Muhammad Ali - Lighting the Olympic Torch, Atlanta 1996

Muhammad Ali was the surprise guest at Atlanta 1996 where he lit the Olympic Torch.

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Добавлено: 2 года
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Автор Steven V (6 месяцев)
This and Michael Johnson's performance are about the only things that
people will remember about this Olympics. Undoubtably the worst Olympics in
my 33 years!

Автор Sohail Iqbal (4 месяца)

Автор ShadowsGathered (5 месяцев)
I saw this in 1996 as it happened (on TV, of course)... it was an awesome
moment, and very touching... it left me in tears... I was very happy for
Muhammad Ali.

Автор zenel gashi (5 месяцев)
Muhammad Ali the king of boxing the living Legend a hero and the most loved
man in this planet

Автор mona m (1 месяц)
I saw this live and cried.l still cry when l see it .He's my hero .I'm so
proud of him. My brother in Islam.

Автор Mahmood Zohoori (5 месяцев)
The greatest of all time

Автор PaperExplosives (5 месяцев)
He refused to go fight for a country that kicked him out of restaurants and
made him use separate bathrooms. A country that called him a "nigger" and
saw him as a lesser man because of what? His skin color? And they wanted
him to go thousands of mies away and risk his life to protect Americas
system and they way America operates? Are you kidding? If that were ANY of
you, no way in hell would you risk your life for a country that treated you
as a lesser man.

Автор danny53012 (3 месяца)
EVERY time I see this...tears.

Автор benjamin sheard (1 год)
By being someone you never will!

Автор Md. Golam Mostofa (2 года)
Yea, lots of assholes in Youtube...:))

Автор Alma Uribe (2 года)
The greatest boxer!!!

Автор Goshow001 (1 год)
Yahoo! This has got to be the greatest Olympic of all time

Автор mikziv (1 год)
respect???... thats a joke. respect a loud mouth arrogant militant punk?...
not a chance.

Автор Jinrikishaa (2 года)
Ali or Jordan? Is that even a question?

Автор FoxtrotNovember88 (2 года)
Absolutely it's a question, in Jordan's prime he was every bit as
recognizable worldwide as Ali was. Even still today a vast majority of the
world would recognize Jordan. Shit dude, there was a time when you didn't
even need to see his face, people recognized Jordan's silhouette. Ali would
take it by a nose just because of the climate of the country when he was
popular (civil rights, racism, etc) and because he was a much more brash
and abrasive type guy, but Jordan was a legend himself.

Автор mikziv (1 год)
yeah thats it attack me personally and insult me because you have nothing
intelligent to say. you're a joke.

Автор Farhan Ahmed (11 месяцев)
Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee no-one could beat Muhammad Ali

Автор thomasfrancismartin (1 год)
Muhammad ali=Legend

Автор Duncan tiatia (1 год)
get a life you creep

Автор Farhan Ahmed (11 месяцев)
Y is everyone arguing

Автор Dave T. (1 год)
Know what's really funny? When Ali passes away, millions and millions of
people are going to mourn his death. When you die, you'll be lucky to have
two people to mourn your death.

Автор flexedblaze (1 год)
Ali is such a legend. May Allah bless him with strength

Автор LilDyablo218 (1 год)
Amazing :) Ali the greatest

Автор Huseyin Karabağ (2 года)
the greatest athelets of all time

Автор Jamal .Maximilian (2 года)
muhammed ali is not only a living legend, hes a real life angel

Автор LilMafiosoxX (2 года)
Like if u watching in 2012 UK olympics commercial lol

Автор Thomas Armstrong (2 года)
This moment still bring tears to my eyes, forever great and the champ
Muhammad Alit

Автор mikziv (1 год)
yeah, well, being a good human being is much much more important than being
a great athlete. so... that puts this loser in the same category as tiger
woods.... classless.

Автор Caveman1992sa (1 год)
He is Muslim <3 ur country is just an evil .

Автор xOAKLEE2995x (2 года)
Ali or jordan?

Автор Steve Lamb (2 года)
Ali always referred to himself as the "greatest" for his achievements in
the ring rather than any reflection on him as a human being.

Автор oneoneone5 (2 года)
Even now, my eyes grow wet watching this. Back then, it got me out of my
chair at home.

Автор Jack Stueve (1 год)
Ali spoke for our generation and laid his career on the line for his
beliefs in 1967. For those who grew up with him and remember how he was
vilified by so many in the 60's, it's heartwarming to know today he is
perhaps the most loved person on the planet. For those of us who remember
the magnificent athlete he was,it's heart-rending to see what Parkinson's
has done to him. But in the end, to see the courage and dignity he's shown
through all the struggles it's an inspiration. Long live Ali!

Автор Takerfanatic (2 года)
Adele - Hometown glory

Автор mikziv (10 месяцев)
intellectually honest... that even sounds stupid. what is that supposed to
mean... that you are telling that truth, that you are not lying... no one
should have to preface a statement with such a stupid phrase... it makes
you sound like a complete asshole... but that happens to be "the truth"....
go ahead moron... keep insulting me in ways that hold no water
whatsoever... that means b conjuring up shit out of the blue since you know
absolutely nothing about me or my life... you big jagoff.

Автор YoungShyne123 (10 месяцев)
next video Micheal Jordan , go ahead and spill your hatred, you pathetic

Автор mofizul (1 год)
What ever your opinion on muhammad Ali.. He has left his mark on this
earth! He will be rememberd as the greatest sportsman and humanitarian.

Автор mikziv (10 месяцев)
you're a joke just like dave T.... to be "intellectually honest"... that
doesn't even mean anything. you sound like a five year old trying to speak
a language he doesn't truly know. you should be in the circus because you
are a fucking clown.

Автор FightingKami (1 год)
Ali did a huge amount for Civil Rights community and actively stood up
against the conscription of soldiers into Vietnam by refusing to go fight
in a war he didn't believe in. Ali's legacy goes beyond personal issues
with his married life and his legacy as an athlete. He wasn't a good human
being, he was an amazing human being. You can not like him if you choose,
but don't try and desecrate his legacy. Show him respect.

Автор jawadghaffar31 (1 год)
C van u r a piece if shit

Автор LotsOfMusicInMyMind (11 месяцев)
how the hell is a person a creep if they are married 4 times though....???

Автор abc1233575 (1 год)
fight for his country my ass, america was going to invade vietnam, it wasnt
like america was getting invaded and ali didnt accept to fight, and to let
u know this is one of the things that made ali a legend.

Автор Marcelo Serrano (2 года)
Gracias!! ;)

Автор millie110375 (2 года)
They're right about it being a tearjerker...

Автор bayushizero (2 года)
The Greatest of All Time.

Автор TheYoutuber666 (1 год)
He is the Greatest Boxer! He is a really true Legend !

Автор ACzeMiky (10 месяцев)
You know nothing about him... What he did and what he has done...

Автор Muhammad Ali (2 года)
How about are your political people like Clinton? And more which hasn't
made the news.

Автор maogall (1 год)
You obviously know what it means to be a "good human being."

Автор achinoy (1 год)
'Muhammad' means 'the praised one'.

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