[Original] Office Space: The Printer Scene

When I want to watch just the printer scene, I want to watch JUST THE PRINTER SCENE--- not some remix version or some mixed with family guy version.

~~ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO OFFICE SPACE~~ I have no intention of making any money off of this video. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THEM! THEY ARE AWESOME

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Автор Die Flutschfingers ( назад)
I do this to the new Cod!😂😂

Автор Taco Cat ( назад)
As soon as I get a new PC, I'm gonna do this to the old one for sure.
Fucking hate this thing

Автор BryanENVY ( назад)
studying this VERY hard to remake this lmao.

Автор Paula Barnes ( назад)
#DELLisJUNK Been going through a nightmare for almost a year now! Have
enough customer service numbers and emails from the Concierge Service to
make you dizzy! Had us buy the upgraded $$ BETTER WARRANTY - Dell replaced
the WIFI Keycard on a less than 90 day old Inspiron 15, replaced the
keyboard, multiple upgrades on the BIOS systems - FINAL WORD -IT WILL NOT
STAY CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!!! Sorry we will not replace the unit!!! SO
RUN from DELL! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! #DELLSUCKS This printer scene is for the
#DELL #Inspiron15

Автор BluffCreek Gaming (32 года назад)
If there's any way to destroy a popular "celeb" like Nicki Minaj or anybody
else's products, then it will be done Office Space style.

Автор Random Dude ( назад)
Would do the same to surfin bird record.

Автор bkingk8 ( назад)
As an ICT tech with half a dozen old MFP's that need to be shot but they
just wont replace I approve this video...

Автор supergordon22 ( назад)
PC load letter?????????????????????????? what does that mean?

Автор Docktor Jim ( назад)
Michael Bolton forever.

Автор Wyatt Kurtgis ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор gatesx8 ( назад)
it looks like he pulled the printer's guts in the end lol

Автор mario1136 ( назад)
Imagine that printer is someone you hate, or someone you're mad at. Stress

Автор Hako Films ( назад)
Just saw Family Guy's parody on tv b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bird bird bird bird bird
is the world

Автор kobeisforrellas ( назад)
greatest movie ever

Автор Petman1325 ( назад)
I plan on doing this to my phone. To get texts and make calls, I have to
pull the battery. >_<

Автор WizKhalifa340 ( назад)
AND.... and.... and... Bring 2 friends and then beat it till you all walk
away then you come running back and fist it until they pull you back!

Автор Michael S. Yelland ( назад)
Take it to a field, and beat it to death - I think I may join you.

Автор edgexxi ( назад)
I still wonder how Michael Bolton can punch a copy machine over and over
again without busting his hand. Those tiny resistors HURT!

Автор Chris Ramos ( назад)
This is how I am going to dispose of my 360 as soon as it gets the red
ring. It is a good thing that I have this song on my Ipod.

Автор Nuri Dickson ( назад)
Still one of the funniest scenes(hell, movies) I've ever seen, and the
soundtrack was perfect, I'm mean, damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

Автор Young Smoke ( назад)
thumbs up if you got here from family guy

Автор toradrow777 ( назад)
Who hasn't wanted to do this to a malfunctioning piece of s**t electronic

Автор Sweet ( назад)
office space should be top 50 movies of all time, millions of people having
to deal with office nonsense everyday.

Автор Ricardo Elias Correa Buhr ( назад)
My printer is not working on me, I will try to fix it, but if I can't I
swear to God I will destroy it worse than those guys just did.

Автор TheMomob4 ( назад)
What's not to like??

Автор DoctorR3D ( назад)
Just did the same thing with my iPod -_-...

Автор d.i.g.i.t10 ( назад)
Totally. When this came out, I was in college and I thought it was just
stupid. Worst movie ever. I watched it again a few years later after having
a real office job. Best movie ever.

Автор fordranger797 ( назад)

Автор Chandler Hull ( назад)
I just got a new printer :)

Автор TLLn23 ( назад)
stewie and bryan on family guy made an epic parody of this

Автор lkjh4433 ( назад)
Dude... You are the best for posting this. I can never get enough of this
scene. It is perfect in every way. I watch it as much as I can, and when
not watching it I think about it, and how amazing it is, and how I would
like to watch it again, and how awesome it will be when I do watch it 'just
one more time...' '...Because its die muthafucka, die muthafucka still

Автор Dawn Griffin ( назад)
That's about to be me and this biology book after this semester is over.....

Автор snarfinigus ( назад)
fuk n eh!

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon ( назад)
How are they poor? Valve is the most profit grossing computer-gaming
company in the world

Автор LouQuillson ( назад)
It's called "Still" by "Geto Boys" :)

Автор Kareem Shams ( назад)
Legendary Song's name?

Автор Trolllliiiinnnn ( назад)
Really? CS is amazing, Half-Life is amazing, and TF2 is amazing. Can you
please clarify as to how they make their games poorly?

Автор NIGGA ( назад)
PORTAL. nuff said

Автор shinydojo ( назад)
really? idk if underrated is the right word haha, pretty sure this movie is
a cult classic.

Автор johnny fletcher (818 лет назад)
Love it,fuck printers

Автор outerpol (1961 год назад)
You ruined it with the smiley face at the end, fuck printers.

Автор LilSyco1991 ( назад)
Yea its a cool scene but instead of a printer, i pretend its my stupid
bitch managers head.

Автор Tomas van der Wel ( назад)
Valve might make good games, it just makes them really poorly

Автор SourDSmokin ( назад)
Like a BAWSS! And oh, uh don't forget the cover sheet on your TPS reports.

Автор CynicFox ( назад)
Song by Geto Boys - Still

Автор DerpyDackles42 ( назад)
Make sure you put your whole head in front of the shotgun. THANK YOU FOR

Автор Cameron Gross ( назад)
It's a fax machine- not a printer lol

Автор GLaDOS Aperture ( назад)
Glad to see you know your grammar well.

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon ( назад)
Hey, Valve makes good games. Better than Infinity Ward and Gear box

Автор AmericaAgain2012 ( назад)
Here's an AR-15 version...lol. Just look up: Office Space_Printer Scene.mov
on youtube.

Автор Pskovskaya ( назад)
fuck u

Автор TheReal MikeySkitzo ( назад)
i want to do this with my label machine at work its always fuckin shorting
out and shit

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon ( назад)
Fuck valve? Step 1: Get a shotgun. Step 2: Put ammunition in it. Step 3:
Insert the barrel in your mouth. Step 4: Pull the trigger. VALVE OR GTFO

Автор Henry Chavez ( назад)

Автор tracebuster69 ( назад)

Автор John Shiva ( назад)
Die Mother fucker die!

Автор tennisroddickstar ( назад)
a 70's bat, a 70's field, a 90's printer fuckin A man

Автор Kevin Hill ( назад)
Best part for me is when they pull Michael away after he starts using his
fists.....just such a great movie.

Автор MeatWad ( назад)
You better be watching - you paper jamming, no cartridge recognising, epsom
piece of shit!

Автор MusialMedia AlexTheEpic ( назад)
This is what I'm gonna do with my shitty computer once I get it replaced.

Автор 'Jimmys game clips' ( назад)
Still by the Geto Boys

Автор Qais Abojodeh ( назад)
Name of the song?

Автор TheShotgunman0067 ( назад)
I'm an IT guy...I just had to see this scene today.

Автор countingmoons ( назад)
such an underrated movie.

Автор camryluvr95 ( назад)
It was a fax machine.

Автор gryphonklaw ( назад)
I watch this everyday to relieve my anger.

Автор AllAmericanBrony ( назад)
Print, mothafucka Print, mothafucka Still, fool. Print, mothafucka Print
mothafucka still.

Автор SMATF5 ( назад)
It's called "Still" by the Geto Boys.

Автор Phijkchu Pyrarson ( назад)
What is the name of this song? I can't find it anywhere.

Автор Kelzicon ( назад)
Getto Boys - Die Mother Fuckers

Автор phrygiandan ( назад)
Ya whatever.... they should be praising Frank Zappa.... Way ahead of this
motherfucking shit!!!!!Fist Fuck!!!!!!Jewish Princess.....It's all been
done......It is catchy though....I like it.....Cool tune!!!!

Автор Ota-Drew ( назад)
back up yo ass wit tha resurrection!!

Автор 22thejew ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор TouchMeTherePlease ( назад)
And if they rush it because of whiny fanboys like you and it turns out to
be Half Life: Modern Warfare, I am going to do that to your face

Автор Martin Buenrostro ( назад)
People are raging over HL3 again...

Автор smartguest ( назад)
15 malfunctioning printers were smashed up.

Автор TheSnoopdog3 ( назад)
where have i seen this before

Автор Chris Fantroy ( назад)
Its in office space its not edited

Автор Kelzicon ( назад)
Was this scene used in a movie where they actually do this to a person lol.
This seems like it was parodied from another movie.

Автор ubernathe ( назад)
... fucking forgot how angry I was. FUCK!!!!

Автор Tokes .McGoats ( назад)
i love that movie

Автор unreal1298 ( назад)
It's been 5 years and they haven't announced a Half-Life 2, Episode 3 yet.

Автор John Locke ( назад)

Автор DumpedClutch ( назад)
i want to do this to my xbox

Автор DumpedClutch ( назад)

Автор joe54 ( назад)
What's your name? Oh! Like the singer?

Автор Hperman09 ( назад)
We should do that to Valve.

Автор Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs ( назад)
**SONG** Geto Boyz - Still

Автор ubernathe ( назад)
What happened?

Автор Billy Joe ( назад)
this is an example of nerd rage.

Автор Dildork ( назад)
Which UGK song is this?

Автор sarah r ( назад)

Автор TheGoodFloyd ( назад)

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