wave warrior exe light pt 6 (1 of 2)

the hardest battle in this episode

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i nearly died back there
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now that we're done with that battle lets go to the next battle then
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My new Trailer^^
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This is one of my OLD videos. I used Hyper Cam during this. If anyone would like me to do more like these, let me know. ^^
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***!!!PLEASE READ!!!*** FOR MOBILE USERS: I cannot control if the video is mobile or not. YouTube's crappy copyright policies block it from being...


Автор Вячеслав Сазан (7 месяцев)

Автор shadowzake (2 года)
its not hard!

Автор draculaura theunicornpegasushalfdemon (1 год)
thanks darkcynder darkspyro. ^_^

Автор Tortwag (2 года)
Search on newsgrounds, game portal. type the name, and you'll find it^^

Автор ender rocky (1 год)
i beat that level like a 100 times

Автор cuttiehedgefox (2 года)
i couldn't beat that level ><

Автор cuttiehedgefox (2 года)
yah XD im always losing XD

Автор ender rocky (1 год)
go to mofunzone that's were I play it

Автор sesi285 (1 год)
to easy i never beat him but its easy

Автор draculaura theunicornpegasushalfdemon (2 года)
where can i play that game and what site is it on? can you tell me please
and thank you. ^_^

Автор Cpokemon12 (2 года)
wow really???? XD

Автор Deandre Harris (1 год)
i beat him he easy to me if you know how to :)

Автор Cpokemon12 (2 года)
suks for u LOL

Автор Vladimir Lenin (1 год)
this battle is easy

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