Buffalo head shot 300 Rem Ultra Mag

Perfect head shot with a 300 Rem Ultra mag. Taken in Eastern Washington. This bull weighs in around 1700 lbs

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Автор sansalka ( назад)
El tiro perfecto....300 Remington un arma ideal para cazeria a larga
distancia..Thanks for the vidio.

Автор mechmusician ( назад)
Fantastic shot! Hopefully you ate him and made a nice blanket.

Автор Harry Everett ( назад)
why dose everyone watch it if they know they don't like it!! 

Автор dermerlo ( назад)

Автор jdblake22 ( назад)
Not a huge fan of head shots on animals, but very nice kill.. Delicious..

Автор fluxcapacitor05 ( назад)
Nice Shot!

Автор halbie71 ( назад)
Ignorant, lowlifes, pussies getting their kicks killing such a magnificent

Автор lily medvick ( назад)
What the hell is wrong with you, why would you randomly shoot an innocent
animal? Dumbass.

Автор 10quixote ( назад)
Driving up to a beast & shooting it is known as 'Roadsiding' here in the
UK. For all the skill & fieldcraft it requires you might as well just take
a shot at a dairy cow, as Sunny71169 says. Nice ethics guys, keep up the
good work..............let's see if your next video shows you shooting
something from more than 50 yards away that you've dragged your fat arses
out of the vehicle to actually work for? Arseholes

Автор naturebc ( назад)
and who really gives a shit about you, your heart and the fact that you are
a pussy

Автор sunny71169 ( назад)
And another You Tube Keyboard warrior is heard from. That whooping and
carrying on is silly-no skill no courage was required to shoot that huge
animal in the head at close range after driving up to it. If this was not
supposed to be a hunting video what do you think was the point of posting
it, just to show a huge animal die? Like I wrote the first time, might as
well drive up to my farm, shoot one of my cows and post THAT. Watch
"Warthog hunt, great shot." THAT guy has game. 

Автор v1antbo ( назад)
That's not hunting ! that's a bunch of assholes in a truck shooting a still
animal . Fuck you

Автор yeosch25i ( назад)
"and you call that hunting? Let me guess..." No! He never did call it
"hunting", asshole!! You don't know the story behind this. Kinda figured a
"farmer" like you would consider the possibilities.

Автор Tampaslice ( назад)
Hoping to get a look at the punk coward so we can hunt him and his family
down and gut them real good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Tampaslice ( назад)
Hunters...aka uneducated inbreds, are so fucking stupid and cowardly.
Someone find this punks kids and behead them...after you rape them! We
can't let this inbreds genes infect the rest of the planet! Got a head shot
waiting for you!

Автор RotaryLover87 ( назад)
I don't see how the words that you've uttered toward what I've said form
any relationship with the deaths of those children at Sandy Hook
Elementary. Or, if you're refering to Adam Lanza. You sound like a "New Age

Автор Chad Hammer ( назад)
...and that's why we almost made them extinct. =^)

Автор Dark Western ( назад)
Just like in Oregon trail!

Автор rjmcleod21 ( назад)
I live in the Mackenzie River Delta in Canada's Northwest Territories. A
few years back we had many moose around but now there are FAR less thanks
to wolves. The wolves on the other hand have grown in numbers and it is not
uncommon to see them at the local landfill scavenging what they can since
there is so much interspecific competition for resources. Density dependent
factors such as disease and cannibalism are proof that their numbers are
too high. 

Автор Antithropocentric ( назад)
Where are these dense wolf populations you speak of? Give coordinates. You
seem a lot more attuned to reality than I expected, seeing your channel
with its slo-mo geese snuff video, etc. You're a rarity, it seems.

Автор Fred Archer ( назад)
might as well shoot cattle that is not hunting,come to Africa for a real
hunt in the bush or in the eastern cape mountains then you brag.

Автор rjmcleod21 ( назад)
There's no elk where I live. I'm not talking about a few wolves interfering
with man's own pursuits either! I'm talking about a population of wolves
that are so overpopulated that they eat almost anything they can including
people's pets and so overpopulated that disease is becoming more common. I
hope wolves never become extinct because they play an important role in
nature but I also don't want them to exceed their carrying capacity and
disrupt natures balance. Hunter's love nature !!

Автор Antithropocentric ( назад)
Define "lots," you ignorant punk. Man has decimated countless species and
forced many into extinction. A few hundred wolves interfere with canned elk
hunts and you bitch about them being "overpopulated," but you could care
less whether they even survive as a species. All you care about is
destroying stuff and voting for GOP losers. It's called evil and it doesn't
recognize itself in a mirror. Go ahead and call me a "tree-hugger" now. You
can't come up with anything rational or meaningful.

Автор Antithropocentric ( назад)
You bitch about a relative handful of wolves, but you probably think people
are NOT overpopulated, with a net annual population gain of 80 MILLION.
What a sick set of priorities you have. I see your YouTube channel is
typical white trash shoot-up-nature bullshit, gunning down birds, etc. with
metal music in the background. Worthless nature-hater.

Автор Antithropocentric ( назад)
"That's how they got so many in the early days" says the soulless white
trash piece of shit (at the end of this clip). Welcome to the GOP's entire
mindset toward nature.

Автор sunny71169 ( назад)
So you drive up to a herd of buffalo milling around, put one in his head
from maybe 100 yards or less, then drive over to butcher him and you call
that hunting? Let me guess, you were "hunting" on a buffalo farm. I enjoy
hunting as much as the next guy, maybe more, but that's not hunting. Might
as well come to my dairy farm and shoot one of my cows. Just my opinion. At
least it was a clean kill, I'll give you that. 

Автор rjmcleod21 ( назад)
There is! There's lots of whales left! Polar bears too! And wolves are

Автор cfhhellrazor ( назад)
For real? You shot the last f@ckin buffalo? I hear there's still a few
whales left.

Автор stuwhit08 ( назад)
YEA lets go out and shoot some fucking bison! MERICA!

Автор MSM4U2POM ( назад)
"Why would I want to debate with someone who obviously has no idea on the
subject matter"? ROFL! So enlighten me! I'm giving you the opportunity -
right now - to demonstrate with cogent and reasoned argument, that taking
life for fun is morally acceptable. So far all you've come up with are
strawmen, ad hominems and nonsequiturs. You can do better than that,
surely? I mean, as you've just pointed out, you're the expert! 

Автор Frontiersman89 ( назад)
Why would I want to debate with someone who obviously has no idea on the
subject matter? Completely pointless. 

Автор MSM4U2POM ( назад)
"It's so clear you know nothing about hunting, you shouldn't open your
mouth about stuff you know nothing about". Great reposte! I think we see
why you don't like debate much - you're shit at it.

Автор MSM4U2POM ( назад)
Probably because he needed to, mate. So tell me, of the people you hear
clapping and cheering in the background when the animal drops dead, how
many of them would you say are doing so because their survival depends on
it? Exactly. If I were as weak as that one, I'd go to bed.

Автор bud smoker ( назад)
why do you think man started hunting ?

Автор bud smoker ( назад)
you are very much mistaken, the main reason why people hunt animals is for
food. not everyone in the world lives near a grocery store. it is crazy
that in less than 250 years people have gone from being self sufficient
hunters and gatherers to being so disconnected from what your eating that
you dont understand why others would kill a cow or buffalo for hamburger,
or why people kill boars for bacon

Автор Frontiersman89 ( назад)
Everyone look! We got a super educated internet badass here! He knows
everything about hunting and the reasons behind it! Even though he doesn't
hunt! What a genius! Looks like he's got a PhD in debates and arguments
too, WATCH OUT! It's true though isn't not? You complain about hunting, so
you sure as hell better not eat any protein from animals. It's not hard
bud, just true. It's so clear you know nothing about hunting, you shouldn't
open your mouth about stuff you know nothing about :)

Автор MSM4U2POM ( назад)
"You have no idea of what its all about or even the purpose of it". Well
unless I'm very much mistaken, the purpose of it is too kill an animal or a
bird (or preferably LOTS of animals and birds) for the simple reason that
you love doing it. What other reason CAN there be? 

Автор MSM4U2POM ( назад)
"I hope you don't eat meat". Oh Christ, I never expected THAT! Golden rule
of debate, bud: the strength of your position is directly and exponentially
proportional to your opponent's reliance on strawmen. Go and look up those
big words in a dictionary, and then come back with something vaguely
intelligent. Please. Pretty please. 

Автор Ken S ( назад)
I shot some tofu once and never ate it. Is that wanton waste?

Автор chapmasi ( назад)
If you shoot it, skin it, eat it, use it.... I'd 100% support it. Anyone
out there who eats meat and isn't willing to kill the animal themselves is
a fucking hypocrite

Автор bud smoker ( назад)
a dead animal is no use to you huh ? have you ever eaten a ham sandwich ? i
bet the only meat you eat is out of a plastic package. no wonder why you
have no respect for hunters, you have no idea what its all about or even
the purpose of it. put it this way 200 years ago if you didnt personally
hunt or fish you did not eat

Автор Frontiersman89 ( назад)
I hope you don't eat meat.

Автор JTelli786 ( назад)
who said im looking for a fight, i asked you a simple question, "why look
up this video", kind of ironic when you say im looking for a fight when
your the one resorting to violence, and "people like me get on your
nerves", you mean people willing to have a mature conversation and act like
grown adults? i apologize if my maturity offends you, and im also sorry for
not realizing what you said, its kind of hard to understand someone when
your picking through all the profanity.

Автор jasLBJ23 ( назад)
btw yes im 9 you guessed it my good sir. you just proved how insanely
stupid you are, people like you get on my nerves so bad that hey who cares
ill let out some profanity, if it bothers you that much i will for sure
cease my rant of inappropriate language.I know your looking for an internet
fight by posting idiotic comments such was you did. you dont even take the
time to even think for a second about a comment you just say something to
try and start drama. read what i wrote, youll get it

Автор JTelli786 ( назад)
getting big now are we? trying to prove what a "badass" you are over the
internet, youve only proven how immature you are, if you cant respect other
peoples opinion, and argue like a child rather than like an adult then i
see no point in continuing, have a good day.

Автор jasLBJ23 ( назад)
are you fucking stupid you bitch? or can you not understand plain fucking
english holy shit. i said ID FIGURED ID GIVE IT A SHOT! and ended up being
like i have scene every other time. fucking idiot 

Автор JTelli786 ( назад)
then you came just to troll it

Автор jasLBJ23 ( назад)
it was on a side thumbnail just figured id give it a shot, didnt look up
shit, dip shit

Автор JTelli786 ( назад)
why would you look up this "shit ass video"?

Автор jasLBJ23 ( назад)
why would you even upload this shit ass video? i love hunting its what i
was brouht up with but i will never go buffalo "hunting" i wanted to until
iv seen hunts such as this one, its the most unsporty big game hunting
there is nearly. they are all but tame

Автор anatomycat98 ( назад)
This was recommended along with "Bizarre Foods- Asia." That's awkward

Автор MrSzubhuti ( назад)
This is NOT hunting! This is KILLING! Why don't shoot stinger raket???

Автор Philip Young ( назад)
As long as they eat it,"I don't see a problem." Bison is better than beef &
is better for you... 

Автор Spanky McGee ( назад)
Only moving vehicles. 

Автор JohnDoe0329 ( назад)
Do you eat meat

Автор TheRealTaco ( назад)
isn't this illegal shooting inside a vehicle?

Автор 123whoib ( назад)
I'm 100% native and that shot was fucking awesome. So you guys can just
shut up lol

Автор Kestrel Ki ( назад)
Well then, what you need to do is give up your home, every road you drive
on, every store, replant the trees, then you won't be pushing them into a
smaller and smaller habit where things like this NEED to be done. The only
thing crazy is how many fruity retards like you who watch a god damn video
on youtube and think they no why its being done, RESEARCH.

Автор LiberalsAreGaywads ( назад)
Why do these self righteous jackasses post on hunting videos?

Автор Dandypanty ( назад)
no animal hunts its own. but every animal hunts. why is it so weird for

Автор Dandypanty ( назад)
why did you come on this hunting video to preach your bull shit? want us to
go to jolly farm and complain about your interests? fuck off or grab a gun

Автор 1MuchButteR1 ( назад)
Just don't hunt exotic wild big cats, that's the hunting I am against,
because many species are going extinct. 

Автор MrCaptainNObeard ( назад)
Your the one name calling. Must be hard to sit with all that butthurt eh?

Автор Pray4Mojo ( назад)
I agree. I never have done anything like that either. But I wouldn't
hesitate to kill an animal for food if I needed to. 

Автор MSM4U2POM ( назад)
I can honestly put my hand over my heart and say that I have never once
aimed a firearm at any living thing - nor do I have any intention of doing
so. The reasons are simple: firstly, it is quite possible to have fun with
a handgun, rifle, or shotgun without killing anything; secondly, the
animal's life is not mine to take; lastly, a dead animal or bird is of no
use to me whatsoever. Killing for fun is downright despicable; turning it
into a spectator sport is beneath contempt.

Автор scorp5642 ( назад)
Mmm think of all that Buffalo burger! Just watching this is making me

Автор MSM4U2POM ( назад)
What a strange world we live in: if a man shoots a defenceless human being
it's an act of cowardice, but when he does exactly the same thing to an
animal it's something to be proud of. There must be some logic to it
somewhere, or maybe it's just the hunting fraternity's way of deluding
itself that what they do is somehow justifiable.

Автор AEdgar86 ( назад)
personally i think hunting is fun. i dont like killing animals unless im
going to eat it tho. i dont like killing just to practice my shots. its a
waste of a good animal. thats just me.

Автор bluemoone1 ( назад)
The only serious problem I have is that your not in my sights, I would love
to see the puff of hot air from that shot. Funny that you bemoan the fact
that I am "doing it again" when you yourself responded! What a moron!! Quit
talking about my dick faggot!

Автор CODHELPUS ( назад)
See you are doing it again !! Man you have a serious problem, get some help
before it's too late. Oh by the way, if I needed pictures of a dick all I
would need is a portrait shot of YOU.

Автор bluemoone1 ( назад)
They did it on foot until they had horses, they did it on horses until they
had trucks you fool. Time marches on, you keep pm'ing me for pictures of my
dick and it isn't going to happen. When you call someone gay on a public
forum then turn around and message them for pictures of their dick in
private, I do believe that makes you the gay one. Your right, you don't
have to hide it but it won't seem to tittilating to you when someone
buttstrokes you with their rifle. A gay joke at your expense :)

Автор CODHELPUS ( назад)
But the indians still did it on foot you fool! Also noticed that you seem
to have an obsession with male anatomical sexual parts....Manmeat,
Butthurt, Pecker, Rape........Oh dear, Oh dear, You don't have to hide
being gay these days you know, just be honest with yourself.

Автор bluemoone1 ( назад)
Thank you, you actually mad me laugh when you got so butthurt! The Indians
used to hide and chase the buffalo into a stampede off of bluffs, I guess
you find that wankerish also. Listen!! I think I just heard a tree needing
a hug, try to keep your little pecker in your pants when you hug this one,
no means no! Just because your momma never told you no doesn't mean you get
to rape everything!

Автор CODHELPUS ( назад)
You've just prooved what a moron you are by that reply...not even funny
gayboy !! And if anyone on here thinks that rolling up to an animal in a
truck is hunting you are sadly deluded, as when the indians did it at least
they WERE hunting. But if you want to think that you are brave hunters then
that prooves your sad mental state. Maybe next time run the fucking animal
down and save the bullet for yourself pussies!

Автор bluemoone1 ( назад)
Ditto pussy bitch

Автор bluemoone1 ( назад)
They would have liked to have stayed in the truck but you were there
demanding everyones manmeat

Автор CODHELPUS ( назад)
What the F__k, Great footage of that he says???? You pussys, was the poor
animal tied down, but I have to say very brave from the back of a truck!!
Next time get a few of them running at you then see how brave you are...oh
but of course your type never does that, you only hide away in a truck.

Автор Ragnar Danneskjöld ( назад)
Sir, you and I agree. 

Автор THRILLERBILL1 ( назад)
good kill

Автор ridecowboyride2009 ( назад)
Nothing makes me want to practice my rifle butt-stroke than a bunch of
hippies, tree-huggers, vegetarians and vegans all pissing, bawling and
moaning about a hunting video. Personally I feel there should be an open
season on them...not the buffalo. ;)

Автор nessus1 ( назад)
well he is right that assholes like you should be shot as too

Автор FunkMeister ( назад)
They're pretty much near endangered in the wild you twat, albeit for in

Автор TedizRediz ( назад)
Who wants to go hippie hunting?

Автор VK4LA ( назад)
thats a very Clean kill....... 

Автор AL80 ( назад)
Sons of Bitches

Автор Jacob 554 ( назад)
they had no choice, that is what they ate, they didn't have guns. it was
either shoot it with arrows or starve to death this idiots are just doing
this for fun

Автор Mohammed Lee ( назад)
this is america right?

Автор partsgirl007 (1102 года назад)

Автор menabrea64 ( назад)
che figli di puttana.

Автор DrZ71 ( назад)
PETA sucks balls

Автор armaghan khan ( назад)
i wish i can shoot you guys in your heads just for fun 

Автор MiamiHeatFan878 (768 лет назад)
because people dont want to eat 100's of different chemicals meat
processing company's use to prevent bacteria growth because of factory
conditions . not to mention the amount of steroids they use to increase
growth in some animals . 

Автор Barry pillowcase ( назад)
this is just about peoples sad fetishes of weapons because they have
nothing productive to do.

Автор Barry pillowcase ( назад)
our ancestors needed to hunt and kill animals to survive, nobody needs to
shoot a wild animal in the head today.

Автор MerhabaAbi1 ( назад)
thanx retard for that intersting fact. i never reffered to the bufalo but
to endangered animals. 

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
Endangered are you retarded they were endangered over a decade ago now
there getting to be in the couple hundred thousands, you're only allowed to
hunt 1 of these in your life I believe, and not many hunt them.

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
So you're agreeing with factory meat? you're more retarded than I thought.

Автор TheXJthatCould ( назад)
native americans didnt have guns....what were they going to do? throw
rocks.... they also respected the animal also.

Автор TheXJthatCould ( назад)
unless ofcourse you mean the people that came here

Автор TheXJthatCould ( назад)
extict because of the natives?, dude your history is WAY OFF lmao!, it was
the people that came over that made them almost go extinct... the whites
would kill, skin them, and leave the rest, all they wanted was the hide for
trade...idk what school u went to...maybe you should sue your teachers

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