In Memory of the Dogs Michael Vick Killed...

** Video has no graphic/gory images!

This short video is made for all the dogs Michael Vick, the football player, killed in his dog fighting areas. There are only 11 of the dogs mentioned in the video but way more than that died... I couldn't locate all their names though.

The dogs were chained to rusty, nasty, old cars and car parts when they weren't being trained to fight. They were sometimes deprived of food or water to make them angry. The dogs were not ever taken to vetrinarians for care and they were never shown love by their cruel owner.

Michael Vick admitted to killing the dogs by electrocution, drowning, hanging, and by crushing at least one animal's skull against the pavement. He is going to court soon and pleading guilty --- I hope he gets put away for a LONG TIME!!!

Note: I don't own any of the pictures or the song in this video.

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Автор Splitvessle ( назад)
Is is this real if so michael vic shall burn in hell deeper than hitler

Автор RebelofLoLz 1 ( назад)
For all I care Vick can go rot in hell because those dogs were living
things that didn't deserve the cruelty Vick distributed upon them. May
those dogs rest in peace in little doggy heaven.

Автор Blake Hardison ( назад)
How many did he kill and why?

Автор amber trask ( назад)
Vick is a shellfish horrible person if he thinks killing dogs is fun then
let him burn in hell and let the dogs rest in peace.

Автор Isometruss (1174 года назад)
Vick is beast.

Автор Mi nem Funkypuma for Austin ( назад)
0:57 was super autistic because it says they SHOULDN'T be for

Автор jerriah terry ( назад)
I hate Vick..punk ass bitch

Автор Future hall of famer ( назад)

Автор Future hall of famer ( назад)

Автор Tristen Hamel ( назад)
He built the ring he helped those people ( not that they are people in
anyway shape or form ) kill those sweet dogs who could have had a happy
life so he did kill those dogs so I hope he gets the same treatment he gave
those animals I hape is is burnd , wipped as inhumanly as possible because
those deffecless dogs did not diserve that they were so cute and probably
so sweet and they had to fight be killed for those criminals entertainment
and money to me that is sick a dog is not a thing it is a living animal
.criminals like vick turn those dogs into attack dogs that they never were
before I bet . If you want to think that he is not a criminal go ahead I
cant stop you but I hope you stop and think about the damage he did to
those dogs and if those dogs had owners before they were taken think of the
griefe that they went through in my mind vick is a criminal and sickens me
for what he did I lose respect for anyone who thinks dog fighting is cool
or funny because it is not !

Автор Future hall of famer ( назад)
This is dumb he didn't kill any dogs he built the ring where they fought
and if you think about it this is natures ufc we watch people fight people
and no one cares but when a dog fights a dog oh man go straight to jail.
And God did give us dominion over animals

Автор charles123456776 ( назад)
Peas of shit hope you rott in hell bastard I hop you suffer

Автор cheryl Kay C I A ( назад)
+Blue16ty for u

Автор Staffiez B.T ( назад)
Vick is pure evil ~ Join the facebook Michael Vick Is Evil Not An Idol

Автор cheryl Kay C I A ( назад)

Автор Darrice King ( назад)
I wish it was the same with losing Quarterbacks. Tons of the dogs that he
killed would LOVE to be able to burn,electrocute,hang,drown him in their
pee infected lake,and then smash his head against concrete 11 times.

Автор BoB Brown ( назад)
vick built the ring or something like that enabling the dog fighting to
happen. He's as guilty as he was when he went to jail!!

Автор gino nakanuku ( назад)
dumb ass matthewcooper that dood killing poor animals I have a champine new
breed dog a spanish crock call 0812628695

Автор matthew cooper ( назад)
this dumb ass video.whoever made dis shyt is dumb.damn god lover

Автор scrapei ( назад)

Автор gravano2 ( назад)
Let Vick stick his dick up your ass , then suck on it . This may excite you

Автор baielynadorj ( назад)
shove peanut butter and jelly up your dogs ass then lick it out

Автор gravano2 ( назад)
Stick your tongue up Vick's ass

Автор baielynadorj ( назад)
stick your dog up your ass

Автор gravano2 ( назад)
Stick Vick up your ass

Автор Bella Bright ( назад)
you are disgusting

Автор baielynadorj ( назад)
for all you hippie loving dog fans bashing vick. You're all poor excuse of
human beings. people deserve a second chance. Right now he is helping
animals. why don't you start focusing on world hunger instead of dogs?

Автор coolboi ( назад)
just a warning to other people

Автор coolboi ( назад)
what about other animals? we should love them too. But yes dogs should not
be fighting to death.

Автор Sandra Teager ( назад)
Splendid tribute video!

Автор Debbie Rinaldo ( назад)
I can't believe that there isn't more outrage over this greedy, horrible,
form of torture & the people who get kicks out of such violent blood baths.
Vick has no remorse & is smug, cocky & full of himself. why do people watch
him make millions knowing he caused such pain? do they not want to SEE the
truth or just don't care because it's a football player? we need laws.
anyone involved will get punished to the fullest for participating. Vick
should still be paying for his crime not making money

Автор Jackeline Rolly ( назад)

Автор julie hesser-wende ( назад)

Автор Goldencity musicman ( назад)
Fuck Michael vick. He should go to prison again, for another 20 years.

Автор Lolo Dean ( назад)
@Andrew J. Murrietta talk about the deer and shit yall coon asses kill they
have fucking family too

Автор Lolo Dean ( назад)
@LADYLEZGAMER bitch leave his family out of it MV is a grown ass man his
family didnt fight them muthafuckn dogs

Автор Vexurath ( назад)
d-d-d-d-ead d-d-d-d-d-ogs may this murderer rot in hell

Автор Andrew J. Murrietta ( назад)
N 2 da I G G 2 da E R

Автор Chuck Trujillo ( назад)
I wish Tig from SOA was real so he can shoot him!

Автор gravano2 ( назад)
You don't turn it off and on like a switch , he doesn't fool me .

Автор sammycat2 ( назад)
Once an abuser, always an abuser... No matter what the abuse was...

Автор sammycat2 ( назад)
If a "foetus is not alive" then when does it "become alive" and when the
hell does it become a human being? It's a human being from the moment it's
conceived, and it has nerve endings and feels pain the very same as any
baby that has been born... That's the bloody problem - people think if they
hide their heads in the sand and say that "a foetus" ie. a baby that's
unborn, doesn't feel any pain, then that's ok and it makes it true...
Idiots.. No wonder animals are abused, when unborns are too

Автор sean cosby ( назад)
ill kill this nigger

Автор Troy Remy ( назад)
You have shown your true colors. Adios.

Автор joe martin ( назад)
gentlemen, Vick has done his time and he is penitent. Why not give him a

Автор Troy Remy ( назад)
BS and you are an idiot. How about you don't claim to "beat the shit out of
some guy" ..... instead tell us you have dedicated your career to rescuing
dogs. That would be taking action.

Автор afpineau ( назад)
Ummmmm.....no it wasn't necessary. First off, most people hate those who
abuse animals, so your opinion is insignificant. Secondly, you aren't
accomplishing shit running your mouth on youtube. You think anyone made a
god damn difference doing that? Have fun saving the world, dumbass

Автор fire78816 ( назад)
@CoreyL11 o white peiple enslaved black people but we forgave them

Автор fire78816 ( назад)
@MsLwordGal bro really

Автор ATENakaATON ( назад)
Why should the founding fathers be forgiven? Are you even in a position to
forgive them? Your not in a position to do anything about what they did, so
you can't forgive them and if they could be made to pay for what they did,
they should be made to pay for what they did, and of course this same
principle applies to Vick. Michael Vick is a bad deep down, it's not just
what he has done but who he is. I'm sure he still attends dog fights, just
farther away from the public eye.

Автор afpineau ( назад)
well that was unnecessary....

Автор afpineau ( назад)
forgive them? Dude, no one did shit to you. Maybe your ancestors suffered
which is sad but come on. Stop playing a victim

Автор lolz ( назад)
I use to be so scared of dogs when I was little, still am now a little bit,
not all dogs are friendly especially the ones here, I hate dogs

Автор Lulu Kocan ( назад)
i hope your reading this people that dogs are wonderful and they deserve a
life. my dog has got a liver shunt and he is having surgery we not going to
forget this. so be nice to dogs and they will be nice to you........

Автор Lulu Kocan ( назад)
BOILING WATER WHEN YOUR ALIVE !!!!!!!! you shouldn't say that dogs can save
your life you know there not all bad and ugly un like you and you know no
dog is ugly they are beautiful animals and they have a life as well you

Автор he929 ( назад)
@faircenter Ok you know what? Since we're gonna burn dogs lets also burn
all your family and friends... Why not there's too many people. Dumbass
fuck you bastard go rot in hell!

Автор CoreyL11 ( назад)
So should we just forgive Hitler? Nobody who is alive in America today
owned slaves. There's nothing to forgive white people for. The white people
of today didn't do anything wrong. Michael Vick on the other hand, did
something wrong

Автор CoreyL11 ( назад)
You're an idiot. I'd chose a dog over you any day

Автор mary m (449 лет назад)
How the shit does he think he is fucking asshole people like that have no
concerns for other that includes dogs.Football must have gone to his head
or got kicked one to many times in the head fucking idea hope he doesnt
have any children hope someone throws the bastard in jail. Son of a bitch
cant even use enough fucking words for him someone should kick his fucking

Автор Ak47eier ( назад)
Deam!.. why do you have that kind of love for a dog? If you meet my dog he
will show you a kind of dog love, all animals are the same even pigs can be
a sosial animals If you train them well, we humans like to separet
everything for our benefits, thats what happened to a dog, we sepparet dogs
from their animal world for good, easy with the dog love eventually you
gonna end up fucking a dog;) Instead love human beings for fuck sake.

Автор Rachetx Budha ( назад)
Black ops micheal vick

Автор Candice Marie ( назад)
@cukaet Sorry I am only 14. Haha!:)

Автор christian lara (118 лет назад)
@ak47eir you fucking stupid idiot yes we do but we do not torture them they
are killed instantly. I hope fucking god chokes you to death like michael
vick did to the dogs!!!

Автор Ak47eier ( назад)
You people are Insaine and haters ! why are you making this story so
spesial ? Its jus a fucking dog for god sake, do you ever think about the
meat you eat everyday? they are living animals too just like the dog but we
kills them and eat them ! Stop this Insanity, and for the one who made this
video fuck your self !

Автор Scream Fail ( назад)
M Vick should have not got back in the NFL

Автор cukaet ( назад)
Learn to spell.

Автор FerociaKatora ( назад)
For you who say 'it's just a dog, fuck it'; Remember this: Dogs have
demonstrated intelligence similar to a 3-4 year old child. A dog can learn
up to 300 word commands. Dogs get depressed, they cry, they show
unconditional love despite poor treatment. If you still think 'fuck it'; go
online and search pictures of 'Gypsy', one of Vick's losing dogs. If that
doesn't move you, you have no heart, and will never feel anything.

Автор Candice Marie ( назад)
Kill Him instead of the dogs! That will teach him a leason in life! -:(

Автор mclaindennis ( назад)
Yeah, Vick is and always be a pile of shit

Автор 1996tal ( назад)
i like how f**king people get arrested for killing animals but when it
comes to killing other people nothing is done they are let free!!!! bitch

Автор Richard roze ( назад)
your just said that cause he is your fav player so fuck you and jump of a
buiding then you feel how the dogs feel

Автор Richard roze ( назад)
and the idoit who like this vid as a joke cause this is not a joke what as
so as a animal person died they would never come back

Автор Richard roze ( назад)
now this so sad i was just going looking at players then this came up and
he shound just killed hiself cause it wount matter to me after the dog he
killed dog what now is he going to killed more dog

Автор jewanna wannat ( назад)
@Marquisrodriguez120... Are you joking? How someone can get pleasure out of
not only torturing,but watching idly as their "pet" is ripped to shreds is
disgusting. As are you. And learn how to spell correctly.

Автор multiedge22 ( назад)
to bad hes making over 1,million dollas

Автор Ben Dover ( назад)
Why did Michael Vick go to jail? He is famous nothing should of happened to

Автор Julia Perry ( назад)
i cannot believe you just said that.. dogs have the right to a happy life
just as much if not more than people! we're all animals. what gives us the
right to live more than other animals? NOTHING! so shut up and stop being
an asshole because these dogs went through something horrible, and if you
went through it you'd probably not recover as well as they did. Sorry but
people like you just make me sick.

Автор Della Ament ( назад)
why just why! In what way did it benifit him?

Автор CreamNSkunk ( назад)
@izaiaw EAGLES FAN ALERT EAGLES FAN ALERT If this was Eli Manning you would
NOT have posted this.

Автор ggvck Kimi g ( назад)
These aren't even the dogs and why are y'all worried about dogs wen there
are people getting killed but no let's not save the people let's save the
dogs........ya good idea I love dogs but come on it happened get over it!!!

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@jec933 Did I at say in my post I was a slave? None of you were actual dogs
that Vick made fight and tortured but you feel for them and what they had
to go through this is Empathy. None of us were Jews in Nazi Germany but we
all shed tears when we saw Schindlers list didn't we?=Empathy. I hate what
he did but the name calling and hate directed at him is childish and a huge
character flaw. If you foregive a person it heals both them and you hate
does the opposite it makes you both sick.

Автор gravano2 ( назад)
@diggyu How many years did you spend as a slave ? I agree that blacks have
had it bad in the past and sometimes now as well . I am proud to say that
blacks in my area are good people and we treat each other as people . I bet
Vick did not have to forgive the white man for signing his 100 mill cheque
. I feel sorry for blacks and whites who do not have a job to support their
families , victims forgive - his are silent

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@gravano2 If we African Americans and Micheal Vick can forgive the founding
fathers of the USA like Is Washington and Jefferson for owning slaves(no
normal person would do what they did) and America for letting it go on for
300 years (185 million africans died and or were worked and tortured to
death) while enslaved then you Vick hating people should be able to forgive
him for killing and torturing a few dogs. But you can't because forgiveness
is not in your make up is it?

Автор gravano2 ( назад)
@diggyu No lets accept this dog killer and torturer with open arms , I care
about the dogs not Vick . I takes a special evil to do what he did , that
is part of his make up . No normal person would do what he did , he
deserved a lot more than he got . I happen not to like animal abusers if
that is OK with you

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@gravano2 Does hating someone that has paid the price that the law of the
land said would be suffice for the crime he committed make any since?

Автор gravano2 ( назад)
@diggyu Does talking about abortion on a site dedicated to animal abuse
make any sense ?

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@jec933 Women are having abortions up to six months into their term, I was
born at six months so i do not think you can call that a fetus. I love all
animals It is just hard for me to understand the hatred directed at Vick
and the pass given to the women who have abortions 15 thousand babies were
aborted last week not one camera or reporter was there, while they followed
Vick around for three years and still are. It was nice talking to you and
have a good night peace be with you.

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@jec933 Some people might not feel a fetus is a human but at the same time
everyone know a dog is not a human and never will be. How come it doesn't
bother you when babies are burned with acid and sliced up by surgical
instruments in their mothers womb and then hrown away with even less regard
than Vick gave those dogs. This site Youtube is not devoted to the victims
of dog fighting it is devoted to making money.

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@jec933 Im not trying to argue with you and until Youtube tells me I can't
post my opinion wherever I want on their site I will continue to do so. You
are the one that is depraved the abortion of 50 million Human beings
doesn't bother you but the death of less than a hundred dogs does hoe is
that possible? You kill a canine your monster you kill your baby it's your
right LMFAO

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@jec933 3000 babies a day are slaughtered in what should be the safest
place on Earth the womb of their mother and you fools crying about a few
dogs. Get your mind right.

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@jec933 Im not a film maker Im that is why I was asking Cindy to make one
and you say it has nothing to do with dogs ok but it has everything to do
with Hipocrisy that is America.

Автор diggyu ( назад)
@jec933 They should do a video like this for the 50 million babies that
have been aborted since 1973.

Автор Jarvis Jenkins ( назад)
never forget dogs , really, so fuck every other animal , just dogs, if
every damn dog on this earth died i think the ecosystem would be untouched,
we got whales in the ocean that mean a shit ton more than some fucking
dogs, i love my dog but damn, can we love some other animals, yall some
fucking freaks man, i fight turtles so what!!

Автор Zain Ali ( назад)
@jec933 I dont give a rats ass for Vick or the NFL i am trying to save as
many pit bulls from getting put down as I can and I will not bother you if
you dont get bothered !

Автор Zain Ali ( назад)
@jec933 sometimes monsters can be heroes and some times heroes change to
monsters. The pit bull was an american hero once he is a monster now, being
killed for the very thing he was created to do :(

Автор Zain Ali ( назад)
@jec933 if you cant change it Y bother talking abt it ? and its ppl like
you who will make his children and his wife feel bad , what do you think
his children dont have access to youtube, cant they read all the rubbish
ppl like you are writing abt their dad in vivid details.Dont tell me to
worry abt his kids , take a good look at your face in the mirror if there
is any way his children are going to know its going to be with the help of
retards like you !

Автор Zain Ali ( назад)
@jec933 whose forcing dogs to fight for me ? plz dont bite me I dont want
to have u put down you have such puppy eyes lol

Автор Zain Ali ( назад)
@jec933 dont worry I will never fight you I dont fight strays pooch man lol

Автор Zain Ali ( назад)
@jec933 Vick does not even wipe his ass with people like you he doesn't
care what you think , so you better mind your own business and carry on
with your pointless existence , and stop working in shelters you have
started to act like a pit bull angry man ull soon be put down for biting
someone now run along pooch man ( who let the dog out woof woof ) lol

Автор Zain Ali ( назад)
@jec933 its not only the fighting dogs that are being put down genius any
dog that bites a person is killed. I dont see you commenting on those
videos not to kill those dogs. you might not run the shelters but you have
fingers and you can type. You can at least post a comment instead of
running after Vick who is already caught by the law and will be punished
accordingly. the story of Vick and his dogs is history use your energies to
change the future instead of crying over spilt milk

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