Live host laughs about Funny Voice (long version)

A Belgium Host is lauging about a men that had a failed operation with his voice. Normal this program is very serious and live. The presentor is after this live accident fired.

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Автор jodie richardson ( назад)
Me and a few pall had a moment like this a high school all getting a
bollaking off the headmaster was so funny he had a stone statue of him in
his office witch added to the hilarity of the situation. Funny vid this.

Автор Black _Heart ( назад)
9 years ago

Автор tumultus101 ( назад)
Man, that must be a bummer. I've had moments like that in classes in high
school, and you really can't stop laughing even though you know it's
inappropriate and rude.

Автор Yellow Flash ( назад)
im crying laugh . hahahaa

Автор Mohammed Hadidi ( назад)
1 :48 the guy in the behind

Автор shockakig ( назад)
Every single time i watch this i cry like some videos are funny first time
but this and ( if your a weed smoker) you will know what im saying 

Автор James Clarise ( назад)
Oi faggots - scroll on if ur a major faggot, like this comment and you will
being pay me money through google ads. how good will that make you feel.
like this comment i get money. cya faggots.

Автор Beasty 101 ( назад)

Автор Antonio LaMontagne ( назад)
i would have myself started rolling 

Автор Raptor X ( назад)
The meaning of laughin ur ass off

Автор Cailon Moshiri ( назад)
It's only funny because how HARD he laughs his ass off. XD

Автор Miss Harmony ( назад)
That laugh came from his toes!!

Автор GTV2000 ( назад)
Ze host has a insensitive funny bone in hiz body.


Автор PiGSqUeeLs ( назад)
hahaha! People, please don't believe this is real =D
It's was a sketch from a belgian television show, believe me, i'm belgian,
i know what i'm talking about :D

If you want to see more, just search for 'In de gloria' on youtube and you
will see more sketches. and another tip, if you wanna see a great parodie
on Miley cyrus 'wrecking ball' type in youtube: Miley cyrus on a christmas
ball (From the belgian television show: Tegen de sterren op.. YOU GONNA

Автор eastervan1 ( назад)
I love his laugh - sounds like he's high as hell

Автор ben aston ( назад)

Автор TheTaben ( назад)

Автор Stevan Lohja ( назад)
This was a set up!

Автор delme93 ( назад)
anyone tell me what show this if from? unbelievably funny, cheers

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
No, I'm in 1785

Автор ImOnlyMike Vlog ( назад)
Lmfao I'm surprised everyone didn't burst out laughing

Автор TianChristian Aryasatya ( назад)

Автор quickderp ( назад)
poor guy xD

Автор Toddy Grimwall ( назад)
Kartman is great that he can laugh on demand especially with that laugh, a
true artist! 

Автор Big Trev ( назад)
et sebba sebba hahaha nigga been swallowin cock or somethin son

Автор Big Trev ( назад)
hahahahahaha this presenter deserves props son, wouldnt have been as funny
if he wasnt laughin in this winnie the pooh bitch ass ugly curly haired

Автор Tashie Snower ( назад)

Автор subash adhikari ( назад)
yeah your right 

Автор Jantje J ( назад)
actually it is a group of belgium comediants who made this episode, lots of
people thougt it was real.

Автор Andrey Filipi ( назад)

Автор Iulius Ursut ( назад)
It is fake. If you cannot accept it once people bring you facts, it is
because you are an idiot.

Автор Denis Režonja ( назад)
images.4channel.org/f/src/funniest%20sound%20ever.swf this is the funniest

Автор Method512 ( назад)
It is fake...I can prove it with a link.

Автор Quintin Davis ( назад)
LOL it's not fake its real and the ONLY reason I'm laughing is because I
can empathize with the host in trying to hold back a laugh at something
that is SERIOUSLY funny. (not necessarily this instance) 

Автор James Nightinale ( назад)

Автор Method512 ( назад)
It isn't mean. It's fake.

Автор niruna30 ( назад)
this is just mean. If you guys understood dutch you would understand, that
this man had his tonsils removed and in the process damages his vocal cords

Автор T Nashè ( назад)
The Funniest Video Ever!!! Lol

Автор Michode's Memearia ( назад)
boy.. that escalated quickly :P

Автор sterljngknjght ( назад)

Автор ALEXIS91977 ( назад)
how is it funny?

Автор Adeel ARSHAD ( назад)
It is fake, but funny though,look at the audience behind,they seem to be
soul less,absolutely no expressions what so ever.

Автор johan lerminez ( назад)
This wasn't a serious program, it was a satire on an existing talkshow in
the 90ties in Flandres. Everyone in this video, except the audience, is

Автор EPF tricking ( назад)
4:27 Darth Vader

Автор Michode's Memearia ( назад)
4:27 Yoda 

Автор Spliced Beast ( назад)
The host got fired for having a sense of humor. The people that fired him
did not.

Автор Ojay ( назад)

Автор bmiha ( назад)
I fell from the chair on 4:26

Автор Musab Aksakal ( назад)
Funny, no not the mans voice, god bless his soul. The fact that this whole
scene was a setup to get the host of the show to burst in laughter, is
what's funny. The show manager setup the man with the high pitched voice
and man in the audience with a broken voice to talk, but why does he laugh?
Cause he has a slight mental disorder which makes him prone to laughter at
any time. That's what he was telling us, this was a setup to get him fired,
to make him laugh on live tv.

Автор blegedexmaster ( назад)
i'm laughing because that guy 's laughing,it's too hilarious

Автор vitro5 ( назад)
scumbag brain: do you hear how weird he talks? let's not control your
laughter shall we?

Автор HollandChick100 ( назад)
its in dutch so you guys wont understand it i do :)

Автор Danny cottman ( назад)
Lol i almost died laughing

Автор Waghbaws Shuri ( назад)
that was so mean the host had no chance to resist

Автор Submersed24 ( назад)
Thats so funny how would you keep composer?

Автор ondasagor ( назад)
This may be the one of the best sketches ever made!!

Автор Jack Pickering ( назад)
To me the people with the voices arent that funny but its just the
presenters reaction!

Автор sixstringslinger ( назад)
how is nobody else in the audience laughing?!

Автор MusicAfterDeath ( назад)
the awkward moment when you remember a funny joke...

Автор UNiKMeTaLLiX ( назад)
If he was smart he would take this voice and make something of it here in
America, we are all about making stupid people famous for millions of

Автор Tashiko Ramaka ( назад)
Bleut UN mUET blah blah blah

Автор Woo Camillio ( назад)
at 4:27 That man sound like batman off that movie "The Dark Knight"!

Автор Ture Sandin ( назад)
sounds like a demon chant LOL

Автор MegaShrooom ( назад)

Автор MegaShrooom ( назад)
poor man :(

Автор roger norton ( назад)
there is no way you can fake loosing it like this guy did. i have viewed
this so many times and it always cracks me up,its a classic!

Автор hoffman4506 ( назад)
and this is up there with bradley walsh on the chase - fanny chmeller

Автор hoffman4506 ( назад)
bad form to fire the presenter

Автор DB3457 ( назад)
buddy its fake and from a belgian tv show.

Автор lauraem171 ( назад)
anyone know what there saying?

Автор Khaedchsark Siri Songkram ( назад)
@Tektonik85 Haha yea

Автор jrca96 ( назад)
This isn't real it's from a sketch show

Автор charles streetgee ( назад)
is this video have translator so i understand what they saying 

Автор Gunnar Ágústsson (339 лет назад)
@RisingDampChamp :)

Автор Mike Mart ( назад)

Автор 330MLCokeCan ( назад)
lol it says 6:20 for me :P

Автор Phatkat (1974 года назад)
@markyn4 Homo?

Автор Phatkat ( назад)
@MartinKakarot1992 - You probably go around saying that about every

Автор matty3662 ( назад)
I watched the whole video then read the comment and felt so dog

Автор Chuck Boris ( назад)
1:37 =)))))

Автор Andydavc ( назад)
1:41 that guy in the back wanted to laugh! lol

Автор olav akselsen (846 лет назад)
i kebetzelet . yahahahaha

Автор Emma Bergman ( назад)
I just Can't stop laugh!!

Автор TheSNK1986 ( назад)
lol the UFC should've done the show like this with Chael Sonnen hosting the

Автор yoshixyzkun (1183 года назад)
This video never gets old!!! 

Автор levy wang ( назад)
this is the most one of funniest vids i have ever watched

Автор Twiister oX ( назад)
he sounds like stewie griffin when he is talking to brian about his book
"you know the one that he been working on for some time"

Автор Jennifer G ( назад)
I do feel a bit sorry for that presenter; he's meant to be presenting a
show on a series issue and treating the guests in a respectful way, and he
just can't help laughing.

Автор Arthur Pyle ( назад)
he sounds like norman from fireman sam

Автор Gerri D ( назад)
was he stoned? xD

Автор Martin Sibinovski ( назад)

Автор koolkidtv101 ( назад)
oh my god are all their voices jaked up like this 

Автор williammelvin ( назад)
its not real , but funny sketch tho 

Автор Zombolic P. ( назад)
i like how the camera zoomed in on the host everytime he laughed :D

Автор Zombolic P. ( назад)
@marty7044 they all have weird voice problems aswell i assume :)

Автор eTerniTune ( назад)
Guys this is fake... It's a sketch, like a foreign Saturday Night Live...
"In De Gloria"

Автор George Sobczyk ( назад)
they shouldnt fire him, they should of let him laugh to death, btw awesome

Автор sabastion nanashi ( назад)
poor man

Автор Paul Walsh ( назад)
That poor presenter.

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