the Pain of Cluster Headache (second version)

Video Copyright © Claudio Geraci

I made this video for a commission about Cluster Headache, this is a second version with another music track as background.
Here original version with the music that they asked me to use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR8jGXb3XQ8

I'd like to receive your feedbacks about the two different versions of this speed painting. Which one did you like the most, and why?

MUSIC: Сны Моего Неба - глубокое,вечное,чистое

Acrylic and liquid watercolor on paper. (100cm x 70cm)
Final painting: http://agnes-cecile.deviantart.com/art/The-pain-of-cluster-headache-281297639

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Длительность: 4:21
Комментарии: 709

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Автор Small Ghost ( назад)
I get headaches like this sometimes, they are horrible. you captured it

Автор valerie Potter ( назад)
I had migraines like that . Horrible. The painting is right on.

Автор Enrico Giampi ( назад)

Автор Utkarsh Anuse ( назад)
The expressions are effortless👌

Автор Gabriel Arrasse ( назад)
i see myself in your painting. ...sad and depressed...

Автор Kim Nielsen ( назад)
why would you play this crazy music for those seeking relief?

Автор Péter Kemenyás ( назад)
really cool. I wish to have talent like author.

Автор Arquimera90 ( назад)
Me conmueve tu arte. Grande

Автор Katherine Buchanan ( назад)
Absolutely superb artwork. And you have captured the agony so well. Love
your work x

Автор JustSeanTime ( назад)
Absolutely a beautiful painting. And yes, even pain can be beautiful from a
perspective. +agnescecile you are awesome!

Автор JustSeanTime ( назад)
Yep, but for me the lips would be sewn shut and tearing open. When you have
those you need to protect from experiencing their dad going through such
trauma. For a while, you can keep from screaming.

Автор Sweet Lul ( назад)
Such talento, Beautiful artwork..beautiful n i also have migraines ahhhh
their so painful

Автор Decayed GLXY ( назад)
Dang This Only Took Her Four Minutes to Draw!!!

Автор Otso Huhtala ( назад)
Holy crap, I just wanna cry when I watch you paint! Such talent. 

Автор botheone40 ( назад)
Looks like me when i wake up to another day of crap.

Автор froggerfromspace ( назад)
I have it right now, luckily the worst part is over, but this is really
emotional. The pain when having it makes me wanna kill myself. My father
has it too. I constantly have to hold a hand over my left eye as it feels
like somebody is drilling in there.

Автор Paul Haig ( назад)

Автор Kharoe ( назад)
I much prefer this one. The music fits so much better than in the first

Автор Clustermarc's Airgun Reviews & Others Too ( назад)
amazing work, and was emotional to watch..Great stuff.. :)

Автор Nicola Saccani ( назад)
Maravilha em mostrar a dor de cabeça da cefaleia em salvas.

Автор Emma ( назад)
do you listen to music while you paint?

Автор Oscar Gavidia ( назад)

Автор Rajiv Gandhi ( назад)
Looks like Bob Marley... Nice Art...Bless.

Автор BeardWIN ( назад)
Wow. Is this for sale?

Автор Arnel Platon ( назад)
So inspiring!!

Автор Жамъяндагва ( назад)
How would i make the magic like this?

Автор Ragahd Adel ( назад)
OH MY GOD ❤️😍😍

Автор J. Heil ( назад)
Best representation I've seen. Mine are also left side, and I would add
drips coming out the left nostril and a large railroad spike entering the
bottom left of the back of my head, exiting through the left eye - that's
the way it felt from about midnight to 4 AM this morning - current cluster
started about 3 wks ago after about 2 yrs relief, averaging 1-2 a day but
have had a few days off in between; started about 30 years ago. Praying
they'll hide away again very soon.

Автор And Hop ( назад)
Can you tell me everything you used for this artwork what ink what paper
brush if you used watercolor or not please I think is awesome

Автор TREMORUS1 ( назад)
Thank You.

Автор joppe54 ( назад)
I love it

Автор Joaquin Quintas ( назад)
In the beginning she wears black color or an intense violet? i'm blind x.x
Beyond that, it's wonderful :)

Автор Jeremy Robbins ( назад)
Love it. Watch it all the time. Great art!

Автор Kiara Mimi ( назад)

Автор Ganta Igarashi ( назад)
Can anyone translate the song name in english 

Автор ThePostEdit ( назад)
I tried adding this to favorite...it said I already added it to favorite xD
What is your opinion on ballpoint pen drawings? Thats all I do now (check
my channel for examples) :)

Автор Rayne Landry ( назад)
This might be my favorite video of yours. And I've just been sitting here
watching them all. I love how well the music goes with your actions and the

Автор ChowTurtlezPabus ( назад)
She can inspire you but you need to be yourself :)

Автор AlbertC ( назад)
Every inch of your brushstroke is really beautiful.

Автор Tasos Kozi ( назад)
Cause you are sitting here watching youtube videos all day instead of
practising and working hard like her :)

Автор Ivaninterpol ( назад)
hi, i see you relate your painting with music.. I would love a painting of
yours related to "So Long Lonesome" by Explosions In The Sky. (at least
listen to the son, please?)

Автор FatBestialSwan ( назад)
How did you get your red to be so dark and pigmented?

Автор Nick Holloman ( назад)
where did the idea for this come from? Amazing work

Автор losthope98 ( назад)
So... much... awesome.... can't... handle it.... gahhh! Okay I love it so
much. I've been watching your vids and every single time I am shocked and
inspired. Yep. I'm definitely a fan.

Автор Ari Knorr ( назад)
Ive got Hortons(cluster) ... I want something like this on my wall... It
says so much. Great video.

Автор Liam White ( назад)
they say that there's always a certain point when what you're painting
looks terrible. not true for this one

Автор pistolstarta83 ( назад)
Thank you for your description of Cluster Headaches... FITS PERFECTLY. Many
people don't know what they are or what causes them, but I would have them
EVERYDAY for about 5 or 6 weeks STRAIGHT!!! So the next time someone asks
what do they feel like, I'll be happy to pull up this video

Автор pantallaton ( назад)
i love it

Автор temperium ( назад)
What is the song???

Автор Andrew Cowley ( назад)
I suffer with cluster headaches, a picture does indeed speak a thousand
words! Great work :))

Автор Elvin Chai ( назад)
amazing piece of artwork. Incredible!!!

Автор godsrevenge1 ( назад)
very inspiring

Автор Tangyoranges . ( назад)
Are you capable of looking at descriptions?

Автор Jennifer Hunter ( назад)
Can anyone tell me what this song is?

Автор CT Pabus ( назад)
You can't be her :) But you can be inspired be her. Be Yourself ! :D

Автор HeartCoreHayley ( назад)
This is beautiful and very sad...

Автор alejandroguitaR ( назад)
Greatness exist in all of us, but u need to stay working and the genius
inside you will show up and I can asure you wiill amaze the world... peace.

Автор Ka Chun Yau ( назад)
Expression of art can be so powerful.

Автор Suganthan .Subramanian ( назад)
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Автор Misthemma ( назад)
omg ♥

Автор shootersfan1 ( назад)
Made me think of Steven Tyler until the red.

Автор m1dlguk ( назад)
Fuck off with this spam. Please.

Автор Vishal Sharma ( назад)
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Автор ActuallyNotMe ( назад)
There is such an amazing power and emotion about this painting, simply

Автор Jake Matthews ( назад)
speechless , you are amazing

Автор Gigi9able ( назад)
You're amazing....marry me! ^^

Автор Ana Carolina Rodríguez ( назад)
I likee your work so much actually I start painting in watercolor beacause
of you!! keep doinng what you love girl!!

Автор Mafer Williams ( назад)
Where is your gallery? I love your art.

Автор Jeremy Kurt ( назад)
i want to have this kn my house!

Автор Barbara Hofmann ( назад)
Watching this made my headache go away.

Автор Hannah FY ( назад)
this might be a bit late but honestly, both music tracks are bad

Автор kentarou oomori ( назад)

Автор Tiffany Belfiore ( назад)
There's something about your paintings... very moving and emotional!!

Автор pavelow45 ( назад)
awesome painting! i adore you... anyways ... fuck yeah greek music! \m/

Автор Lora V ( назад)
This song, the other one doesn't fit as well. You're very inspiring. To me,
it's not a "why can't I be you" because I kind of like me. What I want is
to take the cue from you and free what is inside me to come out and play so
I can learn to be comfortable with my "voice". Thank you!

Автор Miel Fidder ( назад)
I'd love to have this one in my bedroom. ;o

Автор Francisco Baldivia ( назад)
love your style, honestly I'm an artist myself but I don't try to do more
with it like you do. I was inspired when i came across your videos; they
are really mind blowing. keep up the amazing work.

Автор Mazwell96 ( назад)
i love your fuckin style

Автор DoctorofMine aru ( назад)
Right before you put the red in, I was thinking ," gosh, I would put a bit
of red in there" and then it was added and I was happy. Very cool

Автор Ally Lee ( назад)
awesome! :D (y)

Автор Alexander Christiansen ( назад)
wow. i really really want that on my wall=(

Автор KugelKatzenFisch ( назад)
I just realised hoq huuuge your art is!..

Автор Raul Esteban Armijos Vintimilla ( назад)
you´re so awesome, I think that I love you hahahaha

Автор jonathan sharp ( назад)
i actually suffer from this condition...you nailed it...thank you.

Автор Isa Fdez ( назад)

Автор Deborah Smith ( назад)
Both versions are amazing! There are times I can empathize with this
character; you have captured pain. The wisps of hair on the left show
indications of another face leaving the main one, I've been in enough pain
where the only way to live through it was to disassociate from it. Thank
you for this dark beauty.

Автор mydejavooo1 ( назад)
Profoundly accurate representation of what they feel like. Truly beautiful.
You've captured pain and made it beautiful. Thank you for that!

Автор CALLEZ RULEZ ( назад)
very very very awesome!!!!!

Автор kirk olsen ( назад)
You are amazing.......................

Автор RageFueled ( назад)
x.x i want this..

Автор Steven Hildebrandt ( назад)
Best visual of a cluster headache ever.

Автор Vykintas Simutis ( назад)
awesome i like it, look to my work please :)

Автор avedic ( назад)
Very cool. Do you suffer from cluster headaches? I have a tooth
abscess...and can't see the dentist for a few days...and have a massive
headache that feels like an ice cold ice pick stabbing my temple. It's
horrible...but cluster headaches seem to be an a whole other level. I have
an absurd degree of empathy for anyone suffering such an ailment. Hopefully
you don't...but your painting suggests you may well know what it's like.

Автор chitu saxena ( назад)
so many talented people in this world..

Автор Sari Mendoza ( назад)
Love it. Love you. Amazing

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