Dominick Cruz Cusses Cody Garbrandt, UFC 207, Fighting Jose Aldo & More

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UFC 207 Preview: Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt for UFC Bantamweight Title

Cody Garbrandt: "Cruz was a great opponent but I'm the new king of the division"

Dominick Cruz: "Loss is part of life, if you don't lose you don't grow"

Cody Garbrandt "Cruz is gonig to find out I'm a different beast at UFC 207; I'm built for this"



Автор Berserker ( назад)
Cody took Cruz's belt and now he is tryin to take his plan.

Автор Aaron Naylor ( назад)
Looks like Cruz ate his words haha

Автор Quiteashh ( назад)

Автор james foley ( назад)
stacked whit shit ,light and heavy maggeror that sounds like u

Автор james foley ( назад)
dom has a geebag

Автор mvntis ( назад)
cruz still mad at kenny for picking tj
it would be funny to watch their banter if they ever work together as
analysts in the future

Автор bunny pong ( назад)
DC is going to murder CG


Автор Celtic Warrior ( назад)
Dominic seems to Me to be the most intelligent fighter in the UFC

Автор Celtic Warrior ( назад)
Cody Garbrandt takes the piss out of Cruz tattoos yet he has tattooed eye
liner 😂😂😂Cody is a complete thick fool...

Автор Diamond Dollars ( назад)
fuck Ronda man for real.. hating on conor an the rest hope she gets smoked
an goes back to the shadows

Автор Young Dial ( назад)
I'll beat the shit out of dom and Cody they both are pussies

Автор Internet Police ( назад)
If Rousey loses, I'm seriously afraid she'll be on a rooftop somewhere. She
said she suffers from depression and when she lost to Holly Holm that she
considered suicide and both her father and grandfather committed suicide.
Scary stuff.

Автор joe williams113 ( назад)
him vs jose waldo would be super

Автор Slipknot Williams ( назад)
Ronda is going to looose! What make's her so special not to show up 2
interviews!! Can't stand her wanna be celebrity ass!!

Автор Paul Schoenberger ( назад)
Thanks for posting this!

Автор Bryan ( назад)
Really hoping Dom pulls this V. I honestly can't stand Garbrandt.

Автор EyeAmBatman ( назад)
no cussing?...clickbait title

Автор Titus Robertson ( назад)
Cruz is awesome, I bet he's a great guy to be around

Автор Mark Wheeler ( назад)
Come on Dom don't get caught by this kid and Skool him! I've got Dom
dominating all fight maybe even late stoppage! Cody will have to scale back
on his how to be Conor McGregor lessons.😂

Автор BIG D ( назад)
I think Cruz is underestimating him.Like how DC did Rumbles power,even
thought he won.The point through maybe Cody is a different and Cruz could
get caught.All it takes is for a fast one in the first or second.Maybe cruz
tires out in the fifth and gets rocked.

Автор Ruben Perez ( назад)
fuck Cody lets go cruz razzle dazzle his has

Автор Free Bee ( назад)
Im pretty sure they are gonna go the distance, and cruz probably wins by
points. Im rooting for cody tho

Автор c money ( назад)
Dom cusses?

Автор hardvybe ( назад)
Fuck Ronda

Автор K. Sham ( назад)
Top 5 trash talkers (right now):
1: Conor
2: Dominick Cruz
3: Michael Bisping
4: Nate Diaz
5: JJ or JBJ or Donald Cerrone when he's trying to be a savage

Автор Nico Montinola ( назад)
its true...rousey gonna lose one way or another

Автор Hshsbs Iamgod ( назад)
NflL players don't have to deal with the media??? Dummy, you have what, 1
fight a year and from camp open to post fight press it takes less than two
months a fight. An NfL season lasts over 5 months where you play once a
week and the other 6 days are spent training, practicing, film room,
charity obligations and outside contractual obligations. This does not
include OTA's or the Playoffs.
This idiot (Cruz) has had 5 UFC fights in the past 5 years and is acting
like he's king grind. STFU, Rousey has had to deal with the media some
100000X what he has so I don't know why he bothers to bring her up. Cody
will knock this buffoon out. That cheap movement garbage of his is not a
style that matches up with distance closing striker. Cant wait to see him

Автор Tom The blagga ( назад)
I think it's time for new era cody ko Rd 2 and nunes tko Rd 2 I want cruz
to win but I can see him getting caught n no love got power

Автор Frankie Dudie ( назад)
Cruz and conor would be an awesome fight. would be amazing trash talk

Автор Mast3r “Button Pusher” Race ( назад)
Aldo would smash both of them. The only 145er's that can beat Aldo are
McGregor and Holloway cause of their size. When Aldo has the size advantage
like he has almost his entire career fighting short wrestlers with mediocre
striking he's going to win every time.

Автор Dr Algiers ( назад)
Did Dominick call Ronda a "do nothing bitch?" Not in so many words

Автор Brandon White ( назад)

Автор Número Uno ( назад)
I'd LOVE to see Cruz vs Aldo.

Автор john luongo ( назад)

Автор F G Type Zero 0 ( назад)
The dominater. Top3 in the world right now with the trash talk

Автор Shane Fowler ( назад)
Cody's mindset is way different from what Cruz has dealt with.. I know this
im from Uhrichsville, I personally know Cody. I also know Cruz is a monster
all in his aspects as-well.. It all comes down to this folks, Cruz will
underestimate Cody, Get caught at the end of the 1st, or sometime in the
2nd, and Cody No love will bring that belt back home to 922 land! #ANDNEW

Автор Stephen Byrne ( назад)
By ronda not promoting the fight she is actually promoting the fight more
lol 🙄

Автор davidson2004fatboy ( назад)
Dominick Cruz WILL be GOING to SLEEP SOON ! TIME for a NAPPY SOON , Dom !

Автор Eddie LM ( назад)
Lol you could just tell Dominick sounds annoyed about Ronda not having to
do any media.

Автор Alan Santos ( назад)
lmao 9:39

Автор James Young ( назад)
glad to hear Cruz is healthy this fight .

Автор Orlando Brown ( назад)
Cruz keeps sayin he wants money fights. Then why doesn't that pussy move up
and fight Aldo. Cruz just lik ls to bully these little guys. Aldo is 5,7"
and Cruz is 5,8". Someone needs to get this pussy some tampons

Автор Dennis Smith ( назад)
I just hope the main event isn't rigged.

Автор Kingmusa10 ( назад)
Dominick Cruz should be rink P4P #1

Автор Sharjah hHshjahjs ( назад)
Jon Anik: "Ronda Rousey is doing what she's doing."
Dominick Cruz: "What is she doing?
Jon Anik: "Nothing she's not doing anything."

Jon Anik ladies and gentlemen...

Автор 209 DIAZ ( назад)
ronda will be retired friday night #207

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