Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

Denzel Washington and Jimmy take turns giving extremely dramatic readings of standard greeting cards.

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Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

Просмотров: 4068149
Длительность: 6:25
Комментарии: 2081

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Автор Osama Valentino Khan ( назад)
Sir Denzel, you are a legend. See you at work ;) My favorite actor.

Автор SooTanGoo ( назад)
the last one was epic

Автор sahilis rondon ( назад)
lol omg hahaha

Автор Paris Fuller ( назад)
I need him to become immortal so that he can play every part ever.

Автор Rabin Miguel ( назад)
shut up jimmy, let the master do his thing

Автор The Truth ( назад)
I thought he was going to read them more seriously. That would have been fucking funny.

Автор Greg L ( назад)
Denzel is one the best. but this was dumb.

Автор aa70queen01 ( назад)
It's so weird to see Denzel funny which shows he's such a great actor on screen

Автор riccccccardo ( назад)
I love Denzel

Автор nigel smith ( назад)
denzel do a comedy!!!

Автор Ruby Arboleda ( назад)

Автор Thabang Kabo ( назад)
this guy just dramatized the whole thing and i thought he was crying at some point.

Автор Dajuana Gray ( назад)
Kmsl...didnt know denzel could be this funny

Автор LoudLexus ( назад)
they should have made them reenact scenes from training day!

Автор LeBron's Hairline ( назад)
i love Denzy. He keeps it real and he's so humble

Автор tyler moseley ( назад)
denzel the 🐐

Автор Lion Rose Music ( назад)
I want to be Denzel Washington
when I grow up!🎬

Автор JoJo Beans ( назад)
liam neeson and denzeil washington together in an action movoe!! MUST HAPPEN

Автор Amber Barber ( назад)
when Denzel wears you out in the 1st 70 seconds. 💀

Автор Cedrik SJ ( назад)
These guys must do drugs before the show XD

Автор Hollis2Hollywood ( назад)
i wish he would have read all of these in his training day voice lol

Автор godisgoodallthetime ( назад)
He actually got me emotional on that last card at the first part!

Автор godisgoodallthetime ( назад)

Автор Wotsma Naym ( назад)
2:38 - WTF?

Автор Geneva Campa ( назад)
Haha the last card 😂

Автор J Rockymore ( назад)
Not probably Denzel is the BEST! Hands down, all the great movies he's been in he gets an award for Training Day cmon son. He should have received an award for about 90% of his movies.

Автор Gaston Deveaux ( назад)
He is brilliant.

Автор MELINDA377 ( назад)
I have never heard the word bitch sound so sexy in my life

Автор MAD MAN ( назад)
didn't realize how funny denzel was

Автор Taquae Anderson ( назад)
Love it ...talent and sense of humor goes along way

Автор SouLoveLee ( назад)
Denzel has such a nice deep laugh! 😍 I can't stand when men laugh in soprano high notes, lol.. And he still looks good. 😍😍😍

Автор musicfeignraymondify ( назад)

Автор Jessika Freeman ( назад)
I need lotion😭😭

Автор blackberry_hnykisses_ MJ ( назад)
That was epically Hilarious!........a great actor and a great host!

Автор Michael Hickman ( назад)
Probably, he is the best actor ever

Автор Tray Singleton ( назад)

Автор TET - COM ( назад)
OK.....they were all not that great.....due to the way they were read.....Denzel was to hammy.....and Jimmy...CAN'T ACT!...............but ......that last 1 by Denzel......oh wow.....he really pulled it out of himself from somewhere deep....lol........the entire skit is redeemed with his reading of the last card....that shit was hilarious

Автор Lara dakota ( назад)
Denzel Washington have money and microphone .he should be role model for black people like Dr MLK..

Автор Jiana Graham ( назад)
My rusty legs I need lotion

Автор Lam rof ( назад)
He embraces his ages very well. No stupid attempt to look cool like he is 30 at 60.

Автор dre day ( назад)
Another brithday You more happyer sexy and better shape than ever. BITCH!!!!

Автор dre day ( назад)
he. did it again. And the Man,was playing

Автор SOGGY_ROSE ( назад)
Doesn't he play the cat in the hat on pbs 😂😂 lol that was my show tho

Автор Doug Hiawatha ( назад)
Fuck you jimmy!

Автор KD Music ( назад)

Автор 3rd Sherman ( назад)
I can't wait for Denzel to do a comedy one day.

Автор Aviral Ashok ( назад)
Hollywood's very own Nana Patekar...

Автор Positive-Vibes-Only ( назад)
i can't believe he's 62

Автор Brittany S ( назад)

Автор Catherine Xshango H ( назад)
BITCH! lol lol lol

Автор Seth Doherty ( назад)
I so love Denzel for so many reasons. So good to see his natural, comedic side

Автор C. Carter ( назад)
This was great. I might go on a Denzel movie bender after this...Which should I start with??

Автор Maxwell LeVan Vlogs ( назад)
sounds like my mom reading these cards.....

Автор artistia aмenda ( назад)
that last one cracked me up 😂😂😂 that I just literally scared the bitch out of my dog !! (she was sleeping on me)

Автор TumblrLife ( назад)
" And happier than ever..., bitch" 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор kevin smith ( назад)
Denzel Washington = G.O.A.T.

Автор martha ramirez ( назад)

Автор ultimate super savage ( назад)
lol my favorite actor of all time denzel

Автор Bethy Asifiwe ( назад)
i love Denzel W

Автор elementalbalance08 ( назад)
Denzel should TOTALLY do Mad Libs theater on the show!!!

Автор DASH ( назад)
They should`ve done this game with Nic Cage.

Автор Patrick Buettner ( назад)
denzel could play a movie about Obama

Автор Joe V ( назад)
denzel fa President

Автор Mehret Kibrom ( назад)
I want to shake his hand badly. I wish someone help me one day.

Автор WhiTeFA1R ( назад)

Автор Frank Pfeiffer ( назад)

Автор Elbony NC ( назад)
OK Denzel time to put out a Comedy Movie

Автор Melisa Guillen ( назад)

Автор RealTakerslady ( назад)
Denzel is everything! 😂😂😂

Автор gilberzj1 ( назад)
even this was literally better than Casey Affleck

Автор DFSdiva ( назад)
Denzel = G. O. A. T.

Автор Stage Ready ( назад)
I LITERALLY Said He Should Cry For The Last Card . That Is So Freaky 😐🙃

Автор saqib shakil ( назад)
I keep coming back to this video again and again. makes me laugh a lot

Автор Cole Trickle ( назад)
Jimmy, you're funny, you're personable, you do some great impressions and have great comedic ideas. With that said, having you and Denzel next to eachother doing dramatic readings, really shows how much greater of an actor Denzel is. He absolutely killed it, your readings I found lacking.... I still like you, but that was rough.

Автор kyle nicholson ( назад)
"Oh I can't top that, oh gosh this is so much fun ok here we go".... seriously... jimmy's ridiculous banter in between EVERYTHING! is SO contrived!

Автор just one ( назад)
he deserve an Oscar

Автор m syahreza ( назад)
I will love Denzel on every possibly phrases of my life.

Автор Sharron Mangum ( назад)

Автор csyd22 ( назад)
Fallon didn't need to do this

Автор Blackskye211 ( назад)
how can you not love denzel one of the best actors of our time.

Автор Emmalee C ( назад)
I think the title should have been "Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards and Jimmy Tries to Keep Up"

Автор Pamela Mack ( назад)

Автор omar belizaire ( назад)
Anytime someone funnier than Fall on comes on which is easy you notice how lame he truly is

Автор Michelle Miller ( назад)
I'm ready for work Denzel baby

Автор Will Yang ( назад)
0:01 reminds of "American Gangster"...

Автор parvana mammad-zada ( назад)
how awesome is this!!!

Автор CoolxFrigginxBeans04 ( назад)
Lol. Had no idea Denzel was this funny. He's always serious af in the movies I've seen him in

Автор bryanreal111 ( назад)

Автор CharlieVSGaming ( назад)
And the Oscar for best greeting card reading goes to...

Автор David-Elijah ( назад)
I know he is an American actor but, why does he look like the President of the United States?!

Автор Melos Mulliqi ( назад)
Damm Denzel was hyped.

Автор Miljan Djukanovic ( назад)
I didn't see that coming.. Bitch! :)

Автор Skeezix TheKing ( назад)
"King Kong ain't got shit on me". One of my favorite all time

Автор Melia Thacker ( назад)
god damn Denzel is fucking hilarious. 💖

Автор Luana Lima ( назад)
Lindo, mesmo não entendendo nada do ingles

Автор Chrono Mitsurugi ( назад)
I'm sorry, but I don't like Jimmy Kimmel. this would have been better with just Denzel.

Автор sugar rush ( назад)
5:36 omg Jimmy 😂

Автор Alexander Nilsson ( назад)
Make a movie about Obama and let Denzel play Barack.

Автор ractsninjas ( назад)
I can't figure out why, but I respect Denzel sooo much. he's just cooooool as hell.

Автор WhyBringPoliticsIntoEverything?! ( назад)
I wish Denzel was my uncle!

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