Genuine Flea Circus

A sneak preview of Professor Cockerill's Flea Circus; currently in training for performances in 2008. This is the first traditional Flea Circus to be performed in the UK for around half a century. For specific enquiries about Flea Training and Flea Circus history, please get in touch via the email in the video!

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Автор Stamatimenos ( назад)
John Hammond started with a Flea-Circus too!

Автор daFattylover (672 года назад)
Fleas have invaded my home recently and I'm currently dealing with them. I
plan to take prisoners and force them to do things like this. The revenge
for all that lost blood will be enjoyable and quite severe. 

Автор TenshiB ( назад)
@XRayCam Another thing... if not for the circus.. what GOOD are these
parasites anyway?? Now that I think of it.. do any other bugs rely solely
on fleas for food??

Автор Olivia Hope ( назад)
@8416287 there is a thing called pesticide.

Автор matt and yav ( назад)
How r u holding them in place?

Автор Daniel Bingamon ( назад)
Hope the Animal rights people don't come after you.

Автор GasLiquidSolid ( назад)
animal cruelty !! you guys should use mosquitos instea

Автор fuckyou1458 ( назад)
I think that everything has a right to life. Just because people have a
concern of another living creature big or small does not make them stupid.
If anything it makes you selfish and ignorant for thinking so. 

Автор TlGBC ( назад)
fleas have a better chance of living longer working as a carnie than
working as criminals robbing people and their pets for blood and selling it
on the street, you peta faggots.. if you're akshully on this video

Автор linkrulesx10 ( назад)

Автор sporky69 ( назад)
lmao awesome

Автор James Bond Jr ( назад)
If I had a video of me giving my dog Advantage, no one would complain about
flea abuse. I would be killing countless fleas. Only when people can see
the individual fleas do they start to care about the fleas.

Автор Nancy517 ( назад)

Автор Nancy517 ( назад)

Автор hoyt596 ( назад)
@Kabilanalmond It's a fucking flea. I don't like anything that lives off
blood and spreads disease, if you sucked another humans blood I would treat
you just like a flea. You used "uncanny" wrong by the way.

Автор NickRedMachine ( назад)
God, some of you are so fucking retarded. Don't feel bad for the fucking

Автор Man of Miracles ( назад)
@TheStig91 all animals have rights , its just sad to tortue it. say a giant
flea came and killed someone u luv , the flea is gnna go how sad feeling
sorry for a human being ... we all have rights were all animals its not
fair to tortue it just because were bigger than it...

Автор peace36660 ( назад)
that flea at the end was like "Nooo!!! gimme back my ball!" xD

Автор UltraViolencex ( назад)
HAHAHAHA @ Flea abuse. I bet all you fuckers defending the fleas have dogs
and cats and try your hardest to kill them. But SUDDENLY when they're used
for something you have to bitch ahhahaa.

Автор Digital Phoenix ( назад)
Id prefer those fuckers dead.

Автор OpTic GrimSex ( назад)
Makes me itch

Автор OpTic GrimSex ( назад)
Makes me itchy *shivvvvvverrrrs* brrrrrrrr

Автор Katy Gill ( назад)
Fleas are horrible id kill them all

Автор iENJOYpaintingSTUFF ( назад)

Автор RichJ66 ( назад)
It's interesting how generally the smaller the creature, the more willing
we are to torture it.

Автор Murdoc Sicàrio ( назад)
they go nice with cereal

Автор Edward Elk ( назад)
dude i clean my house but flea keep coming from no where i need help they
bit me when i sleep/

Автор ZoreoN ( назад)
How is it cruelty considering before if they were trained for a circus that
they are one of nature's leeches. I hope all of nature's vampires
(mosquitoes, leeches etc. just die in hell) and if anyone tries to say they
are protected and all that shit can screw themselves. I'm just f***** sick
of fleas biting me atm from the cat.

Автор MrParombo ( назад)

Автор Kabilan Pillay ( назад)
amazing yet just terrible.... how could you stand to do this to creatures
like these?..I don't get how people find this amusing..it's just simply

Автор popsandworm ( назад)
Is that wire wound around the joint between their heads and bodies? That
seems like a very difficult thing to do. I know they're "just fleas", but
suffering in any creatures is not...nice. Yet your comments on how you keep
them has reassured me, and this really is a spectacle!

Автор Ganxzta ZERY ( назад)
that flea is dead now ay ...lolS!

Автор David PhoTWENTY ( назад)
fukin burn those things

Автор Ramon Cepeda ( назад)
You're right ! FUCKING CRUELTY !!!

Автор chimaera01 ( назад)
You do realise it's a bug right?

Автор pavoman3 ( назад)
Can You Teach Them To Play The Bass?

Автор Mogakai ( назад)
Hey, this is cool. I liked seeing them juggle.

Автор kragle2008 ( назад)
hungry fleas haha :) cute

Автор travis3372 ( назад)
YES. torture those worthless pieces of shit

Автор ILoveMyTail ( назад)
clean your house more often..

Автор Rightcheous ( назад)
bathe? :P just kidding mate

Автор Stan Lobchuk ( назад)
Buy raid spray ment for fleas its purple. And by the fogger too. Then use
the spray on all your carpets and outside. then vacume and throw away the
bag or whatever is sucked up immeditly., bomb/fog the house then respray it
and vaccume the floors again and throw it away immeditly..

Автор mehdan2 ( назад)
same here man ! You gotta get orange or lemon peels boil them in some water
and use the water spray around your house also vacuum...

Автор zaubererkalibo ( назад)
Where do you perform?? I really want to see you and your amazing artists!

Автор xBiZarre4 ( назад)
Neato! ^^

Автор zaubererkalibo ( назад)
EXELLENT WORK! I do run a humbug... but i really love the REAL ONES!

Автор rotatingwah ( назад)
To 8416287, Well it has been a month since you posted your question. You've
probably realized this by now but once you get them- there's no getting rid
of them. Many people go through the rest of their lives never realizing
that they're infested. But there's no cause for alarm or worry because
you're not alone out there and there are support groups as well as
treatment and counseling. There's even a dating website devoted to flea
ridden singles. There's always the circus. (The flea circus)

Автор Warty ( назад)
its called flea shampoo you fucking retard

Автор ludovica36 ( назад)
I feel really itchy now:( eww theyre so gross

Автор laurelkhpr ( назад)
This is hilarious!!!

Автор 69mechanik ( назад)
Flealings, nothing more than flealings.......

Автор Duppy ( назад)

Автор R Hirshi ( назад)
fleas are people too!!!! given the chance they could come up with cures for
cancer or invent a time machine.

Автор CycleSyckness ( назад)
I have a pet flea named Odis that lives in my rectum.

Автор Dan Symcox ( назад)
Pulex irritans

Автор leafsoup ( назад)
so they're crabs?!

Автор franticcircus ( назад)
Please be assured that my fleas are extremely well fed. Hungry fleas will
not perform. As the old flea circus proprietor said "I live off them and
they live off me!" Do also note that no glue is used in a genuine flea
circus. But you are correct - they ONLY fleas! And ME only human.

Автор franticcircus ( назад)
Sorry! I'm afraid that's a trade secret for now until the live performance
is ready...

Автор chandler1193 ( назад)
what kind of flea is that? is it Ctenocephalides felis, or Pulex irritans

Автор darkshiv ( назад)
Whats the point of protecting them? Their just parasites, am I right?

Автор tenchimuyo69 ( назад)
The plague was spread primarily (and originally) by a group of nomads who
grouped together and conquered to make one of the largest empires in the
world. This Empire being the Mongolian Empire. The disease continued to be
spread across the slavic, Byzantine, and arab worlds (the Mali Dynasty
collapsed from the disease) through horses and human nomads. A flea could
help spread it I'm sure... but it was mostly human beings, horses, and
camels (all of which are animals that travel far distances)

Автор yarrboots ( назад)
lmao. weird, yet entertaining.

Автор trickboy1 ( назад)
I have to admit I thought the flea circuses were all "humbug." This has
changed my whole appreciation for fleas.

Автор Tom Bowen ( назад)
Spelt* Dumbass.

Автор larzyparzy ( назад)
ummm.... it's a flea. they've killed how many humans with the black plague?

Автор natakalt ( назад)
Hey, that's just mean! poor thing, pushing the flea to go on that rope. THE

Автор Joseph Cruddas ( назад)
I would not, but this is entertaining to me, since there are things much
worse than this going on in the world, and judging by your reaction to THIS
video, those "much worse" things i mention would give you heart failure if
you were to see them, i hope such weakness as yours does not pollute the
gene pool, the world has enough little bitches already.

Автор Baks9 ( назад)
but fair enough, fleas are itchy :(

Автор Cubicks ( назад)
omg its a fucking flea who cares

Автор jormamies ( назад)
First good thing a flea has ever done.. Birds'll find more things to eat
than these fleas.. They're just walking on stuff.. Is that so incredibly
cruel? Does the fact that someone filmed this make this video cruel? Isn't
it cruel to keep a dog in your house all day? Shouldn't it be running wild
and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE? (note the sarcasm in the last ones)

Автор Justin Hampel ( назад)
@ jamesgn20 - Yes, they are animals.

Автор frainbood ( назад)
have you been a flea, or how can u know?

Автор frainbood ( назад)
have you been a flea, or how can u know?

Автор franticcircus ( назад)
Please, do not worry! All of the performers in Professor Cockerill's Circus
are in a perfect state of healthy and happy contentment - unhappy fleas
will not perform! All have been rescued from a fate of cruel and certain
expiration at the hands of the merciless pest controller...

Автор ragtimefan1 ( назад)
This is a thing of beauty. Thank you for going to all the hard work to
revive this tradition. Todd Robbins

Автор Trish Short Lewis ( назад)

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