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Автор Ricardo Elias Correa Buhr (2 года)
My printer is not working on me, I will try to fix it, but if I can't I
swear to God I will destroy it worse than those guys just did.

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon (2 года)
Fuck valve? Step 1: Get a shotgun. Step 2: Put ammunition in it. Step 3:
Insert the barrel in your mouth. Step 4: Pull the trigger. VALVE OR GTFO

Автор TheShotgunman0067 (2 года)
I'm an IT guy...I just had to see this scene today.

Автор John Locke (2 года)

Автор mrjimmyos (2 года)
Still by the Geto Boys

Автор Mina Gaid (2 года)
whats the name of the song

Автор camryluvr95 (2 года)
It was a fax machine.

Автор elizasarous123 (2 года)
no they didnt this movie was made in 1999

Автор Billy Joe (2 года)
this is an example of nerd rage.

Автор tukkomaakari (2 года)
Funny how the last "fuck" is censored.

Автор nashrox61 (2 года)
@XxXMissPeppermintXxX I was kidding god damn

Автор lster97 (2 года)
wondering the same thing saw it on family guy too

Автор Neegle Matic (2 года)
its good to get up early so you can fill your day with doing stuff. 24
hours in a day is not enough

Автор edgexxi (2 года)
I still wonder how Michael Bolton can punch a copy machine over and over
again without busting his hand. Those tiny resistors HURT!

Автор Qais Abojodeh (2 года)
Name of the song?

Автор Simmoez (2 года)
Tom and Jerry promotes violence but no one complains about that, that poor
cat gets beaten to death but in the next scene he's perfectly ok! What sort
of message is that giving to children!

Автор TheReal MikeySkitzo (2 года)
i want to do this with my label machine at work its always fuckin shorting
out and shit

Автор Chandler Hull (2 года)
I just got a new printer :)

Автор Kareem Shams (2 года)
Legendary Song's name?

Автор 22thejew (2 года)
what song is this?

Автор DavidYeshiwas (2 года)
Dont ever phucjing edit the clip like that again

Автор Ron Weasley (2 года)
I love the description because i can relate haha.

Автор Chris Ramos (2 года)
This is how I am going to dispose of my 360 as soon as it gets the red
ring. It is a good thing that I have this song on my Ipod.

Автор Nuri Dickson (2 года)
Still one of the funniest scenes(hell, movies) I've ever seen, and the
soundtrack was perfect, I'm mean, damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

Автор TheMomob4 (2 года)
What's not to like??

Автор aldude999 (2 года)
It's because it was a going away present for the Michale and Samir.

Автор pHappyfeet (2 года)
My printer just broke, guess what i'm gonna do at my local park...

Автор smartguest (2 года)
15 malfunctioning printers were smashed up.

Автор ToNYtro109 (2 года)
And the winner of the most gangster scene ever!

Автор Pyrarson (2 года)
What is the name of this song? I can't find it anywhere.

Автор TasteLykeKevinBacon (2 года)
How are they poor? Valve is the most profit grossing computer-gaming
company in the world

Автор justin stollings (2 года)
what were they doing a parody of in the movie?

Автор Sam Sliger (2 года)
it's a cartoon sitcom, but it definitely isn't family friendly, and they
don't copy everything, they make fun of everything, he's just dumb don't
worry about it

Автор Ludicus Maximus (2 года)
Geto Boys - Still

Автор MrBonethrower (2 года)
Back up in your ass with the resurrection.

Автор OtakuBucky (2 года)
back up yo ass wit tha resurrection!!

Автор bostyt50 (2 года)

Автор Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs (2 года)
**SONG** Geto Boyz - Still

Автор Cameron Gross (2 года)
It's a fax machine- not a printer lol

Автор joe54 (2 года)
What's your name? Oh! Like the singer?

Автор iamnotamorman (2 года)
i like to pretend the printer is monday

Автор squarecnix (2 года)
why fuck valve?

Автор Pskovskaya (2 года)
fuck u

Автор MusialMedia AlexTheEpic (2 года)
This is what I'm gonna do with my shitty computer once I get it replaced.

Автор unreal1298 (2 года)
It's been 5 years and they haven't announced a Half-Life 2, Episode 3 yet.

Автор snarfinigus (2 года)
fuk n eh!

Автор ubernathe (2 года)
What happened?

Автор Drewbiks (2 года)
It's called 'Still' By Geto Boys

Автор johnny fletcher (2 года)
Love it,fuck printers

Автор NationOfBacon (2 года)
Just because you saw it on family guy doesn't mean that's who did it first,
And they did not.

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