How to dupe on runescape private servers.

a guide to dupin items on runescape private servers, (my first video)
The Reson i made this guide, is becose somone showed me how to dupe, so i gave him a coppy of my stuff. then
the dude reported me and i got banned.. so he can smd and Reborne you suck. dont play it all H0rn wants is your monney. plz dont advertise here

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Автор JacintoVenabente ( назад)
Oliver Adekoya comeme la polla
what a fucking idiots get a life

Автор grosslyclever ( назад)
what base are you playing on in the server lol

Автор LilJbm1 ( назад)
Yeah this doesnt work because of the 10 second combat rule :P fail only
shit servers would have this issue.

Автор culan001 ( назад)
so fake xD

Автор Osgod (1688 лет назад)
you cant log out right before killing someone 

Автор 2006scapePhane ( назад)
thats the joke >.> 

Автор Guilherme Chagas ( назад)
join oldrune . net

Автор krishna panchal ( назад)
u get free bones too :p 

Автор MrConnorM8 ( назад)
moron this is delta

Автор Jose gonzalez ( назад)
Pkpassage.n3t thats an "e" JOIN NOW ! dope ass server.

Автор Sletox ( назад)

Автор Sai is here ( назад)
Someone made a post and deleted it.

Автор Kyle Myers ( назад)
Everyone come to sanguinem( dot )forumotion( dot )com! it's a fun server!
join now!

Автор Afram Dolabany ( назад)
what server is this? 

Автор remix426 ( назад)
@sharpndagger lmfao

Автор TheHighfish1337 ( назад)
Wow bitch please, this is my old project which is still beeing worked on.
Client was by schranz30 lmfao

Автор schranz30 (1514 года назад)
My old server L0L

Автор Wilber Nathan ( назад)
wat server is this???

Автор chickenjofasho ( назад)
@toontownfanboy epic server 

Автор zombieomom11 ( назад)
@toontownfanboy if he's friendly staff tell him to give me and ags :D

Автор NzKya ( назад)
@toontownfanboy no thanks 

Автор Christian Dimaggio ( назад)
@young0Nigga reply to ur own comment fail? lol

Автор canusaycanadianbacon ( назад)
@TheXwowXwow im not looking up stuff u dumbass, it was simply in a
suggestion box and i thought it would be a laugh so stfu 

Автор tigerlep hunter ( назад)
@young0Nigga lol? y u responded 2 urself lawlz

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
lol wow this is jokes i made this like 2 years ago id be suprised if it
still works 

Автор canusaycanadianbacon ( назад)
It's bad enough u can't play rs it self... But seriously? Cheating on a
private serv... Lmao nerd

Автор Greg Keys ( назад)
@BOT2DOT hey thats a phishing site son gtfo loser

Автор Lewon ( назад)
omfg dude sell all ur rares .. /watch?v=r7E8zmQ_9KI

Автор Rivion ( назад)
name of song? 

Автор LooseGod ( назад)
hey, how much 4 this acc, plus can u make a vid so i can preview it 

Автор herby932 ( назад)
Hey guys im selling a runescape 3 account for a real runescape account. my
acc has most rares and has alot of skil capes but it only lvl 3 :P PM back
if your interested x

Автор mrlookiki ( назад)
what rsp is thaty

Автор kevinf100 ( назад)
all join definedpvp(.) webs(.)com/great server pvp fully working minigames
all other cool stuff when you join ask a staff for 15ml and 200 dragon
bones for free up 24/7

Автор MrMusic3D ( назад)
Guys can i do in Banditpkz, please make a Dupe in Banditpkz please guys
doesnet work!

Автор MrMusic3D ( назад)
Guys can i do in Banditpkz, please make a Dupe in Banditpkz please guys

Автор Lolziownrsu ( назад)
@gta how fucn fat are u I mean realy u sit at computer screen all day
flaming at every post on a rsps hack vid... Ur probs owner of some bot
websites and make scripts all day long

Автор Kristoffer Olsen ( назад)
@GTA4Life666 thing is, i don't wanna buy a $100 OS / RAM card for a 2 year
old laptop, that im gonna replace soon, anyways... 

Автор Kristoffer Olsen ( назад)
@GTA4Life666 most of the lag i experience is entirely from the server, as i
have a 50MBPS connection... also no, i'm running a windows vista with 2GB
ram. laptop. vista vs runescape.... you dont wanna go there...

Автор Kristoffer Olsen ( назад)
great.. so all i'll need is to find a working server, and make sure my comp
can stand two runescape windows, and then i gotta have a 50tbps broadband,
so that i don't lag....

Автор Cathryn Marshall, MSW ( назад)
how u do that??????

Автор Jake Kenyon ( назад)
hows that duping 

Автор Peregrine “Blythe” Chadwick ( назад)
awesome, works perfectly

Автор bigardian ( назад)
does this work on my dick is little?

Автор paperpalnes ( назад)
does this work on websterscape?

Автор microchip123forcp ( назад)
amulet of fury sucks to me

Автор David Parker ( назад)
fixed on bainscape

Автор Ardit Mejzini ( назад)
omg dudes i cant find server to dup >.< |

Автор David Parker ( назад)
tried on bainscape,worked for a while but got caught and it got fixed

Автор nickrod32 ( назад)
Works!! Untill I got banned and It got patched :p But yeah this was an
awesome dupe Made max cash in little then 30minutes 

Автор Randall Li ( назад)
@young0Nigga did u ever try it on websterscape?

Автор 323ap13 ( назад)
this only works int he server ur using right now.

Автор Mawster ( назад)
why censore ure name? stil shows in ure chatbox at other client

Автор hunterxbeta ( назад)
guys all go oon irn-bruscape.no-ip.info best server ever we need staff next
person to log on gets moderator! 

Автор danhvo1 ( назад)
my friend and i were making a play and we acc duped!

Автор HalosLastSpartan ( назад)
lay of the dude. God all he was doing was trying to help so stop leaving
nasty comments. Or do all of you think your internet " tuff guys " Yes i
know i spelled Tough wrong.

Автор TreeDonkey992 ( назад)
@TerrapinProphet I don't think you understand the joke? Are you slow or
something? lol...

Автор Anthony Barrett ( назад)
@TreeDonkey992 just like yours

Автор Jay Cee ( назад)
does it work on crisisX

Автор IzetDK ( назад)
worked on alot servers, before you IDIOT put it on yuotube.

Автор Ho XinZhong (Anime4Laifu) ( назад)
what the server name and where to download ??

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
wow this vid still going :). good to see that it still works

Автор TreeDonkey992 ( назад)
98% yeah ok... 98% of statistics are made up on the spot..

Автор Liridon ( назад)
pretty sick lol

Автор Mico BS ( назад)
this works fine, ty

Автор Tamás Gyurka ( назад)
cant log untin 10sec..

Автор halo3southpark ( назад)
@shadooaa just open two program

Автор piltroable ( назад)
damn i tryed on hydrascape it doesnt work on there

Автор Apple246810 ( назад)
like ritzscape?

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
it works for most servers, just not the big servers, they usly have good
anti dupes

Автор Apple246810 ( назад)
doesnt work anymore.....

Автор lumpyprostate ( назад)
Thanks so much i duped the shit out of a server lmao

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
i dont think so m8

Автор zerokillsable ( назад)
dude finalbarrage dont want u on there ur a spammer just because someone
reported u, you have to throw a fit about it

Автор Shadermader ( назад)
what is the name of this private server?

Автор vaseline02 ( назад)
i used to play this serv but i got iped

Автор Victor Amson ( назад)
if u can't log out just x-log?

Автор ZSkilla ( назад)

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
lol rsraxim lol thats all i have to say

Автор Val N ( назад)
LMFAO I think u just watched it and just said this. i bet you didnt even
know this fucking method, and this method cant be stopped fuckhead?

Автор Chad Sisson ( назад)
thanks for ruining this method you fucking ass hole

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
Most of the servers on Rune loucs 1-10 servers dont work.

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
He might of fixed.. :(

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
idk some crappy little one but good sight to find them is Rune Locus, You
can get to it by googling rune locus :)

Автор Panda ( назад)
Lmao what server was this? :P

Автор Oliver Adekoya ( назад)
o thanks :) il make sure il make some more. i might do some pvp vids soon.

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