[Original] Office Space: The Printer Scene

When I want to watch just the printer scene, I want to watch JUST THE PRINTER SCENE--- not some remix version or some mixed with family guy version.

~~ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO OFFICE SPACE~~ I have no intention of making any money off of this video. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THEM! THEY ARE AWESOME

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Автор BluffCreek Gaming (32 года назад)
If there's any way to destroy a popular "celeb" like Nicki Minaj or anybody
else's products, then it will be done Office Space style.

Автор Random Dude ( назад)
Would do the same to surfin bird record.

Автор bkingk8 ( назад)
As an ICT tech with half a dozen old MFP's that need to be shot but they
just wont replace I approve this video...

Автор supergordon22 ( назад)
PC load letter?????????????????????????? what does that mean?

Автор Docktor Jim ( назад)
Michael Bolton forever.

Автор Wyatt Kurtgis ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор gatesx8 ( назад)
it looks like he pulled the printer's guts in the end lol

Автор mario1136 ( назад)
Imagine that printer is someone you hate, or someone you're mad at. Stress

Автор sebasaiello ( назад)
Just saw Family Guy's parody on tv b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bird bird bird bird bird
is the world

Автор kobeisforrellas ( назад)
greatest movie ever

Автор Petman1325 ( назад)
I plan on doing this to my phone. To get texts and make calls, I have to
pull the battery. >_<

Автор WizKhalifa340 ( назад)
AND.... and.... and... Bring 2 friends and then beat it till you all walk
away then you come running back and fist it until they pull you back!

Автор Michael S. Yelland ( назад)
Take it to a field, and beat it to death - I think I may join you.

Автор edgexxi ( назад)
I still wonder how Michael Bolton can punch a copy machine over and over
again without busting his hand. Those tiny resistors HURT!

Автор Chris Ramos ( назад)
This is how I am going to dispose of my 360 as soon as it gets the red
ring. It is a good thing that I have this song on my Ipod.

Автор Nuri Dickson ( назад)
Still one of the funniest scenes(hell, movies) I've ever seen, and the
soundtrack was perfect, I'm mean, damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

Автор Young Smoke ( назад)
thumbs up if you got here from family guy

Автор toradrow777 ( назад)
Who hasn't wanted to do this to a malfunctioning piece of s**t electronic

Автор Sweet ( назад)
office space should be top 50 movies of all time, millions of people having
to deal with office nonsense everyday.

Автор Ricardo Elias Correa Buhr ( назад)
My printer is not working on me, I will try to fix it, but if I can't I
swear to God I will destroy it worse than those guys just did.

Автор TheMomob4 ( назад)
What's not to like??

Автор DoctorR3D ( назад)
Just did the same thing with my iPod -_-...

Автор d.i.g.i.t10 ( назад)
Totally. When this came out, I was in college and I thought it was just
stupid. Worst movie ever. I watched it again a few years later after having
a real office job. Best movie ever.

Автор fordranger797 ( назад)

Автор Chandler Hull ( назад)
I just got a new printer :)

Автор TLLn23 ( назад)
stewie and bryan on family guy made an epic parody of this

Автор lkjh4433 ( назад)
Dude... You are the best for posting this. I can never get enough of this
scene. It is perfect in every way. I watch it as much as I can, and when
not watching it I think about it, and how amazing it is, and how I would
like to watch it again, and how awesome it will be when I do watch it 'just
one more time...' '...Because its die muthafucka, die muthafucka still

Автор Dawn Griffin ( назад)
That's about to be me and this biology book after this semester is over.....

Автор snarfinigus ( назад)
fuk n eh!

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon ( назад)
How are they poor? Valve is the most profit grossing computer-gaming
company in the world

Автор LouQuillson ( назад)
It's called "Still" by "Geto Boys" :)

Автор Kareem Shams ( назад)
Legendary Song's name?

Автор Trolllliiiinnnn ( назад)
Really? CS is amazing, Half-Life is amazing, and TF2 is amazing. Can you
please clarify as to how they make their games poorly?

Автор NIGGA ( назад)
PORTAL. nuff said

Автор shinydojo ( назад)
really? idk if underrated is the right word haha, pretty sure this movie is
a cult classic.

Автор johnny fletcher (818 лет назад)
Love it,fuck printers

Автор outerpol (1961 год назад)
You ruined it with the smiley face at the end, fuck printers.

Автор justin stollings ( назад)
what were they doing a parody of in the movie?

Автор LilSyco1991 ( назад)
Yea its a cool scene but instead of a printer, i pretend its my stupid
bitch managers head.

Автор Tomas van der Wel ( назад)
Valve might make good games, it just makes them really poorly

Автор SourDSmokin ( назад)
Like a BAWSS! And oh, uh don't forget the cover sheet on your TPS reports.

Автор CynicFox ( назад)
Song by Geto Boys - Still

Автор DerpyDackles42 ( назад)
Make sure you put your whole head in front of the shotgun. THANK YOU FOR

Автор Cameron Gross ( назад)
It's a fax machine- not a printer lol

Автор GLaDOS Aperture ( назад)
Glad to see you know your grammar well.

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon ( назад)
Hey, Valve makes good games. Better than Infinity Ward and Gear box

Автор AmericaAgain2012 ( назад)
Here's an AR-15 version...lol. Just look up: Office Space_Printer Scene.mov
on youtube.

Автор Pskovskaya ( назад)
fuck u

Автор TheReal MikeySkitzo ( назад)
i want to do this with my label machine at work its always fuckin shorting
out and shit

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon ( назад)
Fuck valve? Step 1: Get a shotgun. Step 2: Put ammunition in it. Step 3:
Insert the barrel in your mouth. Step 4: Pull the trigger. VALVE OR GTFO

Автор Henry Chavez ( назад)

Автор tracebuster69 ( назад)

Автор John Shiva ( назад)
Die Mother fucker die!

Автор tennisroddickstar ( назад)
a 70's bat, a 70's field, a 90's printer fuckin A man

Автор Kevin Hill ( назад)
Best part for me is when they pull Michael away after he starts using his
fists.....just such a great movie.

Автор MeatWad ( назад)
You better be watching - you paper jamming, no cartridge recognising, epsom
piece of shit!

Автор MusialMedia AlexTheEpic ( назад)
This is what I'm gonna do with my shitty computer once I get it replaced.

Автор mrjimmyos ( назад)
Still by the Geto Boys

Автор Qais Abojodeh ( назад)
Name of the song?

Автор TheShotgunman0067 ( назад)
I'm an IT guy...I just had to see this scene today.

Автор countingmoons ( назад)
such an underrated movie.

Автор camryluvr95 ( назад)
It was a fax machine.

Автор gryphonklaw ( назад)
I watch this everyday to relieve my anger.

Автор AllAmericanBrony ( назад)
Print, mothafucka Print, mothafucka Still, fool. Print, mothafucka Print
mothafucka still.

Автор SMATF5 ( назад)
It's called "Still" by the Geto Boys.

Автор Pyrarson ( назад)
What is the name of this song? I can't find it anywhere.

Автор Kelzicon ( назад)
Getto Boys - Die Mother Fuckers

Автор phrygiandan ( назад)
Ya whatever.... they should be praising Frank Zappa.... Way ahead of this
motherfucking shit!!!!!Fist Fuck!!!!!!Jewish Princess.....It's all been
done......It is catchy though....I like it.....Cool tune!!!!

Автор Ota-Drew ( назад)
back up yo ass wit tha resurrection!!

Автор 22thejew ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор TouchMeTherePlease ( назад)
And if they rush it because of whiny fanboys like you and it turns out to
be Half Life: Modern Warfare, I am going to do that to your face

Автор Martin Buenrostro ( назад)
People are raging over HL3 again...

Автор smartguest ( назад)
15 malfunctioning printers were smashed up.

Автор TheSnoopdog3 ( назад)
where have i seen this before

Автор Chris Fantroy ( назад)
Its in office space its not edited

Автор Kelzicon ( назад)
Was this scene used in a movie where they actually do this to a person lol.
This seems like it was parodied from another movie.

Автор ubernathe ( назад)
... fucking forgot how angry I was. FUCK!!!!

Автор Tokes .McGoats ( назад)
i love that movie

Автор unreal1298 ( назад)
It's been 5 years and they haven't announced a Half-Life 2, Episode 3 yet.

Автор John Locke ( назад)

Автор DumpedClutch ( назад)
i want to do this to my xbox

Автор DumpedClutch ( назад)

Автор joe54 ( назад)
What's your name? Oh! Like the singer?

Автор Hperman09 ( назад)
We should do that to Valve.

Автор Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs ( назад)
**SONG** Geto Boyz - Still

Автор ubernathe ( назад)
What happened?

Автор Billy Joe ( назад)
this is an example of nerd rage.

Автор Dildork ( назад)
Which UGK song is this?

Автор sarah r ( назад)

Автор TheGoodFloyd ( назад)

Автор TheGoodFloyd ( назад)

Автор Rudy Juarez ( назад)
I can't wait to do this on my old laptop. With a shotgun.

Автор Future Fray ( назад)

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