Minecraft Diamond Generator (1.7_01 Piston Exploit)

Click here to see how to build a simple version of this:

Just some info:
1. Yes this is indeed real, or rather it was, when minecraft was back in version 1.7_01 (June 2011) and pistons were first added to the game, this could be achieved, and worked in single player and multi player games alike
2. I was using Zombes mod for flying and nocliping, Too Many Items (TMI) mod to build with.
3. This was a random world I created just to demonstrate this, it doesn't exist anymore, although if you really wanted to build it, none of this is considerably difficult to figure out.
4. Shut the fuck up about chickens.
5. You have been able to craft diamond blocks into diamonds since well before pistons came out.

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Автор Larissa Chan ( назад)
can you op me if I join?

Автор Larissa Chan ( назад)
can you op me if I join?

Автор Minecraft10123 ( назад)
just sad really sad U KILLED THE FOCKIN CHICKEN >:(

Автор айдар шыныбаев ( назад)
whyyy! }:[ i kill you because you kill chiken

Автор TankDempsey101 ( назад)
I just want to know how to make one !!!!!

Автор OMGits Mike ( назад)
I did it with the nether portal, and it worked!

Автор willkurr ( назад)
Exploits are supposed to be reported privately to the bug report website.

Автор Tiesiog Nojus ( назад)
sorry but for me it doesn't give diamond blocks. I put one and i have one
:((( its a mod i fink, or your computer is very bad because he

Автор KryphosMDSavimies ( назад)
he copied it from Dw20

Автор Emīls Millers ( назад)
0:20 Diamond I left underground, oops

Автор PowerFapper ( назад)
im not tryna be mean or anything but do u write a paper of comebacks to all
the gay comments lol

Автор Delrosss ( назад)
Dont kill that chicken its super cute XD

Автор Casey Pelt ( назад)
So it's a piston glitch you can do it with all blocks what happens it the
piston pushes the dimand block when the stick piston is in mid re track so
the block goes both ways and the cycle repeats....... I r smatr lol

Автор adamiscoolization ( назад)
Lol the chicken

Автор Quaty Quaty ( назад)

Автор Bubzie ( назад)

Автор Darkness - Limit-Uch ( назад)
Chiken :trolface: xDD

Автор Joshua Quidlat ( назад)
Fun not

Автор crash979797 ( назад)
There was no creative mode in Beta 1.7 you twat.

Автор Zach ( назад)
ya that was good but tell us or show us dont just walk around

Автор Kevin Mohamed ( назад)
thanks for the help awesome!!!

Автор Johnathan Templin ( назад)

Автор Johnathan Templin ( назад)
Except for the owner of this video, All of you are shits. Little
cocksucking shits. SUCK IT, ASSHOLES!

Автор firecooldragony jr ( назад)
your videos suck balls

Автор zpotts2012 ( назад)
And you, my friend, talk like shit!

Автор firecooldragony jr ( назад)
no a fense you talk shit

Автор firecooldragony jr ( назад)

Автор zpotts2012 ( назад)
Nah, "Tower of Power" is a fairly common name for various things, but I'm
sure your parents must be very proud of your find.

Автор firecooldragony jr ( назад)
you copy paulsoarjr 's tower name tower of power

Автор armandolaredo ( назад)
chiken: u mad?

Автор alfredo garcia ( назад)
you cant because now we have creative and different things and i

Автор IncogInfidel ( назад)
Why you fail at killin da chicken.

Автор Daniel Reis ( назад)
podes mandar-me o mapa

Автор zettv2 ( назад)
what its fake? noob

Автор zpotts2012 ( назад)
With all due respect, I must say two things in response to this: 1) Read
the description, 2) I hope your next shit is a porcupine.

Автор XDXDXDdante ( назад)
you were in a creative way, you put diamonds in the event generator........
LOL!!!!! FAKE!!!!

Автор Chris de Wet ( назад)
probably won't work in 1.3.2 :(

Автор DepriveAura ( назад)
I miss 1.7 :c

Автор simonino141 ( назад)
it is 1.2.5?

Автор Joe G ( назад)
stupid and gay

Автор Morrie BUDLER ( назад)
If u have the Xbox edition just duplicate, u will never regret it. :D

Автор Conor Smyth ( назад)
I must get these dimonds....Wait....Must kill this chicken.....lol

Автор Lukejaques ( назад)
Why do you watch it when it's already outdated, then you comment: how to
make it? how do you make it or whatever blah blah can't you READ the
description??? It says it just works in the older versions of minecraft!!

Автор francisco flores ( назад)
R.I.P. Chicken

Автор webwebuseful ( назад)
Great now how do you make it?

Автор ctmkrew (791 год назад)
fuck u

Автор Rohan Joshi ( назад)

Автор George Machin ( назад)
U got owned by a chicken

Автор Aggie The Dinosaur ( назад)
they are mostly for decoration

Автор Jackxismine ( назад)
RIP Chicken

Автор Eve Krüger ( назад)
das ghet sogar geil hab das in meiner ganz normalen welt nachgebaut wo ich
net cheate un da hab ich jetz ganzviel dia eisen und gold

Автор David Lampone (937 лет назад)
thanks this will help me alot1 :)

Автор Set Klotz (1874 года назад)
poor chicken

Автор DCGxCHAOSx1998 ( назад)

Автор K Rich ( назад)
1:02 Chicken tried to run away

Автор kokodk2 ( назад)

Автор ma1101co ( назад)
how it's made!? i dont like videos like this

Автор ilangshot ( назад)
no idiotic mad

Автор devin3071 ( назад)
which mad? crazy mad or angry mad?

Автор ilangshot ( назад)
not understanding what the video is about is not an opinion. UMAD? also
putting this "................" makes u look stupider

Автор devin3071 ( назад)
Like i said you can't handle my opinion and drop it...........sad.

Автор ilangshot ( назад)
you said probably not possibly.. UMAD? also, its not the same, because if
mods are disabled in a MULTIPLAYER SERVER, you'd be able to duplicate
still, THAT was the whole point. you just cant understand anything.

Автор devin3071 ( назад)
Wow going back on your own word remember "just making conclusions" how
would i have known how you looked? Also I said possibly.I'm done arguing
with a no life just cause you can't accept my opinion. And this and modding
are the same except this takes work.

Автор ilangshot ( назад)
1st you dont know shit about me. and youre just making conclusions. 2nd
your grammar isnt that good fuckwad. and so what if i dont have good
grammar? its not my first language idiot. 3rd i have irl videos, if u call
that fat then damn u must be some anorexic bitch.. going outside? stupid
hypocrite. you go on this video, which you clicked on, knowing what the
video is about, then comment on how to do it modding. which is the opposite
of the goal of the video

Автор devin3071 ( назад)
For One just cause you know you can dissable them doesn't mean you have
them.Two,something called youtube,ya know it shows you shit like how to use
them and what not.Three use alot better grammar you nimwit,your probably
some fat kid arguing with me about mods.Also try doing something active
like,going outside or hanging with ppl not arguing over mods and mincraft.

Автор ilangshot ( назад)
of course i do fuckin idiot thats why i know that they can be disabled. WOW
ur more retarded than i thought

Автор devin3071 ( назад)
lol is it that you dont know how to download a mod?

Автор ilangshot ( назад)
you can turn diamond blocks into diamonds.. according to martinnico ,
diamond blocks are pointless, he means the whole thing, and what you can
turn it to.. maybe he shouldve been more specific on what the gold blocks
are useless for. which in this video, is not.

Автор ilangshot ( назад)
holy fuck i hate comments like that. of course you can, this is when mods
are disabled like multiplayer, idiot.

Автор Ian Kennedy ( назад)
Well u can turn diamond blocks into diamonds

Автор pokechat8978 ( назад)
He said diamond BLOCKS are pointless. Not diamonds. What would you possibly
use diamonds blocks for?? Its kinda a waste of diamonds. And using diamonds
blocks to make a building, it looks bad. unless you think you're rich in

Автор devin3071 ( назад)
somethin called single player commands use them..........

Автор Trey Nielsen ( назад)
So today i built a wood axe

Автор EpKarr ( назад)
Doesn't work on xbox :(

Автор Sofia Medina ( назад)

Автор monkeymaniac2 ( назад)
ahh back in the old days when if u had 9 diamonds u had unlimited diamonds

Автор forkduo ( назад)
Whoever thinks this is fake... Fuck off bro cuz it was a glitch wen pistons
first came out. Stop hating

Автор doc8091 ( назад)

Автор sir filipe ( назад)

Автор legoblackops11 ( назад)
Well you make a diamond block wit 9 diamond and you get 9 diamond back.

Автор iDestroyPvP ( назад)
142 people that hates diamond disliked this video.

Автор Blood Rouge ( назад)

Автор xXEV1LTOASTERXx ( назад)
So you're saying diamonds are pointless ? you can turn a diamond block into
9 diamonds, i wouldn't say diamonds are pointless.

Автор Mrmartinnico ( назад)
you know that diamond blocks are pointless ?

Автор zakbot ( назад)

Автор Lil_Tunechi_78 ( назад)
Can you make a video showing how you made the machine

Автор ProMiner1324 ( назад)
This doesn't work any more

Автор tufast4u69 ( назад)
I have the exbox version and they didn't have an update (lyer)

Автор samuraioflames ( назад)
so that means i can still do this glitch as soon as they come out with the
update for xbox which should be in 1 day

Автор FURY Clan ( назад)
its fake i think it a fun glish maby its real

Автор RoBornShadow ( назад)
if you spawn near the desert look around on creative while you are high and
you will see a village with a blacksmith that blacsmith's chest has 5

Автор RoBornShadow ( назад)
try this seed -4319165515889428868

Автор TjTragic29 ( назад)

Автор Madmadness64 ( назад)
Dont worry, the next MCX360 update is going to be Beta 1.7, so we may be
able to do this again. :)

Автор Dylan Scroggin ( назад)

Автор Leeroy Jenkins ( назад)
It's only for 1.7.....It was fixed back in 1.8

Автор Gearian ( назад)
did it work for you ?

Автор Oain ( назад)
A glich? or not a glitch only one way to find out

Автор ConfucedTurtle Smith ( назад)
who are u i went to that surver and i died some one killed me

Автор SSVxGR0V3R ( назад) look at it

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