Instead of people, here are some stupid moments from animals



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Автор Ann Cake ( назад)
you're an idiot animals are more smart from you they just don't understand
the new world

Автор Manu Barbosa ( назад)
For the one who posted this video u are the idiot stupid asshole

Автор Saqib Khan ( назад)
2:46 So you're calling that black guy animal this video is racist.....

Автор Zyndel Frendreg ( назад)
MASTERBAITING MONKEYYY!!!!1!!!!111 best no h8 i r8 this is gr8

Автор Mr CLORAX ( назад)
3:45 teen girls like 😂😂

Автор Phouvanh Dolasim ( назад)
Animal are cute some of them are cute but not monkeys they ate all my apple

Автор Robert Bob ( назад)
Animals are Beautiful !!!:)

Автор Phouvanh Dolasim ( назад)
Animal are not idiots they are hero or cute

Автор Mr Nedyak105 ( назад)
5:28 speechless????!!!!????

Автор FOOTBALL GAMING ( назад)
You are idiot

Автор Philoix ( назад)
So you're saying animals are idiots because they do things that make people
laugh? Also are you trying to construct an animal porn seris on YouTube?

Автор Jonathan Ramirez ( назад)
4:36is fake

Автор Cedrick Spikes ( назад)
lol :023

Автор Samantha Martinez ( назад)
animals are not idots ya hates are😡😡😬😠

Автор Samantha Martinez ( назад)
styled people

Автор Kona ( назад)
6:47 did she really just tell the lamp to stop??

Автор SuperWu ( назад)
that monkey in the beginning. no chill lol

Автор terrayaki chaken ( назад)
You the idiot

Автор The Triggered Cracker ( назад)
That first one though

Автор danyfifi hernandez ( назад)
Animals aren't idiots, think before you post, you idiot

Автор Royal Wizard ( назад)
i mean it!!!!

Автор Royal Wizard ( назад)
shut your mouth they are not dang people that say

Автор Kadence Neher ( назад)
Humans r a type of animals so u just insulted Einstein and yourself oh also
everyone on earth

Автор Lily Harter ( назад)
That third to last one was not funny tho that was sad

Автор Scourge's Demon ( назад)
5:30 you're doing it wrong

Автор Nicholaz Smallz ( назад)
for all those people, they didn't literally mean that animals are idiots.
they meant that they are silly

Автор Valeria Perez ( назад)
I was shoked when the cat got stuked in the lamp 😱😱😱😱🐱🐱🐱🐱

Автор AspleniumHexe ( назад)
These are so funny! More, please!

Автор Bobby Little ( назад)
5:22 that's the same reaction girls give me every time I pull out the
shlong 😂

Автор Bobby Little ( назад)
4:42 that nigga dragged you like a bag of shit😂

Автор Bobby Little ( назад)
1:37 snort some sock to get a quick high 😂

Автор Dominic Arriaga ( назад)
you Are a IDOT

Автор Pikachup 142 ( назад)
2:30 not sure if the animal is the "idiot"

Автор ryan isam ( назад)
can someone link me the video of the crazy cockatu

Автор Vryst3r 02 ( назад)
This is a porn video not a funny video

Автор Freezee Gamers ( назад)
in the clickbait says "ANIMALS ARE IDIOTS" but in the channel says "people
are idiots" T_T

Автор Aaminah Roshan ( назад)
You are mean animals are nice

Автор Blaiyan ( назад)
Hilarious video

Автор Papi Xulo Papi Xulo ( назад)
hijomio k golia esos pies?!!! para que los animales pusieran esa
cara,?!!!😩😩😫😫uno se desmaya

Автор Tinker The Troll (Tinker) ( назад)
this is the internet any pet lovers are gonna have to get over the titles
of his videos man up and get the fuck over it

Автор Danielle Siewert ( назад)
More like humans are idiots..

Автор theratking013 ( назад)
That Scream...i know its fake but so FUNNY ...can breath.

Автор trash ( назад)
idiota eh tu seu merda vai enfiar um pau nesse teu cu

Автор Grant Degrugillier ( назад)
you relize people also are tenicly animals too, right?

Автор Cool Fritch ( назад)
5:45 how much wee?!?!?!?!

Автор Lps Kitty Cake pops ( назад)
What do you people think of my new profile pic.? Just kidding. Nobody cares
XD. This was hilarious!

Автор Kla R ( назад)
A animals are not idiots for your information and guess what karma is a

Автор DoubleBubble28 ( назад)
I was expecting a lot of dislikes....Fucking obsessed animal lovers can't
take animal jokes

Автор bliss mann ( назад)
3:12 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) !!!!!!

Автор Warm Potato ( назад)
6:44 what happend to that cat and girls?? i dont get it

Автор Alejandro Gonzalez ( назад)
these animals

Автор MrPackerAnderson Mays ( назад)
They are not idiots, they are unintelligent.

Автор little Ella gaming ( назад)
ANIMALS ARE NOT IDIOTS if they were they wouldn't be able save people or
their owners

Автор Gwen Bond ( назад)
animals are awesome not stupid

Автор Bart Van Wunsel ( назад)
5:28 My best mate when he's pissed. Hahahaha

Автор ChloeTheBonnieFan ( назад)

Автор Anthony Resendez ( назад)

Автор Bodenlose Dosenhose ( назад)
3:48 those dogs couldn't care less.

Автор Lunagirldj1 gamer ( назад)

Автор Yan Viana ( назад)
0:24 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 WTF?

Автор Keira Peterson ( назад)
You guys are all mean to animals everyone of you that have a like to this
video person who made this video is meanest.

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
at 1:41 all cats do this when u have their scent and such on ur clothes my
cat does that

Автор Chara Dreemurr ( назад)
3:11 thats when mom says food is ready or when you see your late for school

Автор roblox music videos and gaming ( назад)
4:09 i didnt know harambe was on pornhub

Автор Jaden Krejci ( назад)

Автор Emily and Cadee ( назад)
Your an idiot

Автор Plan Panda ( назад)
The thumb nail one was funny

Автор Jess&pop 25 ( назад)
4:38, FAKE

Автор ninetalez Animates ( назад)
animals are not idiots in fact humans are idiots

Автор Angela Sweet ( назад)
animals are not idiots! the animals are funny! but no idiots! LIKE IF YOU

was uploader talking about "human animals"?

Автор x ShaRkz ( назад)
This channel owner are idiot. Like if agree

Автор Last Guardian ( назад)
that cat in the lamp XD

Автор Lucy Fichtl ( назад)
Animals are not idiots but I know someone who is a idiot.YOU

Автор Winnie Nguyen ( назад)
animal are idiot you are the one who is idiot stupid😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😂

Автор StanceNation JDM ( назад)
5:42 wen dogs r drunk

Автор Evan ( назад)
what happen on 6:42 ????

Автор Peggy Spigler ( назад)
animals aren't idiot there just funnyer than human

Автор cupcake gym 2005 ( назад)
1:45 lol I'm dying

Автор Crash Blazer ( назад)

Автор sara khan ( назад)
Animals are not idiot ot thay are just funny some humans are idiot like who
ever has posted this video with this name 😡😠😡😡😡😡😡😡

Автор Jack Korl ( назад)

Автор Bie Bie ( назад)
4:02 .. mai God 😠

Автор Ariana Martinez ( назад)
animals are not idiots. there just funny not idiots

Автор What A Life #Crazy Vlogs ( назад)
here is a fyi for the person who posted this video naming it animals are
idiots. Let me just stop you there animals are not idiots so u can go f***
your dang self you flipping jerk retard plz like if you have a heart for
animals unlike the person who posted the vid XD

Автор Chumpy Stuff ( назад)
The title should be different, a lot of these animals aren't doing anything

Автор Jello Toast ( назад)
The human race is a type of animal, so that's the best way to explain life.
I'm fine. I don't hate my race, ITSSS FIIIIIIINEEHEHEEE

Автор jjthe goldminer ( назад)

Автор Max The Husky ( назад)
1:05 .....😐

Автор jjthe goldminer ( назад)
0:25 O_o

Автор Martis Endrell ( назад)
"Winston is really bloated today...."

Автор johkaz836 ( назад)
The video at 4:40 is fake. Check out billschannel for the results. It
really is fake

Автор YEAHitsEND WOO ( назад)
Im kind of offended by the dog who was laying down peeing because dogs do
that when they have seizures. No joke

Автор David Lein ( назад)
animals are not idiots

Автор xoxo lame Hp ( назад)
not all animals are idiots

Автор Crimefy HD ( назад)
Bro there was a cat choking near the end not cool

Автор Fish_ ( назад)
1:26 when your high on feet

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