George Michael - Praying for Time

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These are the days of the open hand
They will not be the last
Look around now
These are the days of the beggars and the choosers

This is the year of the hungry man
Whose place is in the past
Hand in hand with ignorance
And legitimate excuses

Therich declare themselves poor
And most of us are not sure
If we have too much
But we'll take our chances
Because god's stopped keeping score
I guess somewhere along the way
He must have let us alt out to play
Turned his back and all god's children
Crept out the back door

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Автор Cj Gillespie ( назад)
Best Song Ever Written, Ever!!!

Автор lez strickland ( назад)
How can I listen without prejudice to one who was so talented?

Автор Noomwa Lis ( назад)
Oh, George Michael, how you keep breaking my heart. A voice for lovers and those craving love. for humanity. Lyrics and poetry, one and the same for George Michael. There will never be another you...

Автор Anthony Hughes ( назад)

Автор Ruth Feeney ( назад)
Michael rip

Автор TINCHY GAMING ( назад)
Leğende R I P

Автор brent chipper ( назад)
epic as relevant today as it ever was. your be sadly  missed by us all

Автор venustus129 ( назад)
His best song. Rip george

Автор Anthonio Armani ( назад)

Автор Deep Heat ( назад)
Was George praying for time at the end? It seems he was a very sad & confused guy...... Guess you have to be careful what you wish for!

Автор Deep Heat ( назад)
I was never big on him back in the day Wham were a little girl's listen but some of his later stuff was very good!

Автор Michal Medvecký ( назад)
I LOVE THIS SONG... I love you Michael

Автор Walter Matuda ( назад)

Автор Jason Polk ( назад)
seems more apropos than ever before

Автор Veronica Bakker ( назад)
love George michael forever and ever.

Автор rosangela f ( назад)
Extraordinária canção!

Автор Colleen M ( назад)
They are all looking down on us - God Bless.

Автор Tracy Skillington ( назад)
Don't think it has sunk in still after all this time. This record makes me shiver like all thee rest fantastic rest in peace GM. Where ever you are know you are sooo missed xxxxx💕💕💕💕💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Автор Cameron Hagon ( назад)
He should've had more time.

Автор johnnyatab ( назад)
There's too much treble in this copy.

Автор johnnyatab ( назад)
I love Adele but she picked the wrong song to perform. This should have been her choice and Seal should have done it.

Автор kristian humphreys ( назад)
liam galagher tweeted this. what a tune

Автор Lee Jon ( назад)
Goodnight George thanks for the tunes x

Автор Giuliana Merolla ( назад)
one of the best people xxx r.i.p

Автор scarlett s ( назад)
I miss you

Автор Carola Suryammy ( назад)
Many people don't believe in God or think that God turned his back on us. I'm not one of them....rather I think we turned our back on him. A long time ago. "And the wounded skies above, say it's much too late."

Автор valentin michael ( назад)
george michael was and is a genius. This song is an echo of today

Автор sun light ( назад)
See ya

Автор Betsy Riggs ( назад)
oh my God I remember all george Michael songs from the 80s

Автор Michelle Savarese ( назад)
he predicted this exact era in this song and that's why the haters come out of the woodwork, since they advocate less compassion as a valuable character trait...and GM emphatically did not

Автор Robin Lull ( назад)
These lyrics slayed me the first time I heard this way back..
. What an amazing tune. RIP GM.

Автор Daisy Taylor Jones ( назад)
George's masterpiece

Автор Dada Petras ( назад)
LOVE YOU ....Rest in peace

Автор James Meek ( назад)
This is my funeral song . Love you George . You were a lyrical maestro ❤️👍💕

Автор SANDSCORCHER ( назад)
Not a dry eye in the house.

Автор Kay Wegner ( назад)
Thank you George for putting the truth out there for all to see. Sometimes, we need our noses rubbed in it. We are all guilty in one sense or another. We are all praying for time, as well. <3

Автор Julie Court ( назад)
Beutiful song I love him 😭

Автор Michael Smith ( назад)
a Song written 25 years ago ...for 2017 ! GM was a genius

Автор truthpig ( назад)
One of his best, most profound songs - "And it's hard to love, there's so much to hate, hanging on to hope, when there is no hope to speak of" has never been more true than it is now....... I know exactly what he meant.

Автор Kathie Keane ( назад)
One of his very best....RIP you beautiful man.

Автор Total Procall ( назад)
George was a true artist. His lyrics were as beautiful as the voice behind them. What a year it has been...

Автор Alan Fox ( назад)
I think this was a lyrics video done for YouTube but was shown on vh1 as a tribute to all his music was playing not long after he died in the holiday season.you can't ignore the song it did make the top ten it was not overplayed like the other hits. I was not sure why he never did listen without prejudice volume two.

Автор ᄌᄒᄌ ( назад)
You have been loved, and will be missed.

Автор Nina Nedeva ( назад)
Nearly 30 years later nothing has changed and whatever is described in this song is the same if not worse. One of is his best songs.

Автор Kimmikim Mg ( назад)
so gorgeous 💗🌟

Автор Mysteria 5 ( назад)
George, you may be praying for time but we're all praying for you and those who love you. We miss you. Rest in the power of God.

Автор Mysteria 5 ( назад)
George, you may be praying for time but we're all praying for you and those who love you. We miss you. Rest in the power of God.

Автор Detroit Strong ( назад)
More relevant than ever

Автор grytlappar ( назад)
This whole album was unbelievable.

Автор Ryan Patrick ( назад)
Not just his best song, but one of the greatest songs ever. Never gets old.

Автор Lucia Delia ( назад)
My favorite George Michael ballard. Ironically, it is not a love song.

Автор willard hendrickson ( назад)
I love you, brother.

Автор q9r8s7t6u5v4w3x2y1z0 ( назад)
can you believe this beauty ?

Автор Kevin Carmody ( назад)
hifrommes. georgemichaelVEV hiyou thankyou i love this great song

Автор 162 tsb ( назад)
these lyrics ring true now more than when he wrote them years ahead of everyone pure velvet

Автор Kevin Carmody ( назад)
hifrommes. thankyou for its so true beauty song

Автор Heather Powers ( назад)
My favorite song..

Автор نواره علي ( назад)
جورج مايكل فلترقد روحك الجميلة بسلام 🙏💔💘💘🎸

Автор Anna Haytch ( назад)
Please sign for George! Thank you! :) https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-george-michael-statue-outside-his-highgate-home?recruiter=657789419&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

Автор Elizabeth ( назад)
My God, the lyric of this song goes strait to my heart. It's beautiful!

Автор STREETWHEELZ ( назад)
Rip to a legend you will live in our hearts and minds :(

Автор wilmajo ( назад)
I always loved this song from the very first time I heard it. Several of my friends said, this isn't really George Michael, this isn't happy music. I thought it showed the depth and breadth of his soul. RIP George Michael, still sorely missed!

Автор Marcos Puerta ( назад)
Thais music is unbelievable and unforgettable!

Автор Hector Galvis ( назад)
There is no song more accurate to describe our present time. Thanks George

Автор Katherine Vastel ( назад)
I think george m has his words mixed up no matter what God is good we all have a free will rip you need it

Автор Heather Fitch ( назад)
rip.....such a talented singer and artist.

Автор TheSonnyjim1000 ( назад)
This song is just damn sad and whoever grew up listening to this album you know what I'm talking about!
RIP George
Forever and ever remembered!

Автор ladymay30 ( назад)
The one most underrated artist ever.....everytime everybody confronted him with his personal life but they always forgot what an incredilbe artist he was. Shame on them, RIP George Michael.

Автор pH Dee ( назад)
There's a petition to induct George Michael into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame this year. Please sign this and pass on to others. 5,000 signatures are needed. He deserves it!!!

Автор Andrea McCracken ( назад)
The most underrated song of George's and by far the best 💔💔💔

Автор Piotr Jozwiak Jozwiak ( назад)
R.I.P 😥

Автор tunapaw ( назад)
If George Michael was alive he would be horrified about Trump, miss you .

Автор Support AnimalRights ( назад)
Dam, wanted to see him in concert before he died, heard he might tour again, same with Michael, then they all die. Now my rule of thumb is to see my favorite singers before they hit the age of 45 because I'm afraid they might pass away.

Автор Support AnimalRights ( назад)
George did way too much heroin and probably cocaine too. If it's not street drugs or alcohol, the Rx drugs will take you away too: George, Michael, Prince, Whitney. RIP.

Автор Gabriela Cardona ( назад)
lost him too young

Автор Rockwater Pictures ( назад)
This song came out in 1990. If we prayed for time then, we got 27 years. Is our time up?

Автор Julia Walker ( назад)
I love and miss you George thank you for your beautiful music

Автор Julia Walker ( назад)
I love and miss you George thank you for your beautiful music

Автор Manfred Wiegmans ( назад)
Thanks for your songs, really good, I will miss you !!

Автор Luigi Gassama ( назад)
One of the most beautiful song of George Michael

Автор Paul Neese ( назад)

Автор LAzY Gal ( назад)
we are all PRAYING FOR TIME💔⏰

Автор Mat Mladin ( назад)
Grande George

Автор Ronald Thomas ( назад)
why the good ones go so soon and the people in the music world put out shiiiit

Автор Ronald Thomas ( назад)
gay straight whatever GM the shit

Автор Humble743 ( назад)
My favorite George Michael song. RIP

Автор Michael Doherty ( назад)
amazing song.

Автор Peter John Pickles ( назад)
As good as any Lennon song..

Автор Nathalie BIELEU ( назад)
so generous charity is a coat you wear twice a year

Автор Steve Doherty ( назад)
Each life is precious. And now, he can rest without any more hurt, pain or sorrow.

Автор Hex 77 ( назад)
What more does a man need to do to be heard.

Автор Chelo Gomez ( назад)
Love it great song , what a talent for writing good lyrics .

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