the Pain of Cluster Headache (second version)

Video Copyright © Claudio Geraci

I made this video for a commission about Cluster Headache, this is a second version with another music track as background.
Here original version with the music that they asked me to use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR8jGXb3XQ8

I'd like to receive your feedbacks about the two different versions of this speed painting. Which one did you like the most, and why?

MUSIC: Сны Моего Неба - глубокое,вечное,чистое

Acrylic and liquid watercolor on paper. (100cm x 70cm)
Final painting: http://agnes-cecile.deviantart.com/art/The-pain-of-cluster-headache-281297639

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Автор alincasandra cruz (4 дня)
Wow! You're a wonderfull artist, I Rally love your work

Автор Roisin Arnold (5 дней)
What media do you use here? I'm pretty sure it's oil washed out with turps
judging from the fact you use a palette knife, but I'm thinking of doing
something similar in acrylics. You're really good at using the paint,
especially when spreading and splashing it!

Автор Toruk8Makto (18 дней)

Автор Ginny Cox (27 дней)
So many wonderful artists in the world.

Автор Swapnil Singh (28 дней)
I had suffered cluster headaches and trust me there is nothing which can
explain that pain completely

Автор Ecopowerr (1 месяц)
I believe there is a cure in the Amazon. Sadly they are destroying the
Amazon. What can I do? Thank you for the video, just back in a cluster so I
have time to listen it again.

Автор Christine Tollefsen (1 месяц)
I have it. Thankfully its not something that is going on everyday till i
die. There are monthly breaks, but ofc it returns.

Автор Exzentriker (1 месяц)

Автор Toruk8Makto (18 дней)
Only with GOD..We can truly know what happiness....Hes Alive and very

Автор Tinker BellArt (1 месяц)
This is so amazing! There is so much behind your art. I love it. It's so
Regards from Germany

Автор steve davies (1 месяц)
A magnificent painting - portrays true pain and emotion!

Автор sofiahime (1 месяц)
Do you have CH? Because you did a very good job at portraying what the pain
feels like. 

Автор Sarah Foor (1 месяц)
That's AMAZING. It's inspiring for me to do something similar to express my
chronic pain. 

Автор Erick Carrillo (1 месяц)

Автор z0003415 (1 месяц)
GOD, I want to buy this one!! In all of your works, I'm really fascinated
to this one, it's just so powerful!!

Автор UrbanArmed (2 месяца)
Wow, so well done. It even matches which eye it comes behind..

Автор AnixMafaldix (2 месяца)
Hi. Can't find this music... Can you send me the name of the band/music in
english? Thanks so much!... ;) 

Автор Alisha S (2 месяца)
Wow. You're so talented! I love how you make everything flow and make it so

Автор faris Saleh (2 месяца)

Автор Kevin Bui (2 месяца)
i cringed so much throughout this video..wow

Автор Vince Amato (2 месяца)
Agnes - The first version has a tortured voice of a headache, and the
second version could be sounds inside a secluded bout of pain. It seems to
get louder the more you paint.
I like the way you cross your thumb over your forefinger during some of
your detail work.

Автор dde39aston (3 месяца)
It kinda looks like Ultimate Warrior

Автор מיכאל יצחקוביץ' (3 месяца)
thats great, i like your hair too

Автор Darin Zadina (3 месяца)
Ur art captures every inhuman battle with this evil. Pure insanity. Your
are crazy talented. Moving to a fellow suffer. Thank you very much. 

Автор Phoebe Workman (3 месяца)
i love the music you use in your videos, i think it always fits perfectly

Автор eli estrada (3 месяца)
Inspired from this one.

Автор blatherskitenoir (3 месяца)
That is exactly how cluster headaches feel.

Автор Josna Thankachan (3 месяца)

Автор MyBigJune (3 месяца)
would you sell this to me if it wasn't spoken for yet?

Автор Chad Shepherd (3 месяца)
I want this on a canvas on my wall. It's awesome c:

Автор William Pulido Rivera (3 месяца)
En esta pintura expresa el sentir mio, muy buena pintura y fuente de
inspiración. (Y) 

Автор Pao DeLarge (3 месяца)
I just found your channel, you're awesome. You inspire me to painting

Автор StayFuckable (6 месяцев)
It expresses my hatred for math. 

Автор Mephisto Steiner (3 месяца)
You inspired me a lot!!!

Автор Johann Kuster (4 месяца)
Your art is simply amazing! Can't say that I'm fond with either of the
music selections in comparison on the 2 videos. It's a preference, and
everyone will have their own. Use what inspires you. I just found your
art, and I'm awestruck! As of these days, it may seem cliché, but I'm a
huge fan of "Chillstep (Chill Dubstep). I found it pleasing to watch the
videos with the sounds of Blackmill, Adventure Club, Seven Lions, etc...
Personally, Blackmill being my favorite. His music can touch a soul they
way he mixes, the way your art touches souls. Great music to shut your
eyes too!

Автор ぁうdちぇlせあ (4 месяца)
are you using canvas for painting? or a sketchpad?

Автор Chronic Overdose (4 месяца)
I love your art, it really inspires me as the young artist I am

Автор Xxxthesquidguyxxx (4 месяца)
I had to download the music

Автор jane k (4 месяца)
I used to like drawing :D And to be honest, whenever I drew this dark
stuff, it was like letting the emotions out. 

Автор Sascha Grenner (4 месяца)
AMAZING! This is genius.

Автор Lendyourlife (4 месяца)
Pure master piece!
My bro suffers now and then clusters and I feel sorry for him.
This video is truely a great example how it grows.
If I had the money, I would buy this painting..
Great job, and thanks for the artist.

Автор robert kay (4 месяца)
i have the f+cking demon in the right side,one day i kill that f+cking

Автор asia hardin (4 месяца)
The beauty of your paintings makes me want to cry. Idk how but u show so
much emotion in ur paintings.Your amazing keep it up :-)

Автор Cloé Draws (5 месяцев)
I would pay billions to have this painting in my house!!! thats

Автор Kiah C. (5 месяцев)
im in love with this :)

Автор Nuh Fil (5 месяцев)
in love with it <3

Автор vermilionskin (5 месяцев)
Your work is amazing, so free and beautiful. I hope I will be able to
purchase one of your paintings, going to your website now.

Автор jeckle78 (5 месяцев)
Your amazing

Автор MrRLearner (5 месяцев)
I've had this condition for about 20 years. She has captured a beautiful
moment of agony. The picture is accurate to those that suffer from cluster
headaches. Thanks agnescecile

Автор Chewy Watermelon (5 месяцев)

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