Tsarevich Alexei Romanov of Russia - the story of my life

" at first, there was a war
then, there was a revolution
and then, we died......

may our blood bring peace to our beloved Russia"

Music: "Croatian Rhapsody" performed by Maksim
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Автор Junrey Argoncillo ( назад)
At 00:20 what's the tittle of that film?

Автор Seannea D. Wharton ( назад)
where'd you get the video

Автор Seannea D. Wharton ( назад)
where'd you get the video

Автор Lucie Buffaral ( назад)
Tout simplement horrible

Автор prozzaktv ( назад)
Tsar Protasievich

Автор sirhandel2237 ( назад)
I love Alexei he's my favorite

Автор Alexander Greece ( назад)
Bu huette ohterchanra bu proctutytue da...mou mych pjotr bu mara VQN roey
hormalhara bu appartemehto bu wesembeeke bu ect bu pushush bu gabaryou bu
tochee sex bu rebehok puat...da hu ihterchaura bu proctutytue da bayelhara

Автор 1Pen ( назад)
Tsar Nicholas was,nt a great tsar no, he made hell of lot of mistakes, but
he was Russia and the family. The Bolsheviks where traitors to Russia when
communism arrived. The biggest mistake the tsar made was letting hundreds
of thousands of his soldier s die. Russia should have its royalty returned
under constituency. Rip Romanovs

Автор pablo betancur ( назад)
i m not comunist but maybe was acceptable to kill nicolas but why did they
had to kill alejandra, anastacia, maria, tatiana and alexie

Автор LyleLincoln ( назад)
Bolsheviks which comprised primarily of Jews conspired to remove the
Christian Dynasty of The Romanovs'. This scheme replaced the government
with an 'ahemmm cough cough', athiest government. How demonic to comprise
such an ending for the innocents. The relief of remorse for us is that the
beautiful family is now in the arms of Jesus Christ with no memory of any
suffering. The family can no longer EVER be harmed. God is Awesome! By the
by, this horrible event occurred earlier in history. Same theme/scheme by
the same types of satanic fiends terrorized the beautiful Family Bourbon in
the French Revolution! 

Автор Harry perez-wolfe ( назад)
The tsarist regime made many mistakes and cut itself from the people.
Nevertheless what took place in the Ipatiev house (destroyed by order of
Boris Yeltsin...) is a total shame. The Bolsheviks feared the White army
which was approaching the town. They sidn't want the dynasty to be saved.
But how fanatic and cold must have been the hand that took the life of a 13
y.o boy...

Автор Erik Oytun ( назад)
very sad buth booth revolution in russia and france the kings lived a rich
life while the people couldnt find food

Автор *Duke*victas2000 ( назад)
That's sad! D:

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
Fact is they all died due to nicolas's military incompitace and his injust
handling of peacful protests

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
uh ya. death to the tsar and his supporters!

Автор Felicia Manolopoulos ( назад)
... really?

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
i would dis agree

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
its easy, they pointed a gun at them and shot

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
well if you want to make sure the monarchy never returns you kill the whole
family, and in the case of the reds, well they dident want the whites to
retrieve the family and restore the monarchy witch ment kill the whole
family. And may people dident like Nicolas because of his cruel ways, he
used cavalry charges to keep the people in check. Do you not remember that?
Also Stalin dident take over the Union until after the death of the
glorious Lenin in 1924!

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
well actually I believe Stalin did what he had to. If you wish to hear my
out please reply

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
The Ramanov's ruled Russia with an iron fist and Nicolas pefered to use
cavalry charges over diplomacy when it came to protesting against his
regime. They even called him Bloody Nicolas or Nicolas the Bloody. No
better than the Bolsheviks, who in your eyes should burn in hell.

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
do you not recall that Nicolas was hated by many and even called Nicolas
the bloody?

Автор lauren gillette ( назад)
Thank you so much !!!!!

Автор lauren gillette ( назад)
What movie is the nosebleed from.please respond I have been dying to
know.and thank you for this video.I love the Romanovs especially Alexei

Автор Kristen Dennison ( назад)
one day we will be back he escaped he is my Grandfather

Автор Yvesdenis Delaporte ( назад)
Il y a Nice; il y a le Boulevard du Tzarewitch; il y a Alexis. il y a...!
@adriendlpbr @cestrosi @ciotti

Автор Laura Fen ( назад)
I love the music

Автор magyarburgundy ( назад)
Honneur à Alexei . Si v.v. Poutine pouvait se décider à virer la charogne
qui empeste la place rouge ,ça serait là une bonne chose de faite

from what movie is the scene??

Автор Giorgi Giorgi ( назад)
пожалуйста дайте знать где посмотреть этот фильм,или покажите link.

Автор Patrick Boone ( назад)
It's horrible what greed will do. The funny thing is had Russia not killed
it's royal family they more than likely would be back in power instead of

Автор Patrick Boone ( назад)
Did you just try to say that America brought communism to Russia? You don't
know American very well!

Автор Alexia Romanov ( назад)
:( made me cry..Read the history and you will understand who kills the
royal familie Romanovs..jewish bolsheviks from Amerika!!! i hope they burn
in hell for that and for all the people who died cause of the rezim who
they brings to the Russia country!

Автор Charlotte Potter ( назад)
made me cry :)

Автор Yvesdenis Delaporte ( назад)
-Une idéologie ne vaut pas Alexis mort! Jamais!

Автор Yvesdenis Delaporte ( назад)
@YDENISDELAPORTE @AdrienDLPBR RIP ALEXIS! J'ai déjà fait des poèmes pour
CESARION et LOUIS XVII! J'en ferai un spécialement pour toi ALEXIS!

Автор Olivier DIEMÜNSCH VON TOBEL ( назад)
très belle vidéo pour un petit Prince matyr.........Alexei Romanov enfin
retrouvé, canonisé avec ses soeurs.....

Автор Kristen Dennison ( назад)
i am related to the romonovs one day we will reclaim are throne just you
wait not all of us died some of us escaped

Автор Susannah Usova ( назад)
And some of us are still alive, and Russia will be # 1. Just you wait. :)

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
we would be first country for oppresed people without rights,and would live
like in India.yeah great opportunity with Romanovs family.with national
probelms,in soviet russia my nations were equal to russians and we are
still equal and it is all Lenin work not that Romanovs

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
agree bastards gave us education and equal rights,fuck and we love so much
to be anilmals of rich.fucking lenin burn in hell for that,

Автор Random Stuff ( назад)
When Russia was run by Lenin it wasn't a dictatorship but when Stalin came
along he made it a dictatorship. If the Romanov's were still alive Russia
would be #1 in the World!.

Автор christian dorie ( назад)
well even so it's not like stalin was any better he screwed up the russian
people and got hundreds of them killed the bolshevicks say they wanted a
"revolution" ha stalin was even worse the bolshevicks or whoever killed
nicky and his familly were leading the russian people straight to hell and
i think somehow they knew it!!!!

Автор Shirley Duque ( назад)
last i checked it was the provential gov that killed them plus nicolai
damned them by being the worst russian tsar in histroy.

Автор christian dorie ( назад)
may this bring peace to my beloved russia

Автор christian dorie ( назад)
i hope those damn bolshevicks burn in hell for what they've done!!!!!!

Автор christian dorie ( назад)
poor alexei :(

Автор legomen330 ( назад)
I feel so bad for him it was not his fault for dying and it was tragic and
horrible death he had to suffer and he was so young and may he rest in peace

Автор roberto sainz ( назад)
Since it is called the movie of the photo in which there puts my name is
Alexei Romanov I am the Tsarevich of Russia I was 13?

Автор sevieepooh snape ( назад)
He's a good kid you know??? they all are. well-mannered, believes in god,
never rude, never look down on you, even their parents are nice, it's just
that, tsar nicholas never once made a decision of his own, didn't think
first but he means well, for his family and his people, he tried hard and
done his best during that time but it's not enough. STALIN IS A ONE CRUEL
BASTARD. They shouldve spare the kids. If you want to kill the royal
family, its the king, not the entire lot of his family.

Автор Denny Jay ( назад)
and Alexandra,worried for her son was so naive!

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
even civillians?one part of my family live in city which in top list of
attck,so what?that people means nothing?so how can you tell that you arew
better if you are ready to kill people for idea?

Автор 228candy ( назад)
How can you say that Rasputin was "so evil". If it has not been for
Rasputin, Tsarevich Alexei would have died in Spała, Poland (1912) at the
age of 8. Rasputin was in the right place at the right time to save the
only male heir to the Russian throne. The doctors could not help Tsarevich

Автор Yee Shan Ning ( назад)
So sad

Автор Harvey Carter ( назад)
They had to kill the entire family in case the White Army won the civil war.

Автор Jimbo Jumbo ( назад)
Rasputin so evil

Автор BlueSwampyCraft ( назад)
thank u so so much!

Автор Sabrina Smith ( назад)
Nicolas and Alexandra and Rasputin Dark Servant of Destiny.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
The actor at 0:19 is cute!

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
@FeliciaKissxoxo I know. None of them deserved this. To be shot down like a
piece of livestock and having no place to run or escape. Just to take the
bullets wounding you. They didn't deserved this because it clearly shows
how people were savagely killed much more than today. Just picture a death
like that today. It would be like cannibalism in a modern era.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
Ninguno de ellos merecian morir.

Автор roberto sainz ( назад)
lo que no me parece justo k aki todos digais k alexei era el unico k no
debia morir, pues sus hermanas tampoco merecian morir, el unico culpable
era nicolas

Автор Nadyaa Afiqah ( назад)
Croatian rhapsody - Maksim

Автор Nadyaa Afiqah ( назад)
Croatian rhapsody....i love that song and it suits the video very
well...WELL DONE!

Автор Felicia Manolopoulos ( назад)
none of them deserved this.. it's brutal. I just don't understand how a
person could do something like this to another person..

Автор roberto sainz (256 лет назад)
whats the name of the song?

Автор BlueSwampyCraft ( назад)
poor boy....what are the names of the movies? as i have seen there are
more. could someone tell me pleaseeee?

Автор Антон Городецкий ( назад)
What is ... discuss how uzhastnaya country about which you know just what
you are saying. Shall not you think you know the truth about the Soviet
Union? Yourself you certainly feel a righteous nation and the history of
your country clean... google translate

Автор Tsarevna Hilda (1807 лет назад)
@nbn202 Its from the 1991 "Assassin of the Tsar". You should watch it .
Alexei looks so great on it

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
Well, i don't know. Let's just stop all this blabbering and focus more on
Alexei. Should we?

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
aaa,and only ur country can have a right to have a weapons?understand it
will be easier for ur country to do what u want with whole the
world,everyone remeber what u ve done with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.After
that noone would stay and wait ur attack.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
Sweety, the USSR was America's enemy back then, until it broke up in 1991.
If Communism never happened, Russia wouldn't have developed nuclear
weapons, let alone being a hostile nation.

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
8 hours day,free education,free medcine- means nothing good?who did a lot
to defeat fashists-commie.and reasons of cold war that one superior couldnt
live with other,and if u want to know that superior gave us "great"life in
1990.and u know nothing about USSR,u even dont know that we hadnt
communism,we had only socialism and tried to build communism,but keep going
to believe ur west propoganda,US wouldnt better:Vietnam,dictators in South
America,but yeah only we were bad

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
The Romanovs: An Imperial Family(2000)

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
oh but communism is what ruined most of the world today. communism wanted
to take over the world by storm back in the days. Communism was what
actually didn't brought anything good. because if it weren't for the
revolution, the Cold War would've never happened. And during the Cold War,
the USSR was like today's terrorism or al-quaeda.

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
who suffered?Lenin solved national problem in Russia,gave education for
everyone,8 hour day for workers,social mobility was incredible.Without
Lenin I and my family still would be like animal for elites,80% of my
country got a lot from communists(of course stalin it is dark line of

Автор abc64pan ( назад)
True, Stalin was a monster and he did a great deal to promote communism,
his version of it, that is. However, he did order the arrest and execution
of thousands of Bolshevik murderers, not out of the goodness of his heart
of course, but because he trusted no one, consequently, he became an
unlikely instrument of revenge to those who suffered at the hands of those
thugs including the Tsar and his family.

Автор FoolsLaughter ( назад)
Aah. Stalin. Exchanging one master for another one...did Stalin not
continue on with Communism though? Apologies, I don't know much about him.
My knowledge kinda ends with Lenin. xD

Автор FoolsLaughter ( назад)
...So yes. As a Tsar - he wasn't exactly the man for the job. In the end,
he abdicated, overthrown by the revolutionaries, he was prepared to go
quietly into exile with his family. Now, I understand why they shot them.
My issue is the lack of justice with it. Shooting Nicholas, I can
understand. But the rest of his family? His wife? His children too? Did his
children deserve to die? Just because of who their father was? Did little
Alexei deserve death? They were innocent of their father's crimes

Автор FoolsLaughter ( назад)
Mm. Nicholas was responsible for a lot, I know that much. His bad decisions
led to the millions of Russian soldiers being slaughtered in WWI, for
example.I'm not, of course condoning that, and who could forget Bloody
Sunday.. But he never was the kind of man who could rule effectively. As a
child, he was quiet and soft-spoken,and his father often referred to him as
a "girl". He was brought up believing that his place as Tsar was ordained
by God. He ignored the idea of democracy completely.

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
first,not so awful death,so blame his stupid father in it,who is guilty
that he was stupid and believed that he shouldnt give russian people normal

Автор FoolsLaughter ( назад)
No one deserves that kind of death. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Автор abc64pan ( назад)
Bolsheviks were maggots, oh sorry, to call them that is an insult to
maggots. Lots of them got paid back when the monster Stalin came to power,
his torture chambers and execution squads were operating 24-7 and lots of
Bolsheviks met very horrible ends, probably including the ones who murdered
the Tsar and his family. What goes around, comes around.

Автор abc64pan ( назад)
The Bolsheviks were animals in human form, your coment would have been
totally ignored by them.

Автор Terry Bardy ( назад)
You don't kill inoccent children no matter what class they are!

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
omg and we deserv death yes?in civil war.kids always opportunity for
intervaton and milliones of deathes,but really who cares russian people
animals,they deserve death,

Автор Анна Блинова ( назад)
I dont know that Ekaterinburg is Siberia

Автор FoolsLaughter ( назад)
The way in which this family was slaughtered .... is the stuff of
nightmares. Try to imagine it yourself, guns shooting, bayonets stabbing
you and your family, and the worst thing is - no one can hear you scream.
Say what you want about the Tsar ( personally despite his reputation, I
can't help thinking that he was personally, a nice mannered man ) and his
wife, but those children didn't deserve to die like that. It was inhuman,
it was horrible, and it was unfair. Humans can be so cruel. RIP.

Автор 228candy ( назад)
You're welcome! There is a messageboard about the Imperial Family of
Russia. The name is "The Alexander Palace Time Machine Discussion Forum".
You may like it.

Автор Fishfingers232 ( назад)
would be awkward if he was abysmally ugly

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
he's so handsome that even William Levy or Brad Pitt should eat their
hearts out.

Автор 228candy ( назад)
Go to Google.com and type "frozentears" in the search box.

Автор 228candy ( назад)
Go to, frozentears website (Click on "Film", "Documentary" and "Home
Video") The have a list of the Romanov movies.

Автор dianaAthemiscyra ( назад)
Peace will come sweetheart. It will come for all of us. Pray I shall see
the day.

Автор Алла Лу ( назад)
из какого фильма кадры?

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
ok. I hope you do.

Автор StarRoxable ( назад)
It wont let me put my real age on my profile

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
I know. What I mean is that how come you posted on your profile here on You
Tube that you are 21 when in reality you're 11. And no, I I'm not married

Автор StarRoxable ( назад)
I never said I was 20 year old though? I said i was 11

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