Gama,Bhulo Brothers,Haji Afzal,Jhara Pehlwan (Sher e lahore Dangal)

Gama ji(rustam e zaman) Imam Bakhsh (rustam e hind)Bhulo Brothers (lions of pkistan) Haji Afzal (sher e pakistan) Kalia (rustam e hind) Goonga (rustam e hind) inoki vs jhara pehlwan zubair Nathe (sitra e hind) Khlifa Ghulam Mohyudin, Munni, Bhulo (rustam e pakistan) in karachi, Reniwala, Theela, Jhara (fakher e pakistan) Bashir Bhola Bhala (rustam e pakistan) Billu (sher e punjab) Bilal Awan (sher e lahore) Hafiz Israr pehlwan (sher e lahore) and many other old wrestlers of pkistan heros.desi kushti & agha takhti irani wrestler. pakistan wrestling.

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 5:16
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Автор Arslaan Malik (23 дня)
All Pakistanies are very proud of our THE GREAT GAMA pehlwan.

Автор wani aslam (3 месяца)
All Kashmiris are proud of the great Kashmiri namely Gama Butt (Bhatt).

Автор kazakhseven (3 месяца)
I saw this wrestling family in the book 'Asian fighting Arts' by Donn F
Draeger about Asian Fighting Arts including wrestling and boxing systems.

Автор DaBrennOfficial (9 месяцев)

Azam Pehalwan of the Bholu Brothers is died?

Автор Capu Cheno (1 год)
Pride of Pakistan salute for them 

Автор k9m42 (9 месяцев)
These guys were naturally strong. All I know is I want a swami hat like

Автор mohammed waqas (11 месяцев)
you know when indian people love dara singh but the truth is he wasnt on
the level of the grear gamma 

Автор zain gilani (3 года)
what about goonda pehlwan ?

Автор Israr Hussain Awan (3 года)
Mashala yeh Pehalwan Bohut Azeem hain. Subhanula

Автор zulqurnain bukhari (2 года)
The character Darun Mister and many are taken from the Great Gamma's
characteristic figure, Gama was one of the greatest wretler of all time,
,check wretling hall of fame, the world champion in 1910 undefeated all his

Автор armaan (3 года)
i meant only mohammed gama.

Автор armaan (3 года)
@lazybaba sorry brother he was from UP india originally go thru his

Автор umer393 (3 года)
@TheJATwarrior only jhaaaara

Автор zulqurnain bukhari (2 года)
you are right they look normal, but Gama was the world champion in 1910
undefeated all his life has beaten World champion of that time Stanislaus
Zbyszko, he challanged Gotch and Russian lion but they did not reply for
some reason, then he defeated Stanislaus Zbyszko again in 1945, his brother
imam buksh won against big names like Dr Roller of England in london, 1910,
Their sons Bholu brothers were the one of the most successful Tag team
champions of the history of wrestling,

Автор haris64jb (3 года)
great efret

Автор PUNJABI SHER (3 года)
If you compare todays pelwans with them guys back in the day they are fuck
all, But a great vide,pakistani punjabi wrestlers Best in the world at the

Автор Israr Hussain Awan (3 года)
@vijayprakashpawar where r you from?

Автор Shehzad Ali (3 года)
Haji Afzal Pehalwan is a great wrestler. This strong interaction is a big
wrestler. They Raju Rocket Pehalwan is brought down two times. in 1970 and

Автор ZEESHAN DAAR (3 года)
@umer393 I knew Jhaara and Bhulo Brothers personaly and i am proud to call
my self grand son of Bhulo Brothers

Автор sushil rock (1 год)
Solute the legend

Автор vijayprakashpawar (3 года)
lucky one they are like gods yaar i m from wrestling background family but
dont have memories like this pls tell me you r from thanx

Автор Shahid Ahmad (3 года)

Subhanallah quwat lillah.What a great era of Pakistan,president like Aoyub
Khan pehlwan like Bholo...now.....

Автор hassan ahmed (1 год)
ghama was the best

Автор arshi marchent (2 года)
great great great i love

Автор kapil kataria (2 года)
Very nice

Автор TheJATwarrior (3 года)
Only The Great Gama is the real one in all these.

Автор zakir bangash (3 года)
gama is the greatest wrestler of the world .see the history and the only
wrestlr in world who remained undefeated in his entire whole life

Автор ksameer2222 (2 года)
It is interesting...inonhe muche rakhi hai dadi nikal ke..its reverse

Автор vijayprakashpawar (3 года)
ok all of them were from hindustan when we were one lovely country

Автор Shehzad Ali (2 года)
Please Like and Comments

Автор Dennis Obier (2 года)
They luk like normal ppl in India. No pehalwan in them.

Автор rajatoqeer akhterawan (2 года)
pakistani qoom ko chahye k apni tehzeeb o saqzfzt ki prrvi kare na ke gair
qoomon ki, q k jo qoom apni tehzeeb o szqafat ko nazarandaz kare wo khud
nazarandaz ho jati he.

Автор AliSuper494 (2 года)
2:18 bare nana abu mere

Автор abajeeasimlove97 (2 года)
Pakistan de JaN

Автор munda420s (3 года)
Gama will always be the Greatest.

Автор Harry Ahmed (1 год)
gamma was the best

Автор Ângelo Mendonça (1 год)
what song is this? the language?

Автор aristotleuk (2 года)
The Great Gama is the only wrestler, in fact the only sportsman in recorded
history, who remained comletely unbeaten throughout his whole career. And
his career spanned over 50 years, during which he fought more than 10000
wrestlings. His opponents included all the world champions of his time,
like Raheem Bakhsh Sultani Wala, George Hackenschmidt, Stanislaus Zbyszko
and Frank Gotch. Great Gama beat them all. None of them managed to defeat

Автор randhawa82081 (3 года)
this is lion

Автор Israr Hussain Awan (3 года)
@harryahmed420 i know kala karasai hero

Автор SinghDynamite (3 года)
Gama is the greatest wrestler ever! He could squash apples to mush in both
hands and later had the strength to squash potatoes! He also trained and
lived in Amritsar before the partition where many of histories great
wrestlers have come from! Undefeated in his entire career!

Автор Harry Ahmed (2 года)
untill he took herion

Автор paras tandon (1 год)
3:55 its gama not imam baksh

Автор adnan9371 (3 года)
pakistani pehlwan zindabad

Автор Xristopher Ramiro (3 года)
Did gama ever marry or have a son?

Автор Yogesh Chander Nijhawan (2 года)
Believe it or not, each of the pehalwans has been unique in himself. Each
of them made his hard work reach the zenith, at least once in a lifetime. I
wish we all may respect their true hard work. Thanks for this pure beauty
of hard work !

Автор zulqurnain bukhari (2 года)
Their Grandson Jhara has beaten World Champiuon Inoki in 70's

Автор VerduraPower (2 года)
Wow! that wreslter looks like Darun Mister, the character of Street
figther...is'n it?

Автор Harry Ahmed (2 года)
does anyone remember kala karasia lahorie he was my grandfather im in usa

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