In Memory of the Dogs Michael Vick Killed...

** Video has no graphic/gory images!

This short video is made for all the dogs Michael Vick, the football player, killed in his dog fighting areas. There are only 11 of the dogs mentioned in the video but way more than that died... I couldn't locate all their names though.

The dogs were chained to rusty, nasty, old cars and car parts when they weren't being trained to fight. They were sometimes deprived of food or water to make them angry. The dogs were not ever taken to vetrinarians for care and they were never shown love by their cruel owner.

Michael Vick admitted to killing the dogs by electrocution, drowning, hanging, and by crushing at least one animal's skull against the pavement. He is going to court soon and pleading guilty --- I hope he gets put away for a LONG TIME!!!

Note: I don't own any of the pictures or the song in this video.

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Автор Jackeline Rolly (1 год)

Автор George Freegood (5 дней)
i hope micheal vick gets electrocuted hanged then shot just lke how he did
to them dogs

Автор Darrice King (2 месяца)
I wish it was the same with losing Quarterbacks. Tons of the dogs that he
killed would LOVE to be able to burn,electrocute,hang,drown him in their
pee infected lake,and then smash his head against concrete 11 times.

Автор julie hesser-wende (1 год)

Автор BoB Brown (2 месяца)
vick built the ring or something like that enabling the dog fighting to
happen. He's as guilty as he was when he went to jail!!

Автор Bella Bright (1 год)
you are disgusting

Автор Zain Ali (2 года)
Vicks didnt kill them it was you people who put these dogs to sleep, dont
blame him blame yourselves. You could have let the ones which were rescued
live. Bloody Hippocrates !

Автор mclaindennis (2 года)
Yeah, Vick is and always be a pile of shit

Автор jec933 (2 года)
Never forget the victims of dog fighting of which there are too many over
the years to comprehend. Report any dog fighting/animal abuse if you can to
the police. Push for longer prison sentences for these monsters, the dog
fighters, the people who attend and the ones who gamble on it. All these
people are criminals and the ultimate cowards. It is time to stop these
dogs from suffering and dying to entertain some really monstrous people who
should be in prison for a long time. Save a dog.

Автор Ben Dover (2 года)
Why did Michael Vick go to jail? He is famous nothing should of happened to

Автор lolz (1 год)
I use to be so scared of dogs when I was little, still am now a little bit,
not all dogs are friendly especially the ones here, I hate dogs

Автор Zain Ali (2 года)
@jec933 dont worry I will never fight you I dont fight strays pooch man lol

Автор Goldencity musicman (1 год)
Fuck Michael vick. He should go to prison again, for another 20 years.

Автор jec933 (2 года)
Michael Vick went to jail because even though he is famous that doesn't
make him better than anyone else or above the law and because he did
something horrific to innocent dogs for years while having it all, fame and
money. He could have easily chosen to do something better with his life but
he didn't. Good enough answer?

Автор jec933 (2 года)
@diggyu He has no one to blame but himself. You think abortion is wrong.
You have that right but not everyone thinks it is wrong. We can't confirm
that a fetus suffers so there is a big difference in what Vick did to those
dogs than what happens in abortion. It is the harsh reality. We know dogs
suffer. We don't know that a fetus suffers. They haven't been born yet. It
doesn't make me less of a person wanting to protect an innocent creature
that we know DOES suffer from monsters.

Автор jec933 (2 года)
@joshls76 You don't think we do other things to stop these monsters? Get
real. Plenty of us volunteer, donate, keep up with and push for laws to
stop these monsters. But you know where a lot of these monsters are? On you
tube. You tube reaches the whole world. So we speak up here too and spread
the word around the world what animal abusers really are and why they
should be in prison for a long time and that if you see any dog
fighting/animal abuse going on to report it to the police.

Автор eatyouto orgasms (2 года)
Michael Vick is human debris who never paid an adequate price for what he
did to God's creatures. Instead, he is rewarded with an enormous contract.
Well, Philadelphia fans, you embraced this monster. He brought your city
bad karma. The Phillies had the talent to win it all and the Eagles had
enough talent to win it all. Neither did. May that curse stay with you
until he is gone and spending the rest of his life helping animals.

Автор multiedge22 (2 года)
to bad hes making over 1,million dollas

Автор jec933 (2 года)
Push for longer prison sentences for dog fighters & the people who attend
and gamble on dog fighting and anyone who happens to breed these dogs for
dog fighting. Save a dog and put some monsters in jail for a long time.

Автор diamond091000 (2 года)
My pitbull is Family.. I have had him for 10 years and i will always have a
pit in my family.. Vick is a monster!

Автор jec933 (2 года)
@oblivious10011 I don't give a rat's ass what the perverted chickenshit
sadistic football players thinks and I don't care what you think asshole.
Run along chickenshit. Grow some balls and fight a man instead of forcing
dogs to do the fighting for you chickenshit.

Автор afpineau (1 год)
forgive them? Dude, no one did shit to you. Maybe your ancestors suffered
which is sad but come on. Stop playing a victim

Автор matthew cooper (1 год)
this dumb ass video.whoever made dis shyt is dumb.damn god lover

Автор umnayazhopa (2 года)

Автор Rawrlor (2 года)
@jec933 Animal rights activists like yourself can lobby Congress and
government all you want but that doesn't make hurting animals the same
thing as hurting other human beings. We already enslave animals, why is it
OK to do that but not torture them? Is enslavement not the worst type of

Автор gravano2 (1 год)
Stick Vick up your ass

Автор joe martin (1 год)
gentlemen, Vick has done his time and he is penitent. Why not give him a

Автор Richard roze (2 года)
now this so sad i was just going looking at players then this came up and
he shound just killed hiself cause it wount matter to me after the dog he
killed dog what now is he going to killed more dog

Автор Zain Ali (2 года)
@jec933 I dont give a rats ass for Vick or the NFL i am trying to save as
many pit bulls from getting put down as I can and I will not bother you if
you dont get bothered !

Автор Zain Ali (2 года)
@jec933 if I had my way I would have put that injection in each and every
one of you cowards who cannot handle a 60 pound dog . I rescued my pup he
was in a worst state than any of Vicks dogs and I am not a vet I gave my
dog hope and he fought death for me he is still with me and will be for
many years because I am not a coward my dog knew I am fighting for him and
he fought and defeated death for me. get that through your thick skull !

Автор gravano2 (1 год)
Let Vick stick his dick up your ass , then suck on it . This may excite you

Автор jec933 (2 года)
Doesn't matter what he makes. It doesn't change what you are as a human
being and it doesn't make you better than anyone else or above the law. But
definitely a reminder to a kid of what not to be when they grow up.

Автор gravano2 (2 года)
@diggyu No lets accept this dog killer and torturer with open arms , I care
about the dogs not Vick . I takes a special evil to do what he did , that
is part of his make up . No normal person would do what he did , he
deserved a lot more than he got . I happen not to like animal abusers if
that is OK with you

Автор jec933 (2 года)
@Rawrlor Enslaving? God you are just stupid. I know animals are not humans
and yes, we will work towards passing laws to stop animal abuse, as their
is no excuse for it and yes, it is seriously disturbed behavior and yes, it
is okay to eat meat but kill the animal quickly so that it does not suffer.
It is all about suffering. If you make anything suffer that we know does
suffer and you then enjoy it's suffering and death you belong in prison. It
shows depraved & dangerous behavior.

Автор josh sotelo (2 года)
People see his talents and forget about what he did bc it has nothing to do
with football. Personally I think its wrong what he did but you people are
wrong for wishing death upon him. Instead of wasting your life watching sad
videos and commenting how bout you do something with yourself like track
down animal abusers and stop what.they're doing... or become lawyers to put
them away for longer periods of time. Your all wasting precious time.

Автор Lulu Kocan (1 год)
i hope your reading this people that dogs are wonderful and they deserve a
life. my dog has got a liver shunt and he is having surgery we not going to
forget this. so be nice to dogs and they will be nice to you........

Автор baielynadorj (1 год)
shove peanut butter and jelly up your dogs ass then lick it out

Автор mary m (1 год)
How the shit does he think he is fucking asshole people like that have no
concerns for other that includes dogs.Football must have gone to his head
or got kicked one to many times in the head fucking idea hope he doesnt
have any children hope someone throws the bastard in jail. Son of a bitch
cant even use enough fucking words for him someone should kick his fucking

Автор jec933 (2 года)
@joshls76 I personally don't wish death on him but I think he should have
been in prison longer and if I can convince a kid down the road to become a
lawyer or do whatever they can to get the sentences longer for these
monsters that is a good thing. Also, right now I support the organizations
that do have the power to lobby for longer prison sentences for these
monsters. What we all do counts.

Автор Zain Ali (2 года)
@77watermelon77 ahan and what abt the dogs that were put down just because
you so called experts thought that changing a dogs behaviour after 2 years
of age is impossible? how many dogs did Vick kill and how many dogs did the
vets put to sleep? ever think abt that?

Автор coolboi (1 год)
what about other animals? we should love them too. But yes dogs should not
be fighting to death.

Автор zDollFace (1 год)
@faircenter LMAO people like u need to just rot in hell . SMFH pathetic .
Fucking cold blooded bastard .

Автор diggyu (2 года)
@gravano2 If we African Americans and Micheal Vick can forgive the founding
fathers of the USA like Is Washington and Jefferson for owning slaves(no
normal person would do what they did) and America for letting it go on for
300 years (185 million africans died and or were worked and tortured to
death) while enslaved then you Vick hating people should be able to forgive
him for killing and torturing a few dogs. But you can't because forgiveness
is not in your make up is it?

Автор RSGOLDFOAM (2 года)
they shouldn't let michael vick play football

Автор gravano2 (1 год)
Stick your tongue up Vick's ass

Автор christian lara (2 года)
@ak47eir you fucking stupid idiot yes we do but we do not torture them they
are killed instantly. I hope fucking god chokes you to death like michael
vick did to the dogs!!!

Автор pagancarey (1 год)
you should have all you have.taken away .money house.cars everything you
are sick i mean ill sick in the head I do hope you do not have kids if so
remove them to a safe place away from you .kill a dog whats next then

Автор jec933 (2 года)
Never forget.

Автор CoreyL11 (1 год)
So should we just forgive Hitler? Nobody who is alive in America today
owned slaves. There's nothing to forgive white people for. The white people
of today didn't do anything wrong. Michael Vick on the other hand, did
something wrong

Автор Vexurath (1 год)
d-d-d-d-ead d-d-d-d-d-ogs may this murderer rot in hell

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