"INAUGURATION DAY" — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration

Politicians CAN say what they're actually thinking...

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Автор BillCosbyEatsBabies ( назад)
First time ever being here, but im pretty impressed! You guys did a great job with this video. Keep up the good work

Автор ThatEndermenKnight _ ( назад)
this is trumps intellegent if i saw him saying this on tv i wouldent think it was a joke i mean like its donald trump xD

Автор Marc Hauser ( назад)
3:05 "Those who were dancing were seen as insane by those who couldn't hear the music"

Автор joseph hagood ( назад)
lmao some of that I'm sure wasn't far off. not exactly best friends.

Автор Ryan sledgehammer ( назад)

Автор Ryan sledgehammer ( назад)
im gonig need you to scrape my bunyons.

Автор Duckman111Games 56 ( назад)
The goldfish of preteens never had a chance

Автор Yorick Aname ( назад)
LMAO... that was awesome...

Автор Sara Virta ( назад)
hahahaha!. Holy shit. lol.

Автор 1966link Does YouTube ( назад)
Omg Hilary is ryu! Evil ryu makes so much sense now!!!

Автор Zes ( назад)
not dorkyx, idts

Автор jovialethan123 ( назад)
We are going to build a bar. It will have stuff in it

Автор The Mildly Adequate One ( назад)
buuh mmm help mmm im gonna barf

Автор Hunter Meredith ( назад)
"you can be a funny wiener cant you?"

Автор GAME THEROY WAS LATE TO A STREAM 10/01/2016 ( назад)
Mike Pence has axientey issues

Автор hasnain khan ( назад)

Автор ninaxwings ( назад)
The goldfish of preteens never had a chance...

Автор death nightmare87 ( назад)
"you ever wash that wig"

Автор Tyler Parkhill ( назад)
You know what I want later? *long pause* A hamburger, some Milk Duds, and nut fish.

Автор Little Hels-Bels ( назад)
Trump's voice 😂😂

Автор Chris Noddi ( назад)
Thank you my prince LMFAOOOO

Автор Nicole Jackson ( назад)
tump is death

Автор rJay ( назад)
Happened to pause it at 3:01 OMG The press actually did lie about how many were there...

Автор Ethan Starnes ( назад)
Go trump

Автор matthew morey ( назад)
this is the best thing ive ever seen

Автор Allison W ( назад)

Автор curt lo ( назад)
you got me George...haha that one is a ZINGER ain't it... omfg I was rolling!!

Автор Avigail Hartstein ( назад)
It's funny because these are things all these people would actually say

Автор MagicDragonKatt ( назад)
Why wasn't this used in response to Donald Trump's string of lies?

Автор Brennen Hamilton ( назад)

Автор Ismael Duron ( назад)
I'm also gonna need you to scrape my bunions..."

Автор CreativeArt ( назад)
I'm important

Автор Febha Mathew ( назад)
Brown lady in a brown bikini xD

Автор Tyrion Lannister ( назад)
Those parts with Obama and Trump shit talking sound pretty accurate.

Автор Ben Gelblum ( назад)

Автор katphoti ( назад)
No matter which side you're on, this is freaking hilarious. THANK YOU!

Автор S Vitale ( назад)
Keep these coming!!! Too funny. Thank you! lol

Автор Ryan Gosling in the 90's ( назад)
I'm a Trump supporter and I find this hilarious. I watch it almost everyday.

Автор AnimeChuck ( назад)
Ohhh man. That exchange at the end, followed by what's waiting in the 'Bushes of Love'.
No wonder this has 30m views, soon to be 31m.

Автор Miles Ellis ( назад)
really want to go to Brown Lady right now

Автор Michelle Peele ( назад)
You can be a funny wiener

Автор Allie Ladage ( назад)
"I..uh...umph...help.........I'm gonna barf!!!" Lol love that part XD.

Автор Carly Booth ( назад)
"Y'ever wash that wig?"

Автор Tiago's Animations ( назад)
so funny!!!

Автор waves xo ( назад)
I'm important
you wanna be me
mmm nope
quite a figure quite a figure
I cheeeeewed an awful lot of cheese!
We will make it a bar that has stuff in it!

Автор Adan Perry ( назад)
"I am important" Donald Trump 2016

Автор Chad West ( назад)
the kids made me a shiv and I'm not afraid to use it

Автор Jack Vlogs ( назад)

Автор ThatGabbyGirl G.A ( назад)
so funny

Автор General ( назад)
I was dissapointed they didn't found the continent of Atlantis yet.

Автор Lisa W ( назад)
HahahahahaahahshahhaahshahahaLMAO HAhahahahajajaja i can' t breathe

Автор Nicolsman Tuckahoe ( назад)
on me dit dans l'oreillette que je regarde une vidéo sans en comprendre un seul mot à l'intérieur

Автор Loveoldies50 ( назад)
Very funny!

Автор Pcv Valve ( назад)
Not a bad lip reading

Автор david mckay ( назад)
thanx to Cars who e-mailed me this---hilarious!!!!!!!!!!- ill save this!!!!!!!!

Автор Sarah Chacon ( назад)
who are the people in the back recording verticaly

Автор 林群翊 ( назад)
help.... I'm gonna barf

Автор War pig Hammer ( назад)
It is so sad how ms Obama has the terrible box allergies .
Rudeness is a sure way of never having to say thank you.

Автор DAZZLINGamigo123 ( назад)
we build called brown lady bbbbbbbaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr

Автор Sabine Katsavrias ( назад)
lol @ now will you raise your shrunken hand ..hahhahha

Автор john lastless ( назад)
Cause you gonna go back to the Jetta OMG LOL
I was disappointed they didn't find the continent of Atlantis yet OMG LOL
Amazing video.

"I'm important. You want to be me, don't you?" Perfectly sums up the two candidates for the 2016 election.

Автор Lisa Feisthome ( назад)
Hilarious 🤣👏🤣

Автор Sheltonious Maximus ( назад)
You ever wash that wig? You got me again George.

Автор Lisa Feisthome ( назад)
This is hilarious 🤣👏🤣

Автор Janice P Ellis ( назад)
You're bad company. Lol! THAT'S for damned sure!

Автор Jr 88 Mares ( назад)
thatz right

Автор mr0scary ( назад)
"You ever wash that wig?"
"Oh, you got me again George."
" Hmm hmm Yeh Hmm hmm."

Автор Ashraf Husain ( назад)

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Автор Darkscarlet 101 ( назад)
Some of this half of sounds real

Автор Cora ( назад)
what's the outro song?

Автор Yui Kirigaya ( назад)
Fun fact: 13-23 : they really said that to each other

Автор It's Billie Bow ( назад)
Hillary killed me Hillary or Michelle for 2020 president a woman president would make the most funny jokes

Автор It's Billie Bow ( назад)
It's very late and am trying to not to wake everybody up and am literally losing it am crying

Автор Sheri Hartshorn ( назад)
Good old fun! Thank you my Prince.

Автор MolotovBob ( назад)
''I'm Important''

Автор Igor Polyakov ( назад)
"Now raise your shrunken head (my edit)". *Proceeds to raise shrunken head*

Автор ArcanePath360 ( назад)
That dancing to no music. So fucking awkward.

Автор Ely Acker ( назад)
I'd love to see one with Trump shaking hands with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. :)

Автор ale84 ( назад)
yeah...and probably never will again

Автор Professicchio ( назад)
I'm quite confident that at least 90% of the exchange between Trump and Obama was accurately depicted here.

Автор 25bailyherbig ( назад)
so funny XD

Автор Tony ( назад)
I can bet my life Trump beats his wife's ass. Poor, lady. 😠

Автор silverblaize ( назад)
Pence reminded me of Michael Cera

Автор Sue Yendell ( назад)
I like how donald said "im important, you wanna be me, dont you?" he actully probably said it 😂

Автор Sue Yendell ( назад)
2:05 "I gotta get a grip you saw me squat, you think I wont fling 3 eggs at you? The goldfish of pre-teens never had a chance. I personlly have puked at a cage fight, then I chewed an awful lot of cheese and I stored it in my gut " I lost it laughing to hell and back

Автор Lola Honey ( назад)
I think u old like dirt

I am happy this channel exists

Автор Mary Scott ( назад)
0:07 Oh, Surprise! I have some pretzels for you!

Автор coccinelle88 ( назад)
This is pure gold <3 <3

Автор Milton The Chicken Kitten Lol ( назад)
I died when that lady said "Yay" 😂😂😂

Автор ksol1460tv ( назад)
"Looks like we have a problem. - Yeah. Leave it to me. We're gonna squeeeeze him."
Oh, I hope so.

Автор Zucadragon ( назад)
Thank you my prince.... Thank you :D

Автор david turner ( назад)
It was very accurate lip reading.

Автор josiah jenks ( назад)
Well done, nice to see someone who isn't biased against the President.

Автор Angela Mason ( назад)
the men of bad lip reading, will you marry me??

Автор Raeann Thomas ( назад)
The bad lip reading is the only place Trump speaks complete sentences.

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