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Автор pablo betancur (2 месяца)
i m not comunist but maybe was acceptable to kill nicolas but why did they
had to kill alejandra, anastacia, maria, tatiana and alexie

Автор sirhandel2237 (12 дней)
I love Alexei he's my favorite

Автор 1Pen (1 месяц)
Tsar Nicholas was,nt a great tsar no, he made hell of lot of mistakes, but
he was Russia and the family. The Bolsheviks where traitors to Russia when
communism arrived. The biggest mistake the tsar made was letting hundreds
of thousands of his soldier s die. Russia should have its royalty returned
under constituency. Rip Romanovs

Автор Pierre Daval - Chaîne Histoire (4 месяца)
Tragic story.

Автор Harry perez-wolfe (5 месяцев)
The tsarist regime made many mistakes and cut itself from the people.
Nevertheless what took place in the Ipatiev house (destroyed by order of
Boris Yeltsin...) is a total shame. The Bolsheviks feared the White army
which was approaching the town. They sidn't want the dynasty to be saved.
But how fanatic and cold must have been the hand that took the life of a 13
y.o boy...

Автор *Duke*victas2000 (6 месяцев)
That's sad! D:

Автор Erik Oytun (6 месяцев)
very sad buth booth revolution in russia and france the kings lived a rich
life while the people couldnt find food

Автор LyleLincoln (4 месяца)
Bolsheviks which comprised primarily of Jews conspired to remove the
Christian Dynasty of The Romanovs'. This scheme replaced the government
with an 'ahemmm cough cough', athiest government. How demonic to comprise
such an ending for the innocents. The relief of remorse for us is that the
beautiful family is now in the arms of Jesus Christ with no memory of any
suffering. The family can no longer EVER be harmed. God is Awesome! By the
by, this horrible event occurred earlier in history. Same theme/scheme by
the same types of satanic fiends terrorized the beautiful Family Bourbon in
the French Revolution! 

Автор Alexander Greece (20 дней)
Bu huette ohterchanra bu proctutytue da...mou mych pjotr bu mara VQN roey
hormalhara bu appartemehto bu wesembeeke bu ect bu pushush bu gabaryou bu
tochee sex bu rebehok puat...da hu ihterchaura bu proctutytue da bayelhara

Автор Marsiya Vladislava (1 год)
I am a descendant of Alexandra's Family. My great grandpa was a cousin to
Alex's uncle!

Автор Colum Rogers (11 месяцев)
Poor boy and his family :( 

Автор Gerardo Martínez Hernández (11 месяцев)
Ni pedo, la revolución estaba en riesgo...

Автор Ilovevocaloid (1 год)
They all didn't have to die I mean the kids and wife why the entire
family???? It's so sad. *weep* 

Автор Juan De la Cruz (1 год)
From what movie is this?

Автор lord darkcos (1 год)
The romanov's didn't rule with an iron fist, Shirley Duque, you should get
your facts straught, and Nicholas II was a kind ruler, before he even
became ruler, he didn't even want to rule russia. And i'd know this because
history is my favourite subject and it is a fact.
I have studied the Romanov royal family many times the history of russia.
And by the way the Bolshevik revolutionaries were murderous tyrants. Just
look at Joseph Stalin's reign, he ruled with an iron fist, and more people
died at his hands than in WW2, more people were killed by his hands than
Adolf hitler in fact. And most of the people that he had killed were his
own people, Russians. Between 20 million to 60 million people were killed
on his orders.

Автор fred joya (1 год)
Qui Deus todo poderoso, proteja todos vocês qui me acompanham no blog e me
perdoem alguns desabafos, não tenho intenção de ferir ninguém me perdoem se
já ocorreu!!! Ando tão decepcionado com os humanos. qui cheguei a pedir há
Deus nas minhas orações todas as noites, antes de dormir, o seguinte "Pai
porquê não me abortaste no ventre da minha mãe" eu não taria sofrendo
tanto!!! fredjoyasociety

Автор fred joya (1 год)
A ordem foi quebrada, porquê Deus permitiu, o Tzar Nicolau, sua esposa
Alexandra as filhas Olga, Tarciana, Maria, Anastásia e o tzarevich Aleixei
Romanov, eram pessoas amáveis e bondosas!!! não mereciam esse fim
terrivel.E agora o qui vai ser da gente nesse Brasil??? Do jeito qui as
coisas vão, não vai sobrar gente de bem todos nessa Ekatarimburgo Brasil.

Автор samla Moussa (1 год)
I don't believe that he died with hes parents .. 

Автор Валентина Серёдкина (1 год)
Россия близкая - Россия дальняя
"...Откровения Твои я принял, как
навеки, ибо они - веселие сердца

Россия близкая — Россия дальняя.
Улыбка чистая. Душа печальная...

Под проливным дождём, под снегопадами
Дорогами идём, да всё — преградами.

Всегда богатая плодами спелыми,
Вовеки знатная сынами смелыми.

Омыта реками, неповторимая,
Стенаешь ивами, неудержимая...

Берёзка белая, лицом красивая -
Невеста милая, моя любимая!

Декабрь/ 07/ 2010г.;

Автор maurits nikijuluw (1 год)
Very Cruel

Автор 228candy (2 года)
You're welcome! There is a messageboard about the Imperial Family of
Russia. The name is "The Alexander Palace Time Machine Discussion Forum".
You may like it.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda (2 года)
@FeliciaKissxoxo I know. None of them deserved this. To be shot down like a
piece of livestock and having no place to run or escape. Just to take the
bullets wounding you. They didn't deserved this because it clearly shows
how people were savagely killed much more than today. Just picture a death
like that today. It would be like cannibalism in a modern era.

Автор StarRoxable (2 года)
He hot. He soooo cute anyone agrees??

Автор FoolsLaughter (2 года)
No one deserves that kind of death. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Автор Анна Блинова (2 года)
aaa,and only ur country can have a right to have a weapons?understand it
will be easier for ur country to do what u want with whole the
world,everyone remeber what u ve done with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.After
that noone would stay and wait ur attack.

Автор Sean Furlong (3 года)
@carewiczmatvei More people have died under Communist rule than any other
form of government, I am not a Royalist by any means but shooting a 13-year
child with a blood disorder is evil. Under Communism free speech was
non-existant, religion was suppressed and atheism forced, poverty was more
wide spread etc.

Автор 228candy (2 года)
Go to Google.com and type "frozentears" in the search box.

Автор Shirley Duque (2 года)
last i checked it was the provential gov that killed them plus nicolai
damned them by being the worst russian tsar in histroy.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda (2 года)
yeah. I'm talking about the boy at 0:19 he looks just like him. It was the
Russian child actor, Aleksei Logunov. That movie was The Assassin of the
Tsar(1991). You should watch it! But yeah, Alexei Romanov would be a total
heartthrob. I mean what would do if you had him right in front of your
face? He was indeed a wonderful young man.

Автор StarRoxable (2 года)
The second one is the hottest and the first was cute too

Автор FoolsLaughter (2 года)
Mm. Nicholas was responsible for a lot, I know that much. His bad decisions
led to the millions of Russian soldiers being slaughtered in WWI, for
example.I'm not, of course condoning that, and who could forget Bloody
Sunday.. But he never was the kind of man who could rule effectively. As a
child, he was quiet and soft-spoken,and his father often referred to him as
a "girl". He was brought up believing that his place as Tsar was ordained
by God. He ignored the idea of democracy completely.

Автор Shirley Duque (1 год)
do you not recall that Nicolas was hated by many and even called Nicolas
the bloody?

Автор Анна Блинова (2 года)
8 hours day,free education,free medcine- means nothing good?who did a lot
to defeat fashists-commie.and reasons of cold war that one superior couldnt
live with other,and if u want to know that superior gave us "great"life in
1990.and u know nothing about USSR,u even dont know that we hadnt
communism,we had only socialism and tried to build communism,but keep going
to believe ur west propoganda,US wouldnt better:Vietnam,dictators in South
America,but yeah only we were bad

Автор FoolsLaughter (2 года)
The way in which this family was slaughtered .... is the stuff of
nightmares. Try to imagine it yourself, guns shooting, bayonets stabbing
you and your family, and the worst thing is - no one can hear you scream.
Say what you want about the Tsar ( personally despite his reputation, I
can't help thinking that he was personally, a nice mannered man ) and his
wife, but those children didn't deserve to die like that. It was inhuman,
it was horrible, and it was unfair. Humans can be so cruel. RIP.

Автор Rick Allwood (3 года)
Alexei sweet angel you are in heaven and a saint as are your sisters and
your dearest mama and papa the Tsar and Tsarina. Pray for us still here on
this valley of tears.

Автор Paul-Napoléon Calland (3 года)
@Ajotma Which crimes would those be? I'm not Tsarist, but the Bolsheviks
murdered over 30 million people (and that's just Stalin's crimes). Nicolas
II wasn't the greatest tsar ever to rule Russia, but he was a humane man
and inherited a position that he wasn't prepared for.

Автор Nadyaa Afiqah (2 года)
Croatian rhapsody....i love that song and it suits the video very
well...WELL DONE!

Автор Giorgi Giorgi (1 год)
пожалуйста дайте знать где посмотреть этот фильм,или покажите link.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda (2 года)
Ninguno de ellos merecian morir.

Автор BlueSwampyCraft (2 года)
poor boy....what are the names of the movies? as i have seen there are
more. could someone tell me pleaseeee?

Автор StarRoxable (2 года)
Yup. How old r u?

Автор Jimbo Jumbo (2 года)
Rasputin so evil

Автор Adrianna Austin (4 года)
@hurraforUSSR Listen child you obviously did not pay enough attention. the
tsarevish only wanted the best for his people. you insufferable lil kid.
alexei was shielded from seeing the life of his people...they werent even
his people. they were his father's so you can not blame him for the
problems of the country. if russia only have given him the chance he would
have made a great czar. so stfhu and learn and pay attention in school. and
in books.

Автор 228candy (2 года)
"Nicholas and Alexandra" was made in 1971 not 1973. Look on imdb,com.

Автор Анна Блинова (2 года)
agree bastards gave us education and equal rights,fuck and we love so much
to be anilmals of rich.fucking lenin burn in hell for that,

Автор Tsarevna Hilda (2 года)
oh but communism is what ruined most of the world today. communism wanted
to take over the world by storm back in the days. Communism was what
actually didn't brought anything good. because if it weren't for the
revolution, the Cold War would've never happened. And during the Cold War,
the USSR was like today's terrorism or al-quaeda.

Автор 228candy (2 года)
Scroll down below and look at the post by "akawhippy".

Автор christian dorie (2 года)
poor alexei :(

Автор mrceebees14 (3 года)
Thank God the U.S.S.R. is dead. Fucking commies.

Автор christian dorie (2 года)
i hope those damn bolshevicks burn in hell for what they've done!!!!!!

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