the sims 3 child abuse

the sims 3 child abuse very sad

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Автор Hannah'sGamingStudio & More! ( назад)
Help iiiimmmm falling to the board jdjdmemsiismsksismsksjsmdmc c

Автор Christine Hurtado ( назад)
i dont get it who died!?

Автор Samira Allison (1658 лет назад)

Автор Samira Allison (1672 года назад)
Why was she stinky and also love it

Автор Jander Games ( назад)
Good film, reminds me of my family.

Автор Ruby Russell ( назад)
I love this song:(

Автор Nickolas Robertson ( назад)

Автор Psycho ( назад)
This is neglect not abuse

Автор Ryley Calvert ( назад)
You are all sick by looking this stuff. Be ashamed!

Автор Tornado girl ( назад)
Just like my life but I didn't die

Автор Music is Life! ( назад)
Awww......... :'( :'(

Автор Katy Sebastian ( назад)
that was sad....... although i do wish that if that was real life i would
luv 2 help the girl

Автор fruitycat ( назад)
People,child neglect is child abuse...stop making a fit

Автор Marie Contreras ( назад)
That house in the background is the one Lifesimmer use in her seasons lets
play. Very Sad story though made me cry ALOT! :C

Автор Fagalorian ( назад)
Pretty tasty food video! Nougateer abuse is nougat laughing carmellater!
fully snackports this satisfactelent favidio.

Автор TheEmber221 ( назад)
You made me cry. I like that it never once showed the little girl being
hit. My parents fought in front of me like that all of the time, and it
messed me up. How am I supposed to know how to love with that as my
example? I want to help that little girl. I want to help everyone put into
that situation. I wish I could adopt every abused kid in the world and hug
them and tell them it'll be okay because somebody loves them now. :'(

Автор TheRebeccaKanellis RBLX ( назад)
Some of them don't.

Автор Candice Louis ( назад)
At the beginning, it looks as if she is throwing a tantrum.

Автор Peashooter The Frick ( назад)
Evanescence Evanescene everywhere

Автор Biren Maharjan ( назад)
I've looked at some of the posts. I believe that that is a sensible video
clip. My younger brother wants to get excellent with sexy ladies. He
studied a shit load from a website called Master Attraction. (Google it if
you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The help concerned with
seducing chicks at nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his very first
lays in 3 years. I have been pissed though because I heard them all.

Автор Sentaine Gillespie ( назад)
I wish I could do it on freeplay

Автор Ashley Epperson ( назад)
why does intimacy it will type video but no sound guys play these little
sad songs that I believe no one ever heard before.......why

Автор Keyanna G Mcconkey ( назад)
Aww so sad I love the sims I just don't have a computer to get it

Автор oruales15 ( назад)

Автор sarah younes ( назад)
why all the sim abusive videos have evanescence music 

Автор Rainbowz1233 ( назад)
She Betta take ha ass to sleep XD

Автор Rainbowz1233 ( назад)
Dis not child abuse my parents tell me no all the time An day scream at
each other it's child abuse to whites.

Автор Caitlin Cavanaugh ( назад)
I'm crying ( heart breaking )

Автор Louise Whyte ( назад)
Why always evanescence.?

Автор Jakiyah Reeves ( назад)
do u even know the word child abuse means? just because she died doesnt
mean she was abused. she was neglected. if she was beaten then that would
been child abuse. xh

Автор LightningShock ( назад)
It's a game. In real life you can't die so easy.

Автор Lili Orihara ( назад)
I think she died because she had nothing ;-;

Автор emily bateman ( назад)

Автор Simon Abdulla ( назад)
(Response to Ryan Martin's question) I'm pretty sure she died from stress
and pressure

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
How did she die please reply!

Автор DarkStorm715 ( назад)
This person has too much time on their hands. Thumbs up if you agree.

Автор Av mp ( назад)
Its so sad at the end when she died and how ps i dint see the child abuse
only wheb she was stinking

Автор JorRob001 ( назад)
Gay song

Автор Arwen Quinn ( назад)
i dont know why but i keep watching thease 

Автор Sara Zeen ( назад)
i love the childern why they make that :..( 

Автор Aimee Hall ( назад)
That made me cry some people are so mean and don't look after their

Автор Anna Gunnlaugs ( назад)
Umm how did the girl die?

Автор MrSuperpig101 ( назад)
Ahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha

Автор Shanae Kya ( назад)
That made me cry

Автор dior awesomeness ( назад)
Poor girl it's parents like this that are ping to kill their child and make
them extinct!!i doubt that will happen but you never know

Автор Itz Courtney ( назад)
Poor girl literally cried my eyes out

Автор Poetic_C ( назад)
Poor baby they drove her to her grave

Автор Mr. Mango ( назад)
Poor kid ;(

Автор Burping ( назад)
lol that child was laughing xD

Автор Lego Masters ( назад)

Автор Ella Brooks ( назад)
I actually cried. Really.

Автор Beorge Gush ( назад)
Everybody look at tv at 0:56! What do ya see? *Grins*.

Автор Beorge Gush ( назад)
No. Couse she never take a shower.

Автор Adi Luk ( назад)

Автор Vantas Karkat ( назад)

Автор Kierra Wyatt ( назад)
Ive seen worst she was barely abused it was more like women abuse but i hav
to admit wen i saw there graves together and the bear beside it that was
kind of sad

Автор Nicole ( назад)
My immortal by evanscence

Автор alisamay121 ( назад)

Автор camila lopez ( назад)
como se llama la cancion :´(

Автор Lee Chamberlain ( назад)
God... :'(

Автор Lee Chamberlain ( назад)
Thats more than enough to turn sum1 emo

Автор Jiah Roberts ( назад)
i just dont get it... sorry ?

Автор william ratcliffe ( назад)
It isn't easy to make me cry

Автор SophieLewLew ( назад)
For the people who are saying its not child abuse.. I think you'll find
your actually wrong , child abuse can mean anything , she was neglected and
didnt get fed so therefore thats child abuse because the parents were
starving their child . google the definition lol

Автор Ashanti Cheatham ( назад)
She was neglected

Автор PixelatedAlice ( назад)
i just don't understand why people make these.. its sad and it makes me
think about kids who go through this

Автор Jaycee Barrow ( назад)
I cried :(

Автор Luca Lincoln ( назад)
i cry

Автор janessa mendoza ( назад)
I dont see how that's child abuse 

Автор Stereo Heart ( назад)
Hmmmm??? That's abuse?

Автор Pajarita ( назад)

Автор Eileen Smith ( назад)
Thats not child abuse.... she was never hit... she just like died

Автор Sage S-B ( назад)
She was sleeping and then died!??

Автор Koragirl ( назад)
Um, is that abusing?

Автор Chloe Reder ( назад)
who died and why?

Автор BlackRose Thorn ( назад)
My immortal is the song. I was thinkin of this song just finished another
vid. Wth the song hello. Both songs r by evancese

Автор Hayley Banks ( назад)
What was the song

Автор Kate Bravery ( назад)
So so sad I'm crying

Автор Camila Gutierrez ( назад)
How did she die?

Автор samantha vega ( назад)
how did she die???

Автор Luna Moon ( назад)
How did she die?

Автор Kayla B ( назад)
you ugly little nerd

Автор Elle Sims ( назад)
wat program for edit u used? i love the graphic

Автор Bethany Pressdee ( назад)
how was that child abuse

Автор KylaTheJellybean ( назад)
Soo sad :(

Автор ashleigh Lilliott ( назад)
That's sad but how can they die like that

Автор Lana Del Ray ( назад)
the Kid died.. From unknown causes I guess

Автор Lana Del Ray ( назад)

Автор Lana Del Ray ( назад)
Ugly Lady and man.... 

Автор Katie Fusco ( назад)
How did she die?

Автор Djakata A Walker ( назад)
how did she die?

Автор Nastassia Flores-Whitley ( назад)
How is that child abuse

Автор Ceibrione Blocker ( назад)
So sad

Автор that1couple ( назад)
She died from septicemia. 

Автор Nick Bite ( назад)
Sims movies logic...something like "Omg,derp!You're so ugly,i wanna

Автор Eryka Delvecchio ( назад)
She ran away, so I'm guessing from malnutrition or some other thing like

Автор rebecca brown ( назад)
How did she die? o.o

Автор SWNTC Crafter ( назад)
How did she die?

Автор TheTristen112 ( назад)
The daughter died

Автор Sean Jordan ( назад)
That what you for being a spoiled brat

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