ramon Santiago ( назад)
alot of them usually start out on dirt bikes when they were a kid

Автор george Hite ( назад)
not all bikers are racist, just saying

Автор Unknown Industries ( назад)

Автор REM44MAG ( назад)
Starting to learn wheelies that is, and stoppies. I wouldn't even think to
try learning this crazy shit on a harley.

Автор REM44MAG ( назад)
4:47 Thats Napa Highway 12! Man where u guys be at? I wanna come watch you
guys tear it up. Had a 09 R6 for almost a year now and starting to learn,
maybe one of you crazy mofos can give me lessons.

Автор Unknown Industries ( назад)
1st gear

Автор aTOOLfreak ( назад)
Great Riding, Hey when your doing the stand up burnuts are you swithing up
the gears or do you just tease the throttle also when your coming out of
the standup burnout what gear you usally in ?? thanks

Автор HAPAJAP13 ( назад)
lovin this shit, almost makes me wanna move up North!

Автор areyouready22 ( назад)
This is an awesome video except for the lousy rap music which ruins it all.

Автор BHarris25 ( назад)
That's pretty awesome riding but I can't afford to do that shit, getting
ready to put a new rear tire on and it's going to cost 300$. I only do the
occasional burnout.

Автор mccraryfloors ( назад)
thumbs up for the 707

Автор KingmanOldDude ( назад)
That's pretty impressive...

Автор Unknown Industries ( назад)

Автор mccraryfloors ( назад)
is that guy with the white helmet and white bike the same guy doin a
wheelie down springs rd in vtwon on jt/lofty vid?

Автор metalguyn ( назад)
nice.. harleys and fucking rap music.... why does every fucking video have
this shitty music on it?!?!

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