Home Chest & Back Workout

I used to be FAT...here's how I finally got six pack abs:

In this video I show you a quick home workout you can do for chest and back. This is a great workout to get started with at home if you don't have a gym membership. And I will sometimes do this workout when I don't have time to go to the gym, or when I'm traveling and don't have gym access.

Here's the workout:

SIDE TO SIDE PUSHUPS -- 10 REPS. Move your hands wide apart as you go down, and close together when you reach the top of the pushup. Alternate sides, so that you are traveling side to side as you do your pushups.

DUMBBELL FLYS -- 10 REPS. Move the dumbbells up and down in a CIRCULAR motion, not a PRESSING motion like a bench pres. Keep your arms slightly bent. Isolate your chest as much as possible -- you should feel your chest muscles squeezing together as you do this, and minimal tricep involvement.

BENT ARM SIDE LATERAL -- 10 REPS. Keep your arms bent at a 90 degree angle. Raise your arms upwards and to the side. You should feel this in your deltoid (shoulder) muscles primarily. If you are advanced, do this explosively like I do in the video. If you're a beginner, use slower, more strict form and isolate your shoulders more. Be careful with too much back involvement if you're first starting off (it may lead to injury if you're not conditioned to explosive weight lifting moves).

BENT OVER SIDE LATERAL -- 10 REPS. Bend over at a 90 degree angle, so that your back is flat like a table top. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings as you do this. In this position, contract the muscles of your back to bring the dumbbells upwards in a circular motion. Really contract your back as much as possible at the top of the repetition to get the most out of it. Again, use more strict, slow form than I do in this video if you are a beginner -- use more explosive form if you are advanced.

DUMBBELL FRONT RAISES TO CEILING -- 10 REPS. Keeping your arms bent VERY slightly (almost straight), raise the dumbbells from your legs to vertically above your head. Once again, use strict form if you are a beginner and do not initiate the movement with momentum from your back. If you are advanced, explode from the bottom with a small amount of back involvement, and use a heavier weight.

DUMBBELL GOOD MORNINGS -- 10 REPS. Hold the dumbell to your chest. Bend over from your hips, being careful not to round your back excessively. Go down until you feel a stretch in your hamstring, then keeping your back straight return to the standing position.

And that's it! You can do this once for a quick workout, or 3x for a more thorough workout.

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Thanks guys, and I will talk to you in the comments to answer any questions!

And if you want to take the fast track to getting a ripped body and abs, I recommend checking out the "Afterburn Training" video on my site. It shows you my breakthrough training technique that I use to build muscle while staying very lean, and eating tons of food.

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Автор Bruno Magallanes ( назад)
What...isnt he doing, shoulders? Chest, shoulders and back?

Автор Aabba Yaabo Yaabay ( назад)
how many liter of water i take
srry am not speak englsh well
any way tanks guys

Автор snooze123321 ( назад)
What KG weighs do you use?
And what would you recommend for a new starter to use of KG weighs? (Age
17, about 175 hight, and weight 69kg).
Please Help me out quick brah <3

Автор Nname Withheld ( назад)
He used to get straight to the exercises like this. Now he just talks and

Автор Little Bird ( назад)
Hey I was doing the first exercise and it was pretty hard. I adjusted it to
my liking and was gonna do 5 reps in 3 sets. In the last set, my right
elbow starting stinging. The part of the triceps that is closest to your
elbow. Help!

Автор Johan Aarnoudse ( назад)
Hey I have a question: does anyone know how heavy those dumbbels he uses

Автор JingWei Chen ( назад)
this is more likely a shoulder exercise instead of back

Автор Mike Kotas ( назад)

Автор spencer packer ( назад)
On the bent over side lats i can realy feel it in my chest is that normal?
If not what can i do to improve?

Автор Mehru Nissa ( назад)
Can girls tried these exercises

Автор Mister Mclaren ( назад)
i've tried this yesterday. this is fvckin brutal

Автор hakimluqq 25 ( назад)
Nice body man

Автор Grant Revel ( назад)
why are you so small your such a bitch

Автор Daniel Bautista (291 год назад)

Автор Strength in Manlets ( назад)
WOW! He is one sexy Chinese scientist from ancient China!

Автор Mary ( назад)
Good resource.


Автор Frazer Gayapersad ( назад)
Just finished this workout, really feeling it across the lats.

Автор Joe Matsuzawa ( назад)
should i do more reps if i only have light weights?

Автор Ma Rino ( назад)
Which of these exercises are for chest,and which are for back?

Автор Moutaa Madani (Hey Med) ( назад)
I hope it work I'm really skinny :')

Автор tismanassoutomuni ( назад)
if you want back excersise DEADLIFT
there is no good alternative

Автор Juan Gonzalez ( назад)
Man, I've always been a fatty and always struggled to lose weight. Just
watching this, really pumped me up! No homo, but I wanna be sculpted like
this Mike dude. Starting tomorrow, I'm a definitely get more active!!

Автор Bebe Cunningham ( назад)
I'm sorry but I'm a girl and I just needed to look at you working out(:

Автор zappzoe ( назад)
if you can do about max 8-10 lifts that pretty good. more then that and you
can get heavier weight. you can also mix and work 12-14 lifts with lighter
weight. you become less explosive in strength and more endurance then
though. depends what you want more. strength or endurance best of both
worlds i'd say is workout with your own body, like the bar brothers... but
that's my personal opinion.

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Автор waqas z ( назад)
does doing weights on chest affect your growth

Автор Luka Wan ( назад)
nice house

Автор Austin Snyder ( назад)
Do these also help the side muscles

Автор pupols ( назад)
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Автор Makedonija Vecna ( назад)
how kg are weights?

Автор _the _inventor ( назад)
do you also now somthing for butt muscle

Автор Nicola Tobia ( назад)
after workout

Автор luK KAS ( назад)
Awesome workouts !!

Автор singhisking115 ( назад)
I have a question, do you take any protein after or before each workout?

Автор singhisking115 ( назад)
I havea.

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Автор ConfessionOfABeautyBoy ( назад)
Thanks for the video mate! What weight did you use in this workout?

Автор (Show the comment) ( назад)
where can i get some dumbbells like that?

Автор dalin hu ( назад)
very useful, great. but for six pack. it is not easy to me,

Автор heuston aiman ( назад)
Can i do dumbell press without the bench

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Whats the point of having a lot of muscle if you don't use it for anything?
I understand being fit, but not gratuitously bulky. Yeah, show-muscles
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that's was really good but u know i have much fats in my chest and around
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Автор sacramentojerkz ( назад)
how long do i need to do this for?

Автор Tyler Scott ( назад)
Is it just one round of those sets? Or would it be like 3 rounds with a
small rest in-between each?

Автор Jamie Shipton ( назад)
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just do crunches and leg lifts and your good.

Автор TheParanoidWaffel ( назад)
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