LEGO - Bionicle Part 1: The Beach

My first video ever, to tell you the truth this is a very underdone game for a playthrough so i feel like making a playthrough of it. this is a game i played when i was a child and I'm pretty sure you guys might have played it before too so its time to have a blast from the past don't ya think? Some parts might be a little out of sync but the other parts wont be like that. I'll be making some other playthroughs so just keep calm and enjoy.

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Автор eftorres222 ( назад)
Anyone know how to get or access the game today?

Автор Amanda ( назад)
Oh man, my childhood. (>^ω^<)

Автор Unkel Dolan ( назад)
My first video as well. 

Автор Oliver Maquilan ( назад)
cool man but boring

Автор NostalgiaFreak101 ( назад)
Hey I just realized you can color him to be a power drained Mavrah

Автор SatiricalSmit3r ( назад)
templar(dot)com/games/mnog/Player(dot)html It's still around apparently!

Автор MasterEXpulsion ( назад)
Dude, i freaking loved that <3

Автор Patrickishere ( назад)
game boy

Автор thedogwearsred ( назад)
Nostalgia boner. Anyone remember that first person rpg they had on the
bionicle website? Sooo good.

Автор Gemsparky6 ( назад)
Ah, 2001... a shame the game "Legend of Mata-Nui" was never released. That
game looks truly awesome.

Автор Greg The Duke of Canada ( назад)
what is this game for? 

Автор Ezdras Meraz-Lerma ( назад)
can it be played on the PC 

Автор bloodstone ore ( назад)
where can i download

Автор Necrilla Gorilla ( назад)
This looks fun

Автор Gregory Nutt ( назад)

Автор TheBluntlySpoken ( назад)
One of my favorite GBA titles. Believe it or not, it does provide a hearty
challenge, this game. At least, in my opinion it does! I enjoy the
soundtrack as well! 

Автор digiDerv ( назад)
I just started a Lets Play with commentary of this game on my channel if
anyone wants to check it out :)

Автор Dattebaketchup Acapella Man ( назад)

Автор TheLairOfRockwhales ( назад)
That's... really random...

Автор liamwtsn8 ( назад)

Автор N64Kid ( назад)

Автор Mattia Feracin ( назад)
OH MY CHILDHOOD. Thamk you man :)

Автор Alonzo Tompkins ( назад)
I'm glad I'm getting this game again.

Автор grassroots15 ( назад)
let me backtrack and say you can techincally play a toa if you count takua
at this point to be takanuva lolololol

Автор Arlisbloxer05 ( назад)
correction u can make a mini-ouna

Автор Arlisbloxer05 ( назад)
well u can make mini-toa in the game!

Автор grassroots15 ( назад)
haha the cart for this game is sitting on my desk. i bought this 10 years
ago cause i friggin loved bionicle. TOO BAD you cant use the toa in this

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