the Pain of Cluster Headache (second version)

Video Copyright © Claudio Geraci

I made this video for a commission about Cluster Headache, this is a second version with another music track as background.
Here original version with the music that they asked me to use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR8jGXb3XQ8

I'd like to receive your feedbacks about the two different versions of this speed painting. Which one did you like the most, and why?

MUSIC: Сны Моего Неба - глубокое,вечное,чистое

Acrylic and liquid watercolor on paper. (100cm x 70cm)
Final painting: http://agnes-cecile.deviantart.com/art/The-pain-of-cluster-headache-281297639

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 4:21
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Автор Christopher Smith (3 месяца)
This painting is about as close to how it feels...

Автор Joaquin Quintas (12 дней)
In the beginning she wears black color or an intense violet? i'm blind x.x
Beyond that, it's wonderful :)

Автор Ganta Igarashi (1 месяц)
Can anyone translate the song name in english 

Автор Jeremy Robbins (12 дней)
Love it. Watch it all the time. Great art!

Автор MORENIK666 (1 месяц)
veramente brava i miei complimenti., mi iscrivo al tuo canale. iscriviti
anke tu al mio se ti fa piacere. ciao ciao grande artista

Автор Chewy Watermelon (9 месяцев)

Автор clusterhead 2489 (1 месяц)
I have suffered with clusterheadaches for 28 years now and can relate to
the pain portrayed in this artwork ,though I prefer the first version
as the music is much more emotional,would love to get this done as a tattoo
with your permission would go well with my other tats

Автор Rose C (3 месяца)
@Roisin Arnold read the description

Автор Skary Kid (2 месяца)
I know this was to show the pain of cluster headaches, but to me it showed
something so much more. I suffer heavily from depression and bipolar
disorder. And the way these two work together is severe anger with so much
depression. and this painting showed my family and friends what it means to
feel the way i do. i never knew how to describe it until i saw this. So
thank you! 

Автор oussam kam (2 месяца)
:( i suffer from cluster headache 

Автор Zenomexican (3 месяца)
Absolutely superb. I would love to buy this one. Please, PLEASE let me buy
the original! :'(

Автор Sily Piz (3 месяца)
New divide Linkin Park theme

Автор Hybrid demon (2 месяца)
This is exactly how a pain cluster headache feels. I suffer from it and I
can relate to what you put as your art. I truly love how you paint and how
it relates to feeling so well.

Автор Kali Durga (3 месяца)
I have it. It's exactly how it feels.

Автор Shakwan Williams (2 месяца)
I would love to read a graphic novel illustrated by you!!!

Автор UrbanArmed (5 месяцев)
Wow, so well done. It even matches which eye it comes behind..

Автор Mephisto Steiner (7 месяцев)
You inspired me a lot!!!

Автор BaSH PROMPT (2 месяца)
+agnescecile - That's my face after getting a cluster migraine from the
crappy song playing in the background. Thanks dude. .__.

Автор Kiara Mimi (18 дней)

Автор Christine Tollefsen (5 месяцев)
I have it. Thankfully its not something that is going on everyday till i
die. There are monthly breaks, but ofc it returns.

Автор Roisin Arnold (4 месяца)
What media do you use here? I'm pretty sure it's oil washed out with turps
judging from the fact you use a palette knife, but I'm thinking of doing
something similar in acrylics. You're really good at using the paint,
especially when spreading and splashing it!

Автор Toruk8Makto (4 месяца)
Only with GOD..We can truly know what happiness....Hes Alive and very

Автор Northern Cold (2 месяца)
Can I get a print? 

Автор Pao DeLarge (7 месяцев)
I just found your channel, you're awesome. You inspire me to painting

Автор Denon Heon (3 месяца)
name of the song, please :')

Автор Lencho 6 (1 год)
I would have called that finished half way through, but you added such
nicely placed ads to it as your complete story to be told unfolded upon
itself. I think I am in love.

Автор alincasandra cruz (3 месяца)
Wow! You're a wonderfull artist, I Rally love your work

Автор Swapnil Singh (4 месяца)
I had suffered cluster headaches and trust me there is nothing which can
explain that pain completely

Автор מיכאל יצחקוביץ' (6 месяцев)
thats great, i like your hair too

Автор StayFuckable (10 месяцев)
It expresses my hatred for math. 

Автор Ecopowerr (4 месяца)
I believe there is a cure in the Amazon. Sadly they are destroying the
Amazon. What can I do? Thank you for the video, just back in a cluster so I
have time to listen it again.

Автор Kevin Bui (6 месяцев)
i cringed so much throughout this video..wow

Автор Ginny Cox (4 месяца)
So many wonderful artists in the world.

Автор z0003415 (5 месяцев)
GOD, I want to buy this one!! In all of your works, I'm really fascinated
to this one, it's just so powerful!!

Автор Tinker BellArt (5 месяцев)
This is so amazing! There is so much behind your art. I love it. It's so
Regards from Germany

Автор steve davies (5 месяцев)
A magnificent painting - portrays true pain and emotion!

Автор Jahbry bry (1 месяц)

Автор dul1995 Vargas (2 месяца)
Me gustaría saber el nombre de la rola... alguien sería tan amable de
proporcionarme la? :D

Автор AnixMafaldix (6 месяцев)
Hi. Can't find this music... Can you send me the name of the band/music in
english? Thanks so much!... ;) 

Автор Alisha S (6 месяцев)
Wow. You're so talented! I love how you make everything flow and make it so

Автор erick escobar (9 месяцев)
oh god i fell in love with this girl and her art she a really good artist i
hope someday i can draw like she does 

Автор Mada Faka (2 месяца)

Автор Darin Zadina (7 месяцев)
Ur art captures every inhuman battle with this evil. Pure insanity. Your
are crazy talented. Moving to a fellow suffer. Thank you very much. 

Автор Phoebe Workman (7 месяцев)
i love the music you use in your videos, i think it always fits perfectly

Автор William Pulido Rivera (7 месяцев)
En esta pintura expresa el sentir mio, muy buena pintura y fuente de
inspiración. (Y) 

Автор Hunter (1 год)

Автор Eienn Jae Corona (11 месяцев)
Now this made me want to practice my own skill and get even better at it.
:] I love your works! :D They are amazing, breathtakingly beautiful and I
really love your hair...

I just had to say the last part.

Автор Chad Shepherd (7 месяцев)
I want this on a canvas on my wall. It's awesome c:

Автор hijiri aikawa (3 месяца)
holy shiiiit please tell me you still own that artpiece i want to buy it

Автор Nat (11 месяцев)
I'm shocked... First* Do you like rock??! I Love it, wow this one is
definitely my favorite... why? because I love red, white and black, drama
and your art!! I'm shocked (again) This is too much for my eyes and soul!
hoping your answer (even if that never happened before)

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