Gunblast.com - Mossberg 930 SPX Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the Mossberg Model 930 SPX Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Fighting Shotgun. For more info, go to http://www.gunblast.com/Mossberg-930SPX.htm

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 10:28
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Автор Tim22410 (17 дней)
All American man Jeff. Love your vids.....I'm a yankee, but subscribe to
the same principals as you. Keep up the Great work!

Автор PaulBodyBuilder (1 месяц)
U could rinse your eye out with urine to clear your vision

Автор Colby Gaas (8 часов)
Glad you got your eye healed up. keep up the good videos. I'd appreciate if
you'd make some about waterfowl shotguns. 

Автор Sarge's Adventures (1 месяц)
thanks for the review... I am looking at both the 930 SPX and the 590A1 SPX
trying to choose between them now.....

Автор Eric Steele (1 месяц)
Just handled on of these today and want one now...

Автор monster max (1 месяц)
I shot my Mossberg 930spx for the vary first time. Shot pretty well then I
notice that when I load the gun again. I didn't feel the spring resistance
any more. And it won't feed like it did the first time. Can you help me
with that?

Автор June Lewis (3 месяца)
Jeff, now that was funny. He should have stayed home, smoked crack all day,
instead of going to, "Work." I know that in my area of the deep south, we
have had a number of burglaries by young people. They don't seem to have
the good sense God gave them. Most of the people here have guns, and won't
hesitate to use them. It would be a shame to see a child shot for stupid
stuff. But, "children can pull a trigger too." They seem to think they have
the powers of Superman. But even he had his weakness, Kryptonite!

Автор Jose Sevilla (3 месяца)
He wished he stayed home and smoke crack. LOL.

Автор Harold Burchards (1 месяц)
I finally got one! Thanks for showing me how great these are Jeff.

Автор WC575 (3 месяца)
Good video. I was glad to hear you say the semi auto, is the way to go,
over the pump. With the semi, you could use it with an injured hand. Does
anybody want a pump AR or AK? Didn't think so, so why a pump shotgun.

Автор Robert Bowen (5 месяцев)
Being left-handed myself, I know the adjustments and that style safety is a
god sent.

Автор Brad Strong (1 месяц)
Great video.

Автор josh33025 (2 месяца)
I just got a Remington 887 nitro mag tactical and love it. Nice video. Oh
just wanted to ask when did you start growing your beard? I've been letting
mine go for about 4 years now but it's not quite as long as yours is.

Автор Steven Bunn (4 месяца)
I wounder if they would do this shotgun in marine coat?

Автор Doc Dixon (1 месяц)
Dude you are informative AND funny! Love it. 

Автор CaptAmerica12 (1 месяц)
Outstanding review, thanks.

Автор Clint Fox (2 месяца)
Awesome man, should have stayed home and smoked crack all day instead of
coming out to go to work! Made my day!

Автор Andrew McClintock (4 месяца)
+Elvin warwick did you break the shotgun in with recommended rounds and
number of rounds?

Автор John C (5 месяцев)
Have you had any problems with this shotgun ??? Can you swap the charger
handle to the left side for lefties ??

Автор mike reed (1 месяц)
You and Hickok45 do great reviews. Love the crack comment, awesome

Автор monster max (1 месяц)
Thank you for your help.

Автор monster max (1 месяц)
Should I get another spring and a aluminum follower? Some say that will
stop all of my problems. Is that true?

Автор monster max (1 месяц)
I ask you these things because I always watch your video's and you seems
like you know what you're talking about. You have a lot of knowledge so I'm
just picking your brain a little hope you don't mind.

Автор monster max (1 месяц)
Yes, I did already and they told me that they will send one. What some
people are telling is that Mossberg springs are fragile and I should also
consider getting one that is thicker and more durable. What do you think?

Автор frag out (1 месяц)
id recommend to anyone buying this shotgun ghost load it means you can fit
a extra slug in it but Mossberg wont tell you to do it but I do it and I
haven't had a problem

Автор John Jason Chun (3 месяца)
Eye protection???????????????????

Автор 17brpeterson1 (5 месяцев)
Sucks about your eye

Автор Gunblastdotcom (10 месяцев)
You can buy direct from Mossberg. Jeff

Автор Eric Mata (1 год)
Stayed home and smoked crack lol

Автор Gunblastdotcom (1 год)
It is just a no-brand bandolier sling picked up at a gun show. jeff

Автор miamidiver7 (1 год)
OMG! Shoot the crackhead in the end! I love it and ruin his day!

Автор Daniel Piraino (1 год)
Damn that was nice !! You gave him an extra hole to smoke out of ..

Автор granputon01 (8 месяцев)
Hey Buddy any long term reliability record for long term use and abuse..>?

Автор 12vietnow (1 год)
I want one :/ Gun show is coming out here in a month so hopefully I'll find
one there

Автор Derek Leuridan (5 месяцев)
Gerfall, your naivete is quite adorable.

Автор Chris Veddern (1 год)
i'm thinking more like civil war, but neither would be good...

Автор ti tou (5 месяцев)
The same gun vvith a 8 chargeur be amazing of efficacity, 16 shoot on first
and quick charge 8 more. the problème of that no is to put quick bullet
again. but crazy good like that

Автор BlackMellivore (1 год)
you can replace the handguard with a rail. there are a couple models out
there and they cost about $150 (aimpro 930 rail and bobcat 930 rail)

Автор thegrayfolded1 (10 месяцев)
Where can I pick up the sights, pistol grip? Sorry for the stupid
questions, just got this and it's my first shotgun. Love the hell out of it!

Автор nate-m nate-m (11 месяцев)
It means that "JoeTheStoneMongoose" is a racist who thinks that black
people are the only people that smoke crack.

Автор Pigpen0311 (1 год)
I truly value your opinion...nice weapon...thx for the vid!

Автор Gunblastdotcom (6 месяцев)
Thanks - Jeff's eye surgery went fine. Boge

Автор Bonecollector2013 (11 месяцев)
love your videos and love the shotgun Mossberg is my personal favorite

Автор Gunblastdotcom (11 месяцев)
In what way does Mossberg suck? What experience do you have with the 930
SPX? Mine works perfectly, as do all of the others of which I have heard
reports from folks who have actually fired them, instead of just
speculation. Please let us know in what way the one that you fired
malfunctioned, and with what ammunition. Jeff

Автор monster max (8 месяцев)
Can you tell me where you purchase that wonderful shotgun? I really want

Автор Gunblastdotcom (1 год)
Excellent weapon. No problems at all. Jeff

Автор 19UnoUno (11 месяцев)
Grt vid! It will help me decide on a 930 I'm looking to buy. Hope all goes
well w/ ur left eye surg. Peace.

Автор Gunblastdotcom (5 месяцев)
To each his own, Gerfall, that is the essence of who we are - I am free to
protect myself and my loved ones, and you are free to choose NOT to do the
same. I don't think my house is going to burn down either, but I carry
insurance on it just the same. Beyond that, many of us carry weapons
because (at least for now) WE CAN. There are no areas of which I am aware
that are "nicer" than where we live, but evildoers exist here also. If I
did move to another area, my guns would come with me. Boge

Автор Bruce Wayne (7 месяцев)
he trollin you brother...who cares its the internet youll always have
negative pussies leaving BS comments

Автор john henry (6 месяцев)
I'm SBHUSKY23 forgot I was on my kids laptop.

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