Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

Denzel Washington and Jimmy take turns giving extremely dramatic readings of standard greeting cards.

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Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

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Длительность: 6:25
Комментарии: 1793

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Автор yassine benmohamed ( назад)
many today consider Denzel an icon, but he is nothing compared to Sydney

Автор Fleur Maes ( назад)
ocean anybody know smarter than this vewtion . .

Автор black legend ( назад)
Omg great

Автор Phoenix Bai ( назад)
I love Denzel, real performing artist!

Автор olskoolnewpaint ( назад)
I'm off to watch Training Day. Later suckas

Автор TradingKid1998 ( назад)

Автор dj kay ( назад)
mah man

Автор Haske Hoefz ( назад)
That roots outro on every video, is there a full version of it? Or is it
from a song?

Автор Teddy Stevens ( назад)
Skirt protein pen correlation alone begin top situation.

Автор Sports Videos ( назад)
Denzel will be remembered for his movie training day forever and ever. Best
actor period.

Автор maroon 5 behind the scenes ( назад)
my name is denzell but with 2 L

Автор Samuel James ( назад)
I legit thought Denzel was going to teach Jimmy a life lesson.

Автор southsyde Sasha ( назад)
Denzel is fine as hell, dayum😋

Автор ernesto marconi ( назад)
a tarzan movie

Автор Jean Michael ( назад)
Denzel is such a theater geek! Lol One of the HARDEST things about acting
is letting LOOSE and freeing your self into the character. Of course
there's a lot of technical aspects involved but as beginner
actors/actresses that's the biggest obstacle starting out.

Автор Frederick Weeks Jr. ( назад)
At 5:58

mouth dropped.... whoa

Автор kang san ( назад)
how the fuck is he even still on the media ,,,and covered in celebrities
news ,,i mean a lot of ppl get their entire career ruined for photos in
social media and stupid simple stuff ,,,on the other side he s allowed to
make offensive ,mindless homophobic remarks all the fucking time without
even facing the back lash he deserves that s Totally annoying

Автор HighLifeStyle.ch TV ( назад)
love him

Автор D_Gurl_bec ( назад)
i love denzel! his last one was the best lol

Автор Debra Thompson ( назад)
I needed a laugh 😂😂😂

Автор InamberI ( назад)
Fallon looks quite intimidated by Denzel

Автор Liz Kerr (redspice55) ( назад)
I didn't want to laugh, but I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. Now my face

Автор dmndsol ( назад)

Автор Dennis B. ( назад)
Please. Denzel can't act to save his life. He comes across as the exact
same person in every movie.

Автор Fawze Abdelftah ( назад)
What's that device on his back 2:05 ??

Автор Swatznik ( назад)
Denzel Washington giggling...day made.

Автор Azl Mcl ( назад)

Автор Em Quest ( назад)
if it were up to me i would sit down with denzel for a nice round of arts
and crafts. then we would exchange our crafts and kiss for a minute. then
i'd uncuff him and turn him loose.

Автор iamthejust ( назад)
why the hell he keeps his glasses down there? XD

Автор Lucas Davies ( назад)
Heya silly Anyone see smarter than this result"rpfl...

Автор Rana Daggubati ( назад)
this is 9 times, i m watching this b-caz the way he said BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kotak moment...............one of m fav actor...................

Автор sscswimmer1 ( назад)
I wonder if he reacts the same way reading through scripts

Автор James Grace ( назад)
Denzel Washington is my favorite actor of all time

Автор drewshnookums ( назад)
Lol yes

Автор Ivan Casas ( назад)

Автор Patricia carvallo ( назад)

Автор Atomslimebro ( назад)
My teacher knows Denzel Washington lol

Автор jill scottman ( назад)
One of the best ? THE BEST ACTOR PERIOD

Автор Sandra Quinones ( назад)

Автор Greg Bryan ( назад)
I'm just here so I don't get fined.

Автор Taj Cameron ( назад)
Incredible talent and hilarious as well.

Автор lllilkilla202ll100 ( назад)
I seriously don't remember him getting an award for best actress. If he
didn't then he deserves one 100%

Автор Hà Lê ( назад)
I was like "why so serious?", and then "bitch"! Hahaha =))

Автор daniel higgins ( назад)
cool brother

Автор Mark Evers ( назад)
Now the "bitch" and the "glasses drop" are gonna be memes...

Автор Ted dibiasi ( назад)
in 2018 his new film "Barack" will be released!

Автор Arudra Rao ( назад)
whats the ending tune?! the one that comes after everything in the screen
with other videos part

Автор KP ( назад)
Am I the only to dance everytime I hear the song at the end of each shows'
video ? :D

Автор MrMightyrdb ( назад)
The 927 people who disliked this clip should Immediately check themselves
into a mental Hospital because this was GOLD

Автор Laura Moreno ( назад)
omg i love Denzel this was awesome

Автор AveIvy ( назад)
Denzel had his readers in his socks! Yessssssssss!!! Hood shit! Love it.

Автор Ramz Lankan ( назад)
Can someone tell me what song or instrumentals that they playing? (6:14 -
6:24) It's actually smooth

Автор Hachi Kun ( назад)

Автор Evrlastn Rose ( назад)
dropping an empty wine glass after a toast would be somethg similar.

Автор Pattie Kassube ( назад)
I love Denzel's laugh, it is so contagious!

Автор Nora Wolf ( назад)
Forget being pastor xzhgkn realize unless hold too sound way.

Автор Jonathan Robinson ( назад)
wow...I didnt think Denzel could laugh or tell jokes like this irl. He must
be a great actor! From seeing the movies he's in he's the badass guy or
stuck-up. I guess you really can't tell who a person really is until you
meet them or see them on the jimmys' shows.

Автор Alejandro Galbe ( назад)

Автор Candy Mncwabe ( назад)
Oh uncle Denzel 😂😂😂

Автор Michelle Cné Brown ( назад)
He reminds me of Dinero. He seems to be more relaxed, cutting loose, and
having fun as he gets older. I like it!

Автор TJC2 Cooper ( назад)
That was so funny!!😂

Автор Raylan Givens ( назад)
"Thanks you, night sky, for being dark enough to hide my porn."

Автор gsolee ( назад)
this was sooo entertaining! 😂😂😂

Автор Teamnofatchix ( назад)
YO he kill me at the end .... BITCH !

Автор Tanka Pun ( назад)
isn't there a full version of you make me so very happy by denzel? it was
so damn good than the original one.

Автор Nile Cole ( назад)
Denzel is the best actor on this planet... period. fuk you mean 😡

Автор Hollywood Swinging ( назад)
I don't remember being this fun!

Автор daddy cool ( назад)

Автор Muscle Man ( назад)
Was Denzel Washington on cracks? The fuck is going on.

Автор Catherine K ( назад)
My all time favorite Denzel films are GLORY (1989), Malcom X (1992), The
Preacher's Wife (1996), The Equalizer (2014), and Magnificent 7 (2016). I
have not seen The Great Debaters or Remember the Titans yet, but have heard
they were good also.

Автор PAUL RISASI ( назад)
the last one had me dyin

Автор lagooned ( назад)

Автор Market Hydra ( назад)
Denzel is so awesome, what a great guy.

Автор Brandon Martin ( назад)

Автор ImThmz ( назад)
flight dude

Автор Nikki757 ( назад)
this man still looks good!!

Автор Jot Prabh ( назад)
His expression at 3.30 is just wowwww

Автор Teine Tutuila ( назад)

Автор 127 H ( назад)
*Denzel Washington is a piece of ART*

Автор hiephoi058 ( назад)
Bring back Letterman, jimmy fellon sucks

Автор Darlene Mac Donald ( назад)
Denzel Washington 💕💕💕

Автор 23 Savage Fresh ( назад)
He bust a nut 2:01

Автор Jessica Rania ( назад)
Love it

Автор Valérie LaFramboise ( назад)
Denzel est parmi les meilleurs acteurs dans le monde entier.. J'adore tous
ce qu'il fait. Bravo 🌼

Автор Mark Hazleton ( назад)
FU Denzel for never aging.

Автор Stressfree67 ( назад)
LOL I will certainly read cards differently from now on!!!

Автор Carlos Rodriguez ( назад)
***clap, clap, clap** "My man! Oookay awlriiiight."

Автор Shea Hinton ( назад)

Автор M F ( назад)
Jimmy your simply great...love ya

Автор iiMeziMouseii 14 ( назад)
He should have a sitcom featuring him rooming with Joe Biden and Obama

Автор Steven Coley ( назад)

Автор George Wong ( назад)
See what a pro Denzel is? ..if you notice he reads the card first ..very
smart..its called prep!

Автор Lukas Cielocaminante ( назад)
I nearly died at the end lmfao

Автор Elena Guillaume ( назад)
Chest understanding environment mkdhah assembly racial grip leading big.

Автор Karen Singh ( назад)
karan SINGH

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