Gunblast.com - Mossberg 930 SPX Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the Mossberg Model 930 SPX Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Fighting Shotgun. For more info, go to http://www.gunblast.com/Mossberg-930SPX.htm

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Автор Texas Holdem ( назад)
When I put in my search for semi auto 12 gauge shotgun I got a lot of
choices But seeing You doing a review I clicked you First Knowing from
Experience id jet the best review possible,,, That's Channel loyal Jeff.
And i'm Sharing to FB

Автор Luis Corona ( назад)
Jeff, love you, man!!

Автор Jaylegger 1 ( назад)
Hold my crack pipe for a minute, think I found some easy pickins.

Автор Alan Chan ( назад)
like all your video.too good health your eye sight.

Автор Oscar U ( назад)
What's your opinion on the Mesa Tactical Stock(pistol grip) for this gun? I
love watching your reviews sir.

Автор Charles Balliet ( назад)
that dot sight costs as much as the shotgun

Автор GGK Outdoors ( назад)
Cost is 729.00 bucks at cabelas

Автор chris2crazzy ( назад)
What's these cost??

Автор Ty Ayoo ( назад)
No more crack for him

Автор The Hitman ( назад)
Nice Flag

Автор Mider999 ( назад)
Very nice gun.

Автор Rob roberson ( назад)
Thank you Jeff. we love your channel and appreicate you. I came home the
other night and my kids were watching your channel. how refreshing to see
thank you for not @##%%^^&*&^<

Автор Rob roberson ( назад)
how do you still feel about the 930 spx I am looking to buy a good semi for
the home. we live in the desert of AZ and deal with Border problems I
envision this being a good gun for the wife. your thoughts are appreicated.
love your honesty in the reviews. Rob

Автор Kentucky Justice ( назад)
Ya have to love those Mossbergs! There's no such thing as a bad Mossy. If
you like your 930, I'd like to tempt you: Go to Bud's Gun Shop (on line or
in person if you're in Lexington, KY for any reason), and pick up a
Linberta autoloader. It's a well-crafted Turkish shotgun that's a cross
between a Benelli, Mossberg, and a Remington. It takes Benelli chokes,
will accept a Remington magazine extension, and runs like a Mossberg.
It'll cycle anything you run through it. Plan on spending $400 (they have
some "like new" police trade-ins in the store you can get for
around $365). There are some YouTube videos out there to review. On-line
reviews say it's the best bargain going for an autoloader. But... you
already have the BEST. Best of luck in healing; Godspeed bro.

Автор gambinni gambinni ( назад)
parabéns muito bom

Автор MasterToan ( назад)
I'm glad you got your eye taken care of Mr. Quinn. Getting that cataract
taken care of makes a world of difference. Everything looks sparkling clean
and bright. You're the man! Stay healthy.

Автор Steven Meyer ( назад)
Good video. Direct and to the point!

Автор coinscoins1977 ( назад)
Thank you for the cool video and information, hope all went well with your
operation. 👍

Автор Crabapple Annie ( назад)
Hey Jeff,
Do you think high power #6 2 3/4 shot would over penetrate? I like the idea
of "bird shot" inside the home. I was just wondering if the higher brass
would be a good idea or not. Thanks.

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
How long did it take your beard to grow that long?

Автор Jeffrey Hester ( назад)
Thank you very much. Love the video. Very helpful.

Автор philosophersphone ( назад)
Great review. As usual, sir. Salute

Автор jeff deathrage ( назад)
that was awesome.

Автор Hope Howard ( назад)
I've been reading your reviews and watching your videos for some time now
and find them to be very informative and useful ..I am considering
purchasing the mossberg 930 spx ..the one I am considering does not come
with the pistol grip stock ..I'm looking for a good affordable pistol grip
stock..any suggestions sir?

Автор Slinkman2021 ( назад)
I love my 500, I'd never second guess it for a defensive weapon, regardless
if its "outdated".

Автор randy darino ( назад)
not many people I take gun advice from,but your opinion is highly respected
by me.keep em coming.

Автор Ramus Sumar ( назад)
"... if you're duck hunting or something, that ain't no problem, go back to
the house."

Jeff, I really like your videos.

Автор rubel mica ( назад)
i love your videos. what a legend you are. subbed. i hope you regain your
eye sight and have good health for years to come.

Автор Dickey Moore ( назад)
Great! !!!!!!!#

Автор Jack o ( назад)
love that flag. come and take it haha. hell yes

Автор Peter Fastwolf ( назад)
i been around i know my guns somewhat usmc but this man is a pro i like his

Автор TMB247 ( назад)
Doesn't that trijjicon site cost about as much or more than the shotgun?

Where can we buy it.

Автор Jabroni Jinkies ( назад)

Автор Bob Burnitt ( назад)
I always use BUCKSHOT, but let me tell you, if you are going to use a "Bird
Round" get you some 3 inch Magnum BB Load. Oh HELL, is that stuff BAD!! But
after it goes through a WALL, it does slow down. I have experimented a
little with it.

Try it, it is good stuff, and cheaper than Buckshot and more available
DEPENDING on what store you are in or WHERE it is located. I live by myself
in the "country" I keep my shotguns loaded with Single Ought and / or
double ought Buck. Some people say number one Buck will actually work
BETTER on a HUMAN. I don't know, it was a study I read. But I bought a case
of Single Ought Remington Buckshot, it was on sale. I LIKE IT. It makes no
difference to me, I will shoot 00 or 0 or Number 1, any of them are BAD
close up. And that three inch HIGH BRASS magnum, steel BB LOAD is MEAN. It
will sure make them WISH they were dead. Sheesh, it makes some real
destruction up close. BB

Автор Stevo8261988 ( назад)
All Mossberg owners are welcome!!


Автор Michael Smith ( назад)
Great all around review. thank you for your time.

Автор James Franco ( назад)
Make him wish he stayed home and smoked crack all day lol that's too funny

Автор Shane Dahlke ( назад)
I've just gotten mine, and watching this video explains the trigger dot on
the trigger guard popping back in when its cocked, popped out to let you
know its un-cocked, as the people I bought the gun from were very ignorant
to this gun! and didn't even know about the trigger guard dot? I have only
test fired this gun with bird shot rounds and then cleaned it very well and
put on my gun rack being very happy that I actually have this gun!!! and
thank you very much for making this video!!!

Автор Chelsea Wilson ( назад)
I am amazed at how tight a pattern that gun shoots.

I used to date Janet Reno - yes, the former Attorney General - and we shot
together, mostly 1911s and 9mm Glocks.

We travelled together in a camper, spending months in Wyoming, Colorado,
Idaho and Montana.

Wish I had a shotgun now.

Автор ChipMarine ( назад)
An excellent video !

Автор bugmandmj ( назад)
ill be trading mine in soon.. lots of malfunctions. have tried several
different rounds, all with failures. But worse than that, the front sight
is way off! It's canted off center, and I can't adjust the rear sight
windage enough to compensate. I hate this gun!

Автор stllda909 ( назад)
How's the recoil?

Автор D Walker ( назад)
Do you have any issues activating the safety with the pistol grip version?
It is considered a no-no to get a Mossberg with a pistol grip, idea being
that you have to change your firing hand grip to activate the overhead
safety. I know I will make it work, but am interested to know if it is an
issue for you.

Автор Donnie Jones ( назад)
I really enjoy your videos and appreciate you sharing so much valuable
information with us. I was wondering what you thought of using number 1
buck shot as opposed to using the traditional 00 buckshot or 000 buckshot?
I've had some police friends tell me that it's much more effective for
knock down power and less penetration on the interior walls of a home.

Автор 6236003 ( назад)
"Make 'im wish he'd just stayed home and smoked crack all day," love it.
Birdshot for home defense will never make sense to me though. People will
say it won't go through a wall and kill someone. I can put my fist through
standard interior walls, and it doesn't seem like a good idea to use a
round that isn't any more effective than my fists.

Автор stllda909 (1397 лет назад)
How many rounds before your shoulder gets sore?

Автор RM chain ( назад)
Hi! Enjoy your videos very much. I'm in the market for a tactical .12 gauge
autoloader. What brands would you recommend? Just want something reliable
that won't jam to damn much! Thanks, RM

Автор schepler2 ( назад)
"If you're duck huntin' or something, that ain't a problem -- just go back
to the house." Love it.

Автор Matt Cowan ( назад)
What kind of ghost ring detachables are you using on the picatanny rail on
mossberg pump shotty?

Автор Ian Ashley ( назад)
Man what a legend Jeff is the man!

Автор Brad Strong ( назад)
Since your great review on the spx have you heard of any malfunctions or
feeding problems. Many gun dealers say there not carrying them because of
too many complaints.

Автор Chris House ( назад)
Mossberg 930 vs Mossberg 935: I'm shopping for a waterfowl shotgun and
like these 2 models. Which should I buy for my use? I'd get the 935 just
for the option of being able to shoot larger shells for the versatility,
but I hear it may have trouble cycling lighter 2 3/4" shells. Is this true?
Is the 930 better for my needs? Input would be VERY much appreciated. 

Автор Brian Ray ( назад)
Make him wish he had not smoked crack all day instead of going to work.
You are the man.

Автор daniel higgins ( назад)
Yes, it's easy to tell you're left-handed. Just a bit awkward shooting from
the weak side?

Автор pricelesspits ( назад)
My FDE SPX likes eating my cut shells.

Автор All Ways Right ( назад)
Great information and video. What is a ghost load? I am never to old to
learn something. Thanks and stay safe.

Автор caribbeansun ( назад)
hey thanks for the video (s). Would you recommend the mossberg 930 spx
pistol grip over the standard stock? Additionally, have u switched from
your mossberg 590 to the 930 spx by your bedside? Do you think that the
semiautomatic shotguns are reliable enough to bet your life on them? Thank
you for your contributions to American society. Cheers Brother!

Автор stllda909 ( назад)
"Make him wish he had stayed home and smoked crack all day."...LMBO

Автор bicho1999 ( назад)
Great video, can the 930 shoot low brass shells 

Автор MrBuster128 ( назад)
A pistol grip with a safety on the top....doesn't make good logic.

Автор Garry GJ ( назад)
Thanks for videos, I always appreciate your fair and objective
presentations. It is nice to know I can get an honest report on a firearm.

Автор militaryolivedrabme1 ( назад)
Great video! ...just make em wish he'd stayed home all day and smoke

Автор leftcoaster67 ( назад)
Good luck Jeff with your eye. I sold my Mossberg 500 pump, because it
killed my shoulder with the 3" shells, even with an ATI Stock. Good to see
another lefty out there, especially with as good a shot as you are. 

Автор Colby Gaas ( назад)
Glad you got your eye healed up. keep up the good videos. I'd appreciate if
you'd make some about waterfowl shotguns. 

Автор Tim22410 ( назад)
All American man Jeff. Love your vids.....I'm a yankee, but subscribe to
the same principals as you. Keep up the Great work!

Автор Zane Gardner ( назад)

Автор PaulBodyBuilder ( назад)
U could rinse your eye out with urine to clear your vision

Автор frag out ( назад)
id recommend to anyone buying this shotgun ghost load it means you can fit
a extra slug in it but Mossberg wont tell you to do it but I do it and I
haven't had a problem

Автор monster max ( назад)
Thank you for your help.

Автор garageguy879 ( назад)
Jeff,I recently ran across a new Mossberg M920 semi auto 20 gauge fighting
shotgun at a local dealer's shop.I've looked all over You Tube for videos
and can't find any.have you had any experience with that model?

Автор Doc Dixon ( назад)
Dude you are informative AND funny! Love it. 

Автор Sarge's Adventures ( назад)
thanks for the review... I am looking at both the 930 SPX and the 590A1 SPX
trying to choose between them now.....

Автор Harold Burchards ( назад)
I finally got one! Thanks for showing me how great these are Jeff.

Автор mike reed ( назад)
You and Hickok45 do great reviews. Love the crack comment, awesome

Автор Brad Strong ( назад)
Great video.

Автор CaptAmerica12 ( назад)
Outstanding review, thanks.

Автор Eric Steele ( назад)
Just handled on of these today and want one now...

Автор josh33025 ( назад)
I just got a Remington 887 nitro mag tactical and love it. Nice video. Oh
just wanted to ask when did you start growing your beard? I've been letting
mine go for about 4 years now but it's not quite as long as yours is.

Автор Clint Fox ( назад)
Awesome man, should have stayed home and smoked crack all day instead of
coming out to go to work! Made my day!

Автор WC575 ( назад)
Good video. I was glad to hear you say the semi auto, is the way to go,
over the pump. With the semi, you could use it with an injured hand. Does
anybody want a pump AR or AK? Didn't think so, so why a pump shotgun.

Автор Jose Sevilla (ETO) ( назад)
He wished he stayed home and smoke crack. LOL.

Автор John Jason Chun ( назад)
Eye protection???????????????????

Автор June Lewis ( назад)
Jeff, now that was funny. He should have stayed home, smoked crack all day,
instead of going to, "Work." I know that in my area of the deep south, we
have had a number of burglaries by young people. They don't seem to have
the good sense God gave them. Most of the people here have guns, and won't
hesitate to use them. It would be a shame to see a child shot for stupid
stuff. But, "children can pull a trigger too." They seem to think they have
the powers of Superman. But even he had his weakness, Kryptonite!

Автор Steven Bunn ( назад)
I wounder if they would do this shotgun in marine coat?

Автор Andrew McClintock ( назад)
+Elvin warwick did you break the shotgun in with recommended rounds and
number of rounds?

Автор 17brpeterson1 ( назад)
Sucks about your eye

Автор Robert Bowen ( назад)
Being left-handed myself, I know the adjustments and that style safety is a
god sent.

Автор John C ( назад)
Have you had any problems with this shotgun ??? Can you swap the charger
handle to the left side for lefties ??

Автор RandyLeftHandy ( назад)
Yeah that's a problem with automatic shotguns. Saiga shotguns have
adjustable gas tubes. I'm sure you could tweak it, but it sucks it doesn't
come ready from the store.

Автор Elvin warwick ( назад)
Bought one and found out that this gun will not cycle unless you have the
right amo...1550 fps are larger...or it want cycle... 

Автор HouseBoss ( назад)
Just picked one up and I have to say I love this gun. I have to thank both
you and Jerry Miculek for helping inform my decision. I'd recommend this
gun to anyone. 

Автор BGoldtone ( назад)
Jeff...How does this gun compare to the Rem. Versa Max? Does it handle all
loads the same? Also, I thought you didn't like pistol grips, yet you
seemed to think that the Mossberg was great, even with the pistol grip.

Автор ti tou ( назад)
The same gun vvith a 8 chargeur be amazing of efficacity, 16 shoot on first
and quick charge 8 more. the problème of that no is to put quick bullet
again. but crazy good like that

Автор Jeff Pederson ( назад)
First of all, congratulations on also having the fantastic name of "Jeff".
It really is a good name :) Second, I bought a 930 Home Security with the
18" barrel and put a Choate +2 mag extension on it; after firing 7 rounds
of low recoil buck/slugs in a row many times and having all the empty
shells fly out I feel pretty sure that a semi-auto 12 gauge with tested
ammunition will be fine when I need it to work. My next test is to try out
some bird shot.

Автор armynurseboy ( назад)
Well for this particular gun (especially since it does not as of yet have
shorter length recoil springs), the pistol grip stock does provide one
positive: a shorter length of pull. The stock on pistol grips are slightly
shorter than the traditional stock. For someone who is smaller, like
myself, the shorter length of pull is more comfortable.

Автор armynurseboy ( назад)
"moving somewhere nice" is not proof against getting robbed or attacked.
That is what is called "wishful thinking."

Автор billy fatbowe ( назад)
...Go Back To The House...Ha ha,LoL...

Автор Bryce Wiseman ( назад)
Shotgun: about 500-700 dollars on average. New house plus moving expenses:
Tens of thousands of dollars. You have no logic there, and no moral high
ground to judge gun owners as "lunatics".

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