Gunblast.com - Mossberg 930 SPX Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the Mossberg Model 930 SPX Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Fighting Shotgun. For more info, go to http://www.gunblast.com/Mossberg-930SPX.htm

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Автор Jack o ( назад)
love that flag. come and take it haha. hell yes

Автор TMB247 ( назад)
Doesn't that trijjicon site cost about as much or more than the shotgun?

Where can we buy it.

Автор Robert ( назад)

Автор Bob Burnitt ( назад)
I always use BUCKSHOT, but let me tell you, if you are going to use a "Bird
Round" get you some 3 inch Magnum BB Load. Oh HELL, is that stuff BAD!! But
after it goes through a WALL, it does slow down. I have experimented a
little with it.

Try it, it is good stuff, and cheaper than Buckshot and more available
DEPENDING on what store you are in or WHERE it is located. I live by myself
in the "country" I keep my shotguns loaded with Single Ought and / or
double ought Buck. Some people say number one Buck will actually work
BETTER on a HUMAN. I don't know, it was a study I read. But I bought a case
of Single Ought Remington Buckshot, it was on sale. I LIKE IT. It makes no
difference to me, I will shoot 00 or 0 or Number 1, any of them are BAD
close up. And that three inch HIGH BRASS magnum, steel BB LOAD is MEAN. It
will sure make them WISH they were dead. Sheesh, it makes some real
destruction up close. BB

Автор Stevo8261988 ( назад)
All Mossberg owners are welcome!!


Автор Michael Smith ( назад)
Great all around review. thank you for your time.

Автор James Franco ( назад)
Make him wish he stayed home and smoked crack all day lol that's too funny

Автор Shane Dahlke ( назад)
I've just gotten mine, and watching this video explains the trigger dot on
the trigger guard popping back in when its cocked, popped out to let you
know its un-cocked, as the people I bought the gun from were very ignorant
to this gun! and didn't even know about the trigger guard dot? I have only
test fired this gun with bird shot rounds and then cleaned it very well and
put on my gun rack being very happy that I actually have this gun!!! and
thank you very much for making this video!!!

Автор Emma Wade ( назад)
I am amazed at how tight a pattern that gun shoots.

I used to date Janet Reno - yes, the former Attorney General - and we shot
together, mostly 1911s and 9mm Glocks.

We travelled together in a camper, spending months in Wyoming, Colorado,
Idaho and Montana.

Wish I had a shotgun now.

Автор ChipMarine ( назад)
An excellent video !

Автор bugmandmj ( назад)
ill be trading mine in soon.. lots of malfunctions. have tried several
different rounds, all with failures. But worse than that, the front sight
is way off! It's canted off center, and I can't adjust the rear sight
windage enough to compensate. I hate this gun!

Автор stllda909 ( назад)
How's the recoil?

Автор D Walker ( назад)
Do you have any issues activating the safety with the pistol grip version?
It is considered a no-no to get a Mossberg with a pistol grip, idea being
that you have to change your firing hand grip to activate the overhead
safety. I know I will make it work, but am interested to know if it is an
issue for you.

Автор Donnie Jones ( назад)
I really enjoy your videos and appreciate you sharing so much valuable
information with us. I was wondering what you thought of using number 1
buck shot as opposed to using the traditional 00 buckshot or 000 buckshot?
I've had some police friends tell me that it's much more effective for
knock down power and less penetration on the interior walls of a home.

Автор 6236003 ( назад)
"Make 'im wish he'd just stayed home and smoked crack all day," love it.
Birdshot for home defense will never make sense to me though. People will
say it won't go through a wall and kill someone. I can put my fist through
standard interior walls, and it doesn't seem like a good idea to use a
round that isn't any more effective than my fists.

Автор stllda909 (1395 лет назад)
How many rounds before your shoulder gets sore?

Автор RM chain ( назад)
Hi! Enjoy your videos very much. I'm in the market for a tactical .12 gauge
autoloader. What brands would you recommend? Just want something reliable
that won't jam to damn much! Thanks, RM

Автор RandyLeftHandy ( назад)
Yeah that's a problem with automatic shotguns. Saiga shotguns have
adjustable gas tubes. I'm sure you could tweak it, but it sucks it doesn't
come ready from the store.

Автор Elvin warwick ( назад)
Bought one and found out that this gun will not cycle unless you have the
right amo...1550 fps are larger...or it want cycle...

Автор HouseBoss ( назад)
Just picked one up and I have to say I love this gun. I have to thank both
you and Jerry Miculek for helping inform my decision. I'd recommend this
gun to anyone.

Автор BGoldtone ( назад)
Jeff...How does this gun compare to the Rem. Versa Max? Does it handle all
loads the same? Also, I thought you didn't like pistol grips, yet you
seemed to think that the Mossberg was great, even with the pistol grip.

Автор ti tou ( назад)
The same gun vvith a 8 chargeur be amazing of efficacity, 16 shoot on first
and quick charge 8 more. the problème of that no is to put quick bullet
again. but crazy good like that

Автор Jeff Pederson ( назад)
First of all, congratulations on also having the fantastic name of "Jeff".
It really is a good name :) Second, I bought a 930 Home Security with the
18" barrel and put a Choate +2 mag extension on it; after firing 7 rounds
of low recoil buck/slugs in a row many times and having all the empty
shells fly out I feel pretty sure that a semi-auto 12 gauge with tested
ammunition will be fine when I need it to work. My next test is to try out
some bird shot.

Автор armynurseboy ( назад)
Well for this particular gun (especially since it does not as of yet have
shorter length recoil springs), the pistol grip stock does provide one
positive: a shorter length of pull. The stock on pistol grips are slightly
shorter than the traditional stock. For someone who is smaller, like
myself, the shorter length of pull is more comfortable.

Автор armynurseboy ( назад)
"moving somewhere nice" is not proof against getting robbed or attacked.
That is what is called "wishful thinking."

Автор billy fatbowe ( назад)
...Go Back To The House...Ha ha,LoL...

Автор Bryce Wiseman ( назад)
Shotgun: about 500-700 dollars on average. New house plus moving expenses:
Tens of thousands of dollars. You have no logic there, and no moral high
ground to judge gun owners as "lunatics".

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
How nice? Evil existed in the Garden of Eden. Boge

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
To each his own, Gerfall, that is the essence of who we are - I am free to
protect myself and my loved ones, and you are free to choose NOT to do the
same. I don't think my house is going to burn down either, but I carry
insurance on it just the same. Beyond that, many of us carry weapons
because (at least for now) WE CAN. There are no areas of which I am aware
that are "nicer" than where we live, but evildoers exist here also. If I
did move to another area, my guns would come with me. Boge

Автор Gerfall ( назад)
Spend money and move somewhere nice, not on weapons.

Автор Gerfall ( назад)
No, you're just lunatics who think you're going to get robbed. If you can
afford guns, but can't afford to move to a nicer area, you need to
re-evaluate your life, bud.

Автор Philly Boriquen ( назад)
thanks for the information, just he;ped me make my mind up.

Автор Derek Leuridan ( назад)
Gerfall, your naivete is quite adorable.

Автор Richard Parker ( назад)
lmao at your final comment. Great gun and great review review. Thanks for
showing us sir.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Sometimes people who are not soldiers have to fight. Sometimes they are
partially incapacitated before the fight is over. Sometimes they want to be
prepared. Boge

Автор monster max ( назад)
Thanks for your answer. I think I will stick with the original stock. It's
cool too. Thanks again. Keep the videos coming. I always learn a lot from
you. I would like to ask you one thing. Do you know about the Mossberg MVP
Patrol 308 in 7.62?

Автор Gerfall ( назад)
Who exactly are you looking to fight with? You aren't a soldier, why are
you even considering such a situation in which your arm would be

Автор john henry ( назад)
I'm SBHUSKY23 forgot I was on my kids laptop.

Автор john henry ( назад)
I called Mossberg in eagle pass spoke to jose and a woman and told them I
had enclosed a note with the gun describing the problem they both assured
me they would tell them to make sure its fixed. Fed Ex delivered the gun
back yesterday, This morning I load 4 Remington rounds into the magazine
FROM THE TUBE INTO THE CHAMBER. Who the hell is running this company ?

Автор glockamoley ( назад)
If I knew how the 9200's procedure for loading, I would have bought the 930
instead. I thought the price and lifetime guaranty was too good to pass up.
I did not know I was buying a 10 years +/- discontinued NIB shotgun. Oh
well. Its mine. Rifled barrel. It will do fine for deer this fall. I am
getting a 930 SOON !

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
That is unacceptable. Make sure they fix it right. Boge

Автор sbhusky23 ( назад)
I just sent my Mossberg 930 5 shot BACK to Mossberg for the SECOND time for
the same problem. When the chamber is empty and the mag tube is full ( in
my case 4 rounds) and you try to chamber a round from the tube nothing
happens, the rounds remain in the tube. Now if u load 1 in the chamber and
4 in tube and SHOOT the gun it functions fine. So if you have to clear the
weapon WITHOUT firing it your SCREWED. You have to take the spring and
follower out.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Thanks - Jeff's eye surgery went fine. Boge

Автор blunted one ( назад)
i completly agree with u 100% me n my family live in cali and we r gonna
move asap

Автор coleman2586 ( назад)
I have a black water edition. Great video man. California is trying to ban
this gun and many more. We want to move so bad.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
You should be able to buy one directly from Mossberg. Jeff

Автор svt283 ( назад)
Good! Happy to hear that. Thanks for the videos :)

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Jeff's eye is much better now, thanks. Boge

Автор monster max ( назад)
Let me start and say, I love you videos and I have one question. I am
buying my Mossberg 930 spx tomorrow. The one I'm buying don't have the
pistol grip. I thinking about putting one on. Do you know where I can find
a nice pistol grip butt for my shotgun?

Автор Southern Fried ( назад)
Recently found an interest in owning a shotgun and the Mossberg looks
pleasing to me. I fully enjoyed your honest and non-biased review, I
especially like your retort to an earlier comment:"All crackheads are
created equally!" Liked and subbed!

Автор miguel sarabia ( назад)
Got mine!!!

Автор svt283 ( назад)
I hope your eye gets better. God bless

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
They compare pretty well. The Versa'Max uses a non-traditional gas system,
but both are good shotguns, and just use different designs to cycle the
action. Jeff

Автор Alex Wipfel ( назад)
Jeff, how does the 930 spx compare to the versa max tactical? Best of luck
with the surgery.

Автор Vanirmagic ( назад)
2:33 I lol'd, 'where god wanted it to be' ^^ lovely shottie.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Not from me. I don't abuse my weapons, but it still runs well. Jeff

Автор 0/Socialismo ( назад)
Hey Buddy any long term reliability record for long term use and abuse..>?

Автор ShortGuy1792 ( назад)
I didn't think so. Since the Rem870 had that kind of shell elevator while
the M500 had the other kind I was just curious if there was any reason for
Mossberg to change that.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
I know of no advantage to that. jeff

Автор ShortGuy1792 ( назад)
Is there any particular benefit of the shell elevator being in a constant
down position on the 930 as opposed to being in a constant up position like
in the 500?

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)

Автор STEVE P ( назад)
how reliable is it?

Автор WP45 ( назад)
What a jackass!

Автор WP45 ( назад)
What a jackass!

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Jeff got his direct from Mossberg. Keep looking, you'll find one. Boge

Автор marvin pettigrew ( назад)
Does a gun dealer have them where you live. Can I have the information;

Автор monster max ( назад)
Can you tell me where you purchase that wonderful shotgun? I really want

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
You must be right-handed.

Автор Enrico Rizzo ( назад)
Seen you on TV

Автор Kevin C. ( назад)
The location of that safety is retarded for a pistol grip.

Автор 260pepsi ( назад)
Jeff just wanted to let you know I really like your demos on different
firearms and I have watched tons of video demos but just the way you demo
is very down to earth ...thank you and keep up the good work!!

Автор Zach Isaacs ( назад)
Hope your eyes cool now

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
As Jeff stated in the video and the article, it's a Trijicon Reflex RX-30.

Автор edgar alberro ( назад)
Great video! Im interested in the optical sight u recommend,who makes it?

Автор mattc941 ( назад)
Do some research on the right kinds... ATI is one of the best stocks for
that style stock.

Автор thegrayfolded1 ( назад)

Автор thegrayfolded1 ( назад)
I just bought my 930 Breach for 499 in Oregon at the gun show. I'm looking
to upgrade the grip and I would like to know how to get the sights

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
You can buy direct from Mossberg. Jeff

Автор thegrayfolded1 ( назад)
Where can I pick up the sights, pistol grip? Sorry for the stupid
questions, just got this and it's my first shotgun. Love the hell out of it!

Автор killer3596 ( назад)
Thanks, that last part showing the patterns was helpful. I think I'm sold
on this one. Not prone to jams???

Автор Farrell Curry ( назад)
Yea the only problem is after being on you tube these guys showcase it and
thats good you know get the product out there, but the price is going to
skyrocket because there marketing the gun. I heard on one video this gun
retailed about 700$ now its over 800$ as demand goes up so does price good
luck to all buying one.

Автор Bonecollector2013 ( назад)
love your videos and love the shotgun Mossberg is my personal favorite

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
In what way does Mossberg suck? What experience do you have with the 930
SPX? Mine works perfectly, as do all of the others of which I have heard
reports from folks who have actually fired them, instead of just
speculation. Please let us know in what way the one that you fired
malfunctioned, and with what ammunition. Jeff

Автор Cleb Mac10 ( назад)

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
MSRP is $883, actual price will vary.

Автор Khepramancer ( назад)

Автор marco colbert ( назад)
around how much should i expect to pay for this gun? looking into one

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
How is "crackheads" a racist statement? That is absurd. There was no
mention at all of race, color, gender, nor any other adjective. Crack
cocaine is available to anyone who wants to use the stuff. We have to get
past looking for racism in every statement. I don't care one bit about a
man's skin pigmentation. To me, all crackheads are created equally. jeff

Автор Kenneth Elston ( назад)
@JoeTheStoneMongoose, I’m African American and I actually find your comment
to be the racist one. Last I checked crack heads come in all races,
especially where I live, In the area where I live, it’s not the minorities
who are the crackheads and methheads. I don’t know Jeff and I hope that his
intention wasn’t directed at minorities, but I don’t think that’s what he
meant at all.

Автор Ni Ck ( назад)
"Make 'em wish he just sat home and smoked crack all day..." lol I thought
that line was hilarious... anyways thanks for the review: definitely going
to pick this model up.

Автор DriverDog13 ( назад)
jeff ,what do you think about remington 887nitromag tactical ,thanks cool
video i have a moss 930 i need a tube extension so i can add 2 more shells.
sweet gun

Автор Khepramancer ( назад)
How so?

Автор theDoubleA1245 ( назад)
Looks like someone is ready to be offended at all times.

Автор chaopz ( назад)
another stereotyping a##hole who thinks that all black ppl smoke crack.....
atleast this is how i choose to understand your comment....

Автор nate-m nate-m ( назад)
It means that "JoeTheStoneMongoose" is a racist who thinks that black
people are the only people that smoke crack.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)

Автор jeffrey james ( назад)
thanks for all your helpful information nice I have a Mossberg 12 gage 500
tac turkey gun nice gun but concerned with what shells to use I have
federal 1 1/8 71/2 and 1 1/8 bb federal dad said no slugs threw the bird

Автор Raptor Rider ( назад)

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