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Автор clementeelagitador (9 месяцев)
Oliver Adekoya comeme la polla
what a fucking idiots get a life

Автор Shadermader (5 лет)
what is the name of this private server?

Автор ryoukult (4 года)
nah it not workin

Автор MrRuneZero (4 года)
wow, thats new, im used to the trade dupe... :D

Автор paperpalnes (4 года)
does this work on websterscape?

Автор toontownfanboy (3 года)
w w w.near-reality.c o m #1 on Rune Locus #1 on Top 100 Arena #1 on Gtop100

Автор DrummerMaatty (5 лет)
wich servers dis?

Автор Oliver Adekoya (4 года)
lol wow this is jokes i made this like 2 years ago id be suprised if it
still works

Автор hunterxbeta (5 лет)
guys all go oon irn-bruscape.no-ip.info best server ever we need staff next
person to log on gets moderator!

Автор DjJahnix (5 лет)
thank you it worked! FinalBarrage Pur3 2k

Автор MeiteniiteLv (4 года)
awesome, works perfectly

Автор flamingbloodshot (4 года)
this is by far the best duping glitch ever, but it just got patched 2 days
ago on the server i play :( Soulsplit, c0m

Автор I Am Elixir - Alotic (4 года)
ima try it...its something ive never seen and idc if it doesn't work
because its very original..thanks!

Автор StupidAustin11 (5 лет)
Hahahaha Thanks, Man i just duped the shit out of a server im on got 500
yellow phats and d claws

Автор nickrod32 (4 года)
Works!! Untill I got banned and It got patched :p But yeah this was an
awesome dupe Made max cash in little then 30minutes

Автор courtneyazzy8912 (5 лет)
someppl help meh on crisisx, they spammed the hell out of other server i
play so im gettin' pay back

Автор culan001 (2 года)
so fake xD

Автор Guilherme Heinen das Chagas (2 года)
join oldrune . net

Автор Oliver Adekoya (5 лет)
o thanks :) il make sure il make some more. i might do some pvp vids soon.

Автор Oliver Adekoya (5 лет)
i dont think so m8

Автор Oliver Adekoya (5 лет)
lol rsraxim lol thats all i have to say

Автор Oliver Adekoya (5 лет)
He might of fixed.. :(

Автор Apple246810 (5 лет)
like ritzscape?

Автор RAULB360 (2 года)
so essentially you have you log before you die?, Also: To everyone that is
trying to recruit players jst remember that their looking up videos on how
to HACK and pretty much SCREW your shit so.... not too smart just sayin..

Автор elv3z3z1m4 (5 лет)
what are u on ?

Автор Alex Blixt (4 года)
omfg man thanks so much i looked for dupe like in days ! and finally this
worked great job man and ty!

Автор zombieomom11 (3 года)
@toontownfanboy if he's friendly staff tell him to give me and ags :D

Автор Mawster (5 лет)
why censore ure name? stil shows in ure chatbox at other client

Автор NicholasLeroy (5 лет)
it works ty

Автор whitekoolaid92 (4 года)
wootiesss! got hacked? need a new accnt? Go get a free runescape account
from over here, free-runescapeaccounts[ .] ?, CO M:

Автор MrConnorM8 (2 года)
moron this is delta

Автор Jose gonzalez (2 года)
Pkpassage.n3t thats an "e" JOIN NOW ! dope ass server.

Автор Ho XinZhong (5 лет)
what the server name and where to download ??

Автор Sletox RS (2 года)

Автор xDMamoxD (5 лет)
@DrummerMaatty final barrage used to work on it but i think it doesnt anyore

Автор BOT2DOT (4 года)
For free membership and 10mil go to : w w w . r u n e s c a p f o r u m s .
t k without spaces Only works for the First 1000

Автор Apple246810 (5 лет)
doesnt work anymore.....

Автор ghostlygameing (3 года)
w.divinegloryrsps.c o m to download the client the owner is canadian and
hes in there army :)

Автор Val N (5 лет)
LMFAO I think u just watched it and just said this. i bet you didnt even
know this fucking method, and this method cant be stopped fuckhead?

Автор ProjectMagicRSPS (3 года)
w w w . ProJectMagic . T k Looking for Staff! <3 BEST RSPS

Автор frederikyeah1 (5 лет)
this video i understanded 90% all others i understand 1% so u the best! 5/5

Автор lethal bow (4 года)
GP-Scape owns, download the client! gp-scape.no-ip.org Bandos scimitar,
24/7 dedicated server etc! enjoy!

Автор microchip123forcp (4 года)
amulet of fury sucks to me

Автор Anthony Barrett (5 лет)
@TreeDonkey992 just like yours

Автор remix426 (3 года)
@sharpndagger lmfao

Автор Jay Cee (5 лет)
does it work on crisisX

Автор Osmongo Longo (2 года)
you cant log out right before killing someone

Автор zGustaz (3 года)
someone has alzhimers/bipolar disorder 0.o

Автор Sai is here (3 года)
Someone made a post and deleted it.

Автор BOT2DOT (4 года)
w w w . r u n e s c a p f o r u m s . t k Without spaces for free
membership + 10mil

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