[Original] Office Space: The Printer Scene

When I want to watch just the printer scene, I want to watch JUST THE PRINTER SCENE--- not some remix version or some mixed with family guy version.

~~ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO OFFICE SPACE~~ I have no intention of making any money off of this video. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THEM! THEY ARE AWESOME

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Автор Buddhini Samarasinghe (2 года)

Today was an extremely frustrating day. I wanted to do *this* (see video
below) to *THIS* (

Seriously. At one point it actually said *"The Operetta is broken. Please
call Perkin Elmer immediately"* and turned an angry red colour. I kid you

Автор Shelly Kay (2 года)
Because after +Shane Medlin 's post, you so *knew* this was coming! ♥ this
movie and this scene is *classic*!

Автор Moueska Tonelicci (1 год)
I sneezed, and my computer shut off.

... the video is relevant.

#umadbro #immadbro #dontbemadbro #pandonism 

Автор MK Genest (2 года)
+Bobbi Jo Woods

Автор Mark Rösel (2 года)
Who remembers this epic scene in the awesome movie Office Space? Oh I love
this one!

Автор Krissi Sandvik (2 года)
My daily use printer is giving me error messages that don't make sense and
have no answers online. *Son of a ... piece of shit!*

Автор Anne Miles (1 год)
For everyone with a case of the Mondays. 

Автор Paul Bernhard Svenning (1 год)
Its a classic...

Автор Michael Straubinger (1 год)
I really have to watch that movie again!

Автор Andrew Dylag (1 год)
One of the best movies ever.....!!!!

Автор Greg Giuffrida (2 года)
Just once I would like to buy a printer that doesn't force me to kill it
with a baseball bat in the backyard.

Автор Jakub Plešinger (2 года)

Автор Joseph Guarino (2 года)
Do my going "office space" on a printer effect its MTBF (mean time between
failure)? ~>http://ow.ly/cnt4Z =P

Автор Andreas Gehring (2 года)
Haven't we all felt that way before...???

Автор Jennifer Eichorn (2 года)
[Original] Office Space: The Printer Scene

Автор Nick Adair (2 года)
I feel like Michael Bolton today...
(not the "no-talent ass clown who became famous and started winning

Anyone who has ever worked with any kind of printer/plotter/press can truly
appreciate this scene from Office Space

Pay close attention to Michael. (Red Tie)
The people and the printer have been altered to protect the innocent.

[Original] Office Space: The Printer Scene

Автор Jared Givens (2 года)
Yep, engineering is a lot like that. Just replace the printer with some
other piece of unreliable hardware! :p

Автор Christian M. Grube (1 год)
#filmszenen #frompi oder nicht #frompi
Nun, ich liebe diese Szene aus dem Film OfficeSpace.
Immer wieder schön die DVD einzulegen, viele Admins fühlen sich verstanden
und packen die *conclusion* *mat* aus...

Tom Smykowski: It was a "Jump to Conclusions" mat. You see, it would be
this mat that you would put on the floor... and would have different
CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO.

Автор Michael Brown (2 года)
[Original] Office Space: The Printer Scene

Автор Miguel Angel Ortiz Camilo (1 год)
*Printer at Work*
[Original] Office Space: The Printer Scene

Автор Ricardo Elias Correa Buhr (1 год)
My printer is not working on me, I will try to fix it, but if I can't I
swear to God I will destroy it worse than those guys just did.

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon (1 год)
Fuck valve? Step 1: Get a shotgun. Step 2: Put ammunition in it. Step 3:
Insert the barrel in your mouth. Step 4: Pull the trigger. VALVE OR GTFO

Автор TheShotgunman0067 (1 год)
I'm an IT guy...I just had to see this scene today.

Автор John Locke (1 год)

Автор mrjimmyos (1 год)
Still by the Geto Boys

Автор Mina Gaid (1 год)
whats the name of the song

Автор camryluvr95 (1 год)
It was a fax machine.

Автор elizasarous123 (2 года)
no they didnt this movie was made in 1999

Автор Billy Joe (1 год)
this is an example of nerd rage.

Автор tukkomaakari (1 год)
Funny how the last "fuck" is censored.

Автор nashrox61 (2 года)
@XxXMissPeppermintXxX I was kidding god damn

Автор lster97 (2 года)
wondering the same thing saw it on family guy too

Автор adambin121 (1 год)
whats the name of the song?

Автор Neegle Matic (1 год)
its good to get up early so you can fill your day with doing stuff. 24
hours in a day is not enough

Автор edgexxi (1 год)
I still wonder how Michael Bolton can punch a copy machine over and over
again without busting his hand. Those tiny resistors HURT!

Автор Qais Abojodeh (1 год)
Name of the song?

Автор Simmoez (2 года)
Tom and Jerry promotes violence but no one complains about that, that poor
cat gets beaten to death but in the next scene he's perfectly ok! What sort
of message is that giving to children!

Автор TheReal MikeySkitzo (1 год)
i want to do this with my label machine at work its always fuckin shorting
out and shit

Автор Chandler Hull (1 год)
I just got a new printer :)

Автор Kareem Shams (1 год)
Legendary Song's name?

Автор cherthejoy (1 год)
I asked my IT guy what to do with an old printer at work and legit said go
office space on it.

Автор HalloranTom (1 год)
whats this song called

Автор 22thejew (1 год)
what song is this?

Автор RedQuell89 (2 года)
you watching the episode right now to? haha :)

Автор Ron Weasley (2 года)
I love the description because i can relate haha.

Автор Chris Ramos (1 год)
This is how I am going to dispose of my 360 as soon as it gets the red
ring. It is a good thing that I have this song on my Ipod.

Автор platinumboi88 (1 год)
Still one of the funniest scenes(hell, movies) I've ever seen, and the
soundtrack was perfect, I'm mean, damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

Автор TheMomob4 (1 год)
What's not to like??

Автор adambin121 (1 год)
thanks :)

Автор aldude999 (1 год)
It's because it was a going away present for the Michale and Samir.

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