Muhammad Ali - Lighting the Olympic Torch, Atlanta 1996

Muhammad Ali was the surprise guest at Atlanta 1996 where he lit the Olympic Torch.

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Автор philip sarkol ( назад)
No matter good or bad things about Muhammad Ali ..his well earned place as
No1 sportspersonality of the century underlines his importance as a symbol
an icon..through boxing he transcended to so much more...
He will always have my greatest respect..

Автор Noor Sayed ( назад)
the biggest legend in all of sports.

Автор mex00077 ( назад)
I've heard when Ali did the lighting of the Olympic torch, it was like a
punch in the gut to our Vietnam Veteran's.

Автор chris matthews ( назад)
"its almost like his a holly figure , there is just something special about
him" well said buddy , well said

Автор Anthony Lambertini ( назад)
Nobody is the greatest of all time. He was just the greatest in his time.
But he also displayed bad character in the ring and outside of it.
If he did learn humility after Parkinson's disease took over, I suppose
he's changed some. But I wouldn't say he was, nor is a godly man.

Автор mark vance ( назад)

Автор Hamse Ganey ( назад)
Cimri dheer iyo caafimaad walal baan Illaah kaaga baryayaaa.

Автор Lisa S ( назад)
He's undoubtedly the greatest. Although I don't think he should be doing
these sorts of events anymore, just my personal opinion. It was lovely to
see him in London 2012 at the Olympic flag raising, but despite his aide
(wife?) asking him repeatedly to "grab the flag, Muhammad" and "wave to the
people, Muhammad", tragically, he just couldn't do it. He just stood there
looking frail. It was too heartbreaking to watch. At least in 1996 he had
enough control to do the job well. Of course we'd love to see more of him,
but it pains me to say he's just not up to it. He's still a hero, though.

Автор Yudee Saetang ( назад)
He's the top of human spirit.

Автор Scott Richman ( назад)
18 years later and I just had tears watching this.

Автор mona m ( назад)
I saw this live and cried.l still cry when l see it .He's my hero .I'm so
proud of him. My brother in Islam.

Автор Sohail Iqbal ( назад)

Автор Mahmood Zohoori ( назад)
The greatest of all time

Автор zenel gashi ( назад)
Muhammad Ali the king of boxing the living Legend a hero and the most loved
man in this planet

Автор PaperExplosives ( назад)
He refused to go fight for a country that kicked him out of restaurants and
made him use separate bathrooms. A country that called him a "nigger" and
saw him as a lesser man because of what? His skin color? And they wanted
him to go thousands of mies away and risk his life to protect Americas
system and they way America operates? Are you kidding? If that were ANY of
you, no way in hell would you risk your life for a country that treated you
as a lesser man.

Автор ShadowsGathered ( назад)
I saw this in 1996 as it happened (on TV, of course)... it was an awesome
moment, and very touching... it left me in tears... I was very happy for
Muhammad Ali.

Автор Steven V ( назад)
This and Michael Johnson's performance are about the only things that
people will remember about this Olympics. Undoubtably the worst Olympics in
my 33 years!

Автор Robbie Lascano ( назад)
The greatest , a hero , LEGEND !!!

Автор deboisblanc ( назад)
Biggest sports goose bump moment of my life

Автор mikziv ( назад)
intellectually honest... that even sounds stupid. what is that supposed to
mean... that you are telling that truth, that you are not lying... no one
should have to preface a statement with such a stupid phrase... it makes
you sound like a complete asshole... but that happens to be "the truth"....
go ahead moron... keep insulting me in ways that hold no water
whatsoever... that means b conjuring up shit out of the blue since you know
absolutely nothing about me or my life... you big jagoff.

Автор mikziv ( назад)
legend in his own mind

Автор mikziv ( назад)
yes, actually I do.

Автор mikziv ( назад)
you're a joke just like dave T.... to be "intellectually honest"... that
doesn't even mean anything. you sound like a five year old trying to speak
a language he doesn't truly know. you should be in the circus because you
are a fucking clown.

Автор mikziv ( назад)
go eat your mothers cunt you piece of shit loser

Автор YoungShyne123 ( назад)
next video Micheal Jordan , go ahead and spill your hatred, you pathetic

Автор Mat.Mik ( назад)
You know nothing about him... What he did and what he has done...

Автор Miranda Alattas ( назад)
Long Live Ali.....

Автор HyperShot12 ( назад)
Fail. It's "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee", not "Fly like a

Автор ItzzFarhan ( назад)
Y is everyone arguing

Автор ItzzFarhan ( назад)
Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee no-one could beat Muhammad Ali

Автор Jack Stueve ( назад)
Ali spoke for our generation and laid his career on the line for his
beliefs in 1967. For those who grew up with him and remember how he was
vilified by so many in the 60's, it's heartwarming to know today he is
perhaps the most loved person on the planet. For those of us who remember
the magnificent athlete he was,it's heart-rending to see what Parkinson's
has done to him. But in the end, to see the courage and dignity he's shown
through all the struggles it's an inspiration. Long live Ali!

Автор Steven Sun ( назад)
That used to be the most powerful hand in the world......

Автор benjamin sheard ( назад)
By being someone you never will!

Автор flexedblaze ( назад)
Ali is such a legend. May Allah bless him with strength

Автор maogall ( назад)
You obviously know what it means to be a "good human being."

Автор achinoy ( назад)
'Muhammad' means 'the praised one'.

Автор thomasfrancismartin ( назад)
Muhammad ali=Legend

Автор Skuxx ( назад)
get a life you creep

Автор mikziv ( назад)
yeah thats it attack me personally and insult me because you have nothing
intelligent to say. you're a joke.

Автор Dave T. ( назад)
Know what's really funny? When Ali passes away, millions and millions of
people are going to mourn his death. When you die, you'll be lucky to have
two people to mourn your death.

Автор Suhayl Mahomed ( назад)
and he also said in an interview that he never actually believed he was the
greatest and still doesnt , i think its the interview with ali,foreman and
frazier,check it out... then go and suck donkey dicks or something

Автор Lahmekful ( назад)
Everyone has family issues. Ask yourself this, What have you done for your
race, religion, or any sport for that matter. Keep searching up error on
legends you creep.

Автор mikziv ( назад)
respect???... thats a joke. respect a loud mouth arrogant militant punk?...
not a chance.

Автор FightingKami ( назад)
Ali did a huge amount for Civil Rights community and actively stood up
against the conscription of soldiers into Vietnam by refusing to go fight
in a war he didn't believe in. Ali's legacy goes beyond personal issues
with his married life and his legacy as an athlete. He wasn't a good human
being, he was an amazing human being. You can not like him if you choose,
but don't try and desecrate his legacy. Show him respect.

Автор mikziv ( назад)
yeah, well, being a good human being is much much more important than being
a great athlete. so... that puts this loser in the same category as tiger
woods.... classless.

Автор mikziv ( назад)
Thank you.... very very well said. I couldn't agree more.

Автор jiang xinyong ( назад)
This video gives us some clues as to why Pistorius killed his girlfriend.

Автор LilDyablo218 ( назад)
Amazing :) Ali the greatest

Автор do ht ( назад)
stfu retard

Автор Belal El-Baba ( назад)
His wife didn't divorce him because he was oppressive you stupid fuck

Автор EricAKATheBelgianGuy ( назад)
Is that Christian Bale narrating?

Автор Genesis Ameer McWhorter McWhorter ( назад)
I'll show you how great I'm.. Love Ali

Автор John Macdonald ( назад)
You judge people far too harshly. Especially when you are inclined to name
call. I would consider your comment a reflection of your poor character but
I think maybe we can just chalk this up to age or inexperience on your

Автор mof786 (464 года назад)
What ever your opinion on muhammad Ali.. He has left his mark on this
earth! He will be rememberd as the greatest sportsman and humanitarian.

Автор Caveman1992sa ( назад)
He is Muslim <3 ur country is just an evil .

Автор Drifting4Life ( назад)
He is the Greatest Boxer! He is a really true Legend !

Автор Goshow001 ( назад)
Yahoo! This has got to be the greatest Olympic of all time

Автор Messenger47 ( назад)
Adele is fat

Автор Liam Horne ( назад)
He's the greatest athletic figure in the history of the world, no one can
compare to him, he's THE greatest.

Автор abc1233575 ( назад)
fight for his country my ass, america was going to invade vietnam, it wasnt
like america was getting invaded and ali didnt accept to fight, and to let
u know this is one of the things that made ali a legend.

Автор Md. Golam Mostofa ( назад)
Yea, lots of assholes in Youtube...:))

Автор Marcelo Serrano ( назад)
Gracias!! ;)

Автор Chanda Phommachanh ( назад)
I cry everytime I watch this!

Автор Zodiac581 ( назад)
He is the greatest athlete who ever lived, no debate. People say
Jordan...but I guarantee if you showed a pictures of Muhammad Ali and
Michael Jordan to some kid in some third world country somewhere he would
recognize Ali first

Автор King Maker ( назад)
Thanks a lot :)

Автор Md. Golam Mostofa ( назад)
You are the one mother fucker who has disliked this video!

Автор Jinrikishaa ( назад)
Ali or Jordan? Is that even a question?

Автор Takerfanatic ( назад)
Adele - Hometown glory

Автор greenglaze1 ( назад)

Автор John Daley ( назад)
Rip Henry cooper

Автор Huseyin Karabağ (1462 года назад)
the greatest athelets of all time

Автор Alma Uribe ( назад)
The greatest boxer!!!

Автор oneoneone5 ( назад)
Even now, my eyes grow wet watching this. Back then, it got me out of my
chair at home.

Автор thefirstjustin ( назад)
I remember watching that live the summer before I entered high school.

Автор King Maker ( назад)
Wats the Track as he lights the torch ?

Автор d2meji ( назад)
He even got the opportunity to touch the olympic flag in LONDON... ALI you
are the greatest!!!!

Автор Jamal .Maximilian ( назад)
muhammed ali is not only a living legend, hes a real life angel

Автор Ricardo Nelson ( назад)
He is a human being and all human beings have character flaws. He is the
greatest athlete that ever lived, because of his accomplishments as an
athlete. And his integrity. His beliefs are his and he's entitled to them,
that is why we live in america, that is why the Pilgrims came to america to
escape religious oppression. So we as americans should not judge someone
because of their religious affiliations. It is the epitome of what it means
to be an America. Does that answer your question?!

Автор Troll6969able ( назад)
hes the greatest BOXER of all time not the greatest human being

Автор Steve Lamb ( назад)
Ali always referred to himself as the "greatest" for his achievements in
the ring rather than any reflection on him as a human being.

Автор LilMafiosoxX ( назад)
Like if u watching in 2012 UK olympics commercial lol

Автор TheTpanative ( назад)
I guess I'm confused. His first wife divorced him because she refused to
submit to oppressive Muslim beliefs. He was married and divorced three more
times, and fathered two more kids during extra marital affairs. Please,
someone enlighten me as to how this guy is "the greatest". He sounds like a
creep to me.

Автор ladykiller1978 ( назад)
the greatest

Автор tony king ( назад)
He is and always will be the greatest

Автор bayushizero ( назад)
The Greatest of All Time.

Автор pelikan w (1829 лет назад)
Ali - one of the greatest fighters with social consciousness. Thank you.

Автор xAw3s0m3 ( назад)
*Muhammad Ali

Автор xAw3s0m3 ( назад)
*Muhammad Ali

Автор Thomas Armstrong ( назад)
This moment still bring tears to my eyes, forever great and the champ
Muhammad Alit

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